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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3-D Finite Difference Modeling of Microseismic Source Mechanisms in the Wolfcamp Shale of the Permian Basin

Robert Meek, Robert A. Hull, Austin Von der Hoya, David Eaton

3-D Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Flow Modeling—Key to the Successful Implementation of a Geo-Engineered Completion Optimization Program in the Eagle Ford Shale

Herbert M. Sebastian, Ivan R. Gil, Mitchell C. Graff, Jeff Wampler, German Merletti, Tie Sun, Hemali Patel, David Spain, Stephan Cadwallader, Kay Cawiezel, Phil Smith, Richard Keck

4-D Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Haynesville Shale Play—Understanding Gas in Place

Aimen Amer, Rolando di Primio, Robert, Ondrak, Vikram, Unnithan

A Bundle of Short Conduits Model of the Pore Structure of Gas Shale

Chunbi Jiang, Steven Bryant, Hugh Daigle

A Case for Microseismic Surface Arrays in Texas?

Hallie Meighan, Robert A. Hull, Earl Roberts

A Case Study: The Impact of Soaking on Well Performance in the Marcellus

Elyes Yaich, Steve Williams, Aaron Bowser, Peter Goddard, Osvaldo C. Diaz de Souza, Robert A. Foster

A Critical Evaluation of Simple Predictive Models Relating Fluid Injection to Induced Seismicity From Shale Hydraulic Fracturing and Wastewater Injection

Samin Raziperchikolaee, Srikanta Mishra

A Modified Approach For Modeling 2-Phase Flowback From Multi-Fractured Horizontal Shale Gas Wells

Jesse Williams-Kovacs, Christopher Clarkson

A Multidisciplinary Study of Stimulation Designs in the Three Forks Formation, ND

Mehdi Ostadhassan, Bailey Bubach

A New 1-D Computational Fluid Dynamics Formation Evaluation Model (CFDFEM) During Treatment Injection and Flowback for Perforated Well Completions by Pressure Transient Testing

Srinath Madasu, Avi Lin

A New Method of Neostress Determination From Passive Seismic Data

Alfred Lacazette, Alan Morris

A New Physics-Based Modeling of Multiple Non-Planar Hydraulic Fractures Propagation

Jing Zhou, Hai Huang, Milind Deo

A New Play in an Old Basin: Integrated Evaluation of Cretaceous Gallup Sandstone Reservoirs in San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Stephen Sturm, Amy Richardson, Sophie Berglund, Yulia Faulkner, Tamara Maxwell, Barbara Pickup

A Novel Approach for Production Transient Analysis of Shale Gas/Oil Reservoirs

Changdong Yang, Vishal Sharma, Akhil Datta-Gupta, Michael J. King

A Quantitative Pore-Scale Investigation on the Paragenesis of Wilcox Tight Gas Sandstone

Ayaz Mehmani, Kitty Milliken, Masa Prodanovic

A Regional Re-Evaluation of the Mississippi Lime Play, South-Central Kansas: The Risks and Rewards of Understanding Complex Geology in a Resource Play

Bruce Mitchell, Kathleen Simpson

A Regional Review of Geomechanical Drilling Experience and Problems in the Duvernay Formation in Alberta

Mehrdad Soltanzadeh, Amy Fox, Sarah R. Hawkes, David Hume

A Workflow for Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Woodford Shale Rock Matrix

Jan Goral, Ilija Miskovic

Accelerated Dynamic Modeling for Complex Networks

Cedric Chidiac, Bob Sauve, Kirk Pitts, Vijaya Halabe

Acoustic Log Measurements in the Lower Eagle Ford Formation in Brazos and Robertson Counties, Texas and Their Implications on Completion Design

Richard Reischman, Scott Brooks, Trevor Willms, Tony L. Albrecht, John J. Walsh, Edgar Arteaga

Addressing the Unconventional Caveats of Source Rock Pyrolysis: Modified Methods and Interpretive Ideas

R. R. King, Daniel M. Jarvie, David Cannon

Advanced Petrophysical, Geological, Geophysical and Geomechanical Reservoir Characterization - Key to the Successful Implementation of a Geo-Engineered Completion Optimization Program in the Eagle Ford Shale

Tie Sun, German Merletti, Hemali Patel, Mitchell C. Graff, Stephan Cadwallader, Omar Aguirre, Jeff Wampler, Ivan R. Gil, Herbert M. Sebastian, David Spain

American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) Creation of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC-82 Mining With a Focus on Reserve Estimation, Safety, Engineering, Underground Coal Gasification (UGC) and Coal Mine Methane (CMM) and Ventilation Mine Methane (VAM)

Steven M. Carpenter, George J. Koperna

AMS: A Petrofabric Tool to Measure Fabric Anisotropy Across Shale Units

Gerhard Heij, Douglas Elmore, Jennifer Roberts, Alex K. Steullet, Shannon A. Dulin, Sarah Friedman

An Approximate Analytical Multi-Phase Forecasting Method for Multi-Fractured Light Tight Oil Wells With Complex Fracture Geometry

Christopher R. Clarkson, Farhad Qanbari, Hamid Behmanesh, Jesse D. Williams-Kovacs

