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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3-D Reservoir Characterization and Integrated Completion Optimization for Understanding Horizontal Well Spacing and Frac Staging of the Niobrara Formation, DJ Basin

Meagan Stephens, Jack Wiener, Muthukumarappan Ramurthy, Pat Kundert, John-Bosco Tran

3D Geomechanical Analysis of Refracturing of Horizontal Wells

Dharmendra Kumar, Ahmad Ghassemi

A Comparative Study of the Effects of Clay Content on the Fracture Conductivity of the Eagle Ford Shale and Marcellus Shale Formations

Jesse Guerra, Ding Zhu, A Daniel Hill

A Diagnostic Approach to Identify Complex Fracture Geometries in Unconventional Reservoirs Using a Semi-Analytical Model

Zhiming Chen, Xinwei Liao, Wei Yu, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Xiaoliang Zhao, Xiaojiang Li, He Sun

A Fast Semi-Analytical Method for Refracturing Candidate Selection and Performance Estimation of Shale Wells

Chigozie Aniemena, Iman Oraki Kohshour

A Fracture-Based Approach for Modeling Production in Stress-Sensitive Coals, Surat Basin, Australia

Seth Busetti, Sameer Ganpule, Julio Sabogal Polania, Pedro Paris

A New Approach to Geosteering in Emerging Unconventional Plays

Peter Kowalchuk, Shiblee Hashem

A New Workflow for Improved Water Saturation Assessment in Organic-Rich Mudrocks Honoring Rock Fabric

Artur Posenato Garcia, Archana Jagadisan, Ameneh Rostami, Zoya Heidari

A Novel Casing Antenna System for Crosswell Electromagnetic Telemetry in Pad Drilling

Shubin Zeng, Qiuzhao Dong, Jiefu Chen

A Quantitative Application of Seismic Inversion and Multi-Attribute Analysis based on Rock Physics Linear Relationships to identify High Total Organic Carbon Shale - A Case Study from the Perth Basin, Western Australia

Y. Altowairqi, R. Rezaee, B. Evans, M. Urosevic

A Single Core Test for Fracability, Breakdown Pressure and Conductivity

Zhengwen Zeng, Abdalah Harouaka

A Stochastic Permeability Model for Shale Formations Based on Embedded Discrete Fracture Model

Shiqian Xu, Qihong Feng, Sen Wang, Ming Zha, Ronghao Cui, Fangfang Gao, Yajuan Xu

Accurate Estimation of Tubular Fluid Flow Friction Loss During Liquid-supercritical CO2 Fracturing and Transportation

Xiaojiang Li, Gensheng Li, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Wei Yu, Haizhu Wang, Qingling Liu, Hongyuan Zhang, Zhiming Chen

Advances in Simulation of Hydrocarbon Production From Shale Reservoirs

Masoud Alfi, Zhi Chai, Bicheng Yan, Brian C. Stimpson, Maria A. Barrufet, John Killough

Alkenes Detection From Drill Bit Metamorphism and Real-Time Geochemical Elemental Analysis on Drill Cuttings Aids Drilling Optimization and Geo-steering in Tight Unconventional Laterals

Ettore Carcione, Isaac Easow, Barzin Chiniwala

An Experimental Method to Study the Impact of Fracturing Fluids on Fracture Conductivity in Heterogeneous Shales

Weiwei Wu, Rodney Russell, Mukul M. Sharma

An Integrated Approach to Development of an Unconventional Play: Geosteering Operations in the Wolfcamp of the Southern Delaware Basin

Jennifer Hernandez, J Alexandra Sloan, John Terwilliger

An Integrated Study of Geophysical, Petrophysical, and Geochemical Data to Define Optimal Reservoir Development of the Avalon Shale in the Salado Draw Field, Delaware Basin, Lea County, New Mexico

Megan Swenberg, Kenneth M. Schwartz, Meghan Hoffnagle, Miguel Merino, Patrick Taha, Don Sherlock, John Best

An Organofacies-Based Mudstone Classification for Unconventional Tight Rock & Source Rock Plays

Art Donovan, Jonathan Evenick, Laura Banfield, Noel McInnis, William Hill

An SEM Study of Porosity in the Organic-rich Lower Bakken Member and Pronghorn Member, Bakken Formation, Williston Basin

Jingqi Xu, Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Analysis of Artificially Matured Shales With Confocal Laser Scanning Raman Microscopy: Applications to Organic Matter Characterization

Grant A. Myers, Kelsey Kehoe, Paul Hackley

Application of Anisotropic Depth Imaging Onshore

Scott Sutherland, Marianne Rauch-Davies

Application of Data Analytics for Production Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Critical Review

Srikanta Mishra, Luan Lin

Application of Fiber-optic Temperature Data Analysis in Hydraulic Fracturing Evaluation--A Case Study in Marcellus Shale

Shohreh Amini, Payam Kavousi, Timothy R. Carr

Application of Integrated Core and 3-D Image Rock Physics to Characterize Niobrara Chalk Properties Including Relative Permeability With Bound Water Effect

Alan P. Byrnes, Shawn Zhang, Lyn Canter, Mark Sonnenfeld

Application of Microseismic to Assess Hydraulic Fracture Behavior in Relation to Completion Design and Landing Zone

Stacy Trowbridge, Joe Wicker, James Courtier, Ryan Fairfield, Tammy Campbell

Application of Multi-segment Well Modeling to Simulate Well Interference

Hewei Tang, Zhi Chai, Bicheng Yan, John Killough

Application of Organic Geochemistry on Assessment of Fluid Behavior and Oil Migration within the Woodford Shale in the Anadarko Basin

Mohammad W. Rahman, Dwain Veach, Ram Jayakumar, Soodabeh Esmaili

Application of Statistical Methods to Predict Production From Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs

Peng Zhou, Huiyan Sang, Liuyi Jin, W. John Lee

Applications and Limitations of Inorganic Geochemical-Chemostratigraphic Records From the Devonian Three Forks Formation, North Dakota, USA

Harry Rowe, Evan Sivil, Austin Morrell, Pukar Mainali, Gerry Torrez, Amanda Musgrove, Jarred Garza

Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Logs in Shale Gas Reservoirs for Pore Size Distribution Evaluation

Hongyan Yu, Zhenliang Wang, Reza Rezaee, Yang Su, Wei Tan, Yujie Yuan, Yihuai Zhang, Liang Xiao, Xi Liu

Applying HC Fingerprinting Technology to Determine the Amount of Oil Produced from Hydraulically-Fractured Wolfcamp Reservoirs Using Petroleum Samples Extracted From Conventional Core Plugs

Alan S. Kornacki, Joseph T. Westrich, Changrui Gong, Lucia Rodriguez, Jeff S. Etienne

Approximation of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Composite Reservoir Models Using Decline Curves

David S. Fulford

Assessment of Producible Fluid Quality From the Vaca Muerta Unconventional Play (Neuquén Basin, Argentina)

Rouven Elias, Nicolas Mottet, Olivier Ruau, François Gelin

Bakken Production Outlook Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis

Svetlana Ikonnikova, Gürcan Gülen, John Browning

Basin-scale Static Models for Unconventional Resource Plays, Example From Wolfberry in Midland Basin

Tad Gladczenko, Rachael Mays, James Hardt, Matt Houston

Best Practices in Designing and Executing a Comprehensive Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site in the Permian Basin

James Courtier, Karen Chandler, Danny Gray, Shaun Martin, Randy Thomas, Joe Wicker, Jordan Ciezobka

Biogeochemical Characterization of Core, Fluids, and Gas at MSEEL Site

Shikha Sharma, Timothy R. Carr, Paula J. Mouser, Kelly Wrighton, David Cole, Michael Wilkins, Thomas Darrah, Alexandra Hakala

Bridging the Gap Between Produced Water and Source Water: Modeling Water Management Economics to Identify Cost Saving Potential for Operators

Tyler F. Hussey, David Burnett

Can Gas-Permeability of Fractured-Shale Be Determined Accurately by Testing of Core Plugs, Drill Cuttings, and Crushed Samples?

