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Tulsa Geological Society

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Atoka Formation (Pennsylvanian) Deposition and Contemporaneous Structural Movement, Southwestern Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

Bruce E. Archinal

Channel Sandstone Oil Reservoirs of Pennsylvanian Age in Northwestern Ness County, Kansas

Robert F. Walters, Robert J. Gutru, Alfred James III

Correlation of Cherokee (Desmoinesian) Sandstones of the Missouri-Kansas-Oklahoma Tri-State Area

W. J. Ebanks Jr.

Deltaic Deposits in the Pennsylvanian Upper Morrow Formation of the Anadarko Basin

Donald C. Swanson

Deltaic Sandstone Facies of the Mid-Continent

L. F. Brown Jr

Depositional Environment of the Bartlesville Sandstone in the Sallyards Field, Greenwood County, Kansas

William J. Hulse

The Depositional Environment of the Pennsylvanian Upper Marchand Sandstones Northern Caddo County, Oklahoma

Randall K. Baker

Depositional History and Diagenesis of High-Constructive Delta Systems (Wolfcampian) Southeastern Palo Duro Basin, Texas

C. Robertson Handford

Desmoinesian Depositional Systems in the Knox-Baylor Trough

Robert D. Gunn

Early Pennsylvanian Braided Stream Sedimentation, Northwest Arkansas

Doy L. Zachry

Environments and Diagenesis, Morrow Sands, Cimarron County (Oklahoma), and Significance to Regional Exploration, Production and Well Completion Practices

Raymond E. Kasino, David K. Davies

Generation and Accumulation of Oil and Gas in Deltas

Colin Barker

Geological Prospecting for Mid-Continent Sandstones

Philip A. Chenoweth

Investigation of Desmoinesian Rocks in Northeastern Oklahoma for Heavy-Oil Potential

William E. Harrison, Joseph A. Curlale, John F. Roberts

Major Structural and Stratigraphic Features of the Anadarko Basin

James L. Evans

Mobile Basin and Shelf Border Area in Northeast Oklahoma During Desmoinesian Cyclic Sedimentation

Allan P. Bennison

Pennsylvanian Fan Delta Sandstones of the Palo Duro Basin, Texas

Shirley P. Dutton

Pennsylvanian Paleogeography of the Southern Mid-Continent

George E. Moore

Pennsylvanian Sandstones of the Mid-Continent

Norman J. Hyne

References Cited

Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of Intracratonic Basin Sandstone Reservoir

William E. Galloway, Shirley P. Dutton