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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A.S. & Co. - SpectraVision 4 - Overview and new Developments

H. Althoff,, H. Behl

ABSTRACT: An effect of pressure on the coal structure and microtexture

Ł. Smĕdowski

ABSTRACT: Anthropogenic analogues of geological processes a case of burning post-mining dumps as shown by natural samples and thermal experiments

Ł. Kruszewski, J. Ciesielczuk

ABSTRACT: A study of relationship between coal characteristics and CO2 sorption/desorption in Taiwan

L.L.-Y. Tsai, C.-H. Hsiao

ABSTRACT: Cenozoic coals of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand): petrology and geochemistry

H.E. Belkin, J.C. Hower, J. O'Keefe, T. Garrison, M. Johnston

ABSTRACT: Characterization of dispersed organic matter from a Lower Jurassic Nordegg/Gordondale Member core, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

D. Kondla, H. Sanei, C. Clarkson, P. Pedersen, F. Goodarzi

ABSTRACT: CO2 dry fracturing as an alternative to problems associated with conventional shale gas well stimulation techniques

M. Lutyňski, S. Skoczyňska

ABSTRACT: Coal petrological effects on coal relative wettability to CO2, for assessing gas storage and migration potentials for CO2 sequestration

K. Pinetown, A. Saghafi, H. Javanmard

ABSTRACT: Comparative petrographic studies of the Carboniferous bituminous coals from the Lower Silesian Coal Basin (Central Sudetes, SW Poland) with special reference to inertinite-rich coals.

G.J. Nowak, M. Uglik

ABSTRACT: Detailed geochemistry of ultra-fine and nano-compounds in coal gasification ashes

M.L.S. Oliveira, C.G. Ramos, C.M.N.L. Cutruneo, J.C. Hower, L.F.O. Silva

ABSTRACT: Fractal analysis of carbon deposits

M. Piechaczek, L. Smedowski

ABSTRACT: Gas production from shale: trends and research in the U.S.

L.F. Ruppert,, D.W. Duncan,, D.W. Houseknecht

ABSTRACT: Geochemical and organic petrologic analysis of a Lower Jurassic shale-oil interval in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

D. Kondla, H. Sanei, C. Clarkson, P. Pedersen, F. Goodarzi

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characterization of the organic matters in the Chuhuangkeng Structure, Northwest Taiwan

H.-J. Mo, J.-C. Shen, L.-H. Lin, C.-T. Chang

ABSTRACT: Impacts of beneficiation and storage on mineral matter in coals from Santa Catarina, Brazil

M.L.S. Oliveira, C.R. Ward, L.O. Silva

ABSTRACT: Importance of post-oil solid bitumen network to hydrocarbon production from biogenic-silica-rich Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA

B.J. Cardott, C.R. Landis, M.E. Curtis

ABSTRACT: Improving rheological and filtration properties of locally formulated drilling mud with the addition of Nigerian lignite at high temperatures and high pressures

O.A. Ehinola, O.A. Falode, A.O. Olorunnisola,, O.O. Sonibare

ABSTRACT: Mineral matter in the Late Permian coals from Eastern Yunnan Province, China, and their genetic implications

X. Wang, S. Dai, Z. Lei

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical and geochemical composition of coals from Santa Catarina, southern Brazil

M.L.S. Oliveira, S.R. Taffarel, C.M.N.L. Cutruneo, C.R. Ward, J.C. Hower, L.F.O. Silva

ABSTRACT: Molecular studies on internal sediment from Zn-Pb ores of the Silesia-Cracow region, Poland

M. Rybicki, L. Marynowski

ABSTRACT: nalysis of self-heated samples from Czerwionka-Leszczyny coal waste dump (Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland)

Á. Nádudvari

ABSTRACT: Nano-compounds and ultrafine particles in spontaneous coal fires

M.L.S. Oliveira, S.R. Taffarel, C.M.N.L. Cutruneo, J.C. Hower, L.F.O. Silva

ABSTRACT: New insights of hydrocarbon migration in Northwestern Taiwan

C.-T. Chang, K.-M. Yang, J.-C. Shen, S.-T. Huang, C.-Y. Lin, C.-L. Kuo, L.-H. Lin