An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Pressure Depletion Rate on Oil Recovery from Shale Cores by Cyclic N2 Injection

Yang Yu, James J. Sheng

An Experimental Study on Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection to Enhance Condensate Recovery in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Xingbang Meng, Yang Yu, James J. Sheng

An Integrated Approach to Stimulated Reservoir Interpretations of the Permian Wolfcamp Shale

Dylan R. Collins, Gene Monson, Weichun Chu, Anthony Quinn

An Integrated Dataset Centered Around Distributed Fiber Optic Monitoring - Key to the Successful Implementation of a Geo-Engineered Completion Optimization Program in the Eagle Ford Shale

Stephan Cadwallader, Jeff Wampler, Tie Sun, Herb Sebastian, Mitchell Graff, Ivan Gil, Hemali Patel, German Merletti, David Spain, Terry Lowrey, Raymond Miller, Joram Hadden, John Swanson

Analysis of Trapped Fluids in the Mancos Shale, Uinta Basin, Utah

Carrie Welker, Don Hall, R. Paul Philp, Lauren Birgenheier, Cari Johnson, Daniel Hobbs

Analyzing “Beef” Fractures: Genesis and Relationship With Organic-Rich Shale Facies

Mohammed Al Duhailan, Steve Sonnenberg, Mark Longman

Anoxic, Storm Dominated Inner Carbonate Ramp Deposition of Lower Eagle Ford Formation, West Texas

Matthew Wehner, Rand Gardner, Michael, M. Tice, Michael C. Pope, Arthur D. Donovan, Scott Staerker

Application of an Engineered Completion Methodology in the Eagle Ford to Improve Economics

Jeff Dahl, James Samaripa, John S. Spaid, Erek Hutto, Bill Johnson, Dan Buller, Ron Dusterhoft

Application of Mechanical and Mineralogical Rock Properties to Identify Fracture Fabrics in the Devonian Duvernay Formation in Alberta

Mehrdad Soltanzadeh, Graham Davis, Amy Fox, David Hume, Nasir Rahim

Application of Real-Time Bottom-Hole Pressure to Improve Field Development Strategies in the Midland Basin Wolfcamp Shale

Kyle Scott, Weichun Chu, Raymond W. Flumerfelt

Application of Wide-Azimuth 3-D Seismic Attributes to Predict the Microfractures in Block MA Area for Shale Gas Exploration in South China

Yusheng Zhang, Gang Yu, Xing Liang, Li Jiang

Applying the Concept of Systematic Reliability Management and Analysis to Achieve Better Well Equipment Performance Through Less Failures and Reduced Downtime Due to Work-Overs

Christopher McPherson, Hans Peter Jenssen

Assessing Impact of Shale Gas Adsorption on Free-Gas Permeability via a Pore Network Flow Model

Jingsheng Ma, Gary D. Couples

Assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential in the Niobrara Formation, Rosebud Sioux Reservation, South Dakota

Daniel J. Soeder, Foster Sawyer, Amy Freye, Subodh Singh

Automated Field Development Planning for Unconventional Shale Gas or Oil

Peter Tilke, Wentao Zhou, Yinli Wang, Shalini Krishnamurthy, Mahesh Bhanushali, Boris Samson, Greg Grove, Jeff Spath, Michael Thambynayagam

Automated Hydraulic Fracturing Stage Design Based on Integrated Fracture Potential

Mojtaba Pordel Shahri, Hamed Chok, Claudia Amorocho, Camilo Mejia, Uno Mutlu

Automating Gas Lift Injection Rates Best Practices to Maximize Production

Michael Machuca

Bakken Well Performance Predicted from Shale Capacity

C. Newgord, M. Mediani, A. Ouenes, P. O'Conor

Best Practices of a Joint Integrity Program

Natalie Patterson, Neil Ferguson

Cemented-Back Monobore Reduces Well Cost and Fracturing Time in the Wolfcamp

Dj Snyder, Omar Elizondo, Angela Ibara, Mark Anderson

Character of the Avalon Shale (Bone Spring Formation) of the Delaware Basin, West Texas and Southeast New Mexico: Effect of Carbonate-rich Sediment Gravity Flows

Dustin J. Stolz, Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein

Characterization and Evaluation of the Bakken Petroleum System for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

James Sorensen, Steven Hawthorne, Bethany Kurz, Jason Braunberger, Guoxiang Liu, Charles Gorecki, John Hamling, Steven Smith, Edward Steadman, John Harju

Characterization of Fracture Length and Conductivity from Tracer Test and Production Data with Ensemble Kalman Filter

Siavash Hakim Elahi, Behnam Jafarpour

Characterizing the Dynamic Growth of a Fracture Network

Ted Urbancic, John W. Crowley, Adam M. Baig, Eric Von Lunen

Characterizing the Middle Bakken: Laboratory Measurement of Middle Bakken Properties

Huina Li, Matthew Dawson, Bruce Hart, Eric Radjef

Chemostratigraphic Analysis of Green River Formation in Douglas Pass, Piceance Basin: A Response to the Depositional Environment

