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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3-D Anisotropic Damage Mechanics for Modeling Interaction Between Hydraulic and Natural Fracture Planes in a Layered Rock – Application to Eagle Ford and Wolfcamp

Yamina Aimene, Chad Hammerquist, John A. Nairn, Ahmed Ouenes

A Chemical Blend for Stimulating Production in Oil-Shale Formations

Chammi Miller, Songyang Tong, Kishore K. Mohanty

A Coupled Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Model Considering Multiple Bedding Layers

Jizhou Tang, Kan Wu, Lihua Zuo, Christine Ehlig-Economides

A Fiber-optic Assisted Multilayer Perceptron Reservoir Production Modeling: A Machine Learning Approach in Prediction of Gas Production from the Marcellus Shale

Payam Kavousi Ghahfarokhi, Timothy Carr, Shuvajit Bhattacharya, Justin Elliott, Alireza Shahkarami, Keithan Martin

A Finite-difference Based Multi-scale Approach for Electromagnetic Digital Rock Modeling

Mengping Yu, Yibo Wang, Jin-Hong Chen, Ji Chen

A Method of Fracture Prediction Across Multiple Stratigraphic Horizons in the Midland Basin, Texas, USA

Caleb Pollock, Christian Seiler, Manoel Valcárcel, Euan Macaulay

A Methodology to Characterize Well Performance in the Delaware Basin: A Wolfcamp Case Study

Kshitij Mohan, Steve Macalello, Benjamin Lascaud

A Model-Based Diagnostic Workflow for Time-Rate Performance of Unconventional Wells

David S. Fulford

A New Look at Reserves Estimation of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Mazher H. Ibrahim, Omar Mahmoud, Chester Pieprzica

A New Method for Quantifying Cation Exchange Capacity: Application to Organic-Rich Mudrock Formations

Kai Cheng, Zoya Heidari

A New Model for Pressure Transient Analysis of Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs With Continuum and Discrete Fracture Networks

Zhiming Chen, X W. Liao, H Zhang, Wei Yu, X D. Shen, Xiaoqing Shang, J L. Zhang, Hongyang Chu, Qingling Liu

A Novel Method for Experimental Characterization of the Poroelastic Constants in Unconventional Formations

Deepak Gokaraju, Munir Aldin, Akshay Thombare, Abhijit Mitra, Sudarshan Govindarajan, Robert Patterson

A Novel Methodology for Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry Analysis, Data Reduction, Blank Correction and Interpretation for Shales

Kyle E. Gorynski, Terrence Dewane, Tom Smagala, Mark H. Tobey, John Mansoori

A Physical Decline Curve for Fractured Horizontal Wells

Vincent Artus, Olivier Houzé

A Practical Way to Prepare Physical-Based Type Well Performance Curves for Unconventional Reservoirs in the Permian Basin

Hongjie Xiong, Tiejun Zhu, James Forest, Cao Yang, Jae Wook Lee, Harish Kumar, Chen Li

A Production Decline Model Based on Anomalous Diffusion Stemming from Complex Fracture Network

Shuai Liu, Han Li, Peter Valkó

A Simple and Cost-Effective Workflow for Engineered Perforations

Byron Cottingham, Jerome Truax, Sam Roark, Matt Padgham, Xiaoxuan An, Steve Denney

A Strategy for De-risking the Upper Vaca Muerta as a Dual-Layer Development

Kristen Boyd, Raúl Notta, Deniz Cakici, Mark A. Thomas

A Unified Model to Predict Flowing Pressure and Temperature Distributions in Horizontal Wellbores for Different Energized Fracturing Fluids

Zhengming Xu, Kan Wu, Xianzhi Song, Gensheng Li, Zhaopeng Zhu, Zhaoyu Pang

A Validated Digital Rock Workflow to Accurately Predict Apparent Permeability in Tight Rocks

Juan F. Bautista, Luke Fidler, Dave Freed, Bernd Crouse, Gana Balasubramanian, Hudong Cheng, Raoyang Zhang, Chaitrali Ghodke

Accelerated Stimulation Optimization via Permanent and Continuous Production Monitoring Using Fiber Optic

Gustavo A. Ugueto C., Magdalena Wojtaszek, Paul T. Huckabee, Alan Reynolds, Jim Brewer, Luis Acosta

Accelerating Well Construction Using a Digital Twin Demonstrated on Unconventional Well Data in North America

Gurtej S. Saini, Pradeepkumar Ashok, Eric van Oort, Matthew R. Isbell

Additional Applications of Optimal Artificial Lift Strategies in the Permian Basin

Yogashri U. Pradhan, Hongjie Xiong, James K. Forrest, Jane Zhu

Additional Applications on Determining Optimal Lateral Lengths and Trajectories on University Lands’ Delaware Basin

Yogashri U. Pradhan, Hongjie Xiong

Advanced Characterization and Novel Waste Management for Drill Cuttings From Marcellus Shale Energy Development

Mengling Y. Stuckman, Harry M. Edenborn, Christina L. Lopano, J. Alexandra Hakala

Advanced Downhole Measurements and 3D Model Based Geosteering Improves Wellbore Placement Accuracy

Christopher Viens, Mark Tomlinson

Advanced Modeling of Production Induced Stress Change Impact on Wellbore Stability of Infill Well Drilling in Unconventional Reservoirs

Wei Zheng, Lili Xu, Piyush Pankaj, Foluke Ajisafe, James Li

Advances in Borehole Imaging in Unconventional Reservoirs

Marian Morys, Sergei Knizhnik, Andrew R. Duncan, Brady E. Tingey

Alternative Production Mechanisms in Unconventional Reservoirs

Jorge A. Acuña, Shugang Wang, David Forand

An Efficient Method to Determine Wormhole Propagation During Matrix Acidizing

Zhaoqi Fan, Xiaoli Li, Russell D. Ostermann, Jie Jiang

An Industrialized Approach to Stage-by-Stage Completion Designs

William D. Logan, Panagiotis Dalamarinis, Brandon Williams, Katie Urbis, Stephen Lipari

An Integrated Approach to Optimizing Completions and Protecting Parent Wells in the Montney Formation, N.E.B.C.