Faruk Civan

Can Moment Tensor Inversion Aid Engineering Decisions? A Delaware Basin Case Study

Mark G. Mack, Scott M. Taylor, Jamie Rich, Dan Kahn, Jeremy King, Ben Schaeffer, Anton Reshetnikov, David Langton, Brendan Elliott, Alex Biholar

Case History of DAS Fiber-Based Microseismic and Strain Data, Monitoring Horizontal Hydraulic Stimulations Using Various Tools to Highlight Physical Deformation Processes (Part A)

Robert Hull, Robert Meek, Hector Bello, Douglas Miller

Catalytic Generation of Methane at 60 to 100°C and 0.1 to 300 MPa From Source Rocks Containing Kerogen Types I, II, and III

Lin Wei, Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz

Ceramic Proppant Transport and Placement in Heterogeneous Fracture Systems

Dhurgham A. Kadhim, Abdulmohsin Imqam, Shari Dunn-Norman

Characterization of Early-Time Performance of a Well with a Vertical Fracture Producing at Constant Pressure

Nicholas Wiewiorowski, Alex Valdes-Perez, Thomas A. Blasingame

Characterization of Sub-Log Scale Variability in Mudstones and the Effects of Variable Sampling Scales on High Resolution Models; Examples From Bone Spring Formation, West Texas

Austin Morrell, Santhosh Narasimhan, Harry Rowe, Pukar Mainali

Characterizing and Modeling Multi-Scale Natural Fractures in the Ordovician-Silurian Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale Formation in South Sichuan Basin

Qin Jun, Chenggang Xian, Xing Liang, Chuanduan Zhao, Gaocheng Wang, Lizhi Wang

Characterizing Connectivity of Multiscale Pore Structure in Unconventional Reservoirs by the Complex Network Theory

Bin Zhao, Yanjun Shang, Lu Jin, Bao Jia

Characterizing Reservoir Behaviour With Cluster-Based Microseismic Analysis

Adam M. Baig, Ted Urbancic, Katherine Bosman, Ellie Ardakani, John M. Thompson

Classification / Corroboration of Facies Architecture in the Eagle Ford Group: A Case Study in Thin Bed Resolution

Patricia Santogrossi

Combining Petrophysical Properties and Ultrasonic Velocity for Improved Prediction of Tight Carbonate Reservoir

Abdallah Abdelkarim, Osman Abdullatif

Combining Statistical Analysis With Simulation to Optimize Unconventional Completions - Upper and Lower Montney Formations, Canada

Omar Q. Mohammed, Rashid Kassim, Larry K. Britt, Shari Dunn-Norman

Comparison of Micro- and Macro-Wettability Measurements for Unconventional Reservoirs: The Devil is in the Detail

H.J. Deglint, A. Ghanizadeh, C. DeBuhr, C.R. Clarkson, J.M. Wood

Completion Optimization While Drilling – Geomechanical Steering Towards Fracable Rock Using Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy

A. Jacques, A. Ouenes, R. Dirksen, M. Paryani, S. Rehman, M. Bari

Comprehensive Modeling of Nanopore Gas Storage and Transport Including Absorption, Adsorption, and Confinement Effects in Shale-Gas Reservoirs

Faruk Civan

Constraints on Natural Fracture and In-situ Stress Trends of Unconventional Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, USA

David Forand, Vincent Heesakkers, Kenneth Schwartz

Constructing Enhanced Type Wells Using Cluster-Weighted Modeling

Nitinkumar L. Chaudhary, W. John Lee

Constructing High Resolution, Inch Scale Continuous Logs via a Multi Domain Approach to Improve Hydraulic Fracturing by Capturing Thin Beds in the Bone Spring Formation, Delaware Basin, Reeves County, TX

Santhosh Narasimhan, Pukar Mainali, Harry Rowe, Austin Morrell, Wesley Ingram, Andy Benson, Nathan Ganser, Sean Arrington

Constructing Oil/Gas Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability Curves From a Distribution of Pores in Shale Reservoirs

Brian C. Stimpson, Maria A. Barrufet

Continental Production Allocation and Analysis Through Big Data

Beau T. Rollins, Andy Broussard, Billy Cummins, Akim Smiley, Nelson Dobbs

Coupling Complex Resistivity, Geomechanical and Acoustic Properties and Permeability in Sandstone and Shale Reservoirs

Daisuke Katsuki, Azra N. Tutuncu

DAS Microseismic Monitoring and Integration With Strain Measurements in Hydraulic Fracture Profiling

Martin Karrenbach, Andrew Ridge, Steve Cole, Kevin Boone, Dan Kahn, Jamie Rich, Ken Silver, Dave Langton

Defining Linkages Between Chemofacies and Mechanical Stratigraphy in the Austin Chalk: Implications for Geomechanics and Induced Fracture Simulations

Harry Rowe, Evan Sivil, Chris Hendrix, Santhosh Narasimhan, Andy Benson, Austin Morrell, Gerardo Torrez, Pukar Mainali

Delaware Basin Leonard Reservoir Characterization, New Mexico and Texas

Sarah Rittenhouse, Yamin Li, Kate Hughston-Kennedy, Joanna Fritz, Jess Pritchard, Lauren Cassel, Valentina Baum, Sarah Liem, Tom Mooney

Delaware Basin: Seven Year Review of Activity and Performance

Kurt M. Mire, James Moomaw

Depositional Environment and Impact on Pore Structure and Gas Storage Potential of Middle Devonian Organic Rich Shale, Northeastern West Virginia, Appalachian Basin

Liaosha Song, Thomas Paronish, Vikas Agrawal, Brittany Hupp, Shikha Sharma, Timothy R. Carr

Detailed Oriented Seismic Processing Leads to More Accurate Elastic Attribute Results in the Delaware Basin

Marianne Rauch-Davies, Steve Smith, Alyona Bashkirtseva Hall

Determination of Local Diffusion Coefficients and Directional Anisotropy in Shale From Dynamic Micro-CT Imaging

Yulai Zhang, Peyman Mostaghimi, Andrew Fogden, Alessio Arena, Adrian Sheppard, Jill Middleton, Ryan T. Armstrong

Determining Bedding Slip Planes With Microseismic Processing

Natalia Verkhovtseva, Ben Bagherian, Timur Mukhtarov

Determining Fracture Geometry in a Multifractured Horizontal Well Using DFIT Interpretation, Intra-well Fracture-To-Fracture Interference, and Production History Matching

David P. Craig

Determining Quantity and Quality of Retained Oil in Mature Marly Chalk and Marlstone of the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation by Low-Temperature Hydrous Pyrolysis

Michael D. Lewan, Mark D. Sonnenfeld

Determining the Optimal Artificial Lift Implementation Strategy in the Midland Basin