Tengfei Wu, Jeremy Boak

Chemostratigraphic Associations Between Trace Elements and Organic Parameters Within the Duvernay Formation, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Nikola Van de Wetering, Hamed Sanei

Comparison of Shale Permeability to Gas Determined by Pressure-Pulse Transmission Testing of Core Plugs and Crushed Samples

Faruk, Civan, Deepak Devegowda

Complex Electrical Conductivity of Mudrocks and Source-Rock Formations Containing Disseminated Pyrite

Siddharth Misra, Carlos Torres-Verdin, Dean Homan, John Rasmus,

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Proppant Transport in a Plug and Perf Completion With Different Perforation Phasing

Jinlin Zhang, Shari Dunn-Norman

Condensate Decline Habits in the Maverick Basin Area of the Eagle Ford Play

David Crighton, François Montel

Confinement Effects on Hydrocarbon Mixture Phase Behavior in Organic Nanopore

Behnaz Rahmani, Yucel I. Akkutlu

Connecting the Dots: Microseismic-Derived Connectivity for Estimating Reservoir Volumes in Low-Permeability Reservoirs

Alexandre Hugot, Jean-Claude Dulac, Emmanuel Gringarten, Aymen Haouesse

Considering Far-Field Fracture Connectivity in Stimulation Treatment Designs in the Permian Basin

Brandon C. Klingensmith, Mohammad Hossaini, Steven Fleenor, Katherine Thomas

Constraining Geomechanical Model Development by Utilizing Microseismic Derived Fracture Characteristics

Adam M. Baig, Ted Urbancic, Jonathan Gallagher, Eric Von Lunen, John W. Crowley

Contact Angle Measurements on Conventional and Unconventional Reservoir Cores

Tadesse Weldu Teklu, Waleed Alameri, Hossein Kazemi, Ramona M. Graves

Core Chemostratigraphy and Elemental Geochemistry Along a Dip-Section, Pearsall Formation, Lower Cretaceous, Central to South Texas

Harry Rowe, Robert Loucks, Charles Kerans

Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Integrated Upstream Asset Management

Livia Wiley

Data Analytics for Production Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs

Srikanta Mishra, Jared Schuetter, Ming Zhong, Randy Lafollette

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis of Completions in an Unconventional Play: The Canadian Montney Formation

Mustafa A. Al-Alwani, Larry K. Britt, Shari Dunn-Norman

Deriving Unconventional Reservoir Predictive Models From Historic Data Using Case Base Reasoning

Luigi A. Saputelli, Alexander Verde, Zameel Haris

Development of the First Internationally Accepted Standard for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Utilizing Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Under the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee TC-265

Steven M. Carpenter, George J. Koperna

Diagenetic Evolution of The Eagle Ford Formation, SW Texas: Impacts Upon Reservoir Quality and Rock Properties

Richard T. McAllister, Kevin Taylor, Beatriz Garcia-Fresca, Cathy Hollis

Diagnostics of Casing Deformation in Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation in Lower Silurian Marine Shale Play in Southwestern China

Guan Qin, Yanchao Li

Differentiating Wet and Dry Microseismic Events Induced During Hydraulic Fracturing

Shawn Maxwell, Drew Chorney, Melanie Grob

Dynamic Micro-CT Imaging of Diffusion in Unconventionals

Andrew Fogden, Terri Olson, Michael Turner, Jill Middleton

Eagle Ford Horizontal Drilling Optimization in Karnes and DeWitt Counties

Kathryn Patton, Luke Walker

Eagle Ford Well Spacing: A Methodology to Integrate, Analyze and Visualize Multisource Data in Solving a Complex Value-Focused Problem

Philip Lindner, Hector Bello

Elemental Analysis as a Tool in Determining Wellbore Stability Issues

Charles C. Moyer, Milly Wright, Nahysa Martinez

Enhanced Wellbore Placement Accuracy Using Geomagnetic In-Field Referencing and Multi-Station Correction

Stefan Maus, Matthew Herzl, Shawn DeVerse

Enhancing Production in High Angle and Horizontal Wells Through An Integrated Workflow: Examples from The Western United States

Iain Pirie, Randy Koepsell, Alisher Yunuskhojayev, Mi Zhou, Brian Dupuis, Gabriela A. Martinez

Estimating Stimulation-Zone Anisotropy Effects During Microseismic Monitoring

Martin Karrenbach, Steve Cole, Victor Yartsev

Evaluation of Source and Reservoir Properties of Potential Unconventional Units - An Artificial Maturation Approach

Irene Arango, Barry J. Katz

Exploration Through Early Appraisal of the Horizontal Wolfcamp Play in the Ozona Area, Southern Midland Basin

Evan Staples, Jamal Sandarusi, Patrick Perfetta, Jennifer Adams

Fabrication and Transport of Double Emulsion Microcapsules for Applications in Unconventional Resources

Pratanu Roy, Stuart Walsh, Wyatt Du Frane, John J. Vericella, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Megan M. Smith, Eric B. Duoss, Christopher M. Spadaccini, William L. Bourcier, Susan Carroll, Jeffery J. Roberts, Roger D. Aines