John Nieto, Graham Janega, Bogdan Batlai, Hugo Martinez

An Integrated Field and Numerical Study of the Impact of Formation Anisotropy on Stage Spacing in Horizontal Wells

Varahanaresh Sesetty, Ahmad Ghassemi, Ivan Gil

An Integrated Geological Modeling Approach to Assess Potential of Field Wells for Application of a Surfactant Imbibition Process in an Ultra-Tight Rock Formation

Stephen L. Detwiler, Dongmei Wang

An Integrated Geomechanics-Reservoir Simulation Workflow for Completion Design Optimization

Tzu-hao Yeh, Deniz Cakici, James Jennings, Johannes Will, Jose Chavarria Guerra, Melanie Durand, Britt L. Williams, Tianhong Chen, Rebecca Casillas, Vivek Jain, Hope Liu, Ruijian Li, Taixu Bai

An Integrated View of the Petrology, Sedimentology, and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin, Texas

Michelle Thompson, Patricio Desjardins, Jennifer Pickering, Brian Driskill

Analysis and Distribution of Proppant Recovered From Fracture Faces in the HFTS Slant Core Drilled Through a Stimulated Reservoir

Sara J. Elliott, Julia F. W. Gale

Analyzing the impact of fracture complexity on well performance and wettability alteration in Eagle Ford shale

Jiawei Li, Wei Yu, Kan Wu

Application of Integrated Core and Multiscale 3-D Image Rock Physics to Characterize Porosity, Permeability, Capillary Pressure, and Two- and Three-Phase Relative Permeability in the Codell Sandstone, Denver Basin, Colorado

Alan P. Byrnes, Shawn Zhang, Lyn Canter, Mark D. Sonnenfeld

Applications of a Novel Hybrid Model for Unconventional Reservoirs

Joseph A. Ayoub, Brian Blakey, S Krishnamurthy, R.K.M. Thambynayagam

Are Redox-Sensitive Geochemical Proxies Valid in Mature Shales?

Dakota R. Lindsey, Susan M. Rimmer, Ken B. Anderson

Artificial Lift Selection and Its Applications for Deep Horizontal Wells in the Unconventional Reservoirs

Piyush Pankaj, Katherine Escobar Patron, Haidan Lu

Assessment of In-situ Proppant Placement in SRV Using Through-Fracture Core Sampling at HFTS

Debotyam Maity, Jordan Ciezobka, Sarah Eisenlord

Barium Sources in Hydraulic Fracturing Systems and Chemical Controls on its Release into Solution

Adam D. Jew, Qingyun Li, David Cercone, Kate Maher, Gordon E. Brown Jr., John R. Bargar

Bench-Top Experiments Evaluating Simulated Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Interactions with Marcellus Shale Core

Johnathan Moore, Wei Xiong, Christina Lopano, Thai Phan, Amelia Vankeuren, Shikha Sharma, John Pilewski, Karl Jarvis, Sarah Brown, Dustin Crandall, Alexandra Hakala

Can Friction Reducers Transport Sand During Fracturing Treatment?

Lingjuan Shen, Leonid Vigderman, David Heller, Diankui Fu

Can Seismic Inversion Be Used for Geomechanics? A Casing Deformation Example

Jeremy J. Meyer, Jeremy Gallop, Alvin Chen, Scott Reynolds, Scott Mildren

Case study: Casing Deformation Caused by Hydraulic Fracturing-Induced Fault Slip in the Sichuan Basin

Zhaowei Chen, Lang Zhou, Rall Walsh, Mark Zoback

Causes of Resistivity Reversal in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina

Alberto César Ortiz, Carolina Bernhardt, Federico González Tomassini, Stephen Cumella, Pablo Saldungaray, Laurent Mosse

Cement Placement in Severe Doglegs and Its Impact on Well Integrity: A Numerical Assessment

Hao Yu, Arash Dahi Taleghani, Zhanghua Lian

Characterization of Thermal Evolution of Pores and Fluids in Shales Using NMR 2D Measurement

Han Jiang, Hugh Daigle, Boyang Zhang, Xiao Tian

Characterizing Well Spacing, Well Stacking, and Well Completion Optimization in the Permian Basin – An Improved and Efficient Workflow Using Cloud Based Computing

Piyush Pankaj

Chemical Stimulation with Driving Process to Extract Oil from Tight Formation

Jin Zhang, Dongmei Wang

Coherence Attribute Applications on Seismic Data in Various Guises

Satinder Chopra, Kurt Marfurt

Comprehensive Study of Gas Cycling in the Bakken Shale

Alireza Sanaei, Ali Abouie, Mohsen Tagavifar, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Comprehensive Workflow for Lab to Field-Scale Numerical Simulation to Improve Oil Recovery in the Eagle Ford Shale by Selective Testing and Modeling of Surfactants for Wettability Alteration

I Wayan Rakananda Saputra, David S. Schechter

Compressibility, Porosity, and Permeability of Shales Involving Stress Shock and Loading/Unloading Hysteresis

Faruk Civan

Condensate Blocking and Mitigation in Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs: An Integrated PVT Modeling and Simulation Evaluation

Narayana R. Nagarajan, Abdollah Orangi

Considerations in Azimuthal Processing and Velocity Inversion for Unconventional Plays

Michael J. Perz, William Keller, Victor Kriechbaum

Controls on Liquid Hydrocarbon Permeability of Tight Oil and Liquid-Rich Gas Reservoirs: Examples from Bakken and Montney Formations (Canada)

A. Ghanizadeh, C.R. Clarkson, C. Song, A. Vahedian, C. DeBuhr, H.J. Deglint

Criteria for Proper Production Decline Models and Algorithm for Decline Curve Parameter Inference

Peng Zhou, Yuewei Pan, Huiyan Sang, W. John Lee

Decoding Positives or Negatives of Fracture-Hits: A Geomechanical Investigation of Fracture-Hits and its Implications for Well Productivity and Integrity

