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ABSTRACT: Abiogenic methanogenesis in the Devonian New Albany Shale associated with geocatalysis: Evidence from biomarker transformations and isotopic variations

Kelsey E. Doiron, Simon C. Brassell, Arndt Schimmelmann, Peter E. Sauer, Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: A comparative study of Jurassic Datta Shale of the Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan and gas shale of the Permian Murteree Shale in the Cooper Basin, Australia

Noor Wali Khan, Quaid Khan Jadoon

ABSTRACT: A Tale of two basins: The mineralogic and temperature dependent diffusion of noble gases in Marcellus and Permian Shales

W.K. Eymold, B.A. Lary, J.A. Harrington, C.J. Whyte, J. Moortgat, T.H. Darrah

ABSTRACT: Back to basics: Does epoxy versus thermoset sample preparation really matter for thermal maturity estimations?

Paul C. Hackley, Brian J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Biomass combustion process and pollution identification by petrographic methods

Marta Jach-Nocoń, Iwona Jelonek, Adam Nocoń

ABSTRACT: Cellular preservation and maceral development in wood from the Miocene Brassington Formation, UK

Jen O’Keefe, Matthew Pound, James Riding

ABSTRACT: Characterization of stoker ash from the combustion of high-lanthanide coal at a Kentucky bourbon distillery

James C. Hower, Elizabeth Cantando, Cortland F. Eble, Gregory C. Copley

ABSTRACT: Concentration and characterization of fractions enriched in mineral matter in some Colombian coals

Olga Patricia Gómez Rojas, Sandra Pinzón, Nelson Galán

ABSTRACT: Correlative microscopy study of porosity development in a New Albany Shale thermal maturity sequence: Hydrous pyrolysis residues vs. natural maturation

Brett J. Valentine, Paul C. Hackley, Javin J. Hatcherian

ABSTRACT: Depositional paleoenviroment and hydrocarbon source rock potential of the Devonian Pimenteira Formation in the São Luís Basin, Brazil: A organic facies approach

Luis D. Caro Gonzalez, João Graciano Mendonça Filho, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Determination of the indices of the coal facies in the Baruunnaran coal deposit, Southern Mongolia

Batbold Demberelsuren, Luvsanchultem Jargal, Baatar Munkhtsengel, Shagdarsuren Badamtsetseg, Uranbileg Khaliun

ABSTRACT: Does mineralogy effect CO2 behavior in micropores from producing intervals of the Marcellus Shale? Results from Neutron Scattering

Leslie F. Ruppert, Aaron M. Jubb, Thomas F. Headen, Tristan G.A. Youngs, Bryan Bandli

ABSTRACT: Dynamic failure classification within the context of regional geology; A case study from the Uinta-Piceance Basin

Heather Lawson, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Effect of depositional sequences on the enrichment of Chang 7 Shale organic matter

Tianshu Zhang, Bin Bai, Shizhen Tao, Yanyan Chen, Senhu Lin

ABSTRACT: Effect of sub-nanopore on gas adsorption capacity and diffusion efficiency in coal

Dangyu Song, Runsheng Lv, Yunbo Li, Xiaofeng Ji

ABSTRACT: Fluorescence spectroscopy of sedimentary organic matter via Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

Paul C. Hackley, Aaron M. Jubb, Robert C. Burruss

ABSTRACT: Full sulfur characterization using a customized Rock-Eval pyrolyzer: Comparison with NMR and XRS spectroscopies

Seyedalireza Khatibi, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz, Thomas Gentzis, Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry and organic petrography of the Anna Shale (Pennsylvanian) and the occurrence of pyrite “suns”, Southwestern Illinois, USA

Jacob R. Dyson, Susan M. Rimmer, Scott D. Elrick

ABSTRACT: Influence of coal properties and depositional environment on dynamic failure potential in American coal seams

Heather Lawson

ABSTRACT: Lower Black Shale of Sappington Formation as indicated by palynology and petrography

Marcelina Kondas, Iwona Jelonek, Paweł Filipiak, Zbigniew Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Measurements of the leachability of potentially hazardous trace elements from coal gasification residues in China

Yafeng Wang, Yuegang Tang, Ruiqing Li, Xin Guo, John P. Hurley, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: Modeling trace metal release from Marcellus Shale drill cuttings exposed to atmospheric conditions

Michael J. Hannon Jr., Mengling Stuckman, Christina Lopano, J. Alexandra Hakala

ABSTRACT: Modified open-system hydrous pyrolysis

Dakota R. Lindsey, Susan M. Rimmer, Ken Anderson

ABSTRACT: Molecular weight distribution analysis of kerogen using MALDI-TOF and FTIR

Hyeonseok Lee, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr, Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Noble gas insights on stable isotope reversals in natural gases

Colin Whyte, Thomas Darrah

ABSTRACT: Organic matter in the Upper Devonian New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin: From basin scale to nanometer scale

Bei Liu, Maria Mastalerz, Juergen Schieber

ABSTRACT: Organic matter nano-scale chemical heterogeneity in the Bakken Shale

Arash Abarghani, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Organic matter preservation in Paleocene rocks in McKinney Roughs Nature Park: New insights into ancient wetland ecosystems

Russel C. Rogers, Ashton A. Killen, Alexander R. Newman, Jen O’Keefe, Thomas Demchuk, Chris Denison, Nicholas Cowey

ABSTRACT: Organic petrology and geochemistry of the Devonian-Mississippian Bakken Formation, Williston Basin (ND)

