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ABSTRACT: Abundance and distribution of mercury in the coal combustion products from two major coal-fired power plants in Chongqing, China

Huidong Liu, Shifeng Dai, Jianhua Zou, Tian Li, Xiao Li, Lixin Zhao

ABSTRACT: Accumulation characteristics and charging time of coal-formed gas in the Sulige large gas field

Xianqing Li, Songbao Feng, Jian Li, Meng Wang, Xiaobo Huang, Kangdong Wang, Longxi Kong

ABSTRACT: Aggregate structure evolution of low rank coals during pyrolysis by in situ X-ray diffraction

Meifen Li, Fangui Zeng, Haizhou Chang

ABSTRACT: Carbon isotopic composition of water-soluble gases and their geological significance

Shengfei Qin, Wei Li

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of organic and inorganic gaseous compounds emanating from self-heating dumps in Poland

Monika Fabiańska, Magdalena Misz-Kennan, Justyna Ciesielczuk, Łukasz Kruszewski, Donald R. Blake, Glenn B. Stracher

ABSTRACT: Characterization of chemical functional groups in macerals across different coal ranks via micro-FTIR spectroscopy

Yanyan Chen, Maria Mastalerz, Arndt Schimmelmann

ABSTRACT: Cleats and small displacement faults in coal-bearing strata of the Donets Basin (Ukraine-Russia): Implications for сoal-and-gas outbursts hazards and CBM projects

V. A. Privalov, E. A. Panova, R. F. Sachsenhofer, D. Reischenbacher, A. V. Antsiferov

ABSTRACT: CO2-H2O-Coal interaction of CO2 storage in coal beds

Shasha Gao, Yanbin Wang, Lilong Jia, Qingbin Zhang, Tianlin Du

ABSTRACT: CO2 sequestration potential in unconventional reservoirs: Workshop results

Margo D. Corum, Kevin B. Jones

ABSTRACT: Coalbed methane production in Botswana

Vincent O. Lekula

ABSTRACT: Coal deposits as promising sources of rare metals for alternative power and energy-efficient technologies

Vladimir V. Seredin, Shifeng Dai, Yuzhuang Sun, Igor Yu. Chekryzhov

ABSTRACT: Comparative study of stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes of alkane gases sourced from the Longtan and Xujiahe coal measures in the Sichuan Basin, China

Jinxing Dai, Yunyan Ni, Guoyi Hu, Shipeng Huang, Fengrong Liao, Cong Yu

ABSTRACT: Depositional effects on coal rank indicators in the Gasbuggy No1 test hole, San Juan basin (USA)

L.W. Gurba, C. R. Ward

ABSTRACT: Depositional environments of coal seams/geology in the central Kalahari Karoo Basin, Botswana

Oarabile Seiphemo

ABSTRACT: Effects of a shallow-seated heat-source on coalbed methane reservoir character, Kalimantan Timur (Borneo), Indonesia

Tim A. Moore, Michael Bowe, Chairul Nas

ABSTRACT: Enrichment of rare earth element in the new Nb(Ta)-Zr(Hf)-REE-Ga polymetallic ore deposit in the Late Permian Coal-bearing strata of eastern Yunnan, China: A case study of the No. 701 drill hole

Xiao Li, Shifeng Dai, Weijiao Song, Lixin Zhao, Huidong Liu, Huan Kang

ABSTRACT: Enrichment of trace elements concentrations in combustion residues of Çan (Turkey) coals and their environmental impact

Gülbin Gürdal, Alper Baba

ABSTRACT: Evaluating coal gas wettability for enhanced methane recovery

A. Saghafi, K. Pinetown, H. Javanmard

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics of stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes of gases from the Tarim Basin, China

Yunyan Ni, Jinxing Dai, Guangyou Zhu, Fengrong Liao, Shuichang Zhang, Quanyou Liu

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characterization of the partings from the Duerping coal mine, Xishan coalfield (North China)

Xueqin Wen, Fangui Zeng, Hong Zhang

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of limestone in Carboniferous coal-bearing strata in Pan’er Coal Mine from Huainan Coalfield, Anhui Province, China

Guijian Liu, Dun Wu, Jian Chen

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of trace and rare earth elements of No.3 coal of Shaqu coal mine in Liulin, Shanxi Province

Xia Li, Fangui Zeng, Beilei Sun, Yanping Ma, Xiuqi Cui, Wei Pu

ABSTRACT: Heavy minerals and trace elements in Yangquan Anthracite from Shanxi Province, China