Y. Pradhan, H. Xiong, J. Forrest, J. Zhu, A. Kianinejad, A. Cui, S. Gao

Developing Predictive Models for Shale Reservoirs

Stephen A. Holditch, Carlos A. Dengo

Different Flow Behaviors of Low-Pressure and High-Pressure CO2 in Shales

Bao Jia, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Reza Barati

Does Pressure Matter? A Statistical Study

Dylan Lougheed, Reza Khaksarfard, David Anderson

Dynamic Flow Behavior in Shales Described via Digital Rock Modeling Provides Insight Into Gas Injection

Richard M. MacDonald, Steve I. Geetan, Denis Klemin

Early Time SRV Characterization Through Flowback Analysis: Application of Clarkson/Williams-Kovacs Technique to Vaca Muerta

Romain Cugnart, Sedera Rasoanaivo, Jesse Williams-Kovacs, Mariano F. Raverta, Christopher Clarkson

Effective Constraint of RTA Models Utilizing Microseismicity Derived Flow Attributes

Ted Urbancic, Adam Baig, Gisela Viegas, John M. Thompson, David Anderson, Craig Rice, Lucas Martin

Effective Utilization of Field Water Resources and Optimization of Water Cycle in Reservoir Operations and Petroleum Production by Proper Characterization and Processing

Faruk Civan

Effects of Cyclic Fracturing on Acoustic Events and Breakdown Pressure

Abhishek Agrawal, A. Sakhaee-Pour

Efficient Stress Characterization for Real-Time Drawdown Management

Kurt Wilson, R R. Hanna Alla

Efficient, Low-Risk, Comprehensive Geological Characterization of Lateral Wells to Optimize Completion Performance

Dean Fratarcangeli, Tammy Alcorn, Patrick McBride, Andy Wray, Elia Haddad, Robert Laronga, Nasar Khan

EIA's Monthly Coverage of Oil and Natural Gas Production Improves Energy Forecasts for the United States

Olga Popova, Gary Long, Jeffrey Little, Barbara Mariner-Volpe, Steven Grape

Estimating Oil-Water Relative Permeability Curves Using Digital Rock Physics

Christopher J. Landry, Maša Prodanović, Rob Reed, Peter Eichhubl, Kishore Mohanty

EUR Assessment of Unconventional Assets Using Machine Learning and Distributed Computing Techniques

Zhenyu Guo, Chaohui Chen, Guohua Gao, Richard Cao, Ruijian Li, Chunlei Liu

Evaluating Hydrocarbon-in-Place and Recovery Factor in a Hybrid Petroleum System: Case of Bakken and Three Forks in North Dakota

S. Amin Gherabati, John R. Browning, Frank Male, Scott Hamlin, Katie Smye, Mark Walsh, Svetlana Ikonnikova, Guinevere McDaid, Casee R. Lemons

Evaluating the Shublik Formation as an Unconventional Resource Play on the Alaska North Slope

Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth J. Bird, Edward A. Duncan

Expandable Diverting Agents to Improve Efficiency of Refracturing Treatments

Livio Santos, Arash Dahi Taleghani, Guoqiang Li

Experimental Measurement of Fracture Permeability at Reservoir Conditions in Utica and Marcellus Shale

Luke P. Frash, J. William Carey

Extraction of Oil from the Bakken Shales with Supercritical CO2

Lu Jin, Steven Hawthorne, James Sorensen, Lawrence Pekot, Bethany Kurz, Steven Smith, Loreal Heebink, Nicholas Bosshart, José Torres, Chantsalmaa Dalkhaa, Charles Gorecki, Edward Steadman, John Harju

Facies Control on the Prospectivity of the Unconventional Mowry Formation, Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USA

Simon Purvis, Christopher Iwobi, Ronald Kenny, James P. Fenton, Vishnu Pandey, Ceri Davies

Facies Reconstruction Through Core and Borehole Image Log Integration in the Bone Spring Formation, Delaware Basin, West Texas

Aidan Blount, Tyler Croft, Brian Driskill, Long Ma, Valentina Vallega, Elia Haddad

Fast and Reliable Estimates of Low Permeabilities by the Full-Immersion Pressure-Pulse Decay

Michael J. Hannon Jr.

Fault Detection From 3-D Seismic Data and Distribution of Conjugate Faults in the Bakken Formation

Ismot Jahan, John Castagna, Michael Murphy

Field Application of a Real-Time Well-Site Drilling Advisory System in the Permian Basin

Derek Sanderson, Gregory S. Payette, Benjamin J. Spivey, Jeffrey R. Bailey, Mariano Calvo, Ryan Kong, Aaron Eddy

Finding the Nugget of Truth: Using Quantile Regression With Production Data for Comparison to Geological Controls and Completion Efficiency

Alan Lindsey, Keith Robertson

Flow Behavior Analysis of Multi-Well Communication Through Secondary Fractures in Tight Oil Reservoirs Using a Laplace Domain Hybrid Model: A Field Example From Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Pin Jia, Linsong Cheng, Christopher Clarkson, J.D. Williams-Kovacs

Flow Dynamics and Pore Scale Physics in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Najeeb S. Alharthy, Tadesse Weldu Teklu, Sherif Abd El-Gawad, Hossein Kazemi, Ramona Graves

Flow Interference Between Frac Clusters (Part 2): Field Example From the Midland Basin (Wolfcamp Formation, Spraberry Trend Field) With Implications for Hydraulic Fracture Design

Ruud Weijermars, Arnaud van Harmelen, Lihua Zuo

Flow Simulation of Complex Fracture Systems With Unstructured Grids Using the Fast Marching Method

Changdong Yang, Xu Xue, Michael J. King, Akhil Datta-Gupta

Forecasting Production from Bakken and Three Forks Wells Using a Segregated Flow Model

Frank Male, Amin Gherabati, John R. Browning, Michael Marder, Svetlana Ikonnikova

Fracture Hit Monitoring and Its Mitigation Through Integrated 3D Modeling in the Wolfcamp Stacked Pay in the Midland Basin

Baosheng Liang, Shahzad Khan, Yula Tang

Fracture Likelihood Analysis Using Seismic and Triple Combo Log Data in the Stacked-Carbonate Play of Madison County

Courtney Beck, Anna Khadeeva, Bhaskar Sarmah, Andrew Whitsett, Trey Kimbell

Gas Permeability Evolution During Production in the Marcellus and Eagle Ford Shales: Coupling Diffusion/Slip-flow, Geomechanics, and Adsorption/Desorption

Bao Jia, Dandan Li, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Reza Barati

Gas Slippage in Tight Rocks With Sub-irreducible Water Saturation

Jing Li, Pin Jia, Keliu Wu, Xiangzeng Wang, Shiyuan Qu, Juntai Shi, Tianhao Jiang, Yifu Dong

Generate Type Well Performance Curves by Combining Multi-Segment Decline Models and Calibrated Numerical Simulation Models for UR Wells in Permian Basin

Hongjie Xiong, Sunhua Gao, Hanyu Li

Geology and Petrophysics of the Bakken Unconventional Petroleum System

H. Scott Hamlin, Katie Smye, Robin Dommisse, Ray Eastwood, Casee R. Lemons, Guinevere McDaid

Geomechanical Facies Model for Wolfcamp Formation (Midland Basin)