Fiber Optic Revelations From a Multistage Open Hole Lateral Fracturing Treatment

Jason Baihly, Allen Dutt, Efejera Ejofodomi, Alex Menkhaus, Paul Dickenson, Colin Wilson, Kevin England

Fiber-Optic Monitoring: Stimulation Results From Unconventional Reservoirs

Eric Holley, Nitika Kalia

Finding the Key Drivers of Oil Production Through SAS Data Integration and Analysis

Beau Rollins, Mathew Herrin

Flow Units in Shale Condensate Reservoirs

Roberto Aguilera

Formation vs. Completion: Determining the Main Drivers Behind Production From Shale – A Case Study Using Data-Driven Analytics

Shahab D. Mohaghegh

Fracture Characterization Based on Attenuation Estimation From Seismic Reflection Data Using Well-Log-Based Localized Spectral Correction

Fangyu Li, Tao Zhao, Tengfei Lin, Kurt J. Marfurt

Fracture Characterization of the Montney Formation Using Amplitude Inversion of Converted Wave Seismic

Tyler L. MacFarlane, Thomas Davis

Fracture Curving Between Tightly Spaced Horizontal Wells

Reza Safari, Xiaodan Ma, Richard E. Lewis, Uno Mutlu, Ahmad Ghassemi

Fracture Stages Optimization in Bakken Shale Formation

Bo Ran, Mohan Kelkar

Fracture Surface Extraction and Stress Field Estimation From Three-Dimensional Microseismic Data

Dylan Copeland, Alfred Lacazette

From Semi-Circular Bending Test to Microseismic Maps: An Integrated Modeling Approach to Incorporate Natural Fracture Effects on Hydraulic Fracturing

Arash Dahi Taleghani, Ping Puyang, Bhaba Sarker, Miguel Gonzalez

Geochemical Assessment of in situ Petroleum in Unconventional Resource Systems

Daniel M. Jarvie, Albert Maende, David Weldon, Brian M. Jarvie

Geologic Factors Controlling Production in the Codell Sandstone, Wattenberg Field, Colorado

Steve Sonnenberg

Geomechanical Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoir Rocks for Design and Planning of Stimulation Treatment: A Cooper Basin Case Study

Gamaliel Bazunu, Sheik S. Rahman, Fengde D. Zhou, Liuqi Wang

Geoscience Applications to Economic Development of a Relatively Shallow, Low Gravity, Structurally Complex Eagle Ford Oil Development, Atascosa County, Texas

Lee Billingsley, Bill, Layton, Luke, Finger

GOT – The Global Oil and Gas Technology Initiative

Paul Doucette, Dag Nummedal, Jostein Dahl Karlsen

High Fidelity Microseismic Data Acquisition in the Midland Basin Wolfcamp Shale Play West Texas, USA

Robert A. Hull, Robert Meek, Brian Wright, Hallie Meighan, Austin Von der Hoya, Jake Lempges

High Resolution Diffraction Imaging of Small Scale Fractures in Shale and Carbonate Reservoirs

Alexander M. Popovici, Ioan Sturzu, Tijmen J. Moser

History Match Case Study With a Multi-Cluster & Multi-Well Hydraulic Fracture Modeling Tool

Zongyu Zhai, Ernesto Fonseca

History Matching and Predicting Gas Production During ECBM

Ahmed Farid Ibrahim, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din

Hydrocarbon Contribution From the Lower Bakken Shale in Horizontals Drilled in the Three Forks in Divide County, North Dakota

Riley Brinkerhoff, Samuel Fluckiger, Mark Millard

Identification of Microseismic Attributes Through Spectral Analysis

Michael J. Nava, James W. Rector, Zhishuai Zhang

Identifying Landing Zones Utilizing High-Resolution X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Chemostratigraphy

John Pierce, Jessica Parker

Identifying the Effectiveness of Treatment Programs with Microseismicity

John W. Crowley, Ted Urbancic, Adam M. Baig

Impact of Fluid, Rock and Hydraulic Fracture Properties on Reservoir Performance in Liquid-Rich Shale Oil Reservoirs

Mohammad Khoshghadam, W. John Lee, Aaditya Khanal

Importance of Core and Outcrop Investigations for Evaluating TOC Distribution in Unconventional Systems: An Example From the Mowry Shale

Alexa L. Socianu, Edmund R. Gustason, John P. Kaszuba

Importance of Downhole Measurements, Visualization and Analysis in Producing Unconventional Wells

Luis E. Gonzalez, Rajan Chokshi, William Lane

Improve Well Performance by Reducing Formation Damage

Brian Goldstein, Kanth Josyula, Alan VanZeeland, Moustafa Aboushabana, Tuan Tran, Lisa O'Connell, Michael Conway

Improving Wolfcamp B3 Drilling and Production by Integrating Core, Mud logs, Electrical Logs, Seismic Inversion, Microseismic and Drilling Data

Hongzhuan Ye, Lowell Waite, Robert Meek

Imrpoved Reserve Estimates Using Spatial Averaging

Mohan Kelkar

Initial Analysis of Hydrocarbon Potential in the Tablazo Formation; Center and Northern Areas of Middle Magdalena Valley, -MMV- Colombia.

