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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3D Multiscale Imaging of the Distribution of Pores, Organic Matter and Oil in Place in Vaca Muerta Shale Samples

Silvano Sommacal, Andrew Fogden, Benjamin Young, William Noel, Alessio Arena, Leonardo Salazar, Tobias Gerwig, Qianhao Cheng, Andrew Kingston, Denis Marchal, Ana Maria Perez Mazas, Claudio Hugo Naides, Guillermina Kohler, Marcelo Cagnolatti

A Case Study in the Pennsylvanian Cleveland Sandstone on the Nemaha Ridge: Leveraging High Resolution 3D Seismic & Stratigraphic Analysis to Create the Conditions for Repeatable Drilling Opportunities in Complexly Distributed Reservoirs

Tony Lupo, Lee Krystinik

A Diagenetic Study of the Wolfcamp Shale, Midland Basin, West Texas

Alyssa K. Wickard, R. Douglas Elmore, Gerhard Heij

A Diagnostic Framework for "Bashed" Wells in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Numerical Simulation and Model Selection Theory Approach

L. Zhe, R. Younis, J. Jiang

A Generalized Methodology for Estimating Stress-Dependent Properties in Tight Petroleum Reservoirs and Its Application to Drill Cuttings Data

Jaime Piedrahita, Bruno Lopez, Roberto Aguilera

A Geological Evaluation of Jurassic Shale Oil Plays in Southern England.

Christopher Iwobi, Stephen More, Jan Major, Iris Verhagen, Scott Brindle, Romain Reboul, Dave O'Connor

A Geomechanical Study of Refracturing Based on Microseismic Observations - Case Study of Haynesville and Eagle Ford Wells

Alireza Agharazi, Sudhendu Kashikar

A New Method for Production Data Analysis and Well Testing Using Superposition-Rate

Peter Liang, Roberto Aguilera, Louis Mattar

A New Slim Full Bore Electrical Micro-Imaging Tool Conveyed through the Drill String and Bit for Geological and Reservoir Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs

Sachin Bammi, Peter Wells, Mark Fredette, Julien Toniolo, Abhishek Mallick, Henry Nguyen, Elia Haddad, Robert Laronga, Josselin Kherroubi

A Novel Tight Gas Evaluation Workflow for Targeting and Optimizing the Emerging Horizontal Lower Cotton Valley Play in North Louisiana

Dan Buller, Stephen Persac, Rojelio Medina, Nick Garrison, Jerome Truax, Byron Cottingham

A Semianalytical Method for Modeling Two-phase Flow in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs with Complex Fracture Networks

Ruiyue Yang, Zhongwei Huang, Gensheng Li, Wei Yu, Hamid R. Lashgari, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Zhonghou Shen

A Step Change in the Learning Curve for Refracturing in the Eagle Ford

Lina Charry, Raj Malpani, Brian Clark

A Synergistic Approach for Generating Basement Reservoir Fracture Model : A Case Study from Mumbai High Basement Reservoir

S. K. Mukherjee, S.C Rao, Rakesh Guru, S.N. Chitnis, B. B. Ray

A Systematic Investigation of Gas-Based Improved Oil Recovery Technologies for the Bakken Tight Oil Formation

Lu Jin, Steven Hawthorne, James Sorensen, Bethany Kurz, Larry Pekot, Steve Smith, Nick Bosshart, Alexander Azenkeng, Charles Gorecki, John Harju

A Technical Comparison of Downhole Methods through Fiber Optic VSP, in the Eagle Ford Formation

Joe Teff, Ken Silver, David Langton, Dan Kahn, Jarret Borell, J. Andres Chavarria

Accurate Forecasting of Liquid Rich Gas Condensate Reservoirs with Multiphase Flow

Aaditya Khanal, Mohammad Khoshghadam, W. John Lee

Adsorption and Capillary Condensation in Heterogeneous Nanoporous Shales

Yixin Ma, Jin-Hong Chen, Ahmad Jamili

An Approach for Generating Spatially and Physically Correlated Natural Fracture Network Properties for Unconventional Reservoirs

Yogendra Narayan Pandey, Jeffrey M. Yarus, Genbao Shi, Veronica Liceras

An Effective Numerical Model for Fracture-Stimulated Condensate Reservoir Production History Matching, Surveillance, and Prediction

Xinli Jia, Andrey Filippov, Vitaly Khoriakov, Timothy McNealy

An Experimental Study on Supercritical CO2 Injection in Fractured Tight Reservoir to Enhance Oil Recovery

Guo-Qing Tang, Behdad Aminzadeh, Dengen Zhou, Max Zhang, Dustin Lowry, Art Inouye, Steven Song, Lin Li

An Oil-Source Rock Correlation Examining the Potential of the Chattanooga Shale as a Source Rock for Oil within the Spivey-Grabs-Basil Field, Kingman and Harper Counties, Kansas

Meagan Wall, Matthew Totten, Sambudas Chaudhuri, Brianna Kwasny-Wilson, Drew Evans

Analytical Pressure and Rate Transient Models for Analysis of Complex Fracture Networks in Tight Reservoirs

Jorge A. Acuña

Anticosti Island, Quebec: Updated Review of a Major Shale Play in North Eastern America

Peter K. Dorrins, Jean-Sebastien Marcil, Jeremie Lavoie, Nabila Mechti

Application of Bayesian Networks for Estimating Risk in Shale Operations

Pedram Fanailoo, Jeffrey Clemens

Application of High-Resolution Blended Resistivity Measurement in Characterization of Unconventional Plays

