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Introduction to Coal Formation, Quality Parameters and Utilization - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Colin Ward, David French

ABSTRACT: A new approach of research on characteristics of aromatic nuclei in coal

Xuan Huan, Yuegang Tang, Jingjie Xu

ABSTRACT: A new method to investigate geochemistry of organic rich shales with NMR Relaxometry

Seyedalireza Khatibi, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Z. Harry Xie, Thomas Gentzis, Bailey Bubach, Zheng Gan, Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz

ABSTRACT: Application of Raman spectroscopy as a thermal maturity probe to natural and experimental shale maturation series

Paul C. Hackley, N. Keno Lünsdorf

ABSTRACT: Arsenic speciation in ashes from high arsenic coal-fired power plant in Inner Mongolia, China

Bengen Gong, Qirun Yong, Zhuo Xiong, Yongchun Zhao, Junying Zhang

ABSTRACT: Basin-wide coal variation in the Gippsland Basin, SE Australia

Guy R. Holdgate, Greg C. Smith

ABSTRACT: Bio-precursors of unique alkaline lacustrine source rocks: the Lower Permian Fengcheng Formation in the Junggar Basin (NW China)

Liuwen Xia, Jian Cao, Tingting Wang, Lizeng Bian

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of hydrocarbon generation during the diagenetic evolution of shallow sedimentary organic matter in Shaobo Lake, eastern China

Congkai Niu, Fujie Jiang, Yaxi Li

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of nanoscale pores in anthracite coal - Quantitative analysis

Difei Zhao, Yinghai Guo, Geoff Wang

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of nanoscale pores in anthracite coal - Quantitative analysis

Difei Zhao, Yinghai Guo, Geoff Wang

ABSTRACT: Characterizing different type oils by their fluorescence lifetime: a case study in the western Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

Peng Cheng, Xianming Xiao, Hui Tian, Baojia Huang, Tengfei Li

ABSTRACT: Comparative study on paleogenicity index of rich organic matter in hydrocarbon source rock

Chaoyong Wang, Guangzhong Shi

ABSTRACT: Comparison analysis of the exploration potential of continental shale gas in the Da'anzhai and Dongyuemiao Section of Northeast Sichuan Basin, China

Zhiyuan Chen, Song Yan, Jiang Zhenxue

ABSTRACT: Comparison of pore size distribution on crushed and whole-rock coal samples using nuclear magnetic resonance

Yanhai Chang, Yanbin Yao

ABSTRACT: Composition and structure of sulfur compounds in extracts of Chinese high organic sulfur coals

Yuegang Tang, Yewei Sun, Xiaoshuai Wang, Quan Shi, Hongxing Ni, Lulu Yan, Xiaolong Li, Xueping Pang

ABSTRACT: Concentration and distribution of mercury in Bulgarian high-sulfur coals

I. Kostova, J. Hower, S. Dai, D. Apostolova, Q. Wei

ABSTRACT: Construction of macromolecular aggregation structure model of vitrain from Malan No.8 coal seam and molecular simulation

Chuange Wang

ABSTRACT: Cyclostratigraphy of the Paleogene and its sedimentological significance by high-resolution astrochronological record from the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, north-eastern China

Meng Wang, Honghan Chen

ABSTRACT: Depositional microfacies controls on the pore characteristics in tight sandstone reservoirs: a case study from the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Southwest Ordos Basin, China

Qian-you Wang, Wei Yang, Yan Song, Zhen-xue Jiang, Dan Liu, Ru-si Zuo

ABSTRACT: Development and structure of micropores in coal

Dangyu Song, Xiaofeng Ji, Yunbo Li, Kaikai He, Haotian Zhao

ABSTRACT: Differences during canister desorption in normal undeformed and mylonitic coals: from aspects of desorption rate and gas compositional variation

Yilin Chen, Yong Qin

ABSTRACT: Differentiated graphitization characteristics of coal-based graphite under tectonic stress