Piyush Pankaj

Defining the Optimal Drawdown Strategy in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Alejandro A. Lerza, Baosheng Liang, Daniela Rojas

Degradation Study on Materials for Dissolvable Frac Plugs

Shinya Takahashi, Aki Shitsukawa, Masayuki Okura

Depth of Investigation for Linear Flow: Theory and Practice

Arjun Ravikumar, John Lee

Determination of Confined Fluid Phase Behavior Using Modified Peng-Robinson Equation of State

Gang Yang, Zhaoqi Fan, Xiaoli Li

Determination of Shale Matrix Permeability through Dynamic Methane Production Experiments Using Variable Pressure Gradients

Kunkun Fan, Yajun Li, Derek Elsworth, Mingzhe Dong, Hao Yu, Congbin Yin, Yanchao Li

Determining the Impact of Mineralogy Composition for Multiphase Flow Through Hydraulically Induced Fractures

Javier E. Santos, Maša Prodanović, Christopher J. Landry, Honggeun Jo

Developing Predictive Power in the Permian: Leveraging Advanced Petrophysics to Deliver Cash to the Business

Aidan Blount, Tyler Croft, Brian Driskill, Adam McMullen, Melanie Durand

Development of A High-Performance Cement Slurry Antifoamer Through Lab Evaluation and Field Trials

Li Jiang, Logan Cabori, Benjamin Abrams, John Terracina

Development of a Mixed Polymer Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid for High Temperature Applications

Tariq Almubarak, Jun Hong Ng, Khatere Sokhanvarian, Mohammed Khaldi, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din

Development of Raman Spectroscopy as a Thermal Maturity Proxy in Unconventional Resource Assessment

Grant Myers, Kelsey Kehoe, Paul Hackley

Development of the Stacked Pay in the Delaware Basin, Permian Basin

Farhan Alimahomed, Raj Malpani, Rohann Jose, Cyrille Defeu, Edgar Ignacio Velez Arteaga, Elia Haddad

Diagnosing Fracture-Wellbore Connectivity Using Chemical Tracer Flowback Data

Ashish Kumar, Mukul M. Sharma

Diagnosing the Health of Your Well With Rate Transient Analysis

David Anderson, John M. Thompson, Hamid Behmanesh

Diagnostic Applications of Borehole Hydraulic Signal Processing

Connor J. Clark, Jennifer L. Miskimins, Dana L. Gallegos

Downhole Microseismic Mapping of More Than 400 Fracturing Stages on a Multiwell Pad at the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS): Discussion of Operational Challenges and Analytic Results

Neil A. Stegent, Cody Candler

Effect of Interbeds on Hydraulic Fracture Characteristics and Formation Pressure Response

Matthew Profit, Martin Dutko, Adam Bere, Uno Mutlu

Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Chemistry on Shale Matrix Permeability

Abdulgader A. Alalli, Qingyun Li, Adam Jew, Arjun Kohli, John Bargar, Mark Zoback, Anthony Kovscek

Effects of Porous Properties of Rock on Near-Wellbore Hydraulic Fracture Complexity

Yongcun Feng, K. E. Gray

Elk Hills Monterey Formation - Challenge of Incorporating Complex Natural Fractures to Improve Production Understanding

Robert Gales, Rad Sobczyk, Nicholas Harvey

Emerging Shale Oil Plays in Hypersaline Lacustrine Qianjiang Formation, Jianghan Basin, Central China

Maowen Li, Xiaoxiao Ma, Zhiming Li, Qigui Jiang, Shiqiang Wu

Enhancing Friction Reducer Performance in High Salt Conditions

Brian Seymour, Dawn Friesen, Aaron Sanders

Enhancing Placement of Microsized Proppant in Microfractures for Increasing Stimulated Reservoir Volume in Shale Reservoirs

Liang Xu, Kai He, Philip Nguyen, Paul Lord

Environmental Impact Analysis on the Hydraulic Fracture Test Site (HFTS)

Sarah Eisenlord, Thomas Hayes, Kent Perry

Estimating Carbon Intensity of Unconventional Plays

D. N. Meehan

Estimation of Fracture Geometries From Poroelastic Pressure Responses in Offset Wells

Sean Spicer, Erica Coenen

Estimation of Seismic Attenuation in the Delaware Basin Using Peak Frequencies

Małgorzata Drwiła, Leo Eisner, Zuzana Jechumtalová, Denis Anikiev, Randy Keller

Ethane Flooding as an Alternative to CO2 Injection in Tight Formations: A Bakken Case Study

Barco N. Yolo, Yannick Agbor, Hui Pu

Evaluating Fracture Volume Loss during Flowback and its Relationship to Choke Size: Fastback versus Slowback

Yingkun Fu, Hassan Dehghanpour, Siyavash Motealleh, Carlos Manuel Lopez, Robert Hawkes,

Evaluating Underperforming Wells on Permian Basin University Lands

Yogashri Pradhan, Hongjie Xiong, James Forrest, Jane Zhu, Jeff Spath

Experimental and Numerical investigation of Fracture Toughness of Anisotropic Shale Rocks

Yu Suo, Zhixi Chen, Sheik Rahman

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Confinement Effect on Gas Properties in Nano-scale Porous Media

Shadi Salahshoor, Mashhad Fahs

Extracted Pore-Network Model for Shales Characterizing Geometry of Void Space

Da Zheng, Zulfiquar A. Reza

Feature Detection for Digital Images Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Image Processing

Xiao Tian, Hugh Daigle, Han Jiang

Field Scale Proppant Transport Simulation and Its Application to Optimize Stimulation Strategy

Rui Kou, George J. Moridis, Tom Blasingame

Field Test of CO2 Injection in a Vertical Middle Bakken Well to Evaluate the Potential for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage

James A. Sorensen, Lawrence J. Pekot, José A. Torres, Lu Jin, Steven B. Hawthorne, Steven A. Smith, Lonny L. Jacobson, Thomas E. Doll