Anthony Moherek, Sandeep Mukherjee, Nick Garrison, Allison Caraway, Rojelio Medina, Bhaskar Bikash Sarmah

Applying Digital Rock Characterization to a New Anadarko Basin Shale Play

Tiffany Hintzman, Joel D Walls, Anyela Morcote

Applying Oil Fingerprinting to Unconventional Reservoirs in the Permian Basin for Characterization of Frac Height and Quantification of the Contribution of Multiple Formations to Commingled Production

Mark A. McCaffrey, David K. Baskin

Assessment of Rock Types Properties in a South American Unconventional Shale Play

Jean-Philippe Mathieu, Jean-Pierre Leduc, Jonathan Pelletier, Sandrine Vidal-Gilbert, Kun Su, Mariano F. Raverta

Azimuthal Velocity Analysis of 3-D Pre-Stack Seismic Data for Fracture-Induced Anisotropy in the Altamont-Bluebell Field

Khaled Al Dulaijan, Gary Margrave

Bakken Flare Mitigation Field Trial

Satish Ravindran, Chris Ruffer, Loy Sneary

Benchmarking Recovery Factors of Individual Wells Using a Probabilistic Model of Original Gas in Place to Pinpoint the Good, Bad and Ugly Producers

John Richardson, Wei Yu, Ruud Weijermars

Blinking Out: North Dakota without Capital for Replacing Production

Heidi Anderson Kuzma, Christine Eklund, Tim Rapp, Ralph Santos

Breakthrough in Hydraulic Fracture & Proppant Mapping: Achieving Increased Precision with Lower Cost

Matthew Dawson, Günther Kampfer

Brittleness and Rock Strength of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota

Jingqi Xu, Steve Sonnenberg

Brittleness Index - A Parameter to Embrace or Avoid?

Eliza Mathia, Ken Ratcliffe, Milly Wright

Calibration of PS Shear Wave Anisotropy in a Mississippi Lime Play, North-Central Oklahoma

Scott Singleton, Shihong Chi, Lisa Sanford, Paul Constance

Cana Woodford: Seismic to Simulation Reservoir Characterization

Mouin Almasoodi, Brad Cage, Ram Jayakumar, Phuong Nguyen, Dwain Veach

Centralizer Selection and Placement Basis for Overcoming Liner Running Challenges in Extended-Reach Horizontal Three Forks Shale Completions

Jordan Long, Tyree Abshire, Dan Dall'Acqua

Characterizing Light versus Bound Hydrocarbon in a Shale Reservoir by Integrating New Two-Dimensional NMR and Advanced Spectroscopy Measurements

Mansoor R. Ali, Vivek Anand, Aria Abubakar, Rahul Grover, Iain Pirie, Orlando Neto

Codell Sandstone, a Review of the Northern DJ Basin Oil Resource Play, Laramie County, Wyoming and Weld County, Colorado

Robert H. Sterling, Richard Bottjer, Kevin H. Smith

Coiled Tubing Deployed Fiber Optics Utilized in Observing Cross-Well Communication During Stimulation

Neha Sahdev, Peter F. Cook

Coiled Tubing Frac Sleeve Application in the Eagle Ford Shale — An Optimization of Shale Completions

P. Lee, J. Wendte, I. Gil, H. Sebastian, H. Patel, S. Cadwallader

Combination of Lattice Density Functional Theory and a Multi-Scale Network Model for Sorption Isotherms Study in Tight Formations

Rui Xu, Ayaz Mehmani, Ali Qajar, Maša Prodanovic, Hugh Daigle, Scott Nguyen

Combining Hydraulic Fracturing Considerations and Well Spacing Optimization for Pad Development in the Vaca Muerta Shale

Mariano Suarez, Stephane Pichon

Combining the Stochastic Earth Model with Geomechanical Modeling to Quantify Well Performance: Application to Mississippian Shale

Yamina E. Aimene, Jeffrey M. Yarus, Carlos Davila, Ron Dusterhoft, Shameem Siddiqui

Comparing WTI Index Price Effects on Stimulation Fluid Design, Water Utilization, and Resulting Production for Newly Completed and Fractured Wells in Texas and North Dakota

Scott Rothbarth

Completion Optimization Using Both Vertical and Horizontal Measurements, an Eagle Ford Shale Case Study

William Kreimeier, Maraden Panjaitan, Kevin Fisher, Jian Xu, Danny McMillan

Compositional Variation Study for Improving Recovery in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs

Hai X. Vo, Roland N. Horne

Control and Import of Sedimentary Microfacies on Tight Oil Occurrence in the Chang 7-3 Member of the Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin of China

Yu-Ting Hou, Tao Wang, Xi-Feng Hu, Rong-Hui Yan, Da-Li Wang

Correlation of Acoustic Velocity, Stress, Rock Composition, Organic Matter and Rock Lamination in Organic-Rich Shales

Adel A. Alqahtani, Azra N. Tutuncu

Correlation of Eagle Ford South Texas Eaglebine East Texas and Tuscaloosa Louisiana-Mississippi Using High Resolution Biostratigraphy, TOC/%CO3 and Maximum Flooding Surface Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis

Walter W Wornardt Jr.

Cost-Effective Reservoir Characterization from Advanced Surface Logging Technologies in Unconventional Reservoirs

K. Gawankar, C. Pate, I. Easow, N. Cameron

Could Diagenesis in Carbonate Source Rock Predefine Its Fracturing Behavior?