Lu Wang, Yeji Dong, Yangwen Peng, Zhengyun Ding, Daiyong Cao

ABSTRACT: Directional drilling for CMM capture in Duanshi Coal Mine, southern Qinshui Basin, China: challenges, strategies, and products

Romeo M. Flores, Yuewin Xi, Guoqiang Wang, Wenjun Li, Xingzhong Chang, Peng Li, Dongliang Song

ABSTRACT: Distribution and mode of occurrence of Hg, Cd, As, Pb, and Mo in Colombian coal

Olga Patricia Gómez Rojas, Astrid Blandón Montes, Mercedes Díaz Lagos

ABSTRACT: Distribution and occurrence of lithium and gallium in coal fly ash from two power plants in Shanxi, China

Yunxia Liu, Fangui Zeng, Beilei Sun, Peng Jia

ABSTRACT: Distribution of potentially hazardous trace elements during the entrained-flow coal gasification processes

Yafeng Wang, Yuegang Tang, Xin Guo, Peiyang Li, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: Drainage law and main productivity controlling factors of CBM wells in Shizhuangnan Block, Qinshui Basin

Songhang Zhang, Shuheng Tang, Xinlu Yan, Kaifeng Wang

ABSTRACT: Effect of hydrothermal activity on organic matter enrichment of shale: a case study of the Upper Ordovician and the Lower Silurian in the Lower Yangtze, South China

Yizhou Huang, Zhenxue Jiang, Kun Zhang, Yan Song, Shu Jiang, Chengzao Jia, Weiwei Liu, Ming Wen, Xin Li, Xuelian Xie, Tianlin Liu, Xiangni Cao, Yue Sun, Lin Zhu

ABSTRACT: Effect of organic matter on geothermal gradients: an example from the Surat Basin (Jurassic), Australia and implications for coal seam gas reservoirs

Tim A. Moore, Ryan Morris

ABSTRACT: Effects of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion on pore structure evolution of organic-rich shales as determined by anhydrous and hydrous pyrolysis

Xing Wang, Peng Cheng, Hui Tian, Qiang Wei

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of coal texture evolution and distribution by seismic curvature methods: A case study in Zhengzhuang field, southern Qinshui Basin, North China

Lutonga Cao, Yanbin Yao, Dameng Liu, Yidong Cai, Yingjin Wang

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of gas contents of Lower Cambrian shale reservoirs in Chongqing Region, southern China

Tengfei Li, Hui Tian, Xianming Xiao, Peng Cheng, Qiang Wei

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of the quality of wood pellets in terms of petrographic research

Marta Jach-Nocoń, Iwona Jelonek, Adam Nocoń

ABSTRACT: Evidence for an Early-Middle Jurassic hydrothermal fluid in Bowen Basin, eastern Australia

Beilei Sun, Joan Esterle, Sandra Rodrigues, Sue Golding, Grant Dawson, Rhiannon Lord

ABSTRACT: Evolution of the pore structure and compressibility of coals with elevated temperatures using scanning electron microscope and mercury intrusion porosimetry

Zhengtao Li, Yunpeng Wang

ABSTRACT: Experimental study on the pore-fracture structure of ductile tectonically deformed coals and its influence on permeability

Guoxi Cheng, Bo Jiang, Ming Li, Fengli Li, Yu Song

ABSTRACT: Fractional Composition and Evolution of Residual Oil from Coal of Early Permian Shanxi Formation (P1s), Ordos Basin (China)

Lingling Liao, Yunpeng Wang, Jialan Lu, Chengsheng Chen, Shuyong Shi, Rui Deng

ABSTRACT: Fractionation of alkylated carbazoles in petroleum during subsurface migration: evidence from molecular simulation and application in sandstone reservoir

Qiuya Han, Meijun Li, Xiaoqiang Liu, Youjun Tang, Daxiang He

ABSTRACT: Fuels data base development of the selected coking coals

Iwona Jelonek, Zbigniew Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Gas trapping damage of medium- and high- volatile bituminous coal reservoir during CBM development

Xin Li, Xuehai Fu, PG Ranjith

ABSTRACT: Geochemical, petrographical and thermal characteristics of Barren Measures shales of Jharia coal basin, India and their implications for hydrocarbon generation and production.