Valeri Shelokov, Mriganko Sarkar, Ray Wydrinski

Geomechanical Investigation of Microseismic Mechanisms Associated With Slip on Bed Parallel Fractures

Robert Hull, Paul Leonard, Shawn Maxwell

Geomechanical Modeling of Time-Dependent Strain in the Bakken and Implications of Stress Shadow Interactions Between Hydraulic Fractures

Neil A. Peterson, Michael Mehle, Yamina Aimene

Geomechanics of the Microseismic Response in Devonian Organic Shales at the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL) Site, West Virginia

Erich V. Zorn, William Harbert, Richard Hammack, Abhash Kumar

GIS-based Interpretation of Rock, Oil, Gas and PVT Data to Predict New Well Outcomes – Virtual Well Examples From the Eagle Ford and Second White Speckled Shale Formations of North America

John B. Curtis, Stephen W. Brown, John E. Zumberge, Kevin A. Ferworn, Matthew M. White

High Resolution Seismic Data Derived From Prestack Inversion and Machine Learning to Accurately Position Horizontal Wells in the Midland Basin, Texas

Robert Meek, Buzz Davis, Hector Bello

High-Resolution Visualization of Flow Interference Between Frac Clusters (Part 1): Model Verification and Basic Cases

Ruud Weijermars, Arnaud van Harmelen, Lihua Zuo, Ibere Nascentes Alves, Wei Yu

Horizontal Cased Hole Evaluation Using a New Pulsed Neutron Spectroscopy Tool and Dipole Sonic

Richard Reischman, Edgar Velez, Aaron Green, Brian Reynolds, Damian Yasin, Blaine Spies

How Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs) Show Horizontal Plane Tensile and Shear Fractures in Various Stress Settings

Alan K. Nicholson, Robert C. Bachman, Robert V. Hawkes

Hydraulic Fracture Conductivity as a Function of Proppant Concentration Under Various Effective Stresses: From Partial Monolayer to Multilayer Proppants

Ming Fan, Yanhui Han, Cheng Chen

Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics and Stress Interference Analysis by Water Hammer Signatures in Multi-Stage Pumping Data

Jongsoo Hwang, Matthew J. Szabian, Mukul Sharma

Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Effect on Clay Swelling in Stimulated Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Mahdi Haddad, Alireza Sanaei, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Hydrocarbon Storage Mechanism in Shale Reservoirs and Impact on Hydrocarbon Production

Ali Tinni, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Hyperspectral Imaging: Geological and Petrophysical Applications to Reservoir Characterization

T. Kosanke, Jason Chen

Identification of Potential Lacustrine Stratigraphic Intervals in the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, Using Multi-Attribute 3-D Seismic Displays and a Supervised Neural Network

Emilio J. Torres, Roger M. Slatt, Kurt J. Marfurt, Lennon E. Infante, Luis A. Castillo

If It Is So Easy, Why Don’t You Come Do It Yourself? A Response to “What I Wish My Geologist Knew About Drilling: A Drilling Engineer’s View of Geosteering”

Raymond L. Woodward, Samuel F. Noynaert

Imaging Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Fractures in Horizontal Wells Using Functionally-Graded Electromagnetic Contrasting Proppants

Xu Zhou, Arash Dahi Taleghani, J.W. Choi

Impact Of Anisotropy Induced By Shale Lamination And Natural Fractures On Drilling, Completion, and Fracturing Design

Ming Gu

Impact of Re-Fracturing Techniques on Reserves: A Barnett Shale Example

Jared Brady, Johan Daal, Kevan Marsh, Trevor Stokes, Pavan Vajjha, Rusty Werline, Chris Williams

Impact of Solvent Extraction on Surface Area Measurements in Organic-Rich Shales using Nitrogen Adsorption

Ankita Sinha, Son Dang, Carl Sondergeld, Chandra Rai

Impact of Well Spacing and Interference on Production Performance in Unconventional Reservoirs, Permian Basin

Foluke O. Ajisafe, Irina Solovyeva, Adrian Morales, Efe Ejofodomi, Matteo Marongiu Porcu

Improved Shale Characterization Through Joint Elastic-Electrical Effective Medium Modeling

Kelvin Amalokwu, Kyle Spikes, Kevin Wolf

Improving Well Designs and Completion Strategies Utilizing Multivariate Analysis

Joe Wicker, James Courtier, Danny Gray, Travis Jeffers, Stacy Trowbridge

Increasing Hydrocarbon Recovery From Shale Reservoirs Through Ballooned Hydraulic Fracturing

Ahmed Algarhy, M. Y. Soliman, Lloyd Heinze, Sheldon Gorell, Steven Henderson, Hisham Nasr El-Din

Indirect Estimation of Fluid Transport and Rock Mechanical Properties from Elemental Compositions: Implications for “Sweet Spot” Identification in the Montney Formation (Canada)

A. Ghanizadeh, B. Rashidi, C.R. Clarkson, A. Vahedian, C.P. Vocke, A.R. Ghanizadeh

Influence of Stratigraphy on Barriers to Fracture Growth and Completion Optimization in the Meramec Stack Play, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

Buddy Price, Kyle Haustveit, Alex Lamb

Inorganic Geochemical Characteristics of Lithofacies and Their Linkages to the Mechanical Stratigraphy of Uppermost Wolfcamp and Lower Bone Spring Formations, Delaware Basin, Texas

Harry Rowe, Austin Morrell, Michael Nieto, Seay Nance, Santhosh Narasimhan, Pukar Mainali, Nathan Ganser, Jarred Garza, John Grillo

Insights from the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL)

Timothy R. Carr, Thomas H. Wilson, Payam Kavousi, Shohreh Amini, Shikha Sharma, Jay Hewitt, Ian Costello, B.J. Carney, Emily Jordon, Malcolm Yates, Keith MacPhail, Natalie Uschner, Mandy Thomas, Si Akin, Oluwaseun Magbagbeola, Adrian Morales, Asbjoern Johansen, Leah Hogarth, Olatunbosun Anifowoshe, Kashif Naseem, Richard Hammack, Abhash Kumar, Erich Zorn, Robert Vagnetti, Dustin Crandall

Intact and Shear Reactivation Strength of Eagle Ford and Woodford Shales From Multistage Triaxial Testing

Tito Henao, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Integrated Evaluatrion of Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree Formations, Cooper Basin, Australia to Develop an Optimal Approach for Sweet Spot Determination

Alexander Klokov, Alexander Repnik, Vitaliy Bochkarev, Anatoly Bochkarev

Integrated Modeling to Improve Well Performance in the Avalon Shale

Kurt Wilson, Eduardo Martinez, Meilin Du, Pablo Paez Yanez

Integrated Multi-Scale Reservoir Characterization: Wolfcamp Formation – Midland Basin

Joel Walls, Mark Ver Hoeve, Anyela Morcote, Michael Foster

Integrating AVO Analysis With Poststack Seismic Approaches to Better Understand Complex Faulting/Fracturing in the Niobrara Formation

James Applegate, W. Travis Brown, Doug Paul, Filip Soos

Integrating Microseismic and Geomechanics to Interpret Hydraulic Fracture Growth

Dan Kahn, Jon Roberts, Jamie Rich

Integrating Mineralogy, Process Sedimentology and Geomechanics for Development of a Mechanical Stratigraphy Model of the Bakken Formation