Maaruf Hussain, Naeem Minhas, Gaurav Agrawal, Dave Cantrell

Coupled Kinetic and Fluid Dynamic Models to Understand H2S Occurrence in Unconventional Petroleum Reservoirs

Xinyu Xia, Geoffrey S. Ellis

Coupling Geomechanics and Petrophysical Measurements for Production Enhancement in Organic-Rich Shales

Azra N. Tutuncu, Daisuke Katsuki, Binh T. Bui, Anton Padin, Bryan McDowell

Deciphering Dynamic Fracture Systems through Multiple Monitoring Wells with Permanent Downhole Gauges in the Midland Basin

Yula Tang, Baosheng Liang, Leif Larsen

Depositional Facies and Organic Content of Upper Wolfcamp Formation (Permian) Delaware Basin and Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Source

Erik P. Kvale, Mohammad Wahid Rahman

Derivation of Relative Permeability Curves from Capillary Pressure Curves for Tight Sandstone Reservoir Based on Fractal Theory

Xiuyu Wang, Xiaoqiu Wang, Jianfu Wang, Yu Pu, Shenglai Yang

Determination of Natural Fracture Porosity Using NMR

Dragan Veselinovic, Derrick Green, Mike Dick

Determining Maximum Horizontal Stress with Microseismic Focal Mechanisms - Case Studies in the Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Wolfcamp

Alireza Agharazi

Development of Limited Discrete Fracture Network Using Surface Microseismic Event Detection Testing in Canadian Horn River Basin

Claudio Virues, Jason Hendrick, Sudhendu Kashikar

Differential Maturation, Generation, and Expulsion of Petroleum: Causes and Effects on Jurassic Unconventional Resources in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed A. Al Duhailan, Ahmed Hakami, Abdelghayoum Ahmed, Ivan Leyva

Dimensionless Productivity Index and Its Derivative - A New Approach to Analyzing Unconventional Reservoirs

Sandeep P. Kaul, Robert F. Vaz, Eduardo Gildin

Direct Determination of Surface Relaxivity in Isolated Kerogen by Pulsed-Field Gradient NMR

Boyang Zhang, Hugh Daigle

Discrete Fracture Network Generation Using Microseismic Data from a Single Monitoring Well

Xin Yu, Jim Rutledge, Scott Leaney, Chris Chapman

Discrete Fracture Network Model Developed from a High Resolution LIDAR Outcrop Survey of a Naturally Fractured Unconventional Niobrara Reservoir, Denver Basin

Alena Grechishnikova

Down-Hole Reservoir Raman System: A Novel New Technology for the Rapid Appraisal of Shale Gas Resource Potential

L. Taras Bryndzia, Neil R. Braunsdorf, Ronny Hofmann, Quentin Morgan, Peter Christian, Art Toews, Jeff Parkins, Grant Myers, John Pope

Eagle Ford Case History: Evaluation of Diversion Techniques to Increase Stimulation Effectiveness

Shea Evans, Eric Holley, Kirk Dawson, Nicholas Garrison, Matthew Montes, Greg Preston, Scott Hudson

Eagle Ford Microseismic Acquisition Geometry Benchmark

Dan Kahn, Joe Teff, Ken Silver, David Langton, Eric Hart

Early Delineation of Productive Areas in Unconventional Plays Using Uplift Intensity- a Utica Example

Akash Singh, Antoine Bertoncello, Frederic Brigaud, David Foulon

Effect of Adsorption in Flow of Gases in Organic Nanopores: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Mohammad Kazemi, Ali Takbiri-Borujeni

Effect of Nanoscale Pore Confinement on Multi-Component Phase Equilibrium

Kai Zhang, Xiaohu Dong, Jing Li, Jiateng Lv, Keliu Wu, Peter Kusalik, Zhangxin Chen

Effects of Nanoscale Pore Confinement on CO2 Displacement

Kai Zhang, Qingquan Liu, Shuhua Wang, Dong Feng, Keliu Wu, Xiaohu Dong, Shengnan Chen, Zhangxin Chen

Effects of Pore Pressure and Organic Contents on the Brittle-Ductile Transition in Shale Rock Using Geophysical Method

Qamar Yasin, Du Qizhen, Atif Ismail, GMD Sohail

Effects of Toe-Up Vs Toe-Down Wellbore Trajectories on Production Performance in the Cana Woodford

Sam Browning, Ram Jayakumar

Engineered Approach for Multi-Well Pad Development in Eagle Ford Shale

Kush Gakhar, Dan Shan, Yuri Rodionov, Raj Malpani, E. A. Ejofodomi, Jian Xu, Kevin Fisher, Karsten Fischer, Adrian Morales

Enhanced Recovery in Shales: Molecular Investigation of CO2 Energized Fluid for Re-Fracturing Shale Formations

Manas Pathak, Palash Panja, Hai Huang, Milind Deo

ESP Real-Time Data Enables Well Testing with High Frequency, High Resolution, and High Repeatability in an Unconventional Well

L. Camilleri, M. El Gindy, A. Rusakov

Estimation of TOC and Brittleness Volumes and Correlation with Reservoir Production

Sumit Verma, Tao Zhao, Kurt J. Marfurt, Deepak Devegowda, Dario Grana

EUR Assessment of Unconventional Assets Using Parallelized History Matching Workflow together with RML Method

Chaohui Chen, Ruijian Li, Guohua Gao, Jeroen C. Vink, Richard Cao

Evaluation of In-Situ Stress Environment in the Utica Play and Implications on Completion Design and Well Performance

Bertoncello Antoine, Brigaud Frederic

Evaluation of Rock Damage and Fracture Propagation on MicroCracks Development and Stimulation Quality of Tight Formations: Quantitative and Statistical Characterization

Ilham El-Monier

Evaluation on Occluded Hydrocarbon in Deep-ultra Deep Ancient Source Rocks and Its Cracked Gas Resources

Li Jian, Shi Jianglong, Wang Yifeng, Ma Wei, Wang Dongliang, Ma Chenghua, Li Zhisheng

Examination of Water Management Challenges and Solutions in Shale Resource Development - Could Waterless Fracturing Technologies Work?

