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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Method Of Delineating Emitting Zones For Optimising Coal Seam Gas Drainage

A. Saghafi, K. Pinetown, H. Javanmard

ABSTRACT: An Anecdote Of Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian Biota: Synthesis From Soluble And Insoluble Organic Matter, Western India

S. Bhattacharya, S. Dutta, S.V. Raju

ABSTRACT: Ancient Life At The Extremes: Molecular Fossils And Paleoenvironmental Contexts Of A Neoproterozoic Hypersaline Setting

R. Schinteie, J.J. Brocks

ABSTRACT: A New Method For Obtaining Detailed Chemical And Mineral Information On Individual Coal Particles At The Size That They Are Used In Coke Making

P. Hapugoda, G. O’Brien, G. Krahenbuhl, K. Warren

ABSTRACT: A New Shale Oil Play Occurring Between Salt Intervals In Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

M. Wang, Z. Li, N. Sherwood, S. Lu

ABSTRACT: An Integrated Geochemical And Petrographic Approach In Studying The Major Unconventional Reservoirs In Canada

H. Sanei , O. Haeri Ardakani, N. Isinguzo, D. Kondla

ABSTRACT: An Unexpected Effect Of Maceral Composition On The Swelling Kinetics Of Coals In Gases

R. Sakurovs, G. Staib, E. Mac Gray

ABSTRACT: Carbon Isotopes Of Trace Level Gases Trapped In Fluid Inclusions

S. Gong, S. Sestak, J. Van Holst, S. Armand

ABSTRACT: Changes In Community Composition On Culture Enrichment Of Native Microbial Consortium Grown On Coals Of Different Ranks

R. Susilawati, P. Evans, J.S. Esterle, S. Robbins, G. Tyson,, S.D. Golding, T.E. Mares

ABSTRACT: Characterisation Of Organic Matter In The Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Unravelling Depositional And Post-Depositional Regimes

N. Van de Wetering, H. Sanei, B. Mayer, A. Beaton

ABSTRACT: Characteristics Of Mineral Matter In The Bituminous Coals, Keruh Formation, Central Sumatera Basin, Indonesia

A.K. Permana, M.H. Hermianto

ABSTRACT: Closed And Semi-Open System Pyrolysis For Estimating The Timing Of Hydrocarbon Gas Expulsion From Paleogene Coal

K.U. Takahashi, N. Suzuki, H. Saito

ABSTRACT: Coal Dust Explosibility And Petrographic Composition In Coal Seams Of The Amaga Formation, Sinifaná Basin-Colombia

E. Rivera Fernández, A. Blandón Montes

ABSTRACT: Conceptual Models For Unconventional Shale Plays In The Benin Basin, Southwestern Nigeria

O.A. Ehinola, O.A. Oluwajana

ABSTRACT: Coring Induced Fractures In Coal: A Method To Determine Cleat Azimuth, And The Angle Between Cleat And Maximum Horizontal Stress, And Its Application

D. Titheridge

ABSTRACT: Critical Considerations When Assessing Hydrocarbon Plays Using Rock-Eval Pyrolysis And Organic Petrology Data: Old Methods For New Challenges

H. Carvajal-Ortiz, T. Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Crude Oil In Archean Carbonates

C.A. Peters, A. Dutkiewicz , S. Piazolo, G.E. Webb, S.C. George

ABSTRACT: Depositional Paleoenvironment Of The Achlada Lignite Deposits (Makedonia, Nw Greece): A Coal Petrographic Aproach

I.K. Oikonomopoulos, G. Kaouras, N. Tougiannidis, T. Gentzis, P. Antoniadis

ABSTRACT: Determination Of The Relationship Between The Degree Of Explosive And The Petrography Of The Coal Dust In The Basin Sinifaná, Antioquia, Colombia

J.E. Jaramillo Zapata, A. Blandón Montes

ABSTRACT: Dispersed Organic Matter And Depositional Environment: Insights From A Middle Triassic Source Rock In Arctic Canada

D. Kondla, H. Sanei, A. Embry, O. Haeri Ardakani, C. Clarkson

ABSTRACT: Effects Of Igneous Intrusions On Coalbed Macreals, Maturity And Adsorption

W. Li, Y. Zhu

ABSTRACT: Effects Of Igneous Intrusions On Thermal Maturity Of Carbonaceous Fluvial Sediments: A Case Study Of The Early Cretaceous Strzelecki Group Outcrops In West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

H. Aghaei, L. Gurba, S.A. Mahmud, M. Hall

ABSTRACT: Electrofacies Analysis For Coal Lithotype Profiling Based On High-Resolution Wireline Log Data

