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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3D Discrete Natural Fracture Networks and Fracture Reactivation Potential Assessment in the Longmaxi Shale

Changrong Bian, Dianwei Zhang, Feng Shen, Yujin Wo, Wei Sun, Jingliang Li, Juan Han, Shuiquan Li, Qiang Ma

A 3D Model of the Unconventional Play in the Goldwyer Formation: An Integrated Shale Rock Characterisation over the Broome Platform, Canning Basin.

Lukman Johnson, Gregory Smith, Reza Rezaee, Ali Kadkhodaie

A Comprehensive Workflow for Propagation Simulation and Structural Characterisation of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures in Naturally Fractured Unconventional Oil Reservoirs

Long Ren, Shiyuan Zhan, Desheng Zhou, Yuliang Su, Wendong Wang, Mingqiang Chen, Cheng Jing, Jian Sun, Kang Tang

A Coupled Geomechanics-Reservoir Properties Workflow for Unconventional Play Landing Zone Optimisation

Jinying Zhou, Taixu Bai, Qingguang Qu, Biwen Gui

A Coupled Pore-Scale Modelling Approach to Capture Macro-Scale Stress-Dependent Permeability of Rocks

Keivan Khaleghi, Stephen Talman, Alireza Rangriz Shokri, Bauyrzhan K. Primkulov, Abel S. Juncal, Rick J. Chalaturnyk

A Multiproxy Characterisation of Shale Brittleness in the Isa Superbasin, Northern Australia

Amber Jarrett, Adam Bailey, Lisa Hall, David Champion, Liuqi Wang, Ian Long, Tara Webster, Simon Webber, Jessica Byass, Stewart Gilmore, Ziqing Hong, Junhong Chen, Paul Henson

A New Analytical Model for Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoir Considering the Simultaneous Matrix-Fracture Flow

Kaixuan Qiu, Heng Li

A New Approach to EUR Prediction Methodology Applied at a Shale Gas Block in Sichuan Basin

Lin Wu, Phillip S. Fair, Geurt Deinum, Lei Wu, Min Wu, Xiaopeng Wang, Ge Bai

A New Dynamic Apparent Permeability Model for Gas Flow in Microfractures of Shale

Yudan Li, Pingchuan Dong, Dawei Zhou

A New Integrated Screening of China Lacustrine Liquids Rich Shale Resource

G. E. Bai, Y. I. Wan

A Stochastic Anisotropic Coal Permeability Model Using Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry, MIP and Stress-Strain Measurements

Syed Shabbar Raza, Victor Rudolph, Tom Rufford, Zhongwei Chen

An Alternative BEM Modeling of Transient Pressure Response of Fractured Reservoir by Use of a Semi-Analytical Approach

Junlei Wang, Ailin Jia, Yunsheng Wei, Yadong Qi

Analytical Model for History Matching Drawdown & Buildup Cycles of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells Experiencing Multiple Operational Upsets

Bin Yuan, Zhenzihao Zhang, Christopher R. Clarkson, Samane Moghadam, Hamidreza Hamdi, Amin Ghanizadeh

Applicability Evaluation of SRV Concept in Tight and Shale Reservoirs via Large-Scale Rock Block Experiments

Shuai Li, Xin Wang, Chunming He, Tiancheng Liang, Haifeng Fu

Application of Novel Fracture Geometry Control Solution in Williston Basin

Juan David Estrada, Konstantin Vidma, Patrice Abivin, Chenxi Deng, Amit Sharma, Daniel Kalinin Kalinin

Assessment of Fault Zone Properties for CSG Development Areas

Jim Undershultz, Saswata Mukherjee, Alexandra Wolhuter, Huan Xu, Eddie Banks, Saskia Noorduijn, Jim McCallum

Breakthrough Shale Gas Exploration in the Wufeng-Gaojiabian Formation, Lower Yangtze Area, China

Shi Zhen Li, Yue Wang, Xu Feng Liu, Xian Ran Zhao, Hai Peng Zhao, Lei Xu

Caliper Behind Casing: Using Nuclear Logging Tools to Replicate Openhole Caliper Measurements in Cased Holes

Ben Clarricoates, Manus Lang

Case Study: Fault Slip Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing and Risk Assessment of Casing Deformation in the Sichuan Basin

Zhaowei Chen, Yu Fan, Rui Huang, Bo Zeng, Rall Walsh, Xiaojin Zhou, Mark Zoback, Yi Song