Iman Oraki Kohshour, Tim Leshchyshyn, Jason Munro, Meaghan Cassey Yorro, Adebola T Adejumo, Usman Ahmed, Reza Barati, Imre Kugler, Murray Reynolds, Mike Cullen, James McAndrew, Dave Wedel

Experimental Study of Hydraulic Fracture/Natural Fracture Interaction on a Tight Sandstone Formation

Xiangtong Yang, Jeffrey Burghardt, Hui Zhang, Yang Zhang, Fuxiang Zhang, Jianyong Pei, Chunyan Qi, Kaibin Qiu, Nick Whitney

Extended Abstract: Geochemical Analysis of Parasequences within the Productive Middle Member of the Eagle Ford Formation at Lozier Canyon near Del Rio, Texas

Timothy Shane

Extended Abstract: Quantifying Natural Fracture Spatial Organization in Horizontal Image Logs: Application in Unconventional Reservoirs

John Z. Li, Julia F. W. Gale, Randall A. Marrett, Stephen E. Laubach

Extension of the Multiple Interacting Continua Method to Discrete Fracture Models for Unconventional Low Permeability Reservoir Simulations

N. Farah, D. Y. Ding, M. Delorme

Extracting Meaningful Estimates of Rock Properties from 3-D Anisotropic Velocity Models Derived from Borehole Microseismic

Scott Taylor, Jeremy King, Ben Schaeffer, Todd Hibbitts, Lucas McGreaham, Khaled Ghuneim

Fact-Based Re-Frac Candidate Selection and Design in Shale - A Case Study in Application of Data Analytics

Shahab D. Mohaghegh

Fast, Accurate, Easy - Pick 3: Using Monthly Production Ensembles for EUR Estimation

A. Lindsey, J. Thorson, K. Robertson

Fault and Fracture Detection in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Utica Shale Study

Hesham Refayee, Hardeep Jaglan, Steve Adcock

Fault Facies Identification to Determine Optimum Coal Cleat Occurence as Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Potential, Case Studies: Warukin Coal Bearing Formation (WCBF), Barito Basin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Rieza R. Putra, Dian Larasati, Sunarli Ardi, Fikri Muhammad Fiqih, Hilman Ramdani, Djedi Widarto, Agus Guntoro, Alfian Usman

Fluid Typing and Maturity Index from Logs: A New Framework for Petrophysical Evaluation of Organic-rich Mudrock

Laurent Mosse, Paul Ryan Craddock, Erik Rylander, Alberto Ortiz, Carolina Bernhardt

Fracture and Matrix Permeability Hysteresis in Organic Rich Mudrocks

Tadesse Weldu Teklu, Xiaopeng Li, Zhou Zhou, Qi Cui, Hazim Abass

Fracture Properties Characterization of Shale Rocks

Ahmad Ghassemi, Spencer Riley, Zhi Ye

Gas Isotope Analysis: A Cost Effective Method to Improve Understanding of Vertical Drainage in the Delaware Basin

Mindy Goldsmith, Michael A. Abrams

Geochemical Analysis of Returned Treatment Waters (RTW) Associated With Shale Gas Production in the Appalachian Basin (USA) and Deep Basin (Canada): Potential Use of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Oxygen Isotope Data for Assessing Water:Rock Ratios and Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV)

L. Taras Bryndzia, Mathew C. Fay

Geochemistry of Cretaceous Oils and Source Rocks in the Powder River Basin

Mohammad Wahid Rahman, Robert K. Olson, Carl W. Symcox, Sean Bingham

Geological and Geomechanical Modeling of the Haynesville Shale: A Full Loop for Unconventional Fractured Reservoirs

W. Sebastian Bayer, Marcus Wunderle, Ewerton Araujo, Rene Alcalde, Calvin Yao, Fred Suhy, Thomas Jo, Fleur Bases, Abu M. Sani, Abhishek Bansal, Eric Peterson, Rohan Goudge, Ankur Awasthi, Mukul Bhatia

Geological Characterization of La Luna Formation as an Unconventional Resource in Lago De Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela.