A. Roslin, J. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Electrofacies Analysis Using High-Resolution Wireline Geophysical Data As A Proxy For Inertinite And Vitrinite Distribution In Late Permian Coal Seams, Bowen Basin

A. Roslin, J. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Elemental And Mineralogical Anomalies In Coals From The Lincang Ge Ore Deposit, Yunnan, China: Key Role Of N2–Co2-Mixed Hydrothermal Solutions

S. Dai, P. Wang, C.R. Ward, Y. Tang, X. Song, J. Jiang, J.C. Hower, T. Li, V.V. Seredin, N.J. Wagner, X. Wang, Xiao Li

ABSTRACT: Estimating The Fusible Content Of Individual Coal Grains And Its Application In Coke Making

K. Warren, G. Krahenbuhl , M. Mahoney , G. O’Brien, P. Hapugoda

ABSTRACT: Evaluating The Behaviour Of Mineral Matter During Coal Combustion

R.A. Creelman, C.R. Ward, D. French

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Characteristics Of Natural Gases In Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation In Southern Sichuan Basin, SW China

S. Huang, Z. Wang, W. Wu, C. Fang, D. Liu

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Characteristics Of Stable Carbon And Hydrogen Isotopes Of Gases From The Hongtai Gas Field, Turpan-Harmi Basin, China

Y. Ni, J. Dai, D. Gong, D. Zhang

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Evidence Of Degassing From Water-Soluble Gas In Sinian - Cambrian Reservoirs Of Leshan - Longnvsi Paleo-Uplift In Sichuan Basin, China

S. Qin, W. Li

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry Of Microbial Mats Near Natural Oil Seeps In Marine Arctic Canada

J. Carrie, K. Foster , H. Sanei, G. Stern

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry Of Selenium-Rich Black Shale Of Permian Age From Enshi, Hubei Province, China

X. Wang, S. Dai, Y. Tang, Y. Jiang, L. Zhao

ABSTRACT: Geographic Information System (GIS) Representation Of The Coking Coal Areas Of The United States

M.H. Trippi, L.F. Ruppert

ABSTRACT: Geological And Engineering Factors Afecting Coal Seam Gas Development In The Gloucester Basin, NSW, Australia

L. Gurba, S. Madden

ABSTRACT: Life In The Coal Seams Of Eastern Australia

D. J. Midgley, C. J. Vockler, N. Tran-Dinh, Paul Greenfield

ABSTRACT: Looking Inside The Black Rocks, ‘Omic Exploration Of The Coal Microbiome

N. Tran-Dinh, D. J. Midgley, S. Sestak, C. P. Rosewarne, C. J. Vockler, P. Greenfield, N. Sherwood

ABSTRACT: Multi-Branched Horizontal Wells For Coalbed Methane Production: Field Performance And Well Structure Analysis

T. Gentzis, J. Ren, L. Zhang, S. Ren, J. Lin, S. Meng, G. Ren

ABSTRACT: Natural Occuring Co2 In Sedimentary Basins In The U.S.: Are There Any Similarities In The Geochemistry Of These Basins?

M.D. Corum, C. DeVera

ABSTRACT: New Insight Into Permian Coals Of Eastern Botswana And Its Impact On Coal Seam Gas Properties

M. Faiz, J. Potgieter, A. King, E. Crozier

ABSTRACT: Observation Of Hydrocarbon Generation And Expulsion Of Lower Jurassic Coals From Turpan And Kequa (China) Using Diamond Anvil Cell Pyrolysis

C. Zhao, Y. Wang, Y. Zou, H. Wang, W. Zhao, W-L. Huanga

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry And Pore System Characterization Of Gas Shales: An Example From The Lower Gondwana Shales, Eastern India

A. Tewari, S. Dutta

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology And Microporosity Of Cooper Basin Gas Shales, Australia

Z. Li, N. Sherwood

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology And Thermal Maturity Of The Upper Ordovician Utica Shale, Southern Quebec, Canada

O. Haeri Ardakani, H. Sanei, D. Lavoie

ABSTRACT: Origin And Evolution Of Biomarkers In Cored Miocene Sedimentary Rocks From IODP Expedition 317, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

S. Bratenkov, S.C. George

ABSTRACT: Origin Of Natural Gas-Fed “Eternal Flames” In The Northern Appalachian Basin, USA

A. Drobniak, A. Schimmelmann, G. Etiope, M. Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Palaeo-Environmental Conditions During The Deposition Of The Upper Juandah Coal Measures, Surat Basin, Queensland

A. Hentschel, J. Esterle, S. Golding

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Characteristics Of Coal From The Balikpapan Formation In The Samarinda Area, Lower Kutai Basin, Indonesia