Chong Tian, Yongchun Zhao, Junying Zhang, Rajender Gupta, Chuguang Zheng

ABSTRACT: Hydrothermal formation of mineral matter in coals of the South Walker Creek area, northern Bowen Basin, Australia

Asep K. Permana, Colin R. Ward, Zhongsheng Li, Lila W. Gurba

ABSTRACT: Mapping chemistry of resinite, funginite, and associated vitrinite in coal

Luis Dethere Caro, Yanyan Chen, Maria Mastalerz, Arndt Schimmelmann, Astrid Blandón Montes

ABSTRACT: Maturity considerations in evaluating shale gas resources: Example from the Longmaxi Formation shale in the middle and upper Yangtze region

Tianlin Du, Yanbin Wang, Yingying Zhang, Shasha Gao

ABSTRACT: Microanalyses of organic matter in coals and gas shales: A Review

Zhongsheng Li, Colin R. Ward, Neil Sherwood, Peter Fredericks

ABSTRACT: Microstructural characterization and imaging texture of source rocks from the Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation, Songliao Basin

Zhenkai Huang, Shuichang Zhang, Jianping Chen, Zihui Feng

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical and geochemical compositions of the Late Permian coal in the Huayingshan Coalfield, Chongqing, China: Influence of volcanic ashes and hydrothermal fluids

Yangbing Luo, Shifeng Dai, Beibei Zhang, Huan Kang

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical changes of clay minerals in a coal seam due to contact metamorphism, Shuoli Mine, China

Xibo Wang, Yaofa Jiang

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and geochemistry of Late Permian tuff in the Zhongliangshan Mine, Chongqing, Southwestern China

Jianhua Zou, Dong Liu, Heming Tian, Tian Li, Feng Liu

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and geochemistry of Perm-Carboniferous coal gangues in Gujiao Mining area, Shanxi, China

Beilei Sun, Fangui Zeng, Meifen Li, Chao Liu, Zhen Li, Wei Pu

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and geochemistry of sulphur-rich coals from the Songzao Coalfield, SW China

Lei Zhao, Colin Ward, David French, Ian Graham

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and geochemistry of sulphur-rich coals from the Songzao Coalfield, SW China

Lei Zhao, Colin Ward, David French, Ian Graham

ABSTRACT: Modelling burial history and gas generation in the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin

Kaydy Pinetown

ABSTRACT: New discovery of benthic rhodophyta and its hydrocarbon generation potential compared to phytoplankton in the Paleogene Oil Shale from the Huadian Area, Jilin Province, Northeast China

Xiaomin Xie, Tenger, Jianzhong Qin, Zhongliang Ma, Lizeng Bian

ABSTRACT: Organic-inorganic interactions in the system of pyrrole-hematite-water at elevated temperatures and pressures

Kangle Ding, Yue Luo, Jingfu Shan, Fujia Guan, Hao Zhang, Fan Li

ABSTRACT: Origin of the new Nb (Ta)-Zr (Hf)-REE-Ga polymetallic ore deposit in the late Permian coal-bearing strata in eastern Yunnan, southwestern China: A case study of the No. 301 drill hole

Lixin Zhao, Shifeng Dai, Tian Li, Xiao Li, Huidong Liu, Licai Zheng

ABSTRACT: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction based on palynofacies analyses of La Luna Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia

T.M. Juliao, M. Carvalho, S. Cruz , R.E. Márquez

ABSTRACT: Peculiar chemical properties of some Late Permian Chinese coals

Shaoqing Wang, Yuegang Tang

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and structural characterization of some Colombian coals

Ricardo Ruiz M., José Jaramillo M., Astrid Blandón M.

ABSTRACT: Petrographic properties of Perhydrous Jurassic coals during oxidation

Anabela Costa, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Deolinda Flores

ABSTRACT: Petrography of some tertiary Colombian coals enrichment in vitrinite, liptinite and both macerals and evaluation hydrocarbon source

Oscar Jaramillo,, Astrid Blandon, Luis Dethere Caro

ABSTRACT: Petrology and geochemistry of the high-organic-sulfur coals of Late Permian from Chenxi Coalfield, southern China

Weiwei Li, Yuegang Tang

ABSTRACT: Pore characteristics in relation to biogenic gas of the Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group, U. S. gulf coast region

Sharon M. Swanson, Maria D. Mastalerz, Peter D. Warwick, Paul C. Hackley, Mark A. Engle, Brett J. Valentine