A. Liborius-Parada, R. M. Slatt

Geological Considerations during Microseismic Monitoring, Processing, and Interpretation of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment

J. Le Calvez, S. Hanson-Hedgecock, P. Primiero, T. Al-Wadhahi, O. Harrasi

Geomechanical and Geophysical Analysis of a Wattenberg Field through Wavefield Re-Datuming and Inversion

Jyoti Behura, Pete Smith, Oscar Quezada

Geomechanical Implications on Unconventional Reservoir Fracturing in Saudi Arabia

Safdar Khan, Maksim Oparin, Roberto Tineo, Doug Bentley

Geomechanical Modeling of Flowback Scenarios to Establish Best Practices in the Midland Basin Horizontal Program

Kurt Wilson, Ibraheem Ahmed, Kirk MacIvor

Geomechanical Tools to Bolster Social License: Quantifying the Mechanical Effects of Faults on Induced Seismicity Potential

Nicholas M. Umholtz, Ahmed Ouenes

Geomechanics of Fault Activation and Induced Seismicity during Multi-stage Hydraulic Fracturing

M. Grob, S. Maxwell

Handling Risk and Uncertainty in Portfolio Production Forecasting

David P. B. Allen

Horizontal Pressure Disequilibrium and Its Indication on Fluid Continuity in Shale Plays

Xinyu Xia, Yongli Gao

How (And Why) To Recognize Sequences in Basinal Shales

Stephen R. Schutter

How Low Can You Go? Quality Vs. Cost in Guar-Borate Fracturing Fluids

Eli Schnoor, Jason Maxey, Aaron Russell

How to Model and Improve Our Understanding of Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs with Complex Organic/Inorganic Pore Network

Mohammad Khoshghadam, Aaditya Khanal, Neda Rabinejadganji, W. John Lee

Identifying Re-Stimulation Effectiveness by Utilizing Microseismic Attributes

M. Preiksaitis, A. Baig, S. Bowman-Young, T. Urbancic

Impact of Coal Mine Water on Modern Gas Well Cements

James Gardiner, Barbara Kutchko, James Fazio, Richard Spaulding, Alexandra Hakala

Impact of Pore Connectivity and Topology on Gas Productivity in Barnett and Haynesville Shale Plays

Davud Davudov, Rouzbeh Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo, Bin Yuan

Impact of Seismic Attenuation on Downhole Microseismic Moment Tensor Inversion

Donghong Pei, Natalia Verkhovtseva, Jon Doucette, Price Stark

Improved Petrophysical Interpretation of Laboratory Pressure-Step-Decay Measurements on Ultra-Tight Rock Samples

Younas Dadmohammadi, Siddharth Misra, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Improved Workflow for EUR Prediction in Unconventional Reservoirs

Akash Sharma, W. John Lee

Improving IRR and Safety through Operational Efficiency

Wayne Jackson, Raj Bal, Mark Lochmann

Improving Unconventional Reservoir Factory-Model Development by an Integrated Workflow with Earth Model, Hydraulic Fracturing, Reservoir Simulation and Uncertainty Analysis

Baosheng Liang, Shahzad Khan, Sinchia Dewi Puspita, Tan Tran, Song Du, Erika Blair, Stephen Rives

Innovative New Production Logging Methodology to Identify Refracturing Candidate Stages

Brian H. Samaroo

Insights and Observations into Limited Entry Perforation Dynamics from Fiber-Optic Diagnostics

Kiran Somanchi, Cris O'Brien, Paul Huckabee, Gustavo Ugueto

Insights into Recovery Mechanisms in Shales through Digital Rock Technology

Steve Isaac Geetan, Richard M MacDonald, Denis Klemin

Integrated Analysis of Abnormal Pressures in Source Rocks: Theory and Implications for Jurassic Unconventional Resource Exploration in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al Duhailan, Mohammed Boudjatit, Nai-Shyong Yeh, Ivan Leyva Clay Kurison, Angelica Rios Alvarez, Yasser Ghamdi, Saad Shehri

Integrated Interpretation of Microseismic and Petroleum Engineering Data for Comparison of Gas Production in Two Interfering Adjacent Wellpads in the Horn River Basin, Canada

Abdolnaser Yousefzadeh, Qi Li, Claudio Virues, Roberto Aguilera

Integrated Multidisciplinary Reservoir Characterization of the Three Forks Formation in the Williston Basin, Divide County, North Dakota

Shane M. Mogensen, Samuel D. Fluckiger, Riley Brinkerhoff, Inna Tsybulkina, Vasudev Bansal, Francisco Brito, Cesar Marin, Santi Randazzo, Michael Hoffman

Integrated Numerical Simulation Stress Field and Seismic Attribute to Predict Shale Fracture Distribution

Shize Wang, Gang Xu, Ming Guo, Zhongquan Li

Integrated Study of Dolomitization in an Evaporite Platform Evidenced by 3-D Seismic Data and Rock Analysis: Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation in Longgang Area, Sichuan Basin, China

Zhaohui Xu, Suyun Hu, Lu Wang, Shuyuan Shi

Integrating Horizontal Borehole Imagery and Cluster Analysis with Microseismic Data for Niobrara Reservoir Characterization, Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA

Colton Dudley, Tom Davis, Tom Bratton, Janel Andersen

Integration of GR Spectroscopy, Geological Core Description, Acoustic Logging, and Geomechanics for Improved Characterization of Mudstone Reservoirs

Christon Achong, Patricio Desjardins

Integration of Thermal and Solvent Extraction Methods for Improved Characterization of Hydrocarbon in Place and Producibility

Roberto Suarez-Rivera, W. D. Von Gonten, K. Vaughn, R. Zak, E. Carter, A. Kurup, N. Nelson, D. Hajek, M. Shaw

Integration of Whole Core, Drill Cuttings, and Well Log Data for Improved Characterization in the Wolfcamp Formation

Joel D Walls, Dan Buller, Anyela Morcote, Michael L. Everts, Bryan Guzman

Interpolating High-Resolution Well Log Volume Using Seismic Dip Vectors and Control Grids