Atul Kumar Varma, Balram Tiwari, Asutosh Mondal, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe, Sanki Biswas

ABSTRACT: Geochemical and biological characteristics of high-quality source rocks in the Hongshuizhuang Formation of the Middle Proterozoic in Kuancheng, North China

Shengfei Qin, Suyun Hu, Tongshang Wang, Kui Ma, Leiming Yin

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics and genesis of the Ordovician dolomite in northern Jingbian Gas Field, Ordos Basin, China

Sha-sha Hui, Xiong-qi Pang, Hui Xiao

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics and genetic types of natural gas in central part of the Ordos Basin, China

Ke Wang, Xiongqi Pang, Zhengfu Zhao

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics and sources of natural gas of Triassic Gypsum Salt System in Sichuan Basin, China

Shengfei Qin, Wei Liu, Tongshang Wang, Qiufen Li

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics of Carboniferous coaly source rocks and natural gases in the southeastern Junggar Basin, NW China: implications for a new play of hydrocarbon exploration

Deyua Gong, Yong Song, Yanzhao Wei, Fan Yang

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics of source rocks in the Bongor Basin, Chad

Zhe Yang, Meijun Li, Dingsheng Cheng, Hong Xiao

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics of the coals from Lower-Middle Jurassic in eastern Junggar Basin, northwestern China

Junying Leng, Meijun Li, Zhili Zhu, Ling Qi

ABSTRACT: Geochemical effects on the reservoir physical properties under scCO2 injection into the high rank coal seams

Yi Du, Shuxun Sang, Junying Zhang, Wenfeng Wang, Shiqi Liu, Changqing Fu, Tian Wang

ABSTRACT: Geochemical generation processes of simulated biogenic coalbed methane from lignite

Aikuan Wang, Pei Shao, Yong Qin

ABSTRACT: Geochemical study of coal-bearing measures in the Upper Triassic Xiaoping Formation in the Middle Guangdong, southern China: implications for the palaeoenvironment, palaeoclimate and tectonic settings

Chengsheng Chen, Yunpeng Wang, Yongdong Wang, Lingling Liao, Xiaoqing Zhang, Jianbin Xu, Shuyong Shi

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of coals from the Fuqiang Mine, Hunchun Coalfield, northeastern China: Composition, provenance, and relation to the adjacent polymetallic deposits

Wenmu Guo, Shifeng Dai, Victor Nechaev, Evgenia V. Nechaeva

ABSTRACT: Geomechanical tests in the light of computed X-ray tomography and petrographic data analysis for coal samples from Carboniferous basin in Poland

Edyta Puskarczyk, Paulina Krakowska, Iwona Jelonek, Marek Dohnalik

ABSTRACT: Graptolite characters with the relationship of the organic matter in Wufeng-Longmaxi formation in the Southeast Sichuan Basin

Jianyang Song, Luofu Liu

ABSTRACT: High-resolution astrochronological record in the Palaeogene from the Nanxiang Basin, center China

Ke Xu, Honghan Chen

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon accumulation depth limit estimate in Dongpu Depression

Hui Li, Xiongqi Pang

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon expulsion evaluation of highly mature carbonate source rocks: Implications for old Ordovician carbonates exploration in the Tabei Uplift, Tarim

Junqing Chen, Xiongqi Pang, Hong Pang, Zhengfu Zhao, Hui Li

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon generation potential, from the La Luna and Umir formations of Upper Cretaceous of Middle Magdalena Basine in Colombia

Astrid Blandon Montes, Luis Dethere Caro González, João Graciano Mendonça Filho

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon potential evaluation for the Kharita Formation (Albian) in the Abu Gharadig Basin, Western Desert, Egypt