First Unconventional Play From Peruvian Northeast: Muerto Formation

Walter Morales, Jerjes Porlles, Jose Rodriguez, Heraud Taipe, Americo Arguedas

Flow Behavior from Organic and Mineral-Hosted Porosity Systems —From Pores to Production

Richard M. MacDonald, Steve Isaac Geetan, Denis Klemin, Barbara Hill

Flowback in Shale Wells: Proppant Transport and Distribution in the Wellbore

Kamilia Putri, Haidan Lu, Chun Ka Kwok, Katharine Moncada

Fluid Heterogeneity on a Well-Box Scale in Tight Unconventional Reservoirs

Curtis H. Whitson, Fahd Alqahtani, Ellie Chuparova

Fracture Closure (FC) Determination From Two Successive DFITs (Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test) in One Formation

Yawar Rizwan, Guoqing Liu

Fracture Initiation and Propagation Characteristics for Radial Drilling-Fracturing: An Experimental Study

Qingling Liu, Shouceng Tian, Gensheng Li, Wei Yu ,Mao Sheng, Xin Fan, Zhenxiang Zhang, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Zhaoquan Guo, Lidong Geng

Fracture Productivity Prediction Considering Natural Fracture Formation Proximal to Fault Damage Zone

Travis Ramsay, Luisalic Hernandez, Jennifer Li, Meftun Erdogan

Full-Field Strain Measurement on Rocks with Horizontal Natural Fractures

Mehdi Mokhtari, Fatick Nath, Shuxian Jiang

Gas Injection for EOR in Organic Rich Shales. Part II: Mechanisms of Recovery

Francisco D. Tovar, Maria A. Barrufet, David S. Schechter

Geochemical Characterization of the Eagle Ford Formation in Northeast Mexico

Sandra Ortega-Lucach, Leopoldo Gutierrez-Caminero, Ricardo Torres-Vargas, Gustavo Murillo-Muñetón

Geological Controls on Fluid Compositional Variations in Unconventional Hybrid Plays: Insight from Gas Geochemistry (Montney Play, Western Canada)

Tristan Euzen, Jean-Yves Chatellier, Andy Mort

Geological Facies Prediction Using Computed Tomography in a Machine Learning and Deep Learning Environment

Uchenna Odi, Thomas Nguyen

Geomechanical Modeling and Wellbore Stability Analysis Approach to Plan Deep Horizontal Wells Across Problematic Formations

Ahmed K. Abbas, Ralph Flori, Mortadha Alsaba

Geomechanical Simulation of Different Conceptual Models for Microseismic Interpretation

Shawn C. Maxwell, Atena Pirayehgar

Global Competitiveness of the US Tight Oil Cost Curve

Robert G. Clarke, Harry Paton

High-Field (400 MHz) T2 Measurements Using a Custom-Built NMR Probe, Eagle Ford Shale, Gonzales and La Salle Counties, Texas

Bryan McDowell, Azra N. Tutuncu, Yuan Yang

High-Quality 3-D MicroCT Imaging of Source Rocks – Novel Methodology to Measure and Correct for X-Ray Scatter

Alexander Katsevich, Michael Frenkel, Qiushi Sun, Shannon L. Eichmann, Victor Prieto

Hindcasting Production in Four Shale Gas Basins Using a Physics-based Approach

Frank Male

Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection Performance in Shale Reservoirs: A Case Study From Duvernay Shale in Alberta, Canada

H. Hamdi, C.R. Clarkson, A. Ghanizadeh, S.M. Ghaderi, A. Vahedian, N. Riazi, A. Esmail

Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in a Vertically and Laterally Heterogeneous Stress Media in the Permian Basin

Leonardo Cruz, Ghazal Izadi, Colleen Barton, Tobias Hoeink, Brendan Elliott

Hydraulic Fractures in Core From Stimulated Reservoirs: Core Fracture Description of HFTS Slant Core, Midland Basin, West Texas

Julia F. W. Gale, Sara J. Elliott, Stephen E. Laubach

Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS) – Project Overview and Summary of Results

Jordan Ciezobka, James Courtier, Joe Wicker

Identification and Evaluation of Viscoelastic Surfactants Including Smart Viscoelastic Systems for Generation and Stabilization of Ultra-Dry N2 and CO2 Foam for Fracturing Fluids and Proppant Transport

Shehab Alzobaidi, Mohammad Lotfollahi, Congwen Lu, Michael Bloom, Xuan Zhang, Masa Prodanovic, Keith Johnston, David DiCarlo

Identifying Volcanic Ash Beds and Lamina-scale Stratigraphy Using Rock Mechanical Properties

Alice Hildick, Jesse Havens

Imaging Pyrite Oxidation and Barite Precipitation in Gas and Oil Shales

Qingyun Li, Adam Jew, Andrew Kiss, Arjun Kohli, Abdulgader A. Alalli, Anthony Kovscek, Mark Zoback, David Cercone, Kate Maher, Gordon Brown, John Bargar

Impact of Authigenic Surface Roughness on Water Invasion and Flowback in Fractured Media: A Micromodel Study

Ayaz Mehmani, Shaina A. Kelly, Carlos Torres-Verdin, Matthew Balhoff

Impact of Cluster Spacing on Infill Completions in the Eagle Ford

Shea Evans, Shameem Siddiqui, Jeremy Magness

Impact of Cyclic Pressure Loading on Well Integrity in Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing

Diego Barreda, Mojtaba P. Shahri, Randy Wagner, George King

Impact of Natural Fractures Beyond the Hydraulic Fracture Complexity in Unconventional Reservoirs – A Permian Case Study

Piyush Pankaj, James Li

Impact of Pore Pressure Depletion on Stress Reorientation and its Implications on the Growth of Child Well Fractures

Shivam Agrawal, Mukul Sharma

Impacts of Geochemical Properties on Wettability of Kerogen and Organic-rich Mudrocks

Archana Jagadisan, Zoya Heidari

Impacts of Kerogen and Clay on Stress-Dependent Permeability Measurements of Shale Reservoirs

Cheng An, Xuyang Guo, John Killough

Improved Rate-Transient Analysis for Heterogeneous Fractured Liquid-Rich Tight Reservoirs with Non-Static Properties