C. Thuzar Win, D. Hendra Amijaya, S. Sapto Surjono, S. Husein, K. Watanabe

ABSTRACT: Petrological And Geochemical Characteristics Of High Organic Sulfur Coals From South And North China

Y. Tang, Q. Zhao

ABSTRACT: Petrology And Coal Quality Of Early Jurassic Coals In The Yining Mining Area, Xinjiang, China

Y. Jiang, S. Dai, L. Zhao, X. Wang, G. Zhou

ABSTRACT: Pore Characteristics Of Wilcox Group Coal, North Lousiana, Usa: Relationships To Gas, Moisture, And Coal Depth

S.M. Swanson, M.D. Mastalerz, M.A. Engle, B.J. Valentine,, P.D. Warwick, P.C. Hackley, H.E. Belkin

ABSTRACT: Possible Origin Of Alkali Tonsteins From South-West China

L. Zhao

ABSTRACT: Progress In Microscopy For Users In Organic Petrography

H. Behl

ABSTRACT: Progress In Studies On Barkinite

S. Wang, Y. Tang, D. Jiang, F. Huang, S. Su, H. Bai

ABSTRACT: Quantitative Inorganic Profiling Of Coal Seams Using Core-Scanning X-Ray Fluorescence And Radiographic Techniques

S. Kelloway, C. Ward, C. Marjo, I. Wainwright, D. Cohen

ABSTRACT: Reaction And Mechanism Of Methane Generation From Pyrolysis Of Low Rank Coals

M. Li, F. Zeng, H. Liang, J. Xiang, W. Wang

ABSTRACT: Reconstruction Of The Late Palaeocene- Eocene Vegetation Of Western India: Evidences From Organic Geochemistry And Palynology

S. Paul, J. Sharma, P.K. Saraswati, S. Dutta

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between Reflectance And Colour Of Vitrinite Grains Under A Microscope

K. Harada, N. Hamada , Y. Ujiié

ABSTRACT: Spatial Variation In Character And Composition Of The Fort Cooper Coal Measures In Bowen Basin

S.A. Ayaz, J. Esterle, S. Rodrigues, M. Martin

ABSTRACT: Splint Coal: The Hidden Gremlin

S. Pretorius, J. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Sulfur And Nitrogen In The High-Sulfur Coals Of Late Paleozoic From China

W. Li, Y. Tang

ABSTRACT: The Deadline Of Gas Generation For Humic Coal

J. Mi, S. Zhang, J. Chen, K. He

ABSTRACT: The Effects Of Salt Structures On The Thermal Maturity Of Adjacent Sediments – Examples From Australia And Brazil

I.G. Rossetti, L.W. Gurba

ABSTRACT: The Localized Effect Of Uranium On Macerals: An Example From Upper Triassic-Middle Jurassic Shemshak Group, Northern Iran

O. Haeri Ardakani, H. Sanei, A. Shekarifard

ABSTRACT: The Origin And Thermal Evolution Of Macerals From The Mesoproterozoic Hongshuizhuang Formation, Northern North China

Q. Luo, N. Zhong, J. Qin, Z. Li, L. Ma

ABSTRACT: Thermal Insights In The Mcarthur Basin Based On Bitumen Reflectance And Illite Crystallinity

S. Rodrigues , B.R. Ferguson, S.D. Golding , J. Bluett

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturity Assessment Of Early Oil Production From The Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA

B. J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Utilization Of K-Zeolite Synthesized From Chinese Coal Fly Ashes For Slow Release K-Fertilizer

J. Li, X. Zhuang, O. Font, N. Moreno, V.R. Vallejo, X. Querol

ABSTRACT: Variability Of Porosity And Gas Sorption Within The Leichhardt Seam, Rangal Coal Measures, Bowen Basin, Central Queensland

A. Dmyterko, J. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Variation Of Gas Generation And Pore Structure During Coal Pyrolysis

Y. Cai, D. Liu , Y. Yao , Z. Li, Z. Pan

ABSTRACT: Variations Of Organic Microfacies Of Posidonia Shale From North-Western Germany (Lower Saxony Basin) And The Western Netherlands (The Western Netherlands Basin): Application To Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction

O. Gorbanenko, B. Ligouis

ABSTRACT: Vertical Trends In Maceral Composition In Inertinite-Rich Coals: A Case Study From The Galilee Basin

L.J. Phillips, A. Roslin, S.A. Ayaz

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance Suppression In The Northern Denison Trough, Bowen Basin, QLD Australia

A. Kalinowski, L. Gurba

ABSTRACT: When Using Small Samples To Evaluate Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Proceed With Caution

L.F. Ruppert, R. Sakurovs, T.P. Blach, Y.B. Melnichenko