Thomas Gentzis, Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz, Sameh S. Tahoun, Amr Deaf, Seare Ocubalidet

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon source rock of the conventional (Albian) Kharita Formation reservoir in Matruh Basin, North Western Desert of Egypt: a broader perspective

Amr S. Deaf, Sameh S. Tahoun, Thomas Gentzis, Humberto Carvajal, Ian C. Harding, John E. A. Marshall, Seare Ocubalidet

ABSTRACT: Impact of tectonic deformation on coal methane adsorption capacity

Wu Li, Bo Jiang, Yanming Zhu

ABSTRACT: In-situ stress variation within coalbed methane reservoirs, Yuwang Block, South China: Implications for coalbed methane production

Wei Ju, Bo Jiang, Yong Qin, Caifang Wu, Ming Li

ABSTRACT: Influence of maceral reactivity on hydrocarbon generation of coal and shale from Makum coal basin, India

Atul K. Varma, Sanki Biswas, Balram Tiwari

ABSTRACT: Insight into the structural characteristics of Qiongzhusi Formation shale kerogen using direct techniques

Changqing Fu, Yanming Zhu, Yi Du

ABSTRACT: Insights on the generation, preservation, and producibility of hydrocarbons in structurally complex reservoirs: case study from the southern Appalachian Fold-Thrust Belt, southeastern USA

Jack C. Pashin

ABSTRACT: Investigation of nanopore structure and its effect on methane storage in Chinese marine shales using combined methods: Small-angle neutron scattering, low-pressure N2/CO2 adsorption and high-pressure mercury intrusion

Yang Wang, Yong Qin, Rui Zhang, Lawrence M. Anovitz, Markus Bleuel

ABSTRACT: Isotopic geochemistry model for predicting potential gas - rich area in the coalbed methane block: A case study

Zhanjie Xu, Qinfu Liu, Qiming Zheng, Joan S. Esterle, Suzanne D. Golding, Chandra Mouli Pavuluri

ABSTRACT: Maceral composition and biomarker signatures from Neoproterozoic–Early Cambrian oil shales, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan

Imran Khan, Ningning Zhong, Guangli Wang, Bilal Gul, Zhiyuan Cui

ABSTRACT: Maturity and thermal evolution of Lower Cambrian Qiongzhusi shale in southwestern Sichuan Basin, China

Ye Wang, Nansheng Qiu, Xiaomin Xie, Xiaoqing Rui, Baojian Shen, Jinyi Su , Tenger Borjigin

ABSTRACT: Mechanism of methane adsorption on groove space in organic matter surface

Chu Zhang, Shangbin Chen, Yu Liu, Si Chen, Xueyuan Li

ABSTRACT: Mercury stable isotope compositions in Ge-hosted Wulantuga coal deposit

Ruoyu Sun, Liugen Zheng

ABSTRACT: Methane occurrence, hazard and emission in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland

Sławomir Kędzior, Marcin Dreger

ABSTRACT: Microscopic characteristics of oil retention in shale reservoirs: a case study on the Es3 shales in the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin

Xinhe Shao, Xiongqi Pang, Hui Li, Yuan Xu, Tianwu Xu

ABSTRACT: Microscopic pore structure characteristics and their controlling factors of Longmaxi shales in southeast Sichuan Basin, China

Jiaqi Chang, Zhenxue Jiang, Lin Zhu, Xingmeng Wang, Jitong Li

ABSTRACT: Migration and removal of minerals in coal during coal washing

Yuegang Tang, Chengwei Yang, Kangnan Feng, Xingyuan Li, Wenqiang Ma

ABSTRACT: Mineral matter in coal: friend or foe?