Miguel F. Jimenez Jacome, Cesar, A. Rojas Suarez, Yahir A. Valderrama Lopez

Innovation in Well Design and Lifting Coupled with Subsurface Understanding Provides New Development Concepts in a Tight Oil Carbonate Resource

Jack W. Austin, Emad A. Elrafie, George, Vassilellis, S. Duffy Russell, Alejandro Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rudy J. de Grood, Tyler, Howle, Jose Gil

Innovation is Key to Finding New Oil in an Old Sandbox - East Texas Stacked Play

Tony L. Albrecht, Stacy Kerchner, Scott Brooks, Eric Kolstad, Trevor Willms, Dallas B. Spear, John Klein, David Stemler

Insights into Mobilization of Shale Oil Using Microemulsion

Khoa, Bui, Yucel Akkutlu, Andrei, Zelenev, Hasnain Saboowala, John R. Gillis, James A. Silas

Integrated Geophysical Technologies for Unconventional Reservoirs and Case Study Within Fuling Shale Gas Field, Sichuan Basin, China

Tonglou Guo, Jinlei Li, Mudan Lao, Wencheng Li

Integrated Haynesville Production Analysis

Hao Sun, Adwait Chawathe, Dengen Zhou, Kirk MacIvor, Hussein Hoteit

Integrated Interpretation of Microseismic and Seismic Data in a Tight Sandstone Reservoir

Jinling Du, Jing Zhang, Gang Xu, Xiaoping Wan, Xiaoping Sun

Integrated Petrophysical and Geophysical Analysis on Identifying Eagle Ford Sweet Spots

Bo Chen, Dhananjay Kumar, Anthony Uerling, Sheryl Land, Omar Aguirre, Tao Jiang, Setiawardono Sugianto

Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Deep Kerogen-Rich Unconventional Resource Play in North Kuwait

Jonna D. Rao, Samar Al-Ashwak, Abdullah M. Al-Anzi, Musaed Y. Al-Dousiri, Narhari S. Rao, Qasem Dashti, Sandeep Chakravorty

Integrating 3-D Seismic and Geomechanical Properties With Microseismic Acquisition and Fracturing Parameters to Optimize Completion Practices within the Wolfcamp Shale Play of the Midland Basin

Michael L. Shoemaker, Nancy Zakhour, Joshua Peacock

Integration of Microseismic Data and an Unconventional Fracture Modeling Tool to Generate the Hydraulically Induced Fracture Network: A Case Study From the Cardium Formation, West Central Alberta, Canada

Xin Yu, Jim Rutledge, Scott Leaney, Jianchun Sun, Piyush Pankaj, Xiaowei Weng, Hitoshi Onda, Michael Donovan, Jacob Nielsen, John Duhault

Integration of Microseismic With Rock Properties From Multi-Component Seismic Data, Mississippi Lime Play, North-Central Oklahoma

Scott W. Singleton, Shihong Chi, Crystal Lapaire, Lisa Sanford, Paul Constance

Integration of Multicomponet Surface Seismic, Multicomponent VSP and Microseismic in Reservoir characterization

Paul Constance, Jim Simmons, Shihong Chi, Lisa Sanford

Integration of RTA Based Reservoir Surveillance and Analytical Flow Simulation to Forecast Production in the Haynesville Shale

Carlos Santacruz, Raul Esquivel, Jordan Smith, Rick F. Walker, Sebastian Bayer, Thomas Soto, Marcus Wunderle, Rohan Goudge

Interference Behavior Analysis in Vaca Muerta Shale Oil Development, Loma Campana Field, Argentina

Milena D. Rimedio, Coleen Shannon, Luciano Monti, Alejandro Lerza, Matthew Roberts, Diego Licitra, Juan Ramón Quiroga

Investigating Natural Fracture Effects on Well Productivity: Eagle Ford, La Salle County, Texas

Paolo Grossi

Is Pumping Large Volume Sand Fracs Sustainable?

Robert Shelley, Wadhah Al-Tailji, Nijat Guliyev, Stanislav Sheludko

Is That Interference? A Workflow for Identifying and Analyzing Communication Through Hydraulic Fractures in a Multi-Well Pad

Ali Awada, Martin Santo, Dylan Lougheed, D. Xu, Claudio Virues

Kerogen Density Revisited—Lessons From the Duvernay Shale

Artur Stankiewicz, Natalya Ionkina, Bill Motherwell, Barry Bennett, Oniel Wint, Maria Mastalerz

Key Factors to Tight Oil Accumulation of Permian Lucaogou Formation in the Jimsar Sag of Junggar Basin, Northwestern China

Xiujian Ding, Ming Zha, Changhai Gao, Jiangxiu Qu, Yang Su, Huan Lian

Keys to Production, Three Forks Formation, Williston Basin

Steve Sonnenberg

Leaching Characteristics of Drill Cuttings From Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Mengling Y. Stuckman, Christina Lopano, Christine Thomas, Jacqueline A. Hakala

Long Term Evaluation of Carbon Isotopes of C1-C5 Hydrocarbons in Headspace Gas Desorbed From Drill Cuttings Collected in Sealed Jars