Alyssa Charsky, David Pyles, Steve Sonnenberg

Integration and Comparison of Multi-Scale Digital Rock Analysis With Bulk Rock Porosity and LECO TOC Within Multiple Appalachian Basin Formations

Joel Walls, Gabriela Davalos, Matthew Weinreich

Integration and Impact of Varying Open Hole Wireline Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Acquisition Parameters and Quantification; A Case Study in the Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin

Stephanie E. Perry

Integration of Core Data, Digital Rock Analysis, Magnetic Resonance, and Well Logs for Improved Unconventional Resource Characterization

Stephanie Perry, Joel Walls, Tiffany Rider

Integration of Large-Area SEM Imaging and Automated Mineralogy-Petrography Data for Justified Decision on Nano-Scale Pore-Space Characterization Sites, as a Part of Multiscale Digital Rock Modeling Workflow

Andrey Kazak, Svyatoslav Chugunov, Victor Nachev, Mikhail Spasennykh, Anatolii Chashkov, Eugenij Pichkur, Mikhail Presniakov, Alexander Vasiliev

Inter-Scaled Digital Core Analysis: From Core to Pore and Back

Chi Vinh Ly, Jason Mintz, Aiguo Bian, Matthew Andrew, Sreenivas Bhattiprolu

Interrogating Flowback Chemistry for Damage Markers in the Eagle Ford

Jesse Farrell, Ryan Williams, Rasika Prabhu, Sergey Makarychev-Mikhailov, William Kreimeier

Introduction to Poroelastic Response Monitoring – Quantifying Hydraulic Fracture Geometry and SRV Permeability from Offset-Well Pressure Data

Nicolas P. Roussel, Samarth Agrawal

Investigating Microstructural Heterogeneity in Organic Shale via Large-Scale, High-Resolution SEM Imaging

Hung T. Tran, Jeremy D. Jernigen, Mark E. Curtis, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Investigating the Impact of Wellbore Liquid Drop-outs on Recoverable Reserves in Utica

Olusegun Osadiya, Nurlan Seilov, Jacques Danquigny, David Foulon, Mariano F. Raverta

Investigating the Organic Matter in Shales From the Canning and Perth Basins via Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

Bobby Pejcic, Julien Bourdet, Claudio Delle Piane, Zhongsheng Li, Charles Heath, Ben Clennell

Investigating Well Interference in a Multi-Well Pad by Combined Flowback and Tracer Analysis

Yingkun Fu, Hassan Dehghanpour, Obinna Ezulike, Claudio Virues, Doug Bearinger

Investigation of Production-Induced Stress Changes for Infill Well Stimulation in Eagle Ford Shale

Xuyang Guo, Kan Wu, John Killough

Key Performance Drivers in Shale/Tight Reservoirs: A Workflow for Proper Data Normalization

Soodabeh Esmaili, Bruce Escovedo, Tyler Conner, Ravi Vaidya, Richard Hand, Ram Jayakumar

Keys to Niobrara and Codell Production, East Pony/Redtail Area, Denver Basin, Colorado

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Laboratory Investigation of Fluid Flow and Permeability Evolution Through Shale Fractures

Zhi Ye, Michael Janis, Ahmad Ghassemi, Spencer Riley

Laboratory Investigation of Proppant-Pack Conductivity: Eagle Ford and Vaca Muerta Shale

Abhinav Mittal, Chandra S. Rai, Carl H. Sondergeld

Laboratory-Scale Studies on Chemical Reactions Between Fracturing Fluid and Shale Core From the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Laboratory (MSEEL) Site

J. Alexandra Hakala, Dustin Crandall, Johnathan Moore, Thai Phan, Shikha Sharma, Christina Lopano

Lessons Learned From the Vaca Muerta: An Exploration Model to Aid Sweet-Spot Prediction in the Frontier Hanifa Unconventional Resource Play in the Middle East

Alexander Bromhead, Owen Sutcliffe, Duncan Hay, Kate Evans

Linear Post Linear Flow Production Analysis

Trent Bone, Deepak Devegowda, Jeffrey Callard

Lithology-Controlled Stress Variations: A Case Study of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma

Xiaodong Ma, Mark Zoback

Mapping the Natural Fracture Network in Utica Shale Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Shahab D. Mohaghegh

Mapping Unconventional Reservoir Stress Conditions: An Integrated Workflow Using Geological, Stimulation and Microseismic Data

Orlando J. Teran

Mechanical Index Testing of Unconventional Resource Core

Andrew P. Rathbun, Russell T. Ewy

Methods for Reconstructing Subsurface Pressure Regimes in an Unconventional Play as an Indicator of Well Performance in the Delaware Basin

Evan Kelly, Matt Laughland, Mriganko Sarkar, Donny Loughry

Microseismic Response and Geomechanical Principles of Short Interval Re-injection (SIR) Treatments

Alana Kent, David W. Eaton, Shawn Maxwell

Microseismic Without Dots – Probabilistic Interpretation and Integration of Microseismic Surveys

Ulrich Zimmer

Microstructures and Geochemical Characteristics of Bakken Shale Formations

Kouqi Liu, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Thomas Gentzis, Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz, Bailey Bubach

Midland Basin Wolfcamp Shale: Completions Observations and Lateral Length Optimization

Kyle M. Richter

Mineralogical and Physical Changes that Control Pore-Scale Shale-Gas Properties

Adam D. Jew, Anna L. Harrison, Andrew M. Kiss, Megan K. Dustin, Claresta Joe-Wong, Dana L. Thomas, Katharine Maher, Gordon E. Brown Jr., David Cercone, John R. Bargar

Mitigating Shale Gas Developments Carbon Footprint: Evaluating & Implementing Solutions in Argentina

Christiane Eygun, Jed Belgaroui, Yang Wu, Fabian Pazos

Mixed Reservoir Wetting in Unconventional Reservoirs and Interpretation of Porosity/Resistivity Cross Plots, Derived From Triple-Combo Log Data

Michael Holmes, Antony M. Holmes, Dominic I. Holmes

Modeling and Simulation of Mass Transfer and Equilibrium in Tight Oil Formations

Marjan Sherafati, Kristian Jessen

Modeling Dynamic Behaviors of Complex Fractures in Conventional Reservoir Simulators

Yifei Xu, Wei Yu, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Modeling Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Completions; A Case For Planar Hydraulic Fractures

Robert Shelley, Brian Davidson, Koras Shah

Modeling Well Interference and Optimal Well Spacing in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Fast Marching Method

Jixiang Huang, Feyisayo Olalotti-Lawal, Michael J. King, Akhil Datta-Gupta

Modifications for Fracture Damage and Changing Pressure Drawdown to Improve Accuracy of Duong Decline Model

Himanshu S. Jha, W. John Lee

Monitoring Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Movement Using Ground-Based Electromagnetics, With Applications to the Anadarko Basin and the Delaware Basin NW Shelf

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Monitoring in a Western Canadian Shale Play With a Sparse Surface Network: Moment Tensor Analysis Implications

Kit Chambers, Bogdan Batlai, Brad Bialowas, John Nieto, Dario Baturan

Multi-Disciplinary Approach for a Landing Point Criteria in Vaca Muerta Formation

Iván Lanusse Noguera, Manuel A. Fantin, Pablo A. Crespo, Luisa C. Crousse, Hernan Reijenstein, Raul A. Varela, Andres Bonelli, Fidel Morales