David French

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical and geochemical anomalies of Palaeogene low rank coal (No. 5) from the Baise Coalfield, Guangxi Province, China

Xiaoyun Yan

ABSTRACT: Minerals and trace elements in Late Triassic coals from the Dabaoding Coalmine in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, southwestern China

Jidun Sha, Jian Chen, Bofei Zhang, Ping Chen, Wenzhong Liu, Duoxi Yao, Jian Zeng, Pingsong Zhang

ABSTRACT: Miocene lignite layers of the Saouef Formation (Oriental Tunisia), origin, depositional environment and economic assessment.

Malek Radhwani, Achim Bechtel, Vikram P. Singh, Bhagwan D. Singh, Beya Mannaï-Tayech

ABSTRACT: Mobility of hydrocarbons in lacustrine shale: Solvent flow-through extraction experiments on an Eocene shale oil system in Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, eastern China

Xiaomin Xie, Bernhard Krooss, Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand, Ralf Littke , Maowen Li, Zhiming Li, Lloyd R. Snowdon, Daniel Mohnhoff

ABSTRACT: Multifractal analysis of micro- and mesopore in brittle tectonically deformed coals from Yangquan mining area, northeastern Qinshui Basin, China

Fengli Li, Bo Jiang, Guoxi Cheng, Yu Song, Zheng Tang

ABSTRACT: Nanoscale pore characterization of different macerals in lacustrine shale of Yanchang Formation

Huijuan Guo, Ruliang He, Wanglu Jia, Ping’an Peng, Yunpeng Wang

ABSTRACT: Natural geological seepage of hydrocarbon gas in the Appalachian Basin and Midwest USA in relation to shale tectonic fracturing and past industrial hydrocarbon production

Arndt Schimmelmann, Scott A. Ensminger, Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz, Giuseppe Etiope, Robert D. Jacobi

ABSTRACT: New data on concentration and distribution of lithium in coals from Jungar coal field, Inner Mongolia

Wei Yuan, Jing Li, Xinguo Zhuang, Jianfu Li, Gangtemuer, Xiankao Liang, Bo Liu

ABSTRACT: New methods and techniques for the evaluation of deep effective source rocks by TOC - taking the Middle-Upper Ordovician source rocks in the Tarim Basin as an example

Bo Pang, Junqing Chen, Xiongqi Pang, Hui Li, Yingxun Wang

ABSTRACT: NMR study of gas and water migration during N2 injection for coal reservoirs

Junqiang Kang, Xuehai Fu, Shun Liang, Xin Li

ABSTRACT: Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) surface relaxivity of coals

Sijian Zheng, Yanbin Yao, Dameng Liu, Yidong Cai, Yong Liu

ABSTRACT: Occurrence, distribution and origin of sulfur in Chinese coals

Yuegang Tang, Deyi Ren, Chen-Lin Chou, Weiwei Li, Cong Chen

ABSTRACT: Optical characteristics of the graptolite in the graptolite-bearing sediments and its implication for thermal maturity assessment

Qingyong Luo, Jingyue Hao, Yaohui Xu, Yan Liu, Jin Wu, Shuning Zhang, Wanli Wang

ABSTRACT: Organic affinity of toxic elements V, Cr, Mo, U in flotation-cleaned coal of Ganhe

Piaopiao Duan, Wenfeng Wang, Shuxun Sang, Yuegang Tang

ABSTRACT: Organic geochemical characteristics of coal-bearing source rocks and coal-derived crude oils from the Huizhou Sag in Pearl River Mouth Basin, southern China

Jiayang Li, Jianping Bao, Zhihuan Zhang

ABSTRACT: Organic geochemistry of lignite and high-volatile bituminous coals and its effect characteristics on biogas generation

Pei Shao, Wenfeng Wang, Aikuan Wang

ABSTRACT: Organic petrography of modern tropical peat deposits from Muara Siran, Kalimantan Timur: analogues for coal characteristics

Ferian Anggara, Guritno Safitri Muchitawati

ABSTRACT: Organic petrologic characteristics of hydrocarbon source rocks in Funing Formation, northern Jiangsu Basin