Josiah Strauss, Patrick Travers, Michael Dolan, Nicholas Rosenau

Major Obstacles in Production From Hydraulically Re-Fractured Shale Formations: Reservoir Pressure Depletion and Pore Blockage by the Fracturing Fluid

Mahdi Haddad, Alireza Sanaei, Emad Waleed Al-Shalabi, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Making Movies of Petroleum Generation

Jeremy E. Dahl, Marc Castagna, Kimball Skinner, Eric T. Goergen, Herman Lemmens

Making Outcrops Relevant to the Subsurface: Learnings From the Eagle Ford Outcrops of West Texas

Arthur D. Donovan, Scott Staerker, Rand Gardner, Michael C. Pope, Matthew Wehner

Mapping of Microbial Habitats in Organic-Rich Shale

E. Buchwalter, A. Swift, J. Sheets, D. Cole, T. Prisk, L. Anovitz, J. Ilavsky, M. Rivers, S. Welch, S. Chipera

Maximizing Recoverable Reserves in Tight Reservoirs Using Geostatistical Inversion From 3-D Seismic: A Powder River Basin Case Study

Haihong Wang, Howard J. Titchmarsh, Kevin Chesser, Jeff Zawila, Samuel Fluckiger, Gary Hughes, Preston, Kerr, Andrew Hennes, Michael Hofmann

Measuring Tensile Strength of Unconventional Shales Using Microwaving

Jinhong Chen, Dan Georgi, Bitao Lai

Methodology for Construction of Type Wells for Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs

Ayush Rastogi, W. John Lee

Microseismic Event Location Using Multiple Arrivals: Demonstration of Uncertainty Reduction

Zhishuai Zhang, James W. Rector, Michael J. Nava

Microseismic-Derived Ultimate Expected Fracture Half-Length in Unconventional Stimulated Reservoir Volume in a Multi-Fractured Horizontal 8 Well Full Pad—Canadian Horn River Basin Case Study

Claudio Virues, Jessica Budge, Eric Von Lunen

Modeling of Near-Wellbore Hydraulic Fracture Complexity

Christopher Sherman, Joseph Morris, Scott Johnson, Alexei A. Savitski

Modeling-Based Recommendations for Drawdown Management in Liquids-Rich Shale Wells

Jorge A. Quintero Martin, Deepak Devegowda

Modelling TOC and Anoxia From Elemental Data: A Reality Check

Milly Wright, Ken Ratcliffe, Eliza Mathia

Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Modeling Shale Gas Transport and Storage Mechansims in Complex Nano-Pore Structure in Organic Matters

Guan Qin, Shuai He

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Retrograde Condensation in Nanoporous Shale

William R. Welch, Mohammad Piri

Monitoring and Imaging the Dynamics and Extent of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Movement Using Ground-Based Electromagnetics, With Application to the Eagle Ford Shale

Mark S. Hickey, Santiago Treviño, Mark Everett

Monitoring Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Using Fiber-Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Kevin Boone, Roger Crickmore, Zabi Werdeg, Carson Laing, Mathieu Molenaar

Multi-Disciplinary Data Integration for Inverse Hydraulic Fracturing Analysis: A Case Study

Arash Dahi Taleghani, Ping Puyang, Joel LeCalvez

Multi-Fractured Plug-Less or Non-Isolated Stage Horizontal Shale Gas Well Placement Experiment in the Canadian Horn River Basin

Claudio Virues, Peter Chernik, James F. Pyecroft, David Meeks, Christopher Petr, Jurgen Lehmann

Multi-Resolution Imaging of Shales Using Electron and Ion Microscopy

Tim Cavanaugh

Multi-Source Data Integration: Eagle Ford Shale Sweet Spot Mapping

Beau Tinnin, Hector Bello, Matthew McChesney

Multidisciplinary Data Integration Enhances Cement Job Design for Effective Hydraulic Zonal Isolation

Chew Yeong Leong, Amitabh Bhatia, Gunnar DeBruijin

Multivariate Classification for the Integration of Core, Log and Seismic Data on Intersecting Pre-Stack Inverted 2-D Seismic Lines, Lublin Basin, Poland

David Handwerger, R. Castañeda-Aguilar, G. Vaaland Dahl, Hilde G. Borgos, Jaroslaw Zacharski, Dagmara Krawiec, Arkadiusz Buniak, W. Prugar, Roberto Suarez-Rivera

Natural Fracture Detection, Characterization and Modeling in a Tight Oil Carbonate Resource Enables, Through Multi-Disciplinary Integration, Targeted Development and Enhanced Overall Resource Performance

Emad A. Elrafie, S. Duffy Russell, George, Vassilellis, Reid, McCarty, Jack W. Austin, Felipe, Medellin

New Findings in Expected Ultimate Field Recoveries: Implications of Staggered Lateral Downspacing in the Eagle Ford Shale

Paolo Grossi, Devery Neumann, Farshad Lalehrokh

New Perforating Switch Technology Advances Safety and Reliability for Horizontal Completions