Multiphase Flow Simulation of Horizontal Well Artificial Lift and Life-of-Well Case Histories: HEAL System Modeled in PipeFractionalFlow

Anand Nagoo, Jeff Saponja, Trystan Wall, Kevin Eike, Mukul Sharma

Multiscale Characterization of Spatial Heterogeneity of Petroleum Source Rocks via Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Yashar Mehmani, Alan K. Burnham, Michael D. Vanden Berg, Hamdi A. Tchelepi

Multiscale Seismic Models of Complex Fracture Networks

Richard L. Gibson Jr., Yalchin Efendiev, Judith Chester, Yongchae Cho, Edith Sotelo

NMR at Different Temperatures to Evaluate Shales

Dragan Veselinovic, Derrick Green, Michael Dick

Non-Darcy Flow Regimes Coupled With Pore Compaction in Shale Gas Formations

Davud Davudov, Rouzbeh G. Moghanloo, Yuzheng Lan

Numerical Modeling of 1D Anomalous Diffusion in Unconventional Wells Using a Nonuniform Mesh

Ralf Holy, Erdal Ozkan

Oil-Generation Kinetics for Oil-Prone Bakken Shales and Its Implication

Hui Jin, Michael D. Lewan, Steve Sonnenberg

Optimization of Infill Well Development Using a Novel Far-Field Diversion Technique in the Eagle Ford Shale

Yuri Rodionov, Cyrille Defeu, Kush Gakhar, Kevin Mullen, J T. Mayo, Dan Shan, Dmitri Usoltsev, E.A. Ejofodomi

Optimization of Surfactant Flooding in Tight Oil Reservoirs

Mohammad Lotfollahi, Mohammad Reza Beygi, Ali Abouie, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Mary F. Wheeler, David A. DiCarlo

Optimization of Unconventional Well-Pad Area Using Reservoir Simulation and Intelligent Sequential Sampling

Eric Robertson, Naresh Iyer, Robert Klenner, Guoxiang (Gavin) Liu

Optimizing Field Development Strategy Using Time-Lapse Geochemistry and Production Allocation in Eagle Ford

Jason Jweda, Eric Michael, Olufemi A. Jokanola, Robert Hofer, Victoria Parisi

Optimizing the Development of the Haynesville Shale — Lessons-Learned from Well-to-Well Hydraulic Fracture Interference

Raul Esquivel, Thomas A. Blasingame

Optimizing Vertical and Lateral Spacing of Horizontal Wells in Permian Basin Stacked Bench Developments

Do Shin, Drew Popovich

Overcoming the Impact of Reservoir Depletion to Achieve Effective Parent Well Refracturing

Ripudaman Manchanda, Mukul Sharma, Mehdi Rafiee, Lionel Ribeiro

Performance Based Reservoir Characterization in a Tight Gas Reservoir System — Case Study from Lajas and Punta Rosada Formations in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina

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Permeability Estimation of a Middle-East Tight Gas Sand With NMR Data

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Perspectives on Emerging Domestic Unconventional Plays

Vello A. Kuuskraa, Taylor Malone, Brett Murphy

Petroleum Geochemistry and Mudstone Diagenesis of the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, USA – An Integrated Approach

Christopher D. Laughrey, Peter Purrazzella, K.N. Hooghan

Petrophysical characterization at the extremes and across three continents: contrasting examples from Utica, Marcellus, Longmaxi and Roseneath-Murteree resource shales

M. Ben Clennell, Matthew Josh, Lionel Esteban, Claudio Delle Piane, David Dewhurst, Vladimir Luzin

Petrophysical Characterization of the Bakken Shale for Carbon Storage Investigation

Circe Verba, Dustin Crandall, Johnathan Moore, Christina Lopano

Petrophysical Properties of Shale From Different Source Rocks in the Middle East

Moustafa Dernaika, Joel Walls, Safouh Koronfol, Osama Al Jallad, Gary Sinclair

Pore Pressure and Elastic Moduli Estimation Considerations for a Simplified Geomechanical Model for Unconventional Plays. A case study in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Sergio Cuervo, Ezequiel Lombardo

Pore-scale Evaluation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements in Organic-Rich Mudrocks Using Numerical Modeling

Saurabh Tandon, Zoya Heidari, Hugh Daigle

Pre-development Research to Understand Stakeholder Perceptions of Energy Development in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

M.E. Higgins, D.B. Burnett, U.Kreuter, R.C. Haut

Predicting ESP Lifespans With Machine Learning

Jessamyn Sneed

Predicting Sweet Spots in Shale Plays by DNA Fingerprinting and Machine Learning

Chris Te Stroet, Jonathan Zwaan, Gerard de Jager, Roy Montijn, Frank Schuren

Prediction and Analysis of Geomechanical Properties of the Upper Bakken Shale Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining

George K. Parapuram, Mehdi Mokhtari, Jalel Ben Hmida

Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis in Fracture Networks in Tight Reservoirs Using Characteristic Flow Volume

Jorge A. Acuña

Problems With Application of Material Balance Time to Transient Flow Data in Diagnostic Plots

Himanshu S. Jha, W. John Lee

Produced Water Microbial Control

Alan Shepstone, David Burnett, Keith McLeroy

Producing Gas-Oil Ratio Behavior of Unconventional Volatile-Oil Reservoirs, and Its Application in Production Diagnostics and Decline Curve Analysis

M. Khoshghadam, A. Khanal, C. Yu, N. Rabinejadganji, W. John Lee

Proppant Placement in Secondary Fractures

Songyang Tong, Kishore Mohanty

Prospect of Water Recycling Facility Requirements for Marcellus: Application of Data Analytics

Amin Ettehadtavakkol, Ali Jamali

Protection Refrac: Analysis of Pore Pressure and Stress Change Due to Refracturing of Legacy Wells

Ali Rezaei, Mehdi Rafiee, Giorgio Bornia, Mohamed Soliman, Stephen Morse

Protocols and Common Pitfalls in Disposal Data Handling for Induced Seismicity Geomodels

Casee R. Lemons, Peter H. Hennings, Robin Dommisse, Jean-Philippe Nicot, Katie Smye

Quantification and Characterization of Hydrocarbon-Filled Porosity in Liquid-Rich Shales Using Basic Programmed Thermal Extraction and Pyrolysis, LECO-TOC, Archimedes Bulk Density, and Helium Pycnometry Measurements

Kyle E. Gorynski, Mark Tobey, Daniel Enriquez, Thomas Smagala, J. Dreger, Richard Newhart

Quantification of Fracture-Matrix Fluid Transport in Unconventional Rocks Using Two-scale Microfluidic Chips

Ayaz Mehmani, Shaina Kelly, Carlos Torres-Verdin, Matthew Balhoff

Quantification of Recovery Factors in Downspaced Shale Wells: Application of a Fully Coupled Geomechanical EOS compositional Simulator

Saurabh Sinha, Deepak Devegowda, Bhabesh Deka

Quantifying Organic Porosity and Predicting Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) in the Eagle Ford Formation

Rich McLean, Carly Miller, Bryan Guzman, Joel Walls

Quantifying the Nano-Mechanical Signature of Shale Oil Formations by Nanoindentation

Kouqi Liu, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Chunxiao Li

Quantitative Real-Time DAS Analysis for Plug-and-Perf Completion Operation

Yijie Shen, Eric Holley, Mikko Jaaskelainen

Rapid Compositional Simulation and History Matching of Shale Oil Reservoirs Using the Fast Marching Method