Yingwei Yu

Investigation of Adsorption Effects on Nanopores in Shale Gas Reservoir by Simplified Local-Density Model

Yu Pang, M. Y. Soliman, Jie Sheng

Investigation of Gas-Water Distribution Characteristics in Kerogen Pores: A View of Intermolecular Surface Force

Dong Feng, Xiangfang Li, Jing Li, Kai Zhang, Yanan Miao, Juntai Shi, Zheng Sun, Tao Zhang, Peihuan Li, Dunqing Liu

Iron Content of Organogenic Dolomite as a Reflection of Chemical Reactions within the Zone of Sulfate Reduction: A Potential Tool for Depositional Studies of Organic-Rich Mudstones

Haleigh Howe, Steve Chipera, Leonardo Alcantar-Lopez

Joint Anisotropic Parameter Inversion Based on Nonhyperbolic Moveout and Azimuthal Amplitude Variance

Fangyu Li, Jie Qi, Bin Lyu, Kurt J. Marfurt

Joint Downhole and Surface Microseismic Processing Using 3C Template Relative Migration

T. Bardainne, L. Delmas, N. Belayouni, D. Katz, P.-F. Roux

Laboratory Evaluation of a Real-Time Coaxial Cable Casing Imager for Wellbore Integrity Monitoring

Yurong Li, Runar Nygaard, Baokai Cheng, Wenge Zhu, Hai Xiao

Langmuir Slip-Langmuir Sorption Stochastic Permeability Model of Shale

Morteza Elahi Naraghi, Farzam Javadpour

Leading Safety Performance Indicator Framework for Deep Well Injection of Waste Water

Hamed Hamedifar, Richard E. Green

Low Cost Field Application of Pressure Transient Communication for Rapid Determination of the Upper Limit of Horizontal Well Spacing

W. Kurt Rucker, Jen Bobich, Kerstan Wallace

LWD Resistivity Imaging in Invert Emulsion Oil-Based Drilling Fluid

Jianzhong Yang, Joseph Szabo, Reza E. Osgouei, Joseph Arensdorf, Rosa Swartwout, Andreas Hartmann, Stephen A. Morris

Managed Pressure Flowback in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Permian Basin Case Study

Darryl Tompkins, Robert Sieker, David Koseluk, Hugo Cartaya

Managing the Impact of Characterization and Modeling Uncertainties on EUR Assessment in Unconventional Plays

Mariano F. Raverta, Olusegun Osadiya, Frederic Brigaud, Arnaud Rostagno

Mapping of Rock Property Changes in Space and Time Using Microseismic Data through Full-Waveform Inversion

Jyoti Behura

Maximizing Efficiency in Haynesville Restimulations: A Case Study in Improving Lateral Coverage to Maximize Incremental Gas Recovery

Andrew Whitsett, James Holmedal, Dick Leonard

Maximizing Productive Stimulated Reservoir Volume in the Eagle Ford - An Infill Case Study

David M. Anderson, John M. Thompson, Stephan D. Cadwallader, Herbert Sebastian, Ivan Gil, Phillip Lee

Mexican Unconventional Plays: Geoscience, Endowment and Economic Considerations

Marcela Cruz, Edgar Urban, Roberto F. Aguilera, Roberto Aguilera

Mexico's Tithonian Pimienta Shale: Potential for Unconventional Production

Daniel Jarvie, Albert Maende

Microseismic Activity: What Does It Really Say? Insights from Coulomb Failure Function Analysis

Pierre-Francois Roux

Microseismic Geomechanical Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Horn River Basin

M. Mack, S. C. Maxwell, B. T. Lee

Microseismic Quality Control Using Synthetic Seismograms

M. C. Smith, S. D. Goodfellow, J. Huang, S. C. Maxwell, J. Teff, B. Kennedy, B. Bayliss

Migration Happens: Geochemical Evidence for Movement of Hydrocarbons in Unconventional Petroleum Systems

John E. Zumberge, John B. Curtis, Jackie D. Reed, Stephen W. Brown

Multi-Scale Rock Imaging for Reservoir Characterization: A Wolfcamp Case Study

Anyela Morcote, Radompon Sungkorn, Gustavo Carpio, Michael McGroarty, Michael Everts

Multidisciplinary Characterization of the Vaca Muerta Shale : Data Driven De-Risking of a World Class Resource Play

Oswaldo Davogustto Cataldo, Patricio Desjardins, Mark Thomas, Raul Notta, Britt Williams, José Chavarría, Volker Dieckmann

Multiscale Modeling of Gas Transport in Organic-Rich Shale: From Molecular Scale to Core Plug Scale

Mohammad Kazemi, Ali Takbiri-Borujeni

Multiscale Shale Pore Characterization

Circe Verba, Dustin Crandall, Johnathan Moore

Multivariate Analytics of Seismic Inversion Products to Predict Horizontal Production in the Wolfcamp Formation of the Midland Basin

Joe Wicker, James Courtier, Patrick Curth

New Models for Time-Cumulative Behavior of Unconventional Reservoirs — Diagnostic Relations, Production Forecasting, and EUR Methods

Wajid Yousuf, Thomas A. Blasingame

New Production Performance and Prediction Tool for Unconventional Reservoirs

Raul Velasco, Palash Panja, Milind Deo

Nitrogen Fracture-Injection/Falloff Testing and Analysis in Underpressured Reservoirs