Larry Albert, Joshua Dennis, Hema Prapoo

Novel Reservoir Quality Indices for Tight Oil Shale

Ravinath Kausik.K.V, Paul R. Craddock, Stacy Lynn Reeder, Robert L. Kleinberg, Andrew E. Pomerantz, Erik I. Rylander, Richard E. Lewis

Numerical Investigation of Coupling Multiphase Flow and Geomechanical Effects on Water Loss During Hydraulic Fracturing Flow Back Operation

Mingyuan Wang, Juliana Leung

Numerical Study of Impact of Nano-Pores on Gas-Oil Ratio and Production Mechanisms in Liquid-Rich Shale Oil Reservoirs

Mohammad Khoshghadam, W. John Lee, Aaditya Khanal

Old Geology/New Technology in the Upper Cretaceous Olmos Formation AWP Field McMullen Co. TX

Scott Scholz, Bruce Moriarty

Optimized Cluster Design in Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation

Randolph R. Settgast, Ghazal Izadi, Robert S. Hurt, Hyunil Jo, Scott M. Johnson, Stuart D.C. Walsh, Daniel Moos, Fredrick Ryerson

Optimizing Completions Within the Montney Resource Play

Mike Seifert, Mark Lenko, Joshua Lee

Pay Distribution and Basin Architecture of the Wolfcamp Shale in the Delaware Basin

Kenneth Schwartz, Gilles Hennenfent, Cole Harris, Meghan, Hoffnagle, Dick Bain

Petrophyscial and Fluid Flow Properties of a Tight Carbonate Source Rock Using Digital Rock Physics

Moustafa Dernaika, Osama Al Jallad, Safouh Koronfol, Michael Suhrer, Joel, Walls, Saad Matar

Predicting Frac Performance and Active Producing Volumes Using Microseismic Data

Charles J. Sicking, Jan Vermilye, Alfred Lacazette

Predicting Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation in the Western Powder River Basin - An Integrated Stratigraphic, Sedimentologic, Petrophysical and Geophysical Study

Michael Hofmann, Samuel Fluckiger, Andrew Hennes, Jeff Zawila, Haihong Wang

Preliminary Geologic and Chemostratigraphic Analysis of the Wolfcamp D Shale, Midland Basin, West Texas

Michael McGlue, Patrick Baldwin, Lowell Waite, Olivia Woodruff, Patrick Ryan

Probing Hydrocarbon Fluid Behavior in Shale Formations

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Production Analysis and Mechanistic Modelling for Evaluation of Shale Plays

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Proppant Selection Criteria and Their Influence on Performance of North Dakota Oil-Rich Shale Wells

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Pseudo-Pressure and Pseudo-Time Analysis for Unconventional Oil Reservoirs With New Expressions for Average Reservoir Pressure during Transient Radial and Linear Flow

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Pyrolysis, Porosity and Productivity in Unconventional Mudstone Reservoirs: ‘Free’ and ‘Adsorbed’ Oil

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Quantifying Variability of Reservoir Properties From a Wolfcamp Formation Core

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Quantitative and Comparative Mineralogy Analysis From Cores, Cuttings and Logs in Vaca Muerta Shale Play

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Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Micro-Porosity in Qusaiba Hot Shale, Rub’Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia

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Rapid Methods for Locating Existing Well Penetrations in Unconventional Well Development Areas of Pennsylvania

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Rate Transient Effects of Various Complex Fracture Network Topologies in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs: A Numerical Simulation Study

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Re-Fracturing Simulations: Pressure-Dependent SRV and Shear Dilation of Natural Fractures

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Regional Eagle Ford Modeling: Integrating Facies, Rock Properties, and Stratigraphy to Understand Geologic and Reservoir Characteristics

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Relationship Between Bioturbation, Microfacies and Chemostratigraphy and Its Implication to the Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Woodford Shale in Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, USA

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Relative Permeability of Unconventional Rocks with Dual-Wettability Pore-Network

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Rock Physics Model of the Eagle Ford Shale

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Scaling Laboratory Data Surfactant Imbibition Rates to the Field in Fractured Shale Formations

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Shale Fluid Transport in Nano-Scale Networks: The Competing Roles of Fluid Properties, Interfaces and Network Geometry

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Shale Gas OVT Seismic Data Prestack Trace-Gather Optimization Technique

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Shale Gas Production Decline Trend Comparison Over Time and Basins Revisited

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Shale Oil Play Exploration Delineation Using Rock Mechanics Template and Seismic Inversion Data, Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

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Shorten the Learning Curve Through Technological Innovation: A Case Study of the Fuling Shale Gas Discovery in Sichuan Basin, SW China

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Simulating the NMR Response for Organic Rich Shales

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Slip-Flow in Shale as Determined by Pore-Scale Lattice Boltzmann Modeling

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Source Rock Potential and Sequence Stratigraphy of Bakken Shales in the Williston Basin

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Spontaneous Imbibition of Fracturing Fluid and Oil in Shale

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Statistical Methods of Predicting Source Rock Organic Richness From Open-Hole Logs, Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, CO

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Stimulated Rock Volume and Estimated Ultimate Recovery