Atsushi Iino, Aditya Vyas, Jixiang Huang, Akhil Datta-Gupta, Yusuke Fujita, Sathish Sankaran

Rapid Quantification of Mineralogy, Organic Matter, and Thermal Maturity of Cuttings With Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (DRIFTS): A Permian Basin Case Study

MaryEllen L. Loan, Michael M. Herron, Paul Craddock, Romain Prioul, Michael Prange, Kenneth M. Schwartz, Alyssa M. Charsky

Recommendations From Error Analysis of Single Well Microseismic Data With Full-Wavefield Moment Tensor Inversion: A Case Study

Juan M. Lorenzo, Trudy L. Watkins, Arash Dahi Taleghani

Refining Hydraulic Fracture Design in Tight Gas Reservoirs Using a New Generation of Slim Dipole Tools

Gabriel Gallardo Giozza, Jose R. Zambrano, Edgar Velez, Federico Sorenson, Lucia Lamberghini

Refracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale: One Operator's Quest to Identify and Rank Candidates, Minimize Well Interference, and Understand Variability of Results

Riley McFall, Kevin Mullen, Jason Baihly, Garrett Lindsay, Jung Shin

Reservoir and Completions Workflow Integration for Optimized Marcellus Field Development

Tim Budney, José E. Chirinos

Reservoir Producibility Index [RPI] From NMR Logs and the Analysis of Tight Oil Reservoirs

George B. Asquith

Resource Assessment in the Northern Midland Basin: Detailed Mapping of Late Pennsylvanian, Wolfcampian, and Early Leonardian Margins and Flooding Surfaces Using Well Logs and Seismic Data

Steven W. Sinclair, Luis Crespo, Lowell Waite, Kevin Smith, Caitlin Leslie

Resource Estimation of Eighty-Two European Shale Formations

Mart Zijp, Susanne Nelskamp, Niels Schovsbo, Lisbeth Tougaard, Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu

Rhenium-Osmium Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Permian Brushy Canyon Formation: Investigating the Controls of Re and Os Abundances in Organic-Rich Shales and the Evolution of Permian Seawater

Shawn Wright, Alan Brandon, John Casey

Risks of Microseismic Fracture Mapping Mis-interpretation: Source-Dependent Sensitivity Induced by Surface Arrays Observational Bias

Pierre-Francois Roux

Rock Typing in Eagle Ford, Barnett, and Woodford Formations

Ishank Gupta, Chandra S. Rai, Carl H. Sondergeld, Deepak Devegowda

Role of Organic Acids in Controlling Mineral Scale Formation During Hydraulic Fracturing at the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Laboratory (MSEEL) Site

J. Alexandra Hakala, Thai Phan, Mengling Stuckman, Harry M. Edenborn, Christina L. Lopano

Salt Precipitation in Ultra-Tight Hydrocarbon Reservoir Rocks: A Multi-Scale Experimental Study

Amir Hossein Alizadeh, Morteza Akbarabadi, Elizabeth Barsotti, Mohammad Piri, Neil Fishman, Nagi Nagarajan

Sampling a Stimulated Rock Volume: An Eagle Ford Example

Kevin T. Raterman, Helen E. Farrell, Oscar S. Mora, Aaron L. Janssen, Gustavo A. Gomez, Seth Busetti, Jamie McEwen, Michael Davidson, Kyle Friehauf, James Rutherford, Ray Reid, Ge Jin, Baishali Roy, Mark Warren

Seismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Activity at the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL) Site, West Virginia

Abhash Kumar, Erich V. Zorn, Richard Hammack, William Harbert

Seismic Post-stack and Pre-stack Impedance Inversions in Depth, Examples From the Woodford Formation, Anadarko Basin

Marianne Rauch-Davies, Alex Lamb, Kara Rohan

Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Characteristics of the Unconventional “Mississippian Limestone” Play, North-Central Oklahoma, USA

Zhanjing Gao, Yulun Wang

Shale Activity Test and Shale Reservoir, Shale Seal and Well Stability Properties Characterization

Konstandinos Zamfes

Shale Resource Assessment in Presence of Nanopore Confinement

I. Yucel Akkutlu, Seunghwan Baek, Olufemi M. Olorode, Pang Wei, Zhang Tongyi, Ai Shuang

Simultaneous Inversion for Microseismic Event Location and Velocity Model in Vaca Muerta Formation

Zhishuai Zhang, Jing Du, Fuchun Gao

Slim, High Resolution Laterolog Array Tool: First Field Experiences

Jean-Marc Donadille, Igor Ilyin, Martin G. Lüling, Tony Meszaros, Richard Reischman, Alexey Repnev, Vladimir Yukhlin, Nasar Khan, Mark Jones

Source Rock Reservoir Characterization Using Geology, Geochemical and Drilling Data

Robert Shelley, Amir Mohammad Nejad, Stanislav Sheludko

Spatial Continuity and Surveillance Recommendations in the Permian Basin Tight Rock Wolfcamp: Autocorrelation and Variogram Analysis for Determining Extent of Reservoir Homogeneity

Shane J. Prochnow, Hannah Luk, Matthew Jones, Michael Richey

STACKing It Up: An Economic and Geological Analysis of the STACK

Denise Yee, Gillian Johnston, David Howard, Shak Ahmed

Stochastic-based Coupling of Static and Dynamic Models: An Example From the Meremac Formation in the STACK Play

Mouin Almasoodi, Soodabeh Esmaili, Trevor Ingle

Stratigraphic Variability of the Demoinesian Marmaton Group Across the Lips Fault System in the Texas Panhandle Granite Wash, Southern Anadarko Basin

Patrick D. Jordan, Jesse J. Melick

Study on the Effect of Mineralogy and Organic Matter on Micromechanical Properties of Bakken Formation

Hao Fu, Hui Pu, Jun Ge, Xiaodong Hou

Subsurface Well Spacing Optimization in the Permian Basin

Baosheng Liang, Meilin Du, Christina Goloway, Robert Hammond, Pablo Paez Yanez, Tan Tran

Summary and Conclusions of Bakken and Three Forks Field Study

Svetlana Ikonnikova, Gürcan Gülen, John Browning

Surface to Subsurface Correlation of Eagle Ford Equivalent Strata From West to South Texas

Michael Pope, Matthew Wehner, Eric Peavey, Roy Conte, Mike Tice, Art Donovan

Tackling the Challenges of Acquiring Good Core Data From Tight Oil Reservoirs – An Example From the Bakken/Three Forks in North Dakota

Neil Fishman, Gary Simpson, Stephanie Hari-Roy

Tests of Fracture Water and Gas Permeability on Vaca Muerta Gas Shale

Kun Su, Jorge Torres, Yonatan Sanz Perl, Pierre Barlet, Atef Onaisi, Sandrine Vidal-Gilbert

The Evolution of the Montney Completion Design: Completion-Driven Well Performance Compared to Lower 48 Plays

Morgan A. Kwan

The influence of sedimentation “rate” and depositional processes on organic-richness of the Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin

Jason S. Mintz, Barbara Rich, Jens Koester, Jim Fenton, Ceri Davies, Jim Harris, Adriana Perez

The Lower Montney Turbidite Complex of Northwest Alberta and Northeast British Columbia: Evolution of an Oil and Gas Play From Conventional to Unconventional