Darryl Tompkins, Stephen Persac, David P. Craig, Joe Joe Birdwell

NMR Response of Methane in Gas Shale

Zhaobin Gu, Wei Liu, Dianqing Sun, Wei Sun, Zhiming Hu

Observations on the Geochemistry and Origin of Gases Occurring along Lower Cretaceous Shelf Margins, South Texas

Harold Illich, Lowell Waite, Beau Tinnin, Edgardo Covarrubias

Optimization of Well and Hydraulic Fracture Spacing for Tight/Shale Gas Reservoirs

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Optimizing the Development of a Stacked Continuous Resource Play in the Midland Basin

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Optimizing Well Performance in Challenging Times

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Overcoming Liner Installation Challenges in Extended Reach Laterals with a Burst Disk Sub

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Petroleum Analytics Learning Machine to Forecast Production in the Wet Gas Marcellus Shale

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Petrophysical Interpretation of Multi-Frequency Electromagnetic Measurements in Clay- and Conductive-Mineral-Rich Mudrocks

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Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbon Mixtures in the Organic Nanopores of Unconventional Gas Condensate Reservoirs

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Physical Models for Inter-Well Interference in Shale Reservoirs: Relative Impacts of Fracture Hits and Matrix Permeability

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Pore Structure Analysis by Using Atomic Force Microscopy

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Pore Systems of the Cline Shale, Midland Basin, West Texas

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Pre-drill Reservoir Evaluation Using Passive Seismic Imaging

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Predicting Permeability Anisotropy from Resistivity Anisotropy

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Predicting Realistic Natural Fracture Distributions Using Structural Modelling - Best Practice Workflows for Evaluating Prospects and Targeting Sweet Spots in Unconventional Reservoirs

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Producing Gas-Oil Ratio Behavior of Tight Oil Reservoirs

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Production Decline Analysis in the Eagle Ford

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Production Forecasting in Shale Volatile Oil Reservoirs Using Reservoir Simulation, Empirical and Analytical Methods

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Productive Potential of Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian Shale Gas Plays in the Sichuan Basin

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Quantifying Shale Oil Production Mechanisms by Integrating a Delaware Basin Well Data from Fracturing to Production

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Quantifying the Impact of Thermal Maturity on Dielectric Permittivity of Pure Kerogen in Organic-Rich Mudrocks

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Quantitative Facies Characterization of the Wolfcamp Shale, Midland Basin Using Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility and Hand-held X-Ray Fluorescence

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Rapid Refracturing Candidate Selection in Shale Reservoirs Using Drainage Volume and Instantaneous Recovery Ratio

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Rapid, Economic Microbial Monitoring Methodologies for Determining Treated Water Stability

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Rate Dependency of Bilinear Flow in Fractured Shale/Tight Gas Reservoirs

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Reducing Ambiguity in Source Rock Analyses

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Refracturing Vs. Infill Drilling - A Cost Effective Approach to Enhancing Recovery in Shale Reservoirs

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Refracturing: Empirical Results in the Bakken Formation

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Regional Saltwater Disposal Facility Planning Utilizing Data Analytic Methods

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Reservoir and Fracture Flow Characterization Using a Novel ω(τ) Formulation

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Resilience of the US Shale Production to the Collapse of Oil & Gas Prices

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Resource Play Potential of the Phosphoria Formation in Western Wyoming

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Risk Reduction for Effectively Increasing Drilling Efficiency in the Thin Reservoirs of the Three Forks of the Williston Basin. A Case Study Employing a Geostatistical Seismically Constrained Subsurface Geomodel

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Rock Mechanical Behavior at the Inch Scale in a Thinly Laminated Unconventional Formation

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Role of Multivariate Analysis to Define the Key Driver's Governing the Well Productivity in Marcellus Shale Play

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Seismic Diffraction Imaging of Lithology in Fault Zones and Hydrocarbon Sweet Spots within the Maverick Basin, South Texas

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Semi-Analytical Model for Matching Flowback and Early-Time Production of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Tight Oil Wells

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Shale Elastic Property Relationships as a Function of TOC Content Using Synthetic Samples

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Simple, Environmentally Friendly, and Economical Methods to Maximize the Reuse of Produced Water for Frac Operations

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Simulation Experiments and Characteristics of Secondary Migration Driving Force of Tight Oil: A Case Study of Jurassic in Middle Sichuan

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Simulation of Recovery Losses due to Positional Errors in Wellbore Placement

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Source Rock Characterization Utilizing Triple Combo Logs and Extended Data Sets in the Permian Basin

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Source Rock Wettability: A Duvernay Case Study

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Stratigraphic Architecture of the Niobrara Formation, Wattenberg Field Area, Colorado

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Stratigraphic Cyclicity and Reservoir Potential of Upper Pennsylvanian Cline Shale, Midland Basin, Texas

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Stress Inversion via Borehole Image Log and Fracturing Data: Integrated Approach

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Stress-Dependent Permeability and Dynamic Elastic Moduli of Reservoir and Seal Shale

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Surface Seismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Activity in Pennsylvania and West Virginia

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Technology's Role in Improving Recovery Rates, Reducing Costs and Addressing Environmental Risks in the Development of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources

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Textural and Mineralogical Control on Tensile Strength of Eagle Ford and Manco Shales Samples

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The Development and Application of a New Semi-Analytical Model to Estimate Permeability from Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure

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The Impact of Water Salinity/Surfactant on Spontaneous Imbibition through Capillarity and Osmosis for Unconventional IOR