Xiaoqing Rui

ABSTRACT: Overview of an assessment methodology for Coal Mine Methane (CMM) and Abandoned Mine Methane (AMM) resource potential of longwall mine panels: example from northern Appalachian Basin, USA

C. Özgen Karacan, Peter D. Warwick

ABSTRACT: Paleoenvironmental conditions and organic matter accumulation of coal measure shales in Taiyuan Formation, northeasten Ordos Basin: a comparison with typical lacustrine and marine shales in China

Zhengfu Zhao, Xiongqi Pang, Ke Wang

ABSTRACT: Palynofacies analysis: experimental design and hydrocarbon generation potential

Elkin Arboleda, Astrid Blandon

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and chemical research of furnace wastes from individual heating furnaces and boilers

Wojciech Szulik, Iwona Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Petrographic characterization of natural microcrystalline graphite from Hunan, China at various magnification levels

Kuo Li, Qinfu Liu, Susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Petrological characteristics of commerce-scale entrained flow coal gasification residues

Xin Guo, Yuegang Tang, Yafeng Wang, Peiyang Li, Cortland F. Eble

ABSTRACT: Pore characteristics and influencing factors of Laochang mining area, eastern Yunnan Province, China

Shasha Zhang, Caifang Wu, Huan Liu

ABSTRACT: Pore structure evolution of low-rank coal in China

Fudong Xin, Hao Xu, Dazhen Tang, Jiaosheng Yang, Yanpeng Chen, Likun Cao, Haoxin Qu

ABSTRACT: Provenances of Upper Paleozoic and Lower Mesozoic formations in Xishan Coalfield, Taiyuan, North China

Beilei Sun, Fangui Zeng, Chao Liu

ABSTRACT: Raman spectroscopic analysis of thermal simulation residues of Yimin coal

M.F. Li, J. Fan, Y.G. Zhao, F.G. Zeng

ABSTRACT: Raman spectroscopy for thermal maturity analysis of graptolite

Ye Wang, Nansheng Qiu, Yunfeng Yang, Xiaomin Xie, Tenger Borjigin

ABSTRACT: Research on pore structure characteristics of low-permeability sandstones in Liushagang Formation in the Weixinan Sag, Beibuwan Basin

Shuo Yang, Zhiye Gao, Chenhui Hu, Zixin Xue, Huang Yu, Zhenxue Jiang, Yupeng Fan, Qixiang Xuan, Yu Cheng

ABSTRACT: Revaluation of highly mature carbonate source rocks using TOC recovery method: a case study from Marsel Area, Chu-Sarysu Basin

Kun Zhang, Xiongqi Pang

ABSTRACT: Shale gas enrichment under syncline background: an example of southern Sichuan and Xiuwu Basin in Yangtze Region

Kun Zhang, Yan Song, Shu Jiang, Zhenxue Jiang, Chengzao Jia, Yizhou Huang, Weiwei Liu, Xuelian Xie, Tianlin Liu, Ming Wen, Dongdong Liu, Lin Wei, Zhuo Li, Pengfei Wang

ABSTRACT: Shale gas reservoir characteristics and favorable area optimization of Ximaling Formation in Yanshan area

Xueyuan Li, Shangbin Chen, Minghua Chang, Si Chen, Chu Zhang

ABSTRACT: Source rock evaluation and resource potential prediction of T3x5 member in Sichuan Basin, Central China

Tianyu Zheng

ABSTRACT: Speculations on a glass half full: Burial, exhumation and gas saturation in coalbed methane reservoirs

Tim A. Moore

ABSTRACT: Structural cause for germanium enrichment in coals from the Wulantuga and Lincang Deposits, China

Qiang Wei, Shifeng Dai

ABSTRACT: Study of rare earth elements from Colombian coals

Oscar Jaime Restrepo Baena, Jacobo Henao Restrepo

ABSTRACT: Study on FTIR of high-organic-sulfur coal and the structure of sulfur-containing compounds of its extracts