Characterisation of Reservoir Pressure and Temperature Impact on Diffusion Behaviour of Beetaloo Basin Shales

Nicholas Lupton, Regina Sander, Michael Camilleri, Zhejun Pan, Luke Connell

Characterizing Gas Transfer from the Inorganic Matrix and Kerogen to Fracture Networks: A Comprehensive Analytical Modeling Approach

Jie Zeng, Jishan Liu, Wai Li, Lin Li, Yee-Kwong Leong, Derek Elsworth, Jianchun Guo

Coal Thickness Modelling Across a Regional CBM Project: An Amended Workflow

Simon Beaney, Max Jeffries, Saikat Mazumder, Artem Sibgatullin

Comparative Study of Coal Seam Gas Production Forecasting Methodologies: Detailed Analysis of Benefits and Drawbacks of Numerical Simulation, Analytical Models and a New Hybrid Approach

Isan Sugiarto, Zheng Kening, Saikat Mazumder

Customized Formation Evaluation Workflow and Production Prediction of a Shale Gas Reservoir: A Case Study in Huangjinba Block, China

Xing Liang, Gao Cheng Wang, Li Wei Jiang, Yun Rui, Zhao Zhang, Jue Mei, Yue Wang, Kai Xuan Li, Xian Ran Zhao, Hai Peng Zhao, Feng Pan

Descriptive Data Analytics for the Stimulation, Completion Activities, and Wells' Productivity in the Marcellus Shale Play

Mustafa A. Al-Alwani, Shari Dunn-Norman, Larry K. Britt, Husam H. Alkinani, Abo Taleb T. Al-Hameedi, Atheer M. Al-Attar, Hector A. Trevino, Waleed H. Al-Bazzaz

Determination the Inflow Performance Relationship for Class II Methane Hydrate Deposits: A Quick Approach to Predict and Optimize Well Performance

Nu Lu, Jian Hou, Yongge Liu, Kang Zhou, Yajie Bai, Yunkai Ji, Ermeng Zhao, Qianru Wang, Bo Zhang

Developing Coal Bed Methane CBM Project as a Truly Sustainable Venture: Strategies, Technologies and Methodologies

Vilas Tawde, Ishaan Chellani, Rishabh Sharma

Development and Evaluation of Multiphase Closure Models used in the Simulation of Unconventional Wellbore Dynamics

Travis Mitchell, Bryce Hill, Mahshid Firouzi, Christopher Leonardi

Development of Predictive Models in Support of Micro-Particle Injection in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Zhenjiang You, Duo Wang, Nathan Di Vaira, Raymond Johnson, Pavel Bedrikovetsky, Christopher Leonardi

Development Performance of an Unconventional Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Using Integrated Reservoir and Production Modelling

Olivier Abadie, Maria Renee Carrasco, Nicolas Mottet, Andrew Gotti, Remy Marmier

Deviated Pad Wells in Surat: Journey So Far

Abhishek Rajora, Vikram Sharma, Michael Oberhardt, Mikhail Lukyanov, Edmund Lim, Saikat Mazumder

Discrimination of Microseismicity Caused by Proppant Injection Using Microseismic Waveform Clustering: The Horn River Basin Case Study

Satoshi Ishikawa, Naoyuki Shimoda, Hiroyuki Tokunaga

Dynamic Non-Darcy Flow Compositional Numerical Simulation for CO2 Huff-n-Puff Development in Tight Oil Reservoir

Qiong Wang, Rui zhong Jiang, Yong zheng Cui, Gewei Liu

Effect of Coal Surface Morphology on Transportation of Gases

Paul Naveen, Raghavendra Maddirala, Keka Ojha

Evaluating Performance of Graded Proppant Injection into CSG Reservoir: A Reservoir Simulation Study

Ayrton Ribeiro, Vanessa Santiago, Zhenjiang You, Raymond Johnson Jr, Suzanne Hurter

Evaluation of Conservative Tracers for Coal Seam Reservoirs

Deasy Heryanto, Luke Connell, Nicholas Lupton, Jun Du, Michael Camilleri

Evaluation of Multi-Gas Transport Behavior in Shales Through a Universal Model

Mingjun Chen, Jiang Liu, Yili Kang, Ying Li, Jiajia Bai, Liang Tao

Evaluation of the Wettability Variation of Shales by Drop Shape Analysis Approach