ABSTRACT: Pores in shale: Accessibility to methane and water

Leslie Ruppert, Richard Sakurovs, Tomasz P. Blach, Lilin He, Yuri B. Melnichenko

ABSTRACT: Possibility of generation of shale gas duo to heating experiment of Miocene Shale

Takehiro Aizawa, Sayaka Kanekon, Maiko Shimofusa, Yoshie Yamamoto, Yoshihiro Ujiié

ABSTRACT: Preliminary results on the influence of the lithotype composition on the generation and storage of CBM in selected Tertiary Colombian coals

Luis Dethere Caro, María Mastalerz, Astrid Blandón, Oscar Javier Jaramillo

ABSTRACT: Refined characterization of lacustrine source kitchens and tight oil resources assessment approaches: Case studies of Upper Cretaceous Qingshankou shale in Songliao Basin and Paleogene Hataoyan shale of Biyang basin

Feiyu Wang, Weiping Feng, Jing Guan, Linyan Bao, Zhiyong He

ABSTRACT: Relationship between lithium enrichment and organic matter in the Coal Seam 6 from the Guanbanwusu Mine, Inner Mongolia, China

Yuzhuang Sun, Cunliang Zhao, Yanheng Li, Mingyue Lin, W. Püttmann

ABSTRACT: Research on Jianchang Formation source rocks of Upper Jurassic in Duolun Region, Inner Mongolia

Qingbin Zhang, Yanbin Wang, Shasha Gao, Pengfei Hong, Meijuan Zhang

ABSTRACT: Research on the feature of source rocks of Linxi Formation in Upper Permian, Linxi Region, Inner Mongolia

Jianxu Pan, Yongjian Wang, Guiqiang Zheng, Yong Han

ABSTRACT: Role of organic matter on Shale Gas reservoir quality in the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, western Canadian sedimentary basin

Melissa Freeman, Hamed Sanei, Thomas Gentzis, Chris Clarkson

ABSTRACT: Shale Gas in Australia - New opportunities with new challenges

Zhongsheng Li, Neil Sherwood, David Dewhurst

ABSTRACT: Stable carbon isotopes of alkane gases in tight sandstone gas and their gas-source correlation in China

Shipeng Huang, Fengrong Liao, Cong Yu

ABSTRACT: Standardisation of Rock-Eval pyrolysis for analysis of recent sediments and soils

Jesse Carrie, Hamed Sanei, Gary Stern, Peter Outridge

ABSTRACT: Structural characteristics and molecular representations of bark liptobiolite of Permian from China

Ya’nan Guo, Yuegang Tang

ABSTRACT: Study on mineral transformation and PM formation mechanism during high-silicon coal combustion

Yongchun Zhao, Wenju Li, Yang Yan, Junying Zhang, Chuguang Zheng

ABSTRACT: Study on the variations of coal mechanical parameters under different water saturations

Xianghao Wang, Yanbin Wang, Meijuan Zhang, Chenglong Liu, Zhaoyang Li

ABSTRACT: Swelling and changes in reservoir properties from injection of supercritical CO2 into coal seam-A laboratory study from Kushiro Coal, Japan

Ferian Anggara, Kyuro Sasaki, Yuichi Sugai

ABSTRACT: The evaluation and distribution to coal quality grade of Shanxi Province, China

Yuegang Tang, Haisheng Wang, Aiguo Cheng, Xichao Xie, Zhengxi Zhang, Shuting Yang, Qinghui Zhang, Shaoqing Wang

ABSTRACT: The petrographic characteristics of the lignite from the Jinsuo and Daba Coal Mines in Yunnan Province, southwestern China

Yaofa Jiang, Yuegang Tang, Xibo Wang, Guoqing Zhou

ABSTRACT: Trace elements and minerals in the K10 Coal from Zhongliangshan Coalfield, Chongqing, Southwestern China

Dong Liu,, Jianhua Zou, Heming Tian, Tian Li

ABSTRACT: USGS Compilation of GIS data of the coal-bearing areas of China

Michael H. Trippi, Harvey E. Belkin, Shifeng Dai, Susan J. Tewalt

ABSTRACT: What’s eating the peat? Paleopathology of the Cretaceous Wulantuga coal, Inner Mongolia, China

James C. Hower, Jennifer M.K. O’Keefe, Nicola J. Wagner, Shifeng Dai, Xibo Wang, Weifeng Xue