ABSTRACT: Occurrence of microbial nitrogen in coal seam gas

A. Saghafi, K. Pinetown, D. Midgely, H. Javanmard, A. Andrew

ABSTRACT: Organic petrology, mineralogical composition and gas content in promising shale gas formations from Czech Republic

E. Geršlová,, M. Geršl, I. Sýkorová, I. Sedláková

ABSTRACT: Organic petrology and geochemistry correlation of the immature Tard Clay Formation source rock

M. Hámor-Vidó, A. Bechtel,, R.F. Gratzer, R.F. Sachsenhofer, W. Püttmann

ABSTRACT: Palaeoenvironmental settings of the Sofia lignite basin: insights from coal petrography and molecular indicators

M. Stefanova, J. Kortenski, A. Zdravkov, S. Marinov

ABSTRACT: Perylene concentration changes associated with conifer fossil wood degradation by wood-degrading fungi

J. Smolarek, L. Marynowski, A. Bechtel, M. Philippe, B.R.T. Simoneit

ABSTRACT: Perylene degradation during gradual onset of organic matter maturation - examples from the Podhale basin, Poland

J. Smolarek, L. Marynowski, Y. Hautevelle

ABSTRACT: Petrography and geochemistry of thermally altered anthracite mining residues from self-burning coal waste piles in Portugal and Spain

J. Ribeiro, I. Suárez-Ruiz, D. Flores

ABSTRACT: Petrology and geochemistry of Late Triassic coals in the the Zichang mining area, Ordos Basin, China

Y. Jiang, S. Dai, L. Zhao, X. Wang, G. Zhou

ABSTRACT: Phenyl derivatives of PACs as a major aromatic compounds in the Silurian black siliceous shales of the Bardzkie Mts, Poland

O. Grafka, L. Marynowski

ABSTRACT: Pore characteristics of Wilcox group coal samples, U.S. Gulf Coast Region: implications for biogenic gas content

S.M. Swanson, M.D. Mastalerz, M.A. Engle, B.J. Valentine, P.D. Warwick, P.C. Hackley, H.E. Belkin

ABSTRACT: Pulverized coal and petroleum coke co-combustion: Vanadium and nickel speciation

M.L.S. Oliveira, C.G. Ramos, C.M.N.L. Cutruneo, J.C. Hower, L.F.O. Silva

ABSTRACT: Relationships between porosity, organic matter, and mineral matter in mature organic-rich marine mudstones of the Belle Fourche and Second White Specks formations in Alberta, Canada

A. Furmann, M. Mastalerz, A. Schimmelmann, P.K. Pedersen, D. Bish

ABSTRACT: Rock Eval as an efficient method in characterization of bituminous matter contents in coals from the magmatic intrusion zone

A. Matuszewska

ABSTRACT: Source-indicating and maturity -related biomarkers from Miocene deposits from the Orava - Nowy Targ basin - preliminary results

E. Jaroszewicz, O. Grafka, L. Marynowski

ABSTRACT: Spectral fluorescence analysis of kerogen and extracts from Miocene Agbada shale interbeds in the Niger delta

I.M. Akaegbob

ABSTRACT: Thermally treated anthracites as fillers of polymer matrices

S. Pusz, U. Szeluga, B. Nagel, S. Czajkowska, H. Galina

ABSTRACT: Thermal mapping of self-heating coal waste dumps in Upper Silesia (Poland)

Á. Nádudvari

ABSTRACT: Thermal maturity and burial history modelling of the Anambra Basin, Southeastern Nigeria

O.A. Ehinola, A.A. Ajala, A.M. Amos

ABSTRACT: The solid bitumen in the Cretaceous Tablazo Formation Shale Gas Reservoir (Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia)

R. Marquez, I. Suárez-Ruiz, T.M. Juliao

ABSTRACT: Unconventional interpretations of the conventional geochemical and petrological data in unconventional petroleum research

H. Sanei

Miocene rock salt deposits in Wieliczka and Kraków sighteeing tour

K. Szopa, M. Misz-Kennan