Hamid Sharifigaliuk, Syed Mohammad Mahmood, Eswaran Padmanabhan

Fast Marching Method Based Rapid Simulation Accounting for Gravity

Tsubasa Onishi, Atsushi Iino, Hye Young Jung, Akhil Datta-Gupta

Focal Mechanism Determination and Stress Inversion for Induced Seismicity Related to Shale Gas Hydraulic Fracturing

Yuyang Tan, Jun Hu, Zhengguang Zhao, Lei Li

Fracture Induced Stress Measurement and Evaluation Considering Influence of Complex Natural Fracture

Xingyu Chen, Yanchao Li, Feng He

Geochemical Interpretation of Flowback Fluids to Assess Fracking Efficiency and Reservoir Compartmentalization

Peter Birkle, Glenn K. MaKechnie

Getting the Most from Public Domain Data

Bruce Gunn, Ian Cockerill, Joe Collins

Horizontal Completion Challenges in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Robert Fulks

How Not to Squander Billions on Your Next Unconventional Venture

Creties Jenkins, Mark McLane

Impact of Organic Fabrics, Thermal Maturity, Saturation and Diagenesis on Shale Rock Properties

Claudio Delle Piane, Ben Clennell, Matthew Josh, Dave Dewhurst

Impacting Factors on Horizontal Coal Seam Gas Well Production and Proxy Model Comparison

Qian Wang, Diane Donovan, Thomas Reay, Bevan Thompson, Iain Rodger, Fengde Zhou, Xianbo Su, Emine Şule Yazιcι

Improving Wellbore Placement Accuracy Using Stratigraphic Misfit Heatmaps

Timothy Gee, Stefan Maus, Alexander M. Mitkus, Kenneth McCarthy, David M. Velozzi, Rocky Mottahedeh

In-Situ Quantification of Adsorbed Gas in Coals Using Stimulated Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Measurements

Benjamin Birt, Keelan O’Neill, Timothy Hopper, Rachael Ilett

Integrated Optimisation of Fracturing Design to Fully Unlock the Chang 7 Tight Oil Production Potential in Ordos Basin

Kuangsheng Zhang, Xiangqi Zhuang, Meirong Tang, Lipeng Wang, Xianghu Bai, Lizhi Wang, Shun Liu, Xingwang Yang

Integrated Royalties Model to Promote the Exploration and Exploitation of Tight Oil Reservoirs in North West of Peru

Joseph Sinchitullo, Samuel Armacanqui, Yeltsin Tafur, Guillermo Prudencio, Antony Sinchitullo

Integrated Workflow for Optimizing Stimulation Design of a Multiwell Pad in Unconventional Reservoirs

Yunsheng Wei, Junlei Wang, Ailin Jia, Yadong Qi, Cheng Liu

Investigating the Effect of Salinity on Counter-Current Two-Phase Flow Regimes in Annuli

Benjamin Wu, Mahshid Firouzi, Ayrton S. Ribeiro, Thomas E. Rufford, Brian Towler

Investigation of the Dynamic Capillary Pressure During Displacement Process in Fractured Tight Sandstone Reservoirs

Ying Li, Feihang Liu, Haitao Li, Shengnan Chen, Jie Zeng, Jianfeng Zhang, Xiangqing Meng, Shikai Jiang

Machine Learning for Progressive Cavity Pump Performance Analysis: A Coal Seam Gas Case Study

Fahd Saghir, M.E. Gonzalez Perdomo, Peter Behrenbruch

Mechanism of Ultra-Low Water Recovery Rate with High Productivity in Fuling Gas Shale Filed

Dunqing Liu, Hongkui Ge, Yinghao Shen, Jing Li, Qingyu Li

Mineral Cracking and Porosity Enhancement of Shale Through Acidizing

Mao Sheng, Waleed Ali Khan, Shizong Cheng, Panpan Zhang, Shouceng Tian, Quan Xu

Mitigating the Risk: An Analysis of Well Integrity Regulation in Queensland Unconventional Oil and Gas Developments and Associated Assurance Activities

Tim Thomas

Mitigation of Calcium Sulfate Scale Deposition during Fracturing Treatment of Unconventional Gas Wells

Almaz Sadykov, Mohammed Al-Dahlan, Karim Mechkak, Mohammed Al-Khaldi, Fares Al-Otaibi, Mohammed Al-Sayed, Nayef I Al-Mulhim

Modelling the Contribution of Individual Seams to Coal Seam Gas Production

Vanessa Santiago, Ayrton Ribeiro, Suzanne Hurter

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanoconfined Methane Flow Through Realistic Organic Shale Matrix

