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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Tulsa Geological Society

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Cycle Hierarchy and Genetic Stratigraphy of Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian Strata in the Upper Mid-Continent

W. L. Watney, J. A. French, J. H. Doveton, J. C. Youle, W. J. Guy

Depth-Related Microfaunal Biofacies Model for Late Carboniferous and Early Permian Cyclothemic Sedimentary Sequences in Mid-Continent North America

Darwin R. Boardman II, Merlynd K. Nestell, Larry W. Knox

Evidence for Sea-Level Fluctuation and Stratigraphic Sequences in the Council Grove Group (Lower Permian), Hugoton Embayment, Southern Mid-Continent

J. Puckette, D. R. Boardman II, Z. Al-Shaieb

Facies and Stratigraphic Analysis of Cyclothemic Strata in the Chase Group (Permian, Wolfcampian), South-Central Kansas

S. J. Mazzullo, C. S. Teal, C. A. Burtnett

Incised Valleys and Estuarine Facies of the Douglas Group (Virgilian): Implications for Similar Pennsylvanian Sequences in the U.S. Mid-Continent

Allen W. Archer, Howard R. Feldman

Influence of Sea-Level Fluctuation on Reservoir Quality of the Upper Morrowan Sandstones, Northwestern Shelf of the Anadarko Basin

Z. Al-Shaieb, J. Puckette, A. Abdalla

Middle Pennsylvanian Sequence Stratigraphy of the Western Arkoma Basin and Bordering Shelves, Oklahoma and Kansas: A Model for Foreland Basins

Allan P. Bennison

Quantitative Biostratigraphy: A Key to Sequence Stratigraphy

R. W. Scott

Recognition of Unconformities and Sequences in Mid-Continent Carbonates

Richard D. Fritz, Patrick L. Medlock

Recognizing Sequence Surfaces in Mid-Continent Siliciclastic Strata

John W. Shelton, Larry D. Gerken


Norman J. Hyne

Sequences and Cyclothems in Upper Portion of Cherokee Group (Middle Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian), Mid-Continent, U.S.A.

Robert L. Brenner

Sequence Stratigraphic Model for Simpson Group of the Southern Mid-Continent

Magell P. Candelaria, C. Robertson Handford

Sequence Stratigraphy: A New Look at Old Rocks

Norman J. Hyne

Sequence Stratigraphy in the Mid-Continent: A Historical Review

Bailey Rascoe Jr.