B. Yuan, Z. Zhang, H. Hamdi, C.R. Clarkson

Improving Marcellus Imaging Through the Use of FWI and Joint Tomographic Inversion for Velocity and Epsilon

David McCann

In-Situ Fractionation in Liquids-Rich Shales and its Implications for EOR: Experimental Verification and Modeling Study

Ali Tinni, Felipe Perez, Deepak Devegowda, Tu Truong, Son Dang, Carl Sondergeld, Chandra Rai

Increase Net Present Value and Reduce Completion Cost by Using an In-House Automated Fracture Design, Reservoir Simulator and Optimization Workflow for Well Spacing and Completions Design

Srimoyee Bhattacharya, Ed Lake, Xin Liu, Robert Dombrowski, Richard Cao, Alejandro Girardi

Induced Seismicity Near Fox Creek, Alberta: Interpretation of Source Mechanisms

Hongliang Zhang, David W. Eaton

Insights from stable isotope geochemistry surveillance in the unconventional Horn River Basin play

Giselle Norville, Karlis Muehlenbachs

Integrated Effects of Pore Volume Compaction and Connectivity Loss on Intrinsic Permeability of Shale Samples

Davud Davudov, Rouzbeh Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo

Integrated Geocellular Static Model for Geomechanical and Dynamic Simulations in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Felipe A. Lozano, Juan P. Palacio, Victoria Lazzari, Carolina Bernhardt, Damian E. Hryb

Integrated Inorganic and Organic Geochemistry Approach in the Petroleum Systems Analysis of Permian Shale Plays

Changrui Gong, Lucia Rodriguez, Brian Coffey, Casey Donohue

Integrated Reservoir Characterization aids target selection, production fluid prediction and completions optimization in the Southern Delaware Basin Resource Plays

Troy Tittlemier, John Speight, Charles Hager, Barzin Chiniwala, Alberto Martocchia, Isaac Easow

Integrated Rock Characterization of a Shale Gas Field in the Horn River Basin, Canada

Tadesse Weldu Teklu, Daejin Park, Hoiseok Jung, Jennifer L. Miskimins

Integrated stochastic workflow for optimum well spacing with data analytics, pilots, geomechanical-reservoir modeling, and economic analysis

Richard Cao, Chaohui Chen, Ruijian Li, Tuba Firincioglu, Chet Ozgen, Tyler Croft, Prateek Kathel, Alejandro Girardi, Nitin Chowdhury

Integrated Workflow for the Characterization of a Type Well Using Probabilistic Methods

David S. Jones

Integrating Microseismic, Geomechanics, Hydraulic Fracture Modeling, and Reservoir Simulation to Characterize Parent Well Depletion and Infill Well Performance in the Bakken

Craig L. Cipolla, Monet Motiee, Aicha Kechemir

Integrating Model Uncertainties in Probabilistic Decline Curve Analysis for Unconventional Oil Production Forecasting

Aojie Hong, Reidar B. Bratvold, Larry W. Lake, Leopoldo M. Ruiz Maraggi

Integrating Poroelastic Effects of Wastewater Injection and Rupture Dynamics to Understand Induced Seismicity

Dawid Szafranski, Benchun Duan

Integration of Core Fracture and Lithofacies Descriptions in the Wolfcamp Shale: Implications for Mechanical Stratigraphy and Deformation History

Anthony Salem, John Solum, Steve Naruk, Daniel Minisini, Patricio Desjardins, James Hnat

Integration of Geophysics and Engineering for Geomechanical Earth Modeling in a Midland Basin Development Project, Midland/Ector Counties, Texas

Scott Singleton

Interpretation of High Resolution XRF data from the Bone Spring and Upper Wolfcamp, Delaware Basin, USA

Brian Driskill, Jenn Pickering, Harry Rowe

Interwell Communication Study of UWC and MWC Wells in the HFTS

Tanner Wood*, Richard Leonard, Chad Senters, Chris Squires, Matthew Perry

Investigation of the Shale Electrical Resistivity Reversal Commonly Observed at the Wet- to Dry-Gas Transition

Stephen P. Cumella, Alan P. Byrnes, Mark D. Sonnenfeld

Ion Tuned Water Can Greatly Enhance Alteration of Carbonate Surface to Water-wet

Hongna Ding, Srinivas Mettu, Raymond R. Dagastine, Sheik H. Rahman

Is Conductivity Still Important in Unconventional Reservoirs? A Field Data Review

Robert Shelley, Koras Shah, Stan Sheludko, Brian Davidson, Terry Palisch

Is GOR Truly Affecting Recovery? A Multi-variate Case Study in the Delaware Basin

Riteja Dutta, Sam Dawson, Michael Maler

Laboratory Evaluation of Apparent Conductivity of Ultra-Fine Particulates

Janette Cortez-Montalvo, Ubong Inyang, Ron Dusterhoft, DanDan Hu, Maria Apostolopoulou

Laboratory Investigation of EOR Techniques for Organic Rich Shales in the Permian Basin

Shunhua Liu, Vinay Sahni, Jiasen Tan, Derek Beckett, Tuan Vo

Layered Modulus Effect on Fracture Modeling and Height Containment

Kaimin Yue, Jon E. Olson, Richard A. Schultz

Lessons Learned from Existing Horizontal Fractured Wells on University Lands in the Midland Basin: Rate Transient Analyses Vs Completion and Field Development Optimization

Jane Zhu, James K. Forrest, Hongjie Xiong, Yogashri U. Pradhan

Life Isn’t Perfect: The Petrophysical Difficulties of Modeling the Permian

Tyler Croft, Aidan Blount, Adam McMullen, Sarah Warneke, Melanie Durand, Brian Driskill

Lithologic and Geomechanical Control on CO2 Huff-n-Puff Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes Using Integrated Modeling Framework in Wolfcamp

Tien N. Phan, Bradley R. Cronk, Mouin M. Almasoodi, Zulfiquar A. Reza

Machine-Learning Based Analytics Applied to Stimulation Performance in the Utica Shale: Case Study and Lessons Learned