Zheng Sun, Ke Wang, Zhaopeng Yang, Kang Tang, Hao Xiong, Liang Huang, Yanan Miao, Zhiqiang Wang, Xin Zhang, Xiangfang Li

Molecular Simulation of CO/CH Competitive Adsorption and Enhanced Gas Recovery in Low-Rank Coal

Yang Li, Zhaozhong Yang, Xiaogang Li, Min Jia

Monitoring Socio-Economic Changes in Small Towns Affected by Large Scale CSG-LNG Development

Katherine Witt, Jonathan Simpson

Multi-Scale Assessment of Plasticity of Organic-Rich Shale: from Core Scale to Mineral Scale

Mao Sheng, Shizhong Cheng, Zhaohui Lu, Ye Zhang, Shouceng Tian

Novel Coalbed Methane Reservoir Permeability and Reserve Evaluation Method Based on Flowing Material Balance Equation at Dewatering Stage Considering Permeability Variation

Juntai Shi, Jiayi Wu, Tao Zhang, Zheng Sun, Yanran Jia, Yexin Fang, Xiangfang Li

Optimisation of Dewatering Rates to Maximise Coal Seam Gas Production

Chawarwan Khan, Dan Kuznetsov, Thomas Rufford, Victor Rudolph, Zhongwei Chen

Optimising Drilling Performance Through Interburden and Basement Formations Utilising Adaptive Drill Bit Technology

Mohammad Zaman, Alex Shaban, Simon Cornel

Optimizing the Dispersion of Coal Fines Using Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate

Faisal Ur Rahman Awan, Alireza Keshavarz, Hamed Akhondzadeh, Ataollah Nosrati, Sarmad Al-Anssari, Stefan Iglauer

Petrophysical Evaluation of Organic Richness and Brittleness of Shale for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Prospecting: A Case Study on Vadaparru Shale, Krishna Godavari Basin, India

Arijit Sahu, Milan Kanti Das

Pore Size Distribution of Unconventional Rocks with Dual-Wet Pore Network: A Sequential Spontaneous and Forced Imbibition Technique

Mahmood Reza Yassin, Yue Shi, Hassan Dehghanpour

Prediction of the Flowing Bottom-Hole Pressure Using Advanced Data Analytics

Mahshid Firouzi, Suren Rathnayake

Pressure Analysis for Volume Fracturing Well in Tight Reservoirs Considering Dynamic Threshold Pressure Gradient and Stress Sensitivity

Zhongwei Wu, Chuanzhi Cui, Xiangzhi Cheng, Zhen Wang, Yingfei Sui, Xiaoyan Zhao

Pressure Transient Behavior of Unconventional Reservoirs: Combined Effect of Spatial Variation and Stress-Dependence of Formation Permeability

Ayon Kumar Das, Hassan Hassanzadeh

Production Data Analysis in Complex Fracture Network Horizontal Wells with SRV Effects

Zhiming Chen, Xuefeng Tang, Xinwei Liao, Junlei Wang, Xingjiao Zhang, Jiaqi Wu, Haitao Zhang

Production Forecasting for Shale Gas Well in Transient Flow Using Machine Learning and Decline Curve Analysis

Dongkwon Han, Sunil Kwon, Hanam Son, Janghyun Lee

Production Performance Evaluation from Stimulation and Completion Parameters in the Permian Basin: Data Mining Approach

Mustafa A. Al-Alwani, Shari Dunn-Norman, Larry K. Britt, Husam H. Alkinani, Abo Taleb T. Al-Hameedi, Atheer M. Al-Attar, Hector A. Trevino, Waleed H. Al-Bazzaz

Quantifying the Influence of Three Dimensionality on Hydraulic Fracturing in Coal Seam Gas Wells

Christopher R. Leonardi, Thomas Flottmann, Vibhas J. Pandey, Raymond J. Johnson Jr.

Quantitative Investigation of the Water-Sensitivity Damage on Ultra-Low Permeability Reservoir

Jie Li, Bin Tu, Wei Li, Yunan Li

Refracturing Candidate Selection for Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells Using a New Hybrid Method in Tight Oil Reservoirs

Liang Tao, Jianchun Guo, Jie Zeng, Chenxiang Huang, Zhihong Zhao

Resource Estimates of the Next Frontier: Deep Coals in the Cooper Basin

David Warner, Creties Jenkins, P.Jeffrey Brown, Timothy McMahon

Sequence Stratigraphy of Walloons-Springbok Sections: Different or Significantly Different?