Cong Chen, Yuegang Tang, Xiaolong Li, Yewei Sun

ABSTRACT: Study on the characteristics of mineral Transformation and element enrichment before and after combustion in Xishan Gujiao Power Plant

Peng Jia, Fangui Zeng, Beilei Sun, Yunxia Liu

ABSTRACT: Study on the small molecular composition of cutinite from Luquan cutinitic liptobiolith by ultrasonic-assisted sequential extraction

Lei Liu, Meili Du, Gang Li, Jinwen Fan, Chengjie He

ABSTRACT: Study on vanadium enrichment mechanism of the Humachi stone coal-type vanadium deposit in Ruanling County, western Hunan Province

Zhixun Liu, Hongzhang Dai, Guchun Zhang, Jincheng Xiao, Chi Ma

ABSTRACT: Sulfur isotope ratios of Late Permian coals in South China: a record for the eruption of the Emeishan Basalt

Bin Liang, Wenfeng Wang, Piaopiao Duan

ABSTRACT: Superposed deformation structures and structural differentiation of tectonically deformed coal in Huaibei and Yangquan coalfields, China

Ming Li, Bo Jiang, Jiegang Liu, Meng Zhu

ABSTRACT: Surface microstructure of coal macerals with different coal ranks by AFM

Shaoqing Wang, Qiang Guo, Penghua Liu, Jianhong Li

ABSTRACT: Taiyuan Formation limestone gas in the Huoxi Coalfield, Shanxi Province

Ruirui Wang

ABSTRACT: The cleanability evaluation of No. 3 coal seam in An’ping, Yitang and Xizhuang exploration area

Yuegang Tang, Xiaoshuai Wang, Chengwei Yang, Kai Ye, Qingshun Cao, Guohua Liu

ABSTRACT: The composition and mode of occurence of rare earth elements and yttrium in fly and bottom ash from coal-fired power plants in Java, Indonesia

Ferian Anggara, Dea Anisa Ayu Bestari, Widya Rosita, Himawan T.B.M Petrus

ABSTRACT: The construction and evaluation of molecular model utilizing advanced analytical techniques of TunLan No.2 coal in XiShan coalfield, China

Jiejing Bian, Xia Li, Fangui Zeng, Xiaoling Wang

ABSTRACT: The controlling effects of the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation source rocks and their expulsion characteristics, Sichuan Basin, China

Tianyu Zheng

ABSTRACT: The desorption process and variation of chemical and carbon isotopic composition of coalbed adsorbed gas: based on the results of thermal simulation

Jian Sun, Qiang Wei, Bo Yan, Xianming Xiao

ABSTRACT: The differentiation characteristic and mechanisms of REE in tectonically deformed coals under the influence of clay minerals

Hewu Liu, Bo Jiang, Yu Song, Chenliang Hou

ABSTRACT: The distribution of methylated phenanthrenes in pyrolysis products of type ii organic matter and their geochemical significance

Sibo Yang, Meijun Li, Hongfei Lai, Xiaolin Lu

ABSTRACT: The fractal characteristics of high rank coal by low-temperature N2 adsorption: a case study of Lower Permian Shanxi Formation coal in Mengjin Field, Henan Province, China

Zixuan Liu, Detian Yan

ABSTRACT: The future of coal

Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: The genesis of high nitrogen and low hydrocarbon in shale gas: a case study of the lower Cambrian of the Xiuwu basin in the Yangtze area

Yizhou Huang, Kun Zhang, Yan Song, Zhenxue Jiang, Shu Jiang, Chengzao Jia, Weiwei Liu, Ming Wen, Xuelian Xie, Tianlin Liu, Xin Li, Xiangni Cao, Lin Zhu, Yue Sun

ABSTRACT: The geochemical and organic petrological characteristics of coal measures of Xujiahe Formation in the Sichuan Basin, China