Sebastien Perrier, Arnaud Delpeint, Zulibukaer Shawuti, Ashis Shrestha

Mapping the Barnett Shale Gas With Probabilistic Physics-Based Decline Curve Models and the Development of a Localized Prior Distribution

Rafael Wanderley de Holanda, Eduardo Gildin, Peter P. Valko

Material-Balance Approach for Determining Drainage Volume of Multifracture Unconventional Oil Wells

S. Amin Gherabati

Measurement and Analysis of Wellbore Micro Losses and Rock Properties While Drilling: A Novel Approach to Identification of Fractures in the Osage and Meramec Formations of Anadarko Basin

Barzin Chiniwala, Aruna Kumar Palakurthi, Isaac Easow, Eliana R. Russo

Measurement of Natural Gas Isotherms and Imaging Gas in Shale Using NMR

Dragan Veselinovic, Michael Dick, Colleen Muir, Derrick Green

Mechanism Study of Casing Deformation in Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Shale Reservoir

Ziyi Xu, Fei Yin, Lihong Han, Shangyu Yang, Xingru Wu

Micromechanical Modeling of Multi-Cluster Hydraulic Fracturing in Horizontal Well

Yi Fang, Yanhui Han

Microscale Laboratory Studies for Determining Fracture Directionality in Tight Sandstone and Shale During Hydraulic Fracturing

Magdalene A. Ante, Gonchigar Manjunath, Fred Aminzadeh, Birendra Jha

Microseismicity Analysis for HFTS Pad and Correlation With Completion Parameters

Debotyam Maity

Minimum Miscibility Pressure Calculation for Oil Shale and Tight Reservoirs With Large Gas-Oil Capillary Pressure

Kaiyi Zhang, Bahareh Nojabaei, Kaveh Ahmadi, Russell T. Johns

Miscible EOR Process Assessment for Unconventional Reservoirs: Understanding Key Mechanisms for Optimal Field Test Design

Vinay Sahni, Shunhua Liu

Modeling and Experimental Investigations of Fluid-Related Damage to Hydraulic Fractures

Patrice Abivin, Rasika Prabhu, Daria Khvostichenko, Casie Hilliard, Chris Nelson, Tzu-Chi Kuo, Yongfu Li, Priyavrat Shukla, Sergey Makarychev-Mikhailov

Modeling Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Signals Using Computational Rock Mechanics

Christopher S. Sherman, Robert J. Mellors, Joseph P. Morris, Frederick J. Ryerson

Modeling of Azimuthal Gamma Ray Tools for Use in Geosteering Unconventional Reservoirs

Haijing Wang, Ed Stockhausen, Dennis Wyatt, Dean Gulick

Modeling of Fluid Injection in Depleted Parent Wells to Minimize Damage Due to Frac-Hits

Deepen P. Gala, Ripudaman Manchanda, Mukul Sharma

Modeling Well Performance in Piceance Basin Niobrara Formation Using Embedded Discrete Fracture Model

Yifei Xu, Wei Yu, Ningning Li, Ely Lolon, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Monitoring Wellbore Quality in Real-Time Using a Geometrically Derived Tortuosity Metric

John D’Angelo, Pradeepkumar Ashok, Eric van Oort, Mojtaba Shahri, Brian Nelson, Taylor Thetford , Michael Behounek

Montney Key Drivers: An Integration of Multidisciplinary Data Analytics in a Low-Permeability Reservoir

Kay-Cee Hermanson, Morgan Kwan

Montney Versus North America | Completions Comparison

Kaley Ogilvy, Brook Papau, Morgan Kwan, Samir Maliki

Multi-Physics Pore-Scale Modeling of Particle Plugging Due to Fluid Invasion During Hydraulic Fracturing

Yuliana Zapata, Tien N. Phan, Zulfiquar A. Reza

Multifunctional Surfactant Provides Superior Post Frac Production by Enhancing Polymer and Load Fluid Recovery

Ronald C. Plasier, John Delorey, Kevin Cooney, Javier Leguizamon, Corey Thomson

Multiscale Modeling to Evaluate the Mechanisms Controlling CO2-Based Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage in the Bakken Formation

Jose A. Torres, Lu Jin, Nicholas W. Bosshart, Lawrence J. Pekot, James A. Sorensen, Kyle Peterson, Parker W. Anderson, Steven B. Hawthorne

Multiscale Pore Systems in Shales and Their Effect on Laboratory Measurements and Transport Properties

Hugh Daigle, Chunbi Jiang, Xiao Tian, Han Jiang

Multivariate Study of Utica: Marrying the Rock to the Completion

Amanda Trumbo, Jeff Bowman, Leo Lasecki

Myths and Facts of Forecasting Horizontal Well Production in Unconventional Reservoirs – Are We Complicating a Simple Analysis?

Vivek Muralidharan, Krunal Joshi

Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Acids for Stimulation of Calcite-Rich Shales

Robin Singh, Songyang Tong, Krishna Panthi, Kishore Mohanty

Natural and Hydraulic Fracture Density Prediction and Identification of Controllers

Whitney Campbell, Joe Wicker, James Courtier

Natural Fractures, Fracture Facies, and Their Applications in the Well Completion – Case Studies from the Permian Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin, West Texas, USA

Bingjian Li, Lauren Robinson

Near Fracture Capillary End Effect on Shale Gas and Water Production

Riza Elputranto, I. Yucel Akkutlu

New Analysis of EUR Probability Plots Yields Better Uncertainty Assessment and Better Type Wells

Randy Freeborn

New Mexico Delaware Basin Horizontal Well Heel Frac and Refrac Program and Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics

Mei Han, Ivan Tanakov, Estevan Bunker, Travis Vulgamore

NMR Considerations in Shales at Elevated Temperature

Aditya Chakravarty, Ali Tinni, Chandra S. Rai, Carl H. Sondergeld

Novel 3-D Field-scale Characterization of Reservoir Fractures Using Surface Seismic Data by the Double-Beam Method and Field Applications