Iain Rodger, Mark Reilly, Zsolt Hamerli, Phil Hayes, Suzanne Hurter

Shale Gas Prospectivity of the Lawn Hill Platform, Isa Superbasin

Adam H.E. Bailey, Amber J.M. Jarrett, Barry Bradshaw, Lisa S. Hall, Liuqi Wang, Tehani J. Palu, Meredith Orr, Lidena K. Carr, Paul Henson

Significance of Rock Compositional Control on Geomechanical Properties and Hydraulic Fracturing of the Montney Formation, Western Canadian Basin

Noga Vaisblat, Alireza Rangriz Shokri, Korhan Ayranci, Nick Harris, Rick J. Chalaturnyk

Smart Midstream Integration For CSG to LNG

Russell Byfield

Spectral Decomposition of the Heterogeneous Springbok Sandstone and Walloon Coal Measures in the Surat Basin, Australia

Zsolt Hamerli, Mark Reilly, Suzanne Hurter

Stress Changes and Coal Failure Analysis in Coal Seam Gas Wells Accounting for Matrix Shrinkage: An Example from Bowen Basin, East Australia

Mohammadreza Zare Reisabadi, Manouchehr Haghighi, Abbas Khaksar

Studying Phase Behavior of Oil-Natural Gas Systems for Designing Gas Injection Operations: A Montney Case Study

Son Tran, Sara Eghbali, Hassan Dehghanpour

Successful Field Trials on Linear-Gel Fracturing with High-Strength Proppants in Deep Ultra-Tight Gas Wells in the Sultanate of Oman

Ahmed Kindi, Abdul Aziz Shanfari, Juan Florez Chavez, Ahmed Mufarraji, Khalfan Barhi, Mazin Al-Yaqoubi, Shaima Farsi

Swelling Inhibition of Bentonite Clay by MgOH2 Precipitation Using Different Mg Salts

Archana Patel, Brian Towler, Victor Rudolph, Thomas Rufford

The Impact of Cleat Connectivity on Coal Seam Gas Geomodels’ 3D Permeability

Reydick Balucan, Karen Steel

The Impacts of Proppant Sorting and Dune Shape on Slickwater Hydraulic Fracturing Conductivity

Jennifer L. Miskimins, Msalli Alotaibi

The Unknown Risks of Fracking

David Campin

Tracking Procedures for Reserves and Resources Other than Reserves ROTR for Internal Reporting Processes

Nefeli Moridis, W. John Lee, Wayne Sim, Thomas Blasingame

Trends in Seismicity in the CSG Producing Region of the Surat Basin in Queensland

Dion Weatherley, Andrew Garnett

Understanding Pore Structure of Mudrocks and Pore-Size Dependent Sorption Mechanism Using Small Angle Neutron Scattering

Amirsaman Rezaeyan, Timo Seemann, Pieter Bertier, Vitaliy Pipich, Leon Leu, Niko Kampman, Artem Feoktystov, Lester Barnsley, Andreas Busch

Understanding the Complexity of Fracturing in the Sichuan Shale Gas Reservoir in China

Yuan Liu, Daniel Kalinin, Deqi Li, Yajun Jiao, Ran Li

Upscaled Gas and Water Relative Permeability from Pore and Core Scale Experimental Data Over Hydraulic Fracturing, Flowback and Online Production

Dongying Wang, Jun Yao, Zhangxin Chen, Wenhui Song, Hai Sun, Mingyu Cai, Bin Yuan

Using 3d Printed Synthetic Rock for Systematic Evaluation of Mechanical Properties in Coal

Nathan Deisman, Thomas Flottmann, Yujia Guo, Kevin Hodder, Richard Chalaturnyk, Christopher Leonardi

Using Machine Learning Methods to Identify Coals from Drilling and Logging-While-Drilling LWD Data

Ruizhi Zhong, Raymond L. Johnson Jr., Zhongwei Chen

Water-Gas Flow in Laminated and Heterogeneous Coal-Interburden Systems: The Effects of Gas Solubility

Mohammad Sedaghat, Des Owen, James Underschultz, Suzanne Hurter, Phil Hayes, Andrew Garnett

Well Stimulation Seismicity in Oklahoma: Cataloging Earthquakes Related to Hydraulic Fracturing

Julie E. Shemeta, Colin Edward Brooks, Charles Clifford Lord

What Comes Easy Won't Last: Improved Dewatering Efficiency of Undersaturated Coal Reservoirs

Joshua P. Cardwell