Richard Sereda, John Fur

The Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Laboratory (MSEEL): Water and Solid Waste Findings--Year One

Paul F. Ziemkiewicz

The plug drum effect, or why your microseismic events may not be where you think they are

Guillaume Bergery, Zhishuai Zhang, Jing Du, D. Diller, T. Shuck, B. Fish

The Rise of the Machines, Analytics, and the Digital Oilfield: Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Machine Learning and Cognitive Analytics

Kathy Ball, Tristan Arbus, Uchenna Odi, Jessamyn Sneed

The Role of Porosity in the Development of Parallel Bedded Calcite Filled Fractures (or Beef) in the Vaca Muerta: An Integrated Analysis From High Resolution Core Data

Alain Lejay, Salomé Larmier, Philippine Rutman, François Gelin

The Unconventional Play in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina – Insights From the Outcrop for the Subsurface

Gregor P. Eberli, Ralf Weger, Max Tenaglia, Laura Rueda, Leticia Rodriguez, Michael Zeller, Donald McNeill, Sean Murray, Peter Swart

The Use of Pump Down Pressure Responses to Diagnose Hydraulic Fracture Characteristics

Abigail Roark, George Waters, Nick Ashley

The Use of Time-Lapse Seismic Attributes for Characterizing Hydraulic Fractures in a Tight Siltstone Reservoir

N. Riazi, C.R. Clarkson

The Value of Microseismic Monitoring and Interpretation of Microseismic Event Hypocenters – Myths, Misconceptions, Realities, and Opportunities

Erkan Ay, Nigel Payne, Joel Le Calvez, Herve Denaclara

Thermal Maturity Differences in Oils Produced From Lower Permian Wolfcamp A, B & C Laterals, Midland Basin

John Zumberge, Don Rocher, Jackie Reed

Thermodynamic Behavior of Liquid-Supercritical CO2 Fracturing in Shale

Xiaojiang Li, Gensheng Li, Wei Yu, Haizhu Wang, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Zhiming Chen, He Sun, Shikun Zhang

Time Lapse Geochemistry (TLG) Application in Unconventional Reservoir Development

Faye Liu, Eric Michael, Kyrre Johansen, David Brown, Jeffrey Allwardt

Time-Lapse Imaging of a Hydraulic Stimulation Using 4-D Vertical Seismic Profiles and Fiber Optics in the Midland Basin

Robert Meek, Kevin Woller, Mark George, Robert Hull, Hector Bello, Jed Wagner

Timely Understanding of Unconventional Reserves through Rate Transient Analysis – a Vaca Muerta Case Study

John M. Thompson, David M. Anderson, Daniel Nakaska, Matias Fernandez Badessich, Cameron T. Boulton

Towards a Balance of Pore Size Distribution of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: a Combination of Bulk Techniques Applied to Comparable Sub-Samples Localized by 3D X-ray µ-Tomography

Natalia Matskova, Dimitri Pret, Stéphane Gaboreau, Philippe Cosenza, R. Brechon, I. Gener, Claire Fialips, G. Dubes, François Gelin

Trade-offs and Implications of Two-stage Versus One-stage Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Investment Strategies: A Case Study of the Barnett Play

Wonjae Jang, Svetlana Ikonnikova

Unconventional EOR: A Capillary Based Improved Oil Recovery Case Study for Shale Oil Scenarios in the Vaca Muerta Resource Play

Fernando R. Tuero, Marcelo Crotti, Ines Labayen

Unconventional Reservoir Characterization Using Azimuthal Seismic Diffraction Imaging

Dmitrii Merzlikin, Sergey Fomel, Xinming Wu, Mason Phillips

Unconventional Reservoir Potential From Trapped Fluid Analysis Onshore Canning Basin, Australia

Sarah Feiner, Rachel Lishansky, Wipawon Phiukhao, Jiun-Chi Chao, Russell Moore, Don Hall, Carrie Kubacki

Understanding the 'Frac-Hits' Impact on a Midland Basin Tight-Oil Well Production

Hao Sun, Dengen Zhou, Adwait Chawathé, Baosheng Liang

Unique Multidisciplinary Approach to Model and Optimize Pad Refracturing in the Haynesville Shale

Tao Xu, Garrett Lindsay, Jason Baihly, Raj Malpani, Efe Ejofodomi, Dan Shan

Use of In-Situ Fluid Heterogeneity Characterization and Flowback Fluid Compositions to Constrain Fracture Height Growth and EOR Modeling in Liquid-Rich Low-Permeability Reservoirs

C.R. Clarkson, S.M. Ghaderi, M.S. Kanfar, B. Haghshenas, C.S. Iwuoha

USGS Assessment of Water and Proppant Requirements and Water Production Associated With Undiscovered Petroleum in the Bakken and Three Forks Formations

Seth S. Haines, Brian Varela, Sarah Hawkins, Nicholas Gianoutsos, Marilyn Tennyson

Using a Systematic, Bayesian Approach to Unlock the True Value of Public Data; Midland Basin Study

Sean Clifford, Tim Torres

Using Data Analytics to Understand the Impact of Enhanced Completion Designs and Production Trends Within the Wattenberg Field, Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado

Aaron Reimchen, Dane Gregoris, Gibson Scott, Kristina Repchuk, Justin Lepore

Using Fracture Stress Shadows to Drive Stage Spacing

Jonathan P. McKenna, Michael S. Blaz, Michael H. Grealy, Orlando J. Teran

Using Seismic Inversion to Predict Geomechanical Well Behavior: A Case Study From the Permian Basin

Simon S. Payne, Jerry Meyer

Utilizing A Viscoplastic Stress Relaxation Model to Study Vertical Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Permian Basin

Shaochuan Xu, Fatemeh Rassouli, Mark Zoback

Water Consumption and Proppant Transport Aspects of Foam Fracturing Fluids

James McAndrew, Pablo Cisternas, Antoine Pruvot, Xianhui Kong, Songyang Tong

Water Weakening: Case Study From Marcellus and Woodford

Ishank Gupta, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai, Ronny Hofmann

Well Economics and Production Outlook: Analysis of the Bakken Oil Play

Svetlana Ikonnikova, Gürcan Gülen, John Browning

Well Interference and Optimum Well Spacing for Wolfcamp Development at Permian Basin

Richard Cao, Ruijian Li, Alejandro Girardi, Nitin Chowdhury, Chaohui Chen

Well Productivity Analysis of the Bakken Shale Play

Emilian R. Vankov, Svetlana Ikonnikova, Gurcan Gulen, Kenneth Medlock

Well Spacing Optimization in Eagle Ford Shale: An Operator’s Experience

Mehdi Rafiee, Tarun Grover

Well Test Workflow to Characterize Sustainable Water Sources for the Permian Basin Unconventional Development

Yula Tang, Baosheng Liang, Leif Larsen, Hannah Luk

Wellbore Integrity R&D: Ensuring Well Control and Zonal Isolation in Unconventional Resource Plays

Erica Folio, Olayinka Ogunsola, Elena Melchert

Wellsite Chemostratigraphy in the Petroleum Province of Anadarko Basin: How Thermal Pulses, Deposition and Diagenesis Influence Hydrocarbon Accumulation

Alessandro Pozzi, Isaac Easow, Mario Ruggiero

What Happens to Permeability at the Nanoscale? A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

Raul Velasco, Manas Pathak, Palash Panja, Milind Deo