Yingcai Zheng, Hao Hu, Xinding Fang, Robert Stewart

Novel Diversion Case Studies for Improved Near-Wellbore Connection between Wellbore and Hydraulic Fracture

William P. Scanlan, Kyle Pierskalla, David W. Sobernheim, Roberto Boehringer

Novel Monitoring Technology Helps to Make Informed Decisions and Maximize the Efficiency of Completion Strategy

Sergey Parkhonyuk, Roman Korkin, Artem Kabannik, Andrey Fedorov, Max Nikolaev, Fedor Litvinets

Novel Pore Pressure Prediction Technique for Unconventional Reservoirs

David Yale, Adriana Perez, Robert Raney

Numerical Modeling and Optimization of Condensate Banking Treatment in the Hydraulic-fractured Shale Gas Condensate Reservoir

Wendi Liu, Reza Ganjdanesh, Abdoljalil Varavei, Wei Yu, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Numerical Study of Stress Shadowing Effect on Fracture Initiation and Interaction Between Perforation Clusters

Branko Damjanac, Shawn Maxwell, Atena Pirayehgar, Maurilio Torres

Observations of Induction Dielectric Measurements and Their Role in Determining Thermal Maturity of Organic Mudrocks

John C. Rasmus, Dean Homan, Gong Li Wang, Natalie Uschner

Oilfield Data Analytics: Linking Fracturing Chemistry and Well Productivity

Daria Khvostichenko, Sergey Makarychev-Mikhailov

Optimal Planning for Wastewater Disposal Facilities: Application of Geographic Information System and Data Analytics

Ali Jamali, Amin Ettehadtavakkol, Katie Ramirez, Shawn Jamal

Optimization and Drilling of Horizontal Wells using a Bayesian Network

John F. Fierstien, Hugh Winkler, Phillip Strauss, Alexander Klokov

Optimization of Completion and Well Spacing for Development of Multi-stacked Reservoirs Using Integration of Data Analytics, Geomechanics, and Reservoir Flow Modeling

Kyoung Suk Min, Vikram Sen, Lujun Ji, Richard Sullivan

Origin, Detection, Involvement in Hydraulic Stimulation and Consequences for Field Development of large-scale Structural Lineaments in the Marcellus and Duvernay plays

Ben Stephenson, Earl Galan, Mathew Fay, Alexei Savitski, Taixu Bai

Outcrop and subsurface geology applied to drilling, sweet spot and target zone detection of resource shales: the Woodford example

Roger M. Slatt, Henry Galvis-Portillo, Daniella Becerra-Rondon, Ifunanya C. Ekwunife, Richard Brito, Jing Zhang, Carlos Molinares, Emilio Torres, David Duarte, Benmadi Milad

Outlier Analysis: A Systematic Method for Distinguishing Between Sub-surface and Engineering Influence on Well Performance in the Montney

Felix Todea, Ben Stephenson, Alexa Tomlinson, Heidi Pratt, Will Williams, Luis Acosta, Irma Eggenkamp, Brad Speidel

Paradigm Shift in Wolfcamp Shale Improves Well Performance by 70%

Efejera Ejofodomi, Richa Sethi, Elcin Aktas, Julie Padgett, Bruce Mackay, Andrey Mirakyan, Ben McCrackin, Chris Douglas

Permian Basin Petroleum Systems—Geochemical Insight Into Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Well Performance

John B. Curtis, John E. Zumberge

Physics-Driven Optimization of Drained Rock Volume for Multistage Fracturing: Field Example from the Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin

Sergei G. Parsegov, Kiran Nandlal, David S. Schechter, Ruud Weijermars

Polygonal Fault System in the Paleogene of the Magallanes Foreland Basin, Southern Chile

Jesús A. Pinto, Danilo L. González, Ángel P. González, Ricardo A. Zapata, Pablo E. Mella

Pore-Scale Characterization of Shales Using Dendroidal Theoretical Pore-Network Model

Da Zheng, Yuliana Zapata, Zulfiquar A. Reza

Porosity and Organic Content Analysis, Bone Spring and Wolfcamp Formations

Joel D. Walls, Tiffany Rider, Brian Driskill, Melanie Durand

Post-Frac-Hit Mitigation and Well Remediation of Woodford Horizontal Wells With Solvent/Surfactant Chemistry Blend

Cory Swanson, W A. Hill, Gary Nilson, Christian Griman, Randal Hill, Phil Sullivan, Carl Aften, Jose C. Jimenez, Gianna Pietrangeli, Daniel C. Shedd, John Pursley

Predicting Pore-Pressure From On-shore Seismic Data in the Delaware Basin

Marianne Rauch-Davies, Bob Schmicker, Steve W. Smith, Sam Green, Jeremy J. Meyer

Predicting Success in the Haynesville Shale: A Geologic, Completion, and Production Analysis

Brad Johnston, Nick Volkmer

Pressure and Rate-transient Behavior of a Horizontal Well Intercepting Multiple Vertical Fractures within a Fractal Reservoir

Alex R. Valdes-Perez, Leif Larsen, Thomas A. Blasingame

Probing the Wettability of Mudrocks at the Pore-scale Using Nanoparticle Tracers

Christopher J. Landry, Maša Prodanović, Kishore Mohanty

Produced Water Treatment R&D: Developing Advanced, Cost-Effective Treatment Technologies

Erica Folio, Olayinka Ogunsola, Elena Melchert, Evan Frye

Production Metric Analytics in the Wolfcamp Formation

Christopher P. Ross

Production of Migrated Oil From Horizontal Wells Landed in the Eagle Ford Formation on the San Marcos Arch

Alan S. Kornacki

Production Optimization Using Machine Learning in Bakken Shale

Guofan Luo, Yao Tian, Mariia Bychina, Christine Ehlig-Economides

Pulsed Power Plasma Stimulation Technique – Experimental Study on Single Pulse Test for Fractures Initiation