Zain Abdi, Susan M. Rimmer, Harry Rowe

ABSTRACT: Organic petrology of the Utica Shale

Cortland Eble, John Hickman

ABSTRACT: Origin and accumulation history of Paleozoic gas in Ordos Basin, China

Dan Liu, Jian Li

ABSTRACT: Paleozoic source rocks and thermal history of the Denver Basin, USA

Steven A. Tedesco

ABSTRACT: Palynofacies Analysis: Experimental Design and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential

Elkin Mauricio Arboleda Muñoz, Astrid Blandón Montes

ABSTRACT: Petrographical characterization, variations in chemistry, and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of Colombian coals

Olga Patricia Gómez Rojas, Astrid Blandón, Carlos Perea, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and geochemical characterization of coals from The Baruunnaran coal deposit, southern Mongolia

Luvsanchultem Jargal, Batbold Demberelsuren, Baatar Munkhtsengel, Shagdarsuren Badamtsetseg, Uranbileg Khaliun

ABSTRACT: Petrographic characteristic of lab-scale char/coke derived from eight different coal rank coals

Xin Guo, Yuegang Tang, Cortland F. Eble, Yafeng Wang, Peiyang Li

ABSTRACT: Petrographic study of furnace wastes from individual heating devices using separation techniques

Wojciech Szulik, Iwona Jelonek, Aleksandra Burczyk

ABSTRACT: Petroleum retention, migration, and expulsion in the Triassic Chang 7 Member in the Ordos Basin in China

Yanyan Chen, Senhu Lin, Bin Bai, Shizhen Tao

ABSTRACT: Petroleum System Insights of Newfoundland and Labrador from Fluid Inclusions

J.C. Chao, D. Hall, R. Lishansky, R. Moore, S. Feiner, N. Mozhaeva, M. Polowczyk, S. Cowan, D. Groves, W. Phiukhao, A. Furmann

ABSTRACT: Post-well stimulation allocation of commingled production using geochemical fingerprinting techniques in unconventional reservoirs: A review of methods, and a case study of the Montney Formation, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Alberta, Canada

Seare Ocubalidet, Humberto Carvajal Ortiz, Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Prediction and characterization of macromolecular structure of cutinite from Luquan cutinitic liptobiolith with Molecular Simulation

Meili Du, Lei Liu, Jinwen Fan

ABSTRACT: Qualitative and quantitative identification of solid impurities using optical microscopy in biomass-derived renewable fuels (pellets)

Iwona Jelonek, Zbigniew Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Resource potential of organic-rich rocks in the oil window: An example from the Barnett Shale in Central Texas

Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Solid bitumen; Known and unknown

Maria Mastalerz, Agnieszka Drobniak

ABSTRACT: Spectral fluorescence of liptinite macerals in the Lower Kittanning Coal: Effects of rank and maceral type

Kailey M. Seaman, Susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Study on mechanics characteristics and diffusion evolution law of coal under different unloading velocities

Bing Li, Jianbao Liu, Jiangang Ren

ABSTRACT: Study on meso and microporosity of Colombian coals of different ranks

Olga Patricia Gómez Rojas, Astrid Blandón, Carlos Perea, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Study on reservoir properties and critical depth in deep coal seams in Qinshui Basin, China

Guiqiang Zheng, Xiaoming Li, Huiqing Lian, Zhejun Pan

ABSTRACT: The cause of gas saturation in the coals and the carbonaceous mudstones of the Cherokee Formation (Desmoinesian Age) in the Cherokee and Forest City basins, Mid-Continent, USA

Steven A. Tedesco

ABSTRACT: The chemical structure evolution during coal pyrolysis studied by FTIR and Py-GC

Wu Li, Yan-ming Zhu, Yang Wang

ABSTRACT: The cleaning potential evaluation of coal resources: A case study from three general exploration areas, Shanxi province, China

Yuegang Tang, Xiaoshuai Wang, Harold H. Schobert, Cortland F. Eble, Chengwei Yang, Yufei Su, Kai Ye, Qingshun Cao, Guohua Liu

ABSTRACT: Thermal History of the Weald Basin, England

Tanya Beattie, John Marshall, Ian Harding

ABSTRACT: Thermal maturation & uplift in the Moatize Basin, Mozambique

Joan Esterle, Sandra Rodrigues, Valerie Ward, Mojtaba Rajabi

ABSTRACT: Ultra-micropores formation and evolution characteristics of tectonically deformed coal in Huaibei coalfield, China

Yunbo Li, Dangyu Song, Shunli Fan

ABSTRACT: Variations of organic matter transformation in response to hydrothermal fluids: Example from Indiana part of the Illinois Basin

Juan Teng, Maria Mastalerz, Bei Liu, Tim Gognat, Ernest Hauser, Patrick McLaughlin

Biomarkers of Unconventional Systems - Short Course Slide Presentation

Simon C. Brassell


Cortland Eble, Steve Greb

Isotopes of Unconventional Systems, Part I - Short Course Slide Presentation

Arndt Schimmelmann

Isotopes of Unconventional Systems, Part II - Short Course Slide Presentation

Peter Sauer

Organic Petrography of Unconventional Systems - Short Course Slide Presentation

Maria Mastalerz

SALEM LIMESTONE - TSOP 2019 Pre-Conference Field Trip Guidebook

Brian D. Keith, Todd A. Thompson