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The Role of Natural Fractures (Joints) In the Marcellus Shale during Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Using Full 3D Modeling

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The Updip Ordovician Pt. Pleasant Shale, Eastern Ohio, Appalachian Basin, USA

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The Use of Advanced Analytical Techniques to Characterize Micro-and Nanoscale Pores and Fractures in the Bakken

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TOC Content Distribution Features in Utica-Point Pleasant Formations, Appalachian Basin

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Towards a Simplified Petrophysical Model for the Vaca Muerta Formation

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Transitional Flow Regimes in Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells

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Trapped Fluid Analysis of 58 Wells from the SCOOP and STACK Plays, Oklahoma

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Unconventional Gas Sources and Carbon Sequestration Interplay in Mui Basin, Kitui County, Kenya

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Unconventional Performance Metrics Validated Using Eagle Ford Field Data

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Understanding and Quantifying Variable Drainage Volume for Unconventional Wells

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Understanding Azimuthal P-Wave Anisotropy through Multiple Vendor and Attribute Comparisons

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Understanding Depositional Environments of the Shublik Formation of Arctic Alaska Using XRF Chemostratigraphy

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Understanding Heterogeneous Carbonate Gas Reservoirs from Horizontal and Vertical Wells, Cambrian Longwangmiao Formation, Central Sichuan Basin, China

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Understanding Organic Matter Structural Changes with Increasing Thermal Maturity from Oil Shale Plays through SEM Imaging

Leo Alcantar-Lopez

Understanding Source Rock Maturation from Generation and Microstructure Viewpoints

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Understanding Wettability Heterogeneity at the Micro and Nano Scale in Unconventional Light Oil Reservoirs

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Understanding Wolfcamp Well Performance — A Workflow to Describe the Relationship between Well Spacing and EUR

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Unpropped/Propped Fracture Permeability and Proppant Embedment Evaluation: A Rigorous Core-Analysis/Imaging Methodology

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Unraveling the Reservoir Heterogeneity of a Complex Hybrid Play by Integrating Results from Core, Outcrops and Well Logs: A Case Study from the Bakken Formation in Williams and McKenzie Co., ND Williston Basin

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Upscaling in Numerical Simulation of Shale Transport Properties by Coupling Molecular Dynamics Simulation with Lattice Boltzmann Method

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Using Core Data, Digital Rocks, and Source Rock Kinetics to Reduce Hydrocarbon Storage Uncertainty in Unconventional Reservoirs: Application to South Texas Organic Rich Mudstones

Jon Capsan, Jorge Sanchez-Ramirez

Using Depletion-Zone Microseismicity to Understand Producing Volumes

Jonathan P. McKenna, Michael H. Grealy, Michael S. Blaz, Nathan M. Toohey

Using Fluid-Induced Microseismics to Image Permeability

Andrew King, Tobias Müller

Using Machine Learning to Identify the Highest Wet Gas Producing Mix of Hydraulic Fracture Classes and Technology Improvements in the Marcellus Shale

Roger N. Anderson, Boyi Xie, Leon Wu, Arthur A. Kressner, Joseph H. Frantz Jr., Matthew A. Ockree, Kenneth G. Brown, Peter Carragher, Mark A. McLane

Using Mud Weights, DST, and DFIT Data to Generate a Regional Pore Pressure Model for the Delaware Basin, New Mexico and Texas

Sarah Rittenhouse, Jason Currie, Raleigh Blumstein

Utilizing Hybrid Array to Distinguish between Hydraulically Connected (Wet) And Stress Induced (Dry) Microseismic Events

N. Verkhovtseva, B. Bagherian, T. Mukhtarov

Utilizing Measured Drilling Parameters to Optimize Completions Design

Matthew D. Skinner, Mary Van Domelen, Bill Grieser

Validation of Core-Based Mineralogy Is Necessary for the Accurate Evaluation of Mineralogy Derived from Elemental Spectroscopy Logs

John Longo, Aamir Siddiqui, Michael Manning

VMD Based Sedimentary Cycle Division for Unconventional Facies Analysis

Fangyu Li, Tao Zhao, Yin Zhang, Kurt J. Marfurt

Water and Oil Relative Permeability of Middle Bakken Formation: Experiments and Numerical Modeling

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Water Sorption and Distribution Characteristics inside Shale Nano-capillaries and Nano-channels: Effect of Surface Force Interactions

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Web-Based Technologies for Real-time Directional Survey Quality Improvement

Jarrod S. DeVerse, Stefan Maus

Wellbore Placement in the Middle Bakken Formation Using an Azimuthal Gamma-Ray Measurement

Susana Gutierrez Carrilero, Tim Parker, David Hinz, Eric Shearer, Dan Carson

Wettability, Oil and Rock Characterization of the Most Important Unconventional Liquid Reservoirs in the United States and the Impact on Oil Recovery

J. O. Alvarez, D. S. Schechter

What I Wish My Geologist Knew About Drilling: Geosteering From a Drilling Engineer's Perspective

Samuel F. Noynaert

Why Do We Have to Care about Detailed Reservoir Characterization? We Will Break It All. Do We?

Federico González Tomassini, Damián Emmanuel Hryb, Guillermina Sagasti, José Luis Massaferro, Langhorne (Taury) Smith

Zipper Fracturing: Taking Theory to Reality in the Eagle Ford Shale

Hemali Patel, Stephan Cadwallader, Jeff Wampler