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Stress Field Change due to Reservoir Depletion and Its Impact on Refrac Treatment Design and SRV in Shale Reservoirs

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Successful Strategies for Cost Reduction in Plug and Ball Seat Milling Operations

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Sweet Spots in Vaca Muerta: Integration of Subsurface and Production Data in Loma Campana Shale Development, Argentina

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Terrestrial LIDAR Imaging and Analysis of Natural Fractures in Chattanooga Shale in Northeastern Alabama

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The Applicability of Surfactant-Based EOR Technique to Enhance the Productivity in Tight Formations

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The Consideration of Pore Size Distribution in Organic-Rich Unconventional Formations may Increase Oil Production and Reserve by 30%, Eagle Ford Case Study

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The Effect of Velocity Uncertainty and Attenuation on Flow Estimates From Microseismicity

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The Impact of Multiple, Thin Bentonites on Proppant Placement and Effective Fracture Continuity Within the Niobrara Formation, Weld County, Colorado

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The Impact of Pore Size and Kerogen Maturity on the Behavior of Water in Organic Kerogen Nanopores in Shales

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The Lower Carboniferous Black Shale in the Central Guangxi Depression, SW China: A Novel Potential Shale Gas Play

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The Marble Falls Fractured Resource Play: Unconventional Technology Turns an Old Trend Into the Next Big Play

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The Newly Emerging Lower Smackover (Brown Dense) Formation: Its Geologic Characteristics and Exploration Potential

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The Role of Drive Mechanisms in Redesigning Development Practices in a Fractured Tight Oil Carbonate Resource

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The Super Pad—A Multi-Year Integrated Approach to Resource Development in the Montney

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The Use of Chemostratigraphy to Refine Ambiguous Sequence Stratigraphic Correlations in Marine Shales: An Example From the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma

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Three Years of Water Treatment in the Permian Basin: ConocoPhillips's Case History

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Topological Data Analysis of Marcellus Play Lithofacies

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Unconventional Reservoir Model Predictions Using Massively-Parallel GPU Flow-Simulation: Part-1 Bakken Reservoir Characterization Choices and Parameter Testing

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Unconventional Shale Gas-Condensate Reservoir Performance Impact of Rock, Fluid and Rock-Fluid Properties and Their Variations

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Unconventional Shale Pore System Characterization in El Trapial Area, Vaca Muerta, Argentina

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Underbalanced, Horizontal Coal Seam Gas Development in Australia – A Case History

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Unlocking Performance Understanding in Complex Naturally Fractured Tight Oil Carbonate Using a Unique Integrated Process, “The Event Solution Process,” Enables Improved Development Plans and Higher Recovery

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Unraveling Minimum Liquid Yields From Variable PVT and Production Data in the Woodford Using EOS

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Use of Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion in Real Time Microseismic Imaging

Michael Kratz, Michael Thornton

Uses and Abuses of the Brittleness Index With Application to Hydraulic Stimulation

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Using a Calibrated 3-D Frac Simulator to Optimize Completions of Future Wells in the Eagle Ford Shale

Efejera Ejofodomi, Allen Dutt, Jason Baihly

Using Geomechanical Modeling to Quantify the Impact of Natural Fractures on Well Performance and Microseismicity—Application to the Wolfcamp, Permian Basin

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Using Multi-Modal, Acid-Soluble Cement to Maximize Reservoir Contact in Cemented Laterals

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Using Nitrogen Isotopes to Evaluate Unconventional Resource Plays

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Using Pad ISIP, DFIT, and ESP Data to Generate a Pore Pressure Model for the Midland Basin

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Using Sonic and Resistivity Effective Medium Theories to Quantify the Influence of Rock Fabric on the Mechanical Properties of Organic Mudrocks

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Vaca Muerta: Challenging the Paradigm of Producing From a Shale formation

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Validation of a New and Cost Effective Technique to Estimate Reservoir Pressure and Permeability in Low-Permeability Reservoirs

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Virginia City Cole Surface/Bore-Hole Microseismic Monitor Program

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Water-Flexible Fracturing Systems

Jesse Farrell, Ted Baudendistel, Mark Kidder

Well Pad Production Storage Management

Denver Smart

Well Space Modeling, SRV Prediction Using Microseismic, Seismic Rock Properties and Structural Attributes in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas

Robert Meek, Bailo Suliman, Hector Bello, Robert A. Hull

What Can Magnetic Susceptibility Do for Us in Shale Plays When Used as Part of an Integrated Workflow?

Milly Wright, Ken Ratcliffe, Mark Hounslow

What Does US LNG Export Mean for Future Shale Gas Development: How Many Shale Gas Wells are Needed to Fuel a LNG Train?

Jason Baihly, Richard Clayton, Garrett Lindsay

When Less Flowback is More: A Mechanism of Permeability Damage and Its Implications on the Application of EOR Techniques

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Where is the Vaca Muerta Sweet Spot? The Importance of Regional Facies trends, Thickness Variations and Thermal Maturity in Generating Play Concepts

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“To Treat or Not to Treat?”: Optimized Water Decisions Throughout the Produced Water Management Cycle

Ted Baudendistel, Jesse Farrell