Guoxiao Zhou, Guoyi Hu

ABSTRACT: The geochemistry of the coals in Yan'an Formation of middle Jurassic in Dongsheng coalfield, Ordos Basin

Zhihui Zhang, Dawei Lv, Chengshan Wang, Tiantian Wang

ABSTRACT: The influence of structural deformation on the pore structure of shale in the same layer of Longmaxi shale: a case study in Wuping, Chongqing (China)

Shuyong Shi, Yunpeng Wang, Huijuan Guo, Chengsheng Chen

ABSTRACT: The influence of vegetation and paleoenvironmental changes on the formation of pale and dark layers in Pliocene lignite deposits from Yunnan Province, Southwest China: results from coal petrology and organic geochemistry

Bangjun Liu, Cunliang Zhao, Jialiang Ma, Yuzhuang Sun, Wilhelm Püttmann

ABSTRACT: The leaching characteristics of alkaline coal combustion residuals

Siyu Zhang, Shifeng Dai, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: The orientation and curvature characterization of No. 2 coal in Caocun

Xiaoling Wang, Xia Li, Fangui Zeng, Jiejing Bian

ABSTRACT: The petrographic studies and outcoming characteristics of a wood pellet

Adam Nocoń, Marta Jach-Nocoń, Iwona Jelonek

ABSTRACT: The structural framework of Juhugeng mining area in Qinhai Province and its impact on coal measure gases accumulation

Anmin Wang, Daiyong Cao

ABSTRACT: Unconventional natural gas accumulations in coal-bearing strata: a discussion of Upper Palaeozoic hydrocarbon system in east margin of Ordos basin, China

Yong Li, Dazhen Tang

ABSTRACT: Underground coal gasification; Illinois Basin, USA, and elsewhere

Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz, John A. Rupp

ABSTRACT: Use of hand-held, field-portable XRF analysers for on-site inorganic analysis and profiling of coal seams

Colin R. Ward, Sarah J. Kelloway, David French, Juee Vohra, David R. Cohen, Christopher E. Marjo, Irene E. Wainwright

ABSTRACT: Using neutron scattering to help answer a fundamental question in petroleum geology - how do fluids and adsorbed gas move through tight rocks?

Leslie Ruppert

ABSTRACT: Variations in chemistry of Colombian coals

Olga Patricia Gómez Rojas, Maria Mastalerz, Astrid Blandón Montes, Carlos Guillermo Perea Solano

ABSTRACT: Volcanic and volcanogenic sediments in the coal-bearing Tanjung Formation (Late Eocene), Senakin Peninsula, South Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia

Tim A. Moore, Mike C. Friederich, Ferian Anggara, D. Hendra Amijaya, Jessica Trofimovs

ABSTRACT: What tell us biomarkers and stable carbon isotopes in coal and lignite about climate change during the Tertiary?

Wilhelm Püttmann, Achim Bechtel

Behavior of Mineral Matter during Coal Utilization - TSOP Short Course Presentation

David French, Colin Ward

Burning Coal Beds and Stockpiles are Significant Health Hazards - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Robert Finkelman

Chemistry of Chinese Coals - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Shifeng Dai

Coal and the Environment: What are the Environmental Impacts of Coal Use? What can we, as geoscientists, do about it? - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Robert Finkelman

Coal as a Petroleum Source Rock and Reservoir Rock - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Jack C. Pashin

Coal Conversion - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Liu Shugin

Critical Elements in Coal - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Shifeng Dai

Geological Dynamics of Shale Gas Reservoirs - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Jack C. Pashin

Mineral Matter in Coal Analytical Technology for Mineral Matter Studies - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Colin Ward, David French

Mineral Matter in Coal Nature, Occurrence, Origin and Significance - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Colin Ward, David French

Modes of Occurrence of Elements in Coal - TSOP Short Course Presentation

Robert Finkelman

Xilinhot - Pearl on the Prairie - TSOP 2018 Field Trip Guide

Shifeng Dai, Yuegang Tang, Guojun Wei