Yue Xiao, Waylon House, Ebru Unal, Mohamed Soliman

Quantifying Nanoporosity: Insights Revealed by Parallel and Multiscale Analyses

Amanda C. Reynolds, Ron J.M. Bonnie, Shaina Kelly, Robert Krumm, James Howard

Quantifying the Influence of Rock Fabric, Composition, and Electrical Double Layer on the Broadband Dielectric Dispersion of Organic-rich Mudrocks

Artur Posenato Garcia, Zoya Heidari

Quantifying the Mechanisms Contributing to Surface Relaxation of Protons in Kerogen Pores of Organic-Rich Mudrocks

Saurabh Tandon, Zoya Heidari, Archana Jagadisan

Quantitative Interpretation Efforts in Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Utica-Point Pleasant Shale – A Case Study

Satinder Chopra, Ritesh K. Sharma, Hossein Nemati, James Keay

Quantitative Mineralogy of Vaca Muerta and Alum Shales From Core Chips and Drill Cuttings by Calibrated SEM-EDS Mineralogical Mapping

Claire I. Fialips, Bernard Labeyrie, Valérie Burg, Valérie Mazière, Yann Munerel, Hélène Haurie, Isabelle Jolivet, Régis Lasnel, Jean-Paul Laurent, Laurent Lambert, Laurence Jacquelin-Vallée

Rapid Evaluation of Diverter Effectiveness From Poroelastic Pressure Response in Offset Wells

Charles Kahn, Byron Cottingham, Sudhendu Kashikar, Scott Senften, Erica Coenen

Rapid Field-Scale Well Spacing Optimization in Tight and Shale Oil Reservoirs Using Fast Marching Method

Atsushi Iino, Tsubasa Onishi, Feyi Olalotiti-Lawal, Akhil Datta-Gupta

Rapid Reservoir Modeling with Automated Tops Correlation

Christian W. Grant, William M. Bashore, Stefan Compton

Rate of Penetration (ROP) Modeling Using Hybrid Models: Deterministic and Machine Learning

Chiranth Hegde, Cesar Soares, K. E. Gray

Recent–Pleistocene Immature Mudrocks of Anoxic Basins of Venezuela and West Africa: Analogs for Unconventional Shale Oil/Gas Reservoirs?

Ursula Hammes, G. Michael Grammer, Jay M. Gregg

Regional Appraisal of Shale Resource Potential Within the Permian, Anadarko, and Arkoma Basins: How Does the Alpine High Stack Up?

Alex Bromhead, Thomas Butt

Reliable Solid Organic Matter Thermal Maturity Assessment Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Case Studies

Raymond Jiang, Li Gao, Andrew Bishop, Yongchun Tang

Replacing the Use of Freshwater with Seawater: Problems, Solutions, and Applications

Jun Hong Ng, Tariq Almubarak, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din

Reserve Estimation With Unified Production Analysis

Mohamed Mehana, Jeff Callard

Reservoir Characterization to Understand Optimal Well Spacing – A Wolfcamp Case Study

Neha Bansal, Jichao Han, Yongduk Shin, Tom Blasingame

Reservoir Geomechanic Heterogeneity Index (RGHI): Concept, Methodology, and Application

Jie Zhou, Subhadip Mandal, Feiyan Chen, Martin Quest, David Hume

Revealing Geologic Features in the Midland Basin Through Frequency Decomposition

Rachael Moore

Review of the First Bone Spring Hybrid Play in the Delaware Basin, West Texas and Southeast New Mexico

Kenneth Schwartz, Allison Starr, Holly Meier, Natasha Stolte

Rigorous Estimation of the Initial Conditions of Flowback Using a Coupled Hydraulic Fracture/Dynamic Drainage Area Leakoff Model Constrained by Laboratory Geomechanical Data

Z. Zhang, B. Yuan, A. Ghanizadeh, C.R. Clarkson, J.D. Williams-Kovacs

Rock Dilation and Its Effect on Fracture Transmissivity

Hongyuan Zhou, Aly Abdelaziz, Giovanni Grasselli

RTA Assisted Production Forecasting in Shale Reservoir Development

Chigozie Aniemena, Fabian Vera

Scaling for Wettability Alteration Induced by Addition of Surfactants in Completion Fluids: Surfactant Selection for Optimum Performance

Fan Zhang, I Wayan Rakananda Saputra, Imad Adel, David S. Schechter

SCOOP/STACK Periphery Plays: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Denise Yee, Gillian Johnston, Jason Levesque, Shak Ahmed, Justin Walkter

SEC and PRMS Proved Reserves: Why Differences Still Exist

Enrique Morales, W. John Lee

Sedimentological Characterization of the Pimienta Formation in the Central Part of the Tampico-Misantla Basin, Veracruz, Mexico

Griselda Abascal-Hernández, Juan M. León-Francisco, Ricardo Torres-Vargas, Diana E. Garduño-Martínez, Sonia Franco-Navarrete, Josefina Méndez-Vázquez, Sandra Ortega-Lucach, Leopoldo Gutierrez-Caminero, Gustavo Murillo-Muñetón

Seismic to Simulation: Woodford Shale Case Study in Oklahoma, USA

Emilio J. Torres-Parada, Saurabh Sinha, Lennon E. Infante-Paez, Roger M. Slatt, Kurt Marfurt

Simulation of Gas Adsorption and Capillary Condensation in Shale Nanopores Using Lattice Boltzmann Modeling

Rui Xu, Maša Prodanović, Christopher J. Landry

Simulation of Proppant Transport in Foam Fracturing Fluid Based on Experimental Results

Songyang Tong, Ming Gu, Robin Singh, Kishore Mohanty

Solution Gas Drive in Tight Oil Reservoirs: New Insights from Capillary Condensation and Evaporation Experiments

Elizabeth Barsotti, Mohammad Piri, Stacey Althaus, Jin-Hong Chen

Spatial Characterization of Organic Matter Maturity by Raman Microscope Mapping

Elizabeth Krukowski, James Howard

Spider Bots: Database Enhancing and Indexing Scripts to Efficiently Convert Raw Well Data Into Valuable Knowledge

Gurtej S. Saini, Hong-Chih Chan, Pradeepkumar Ashok, Eric van Oort, Michael Behounek, Taylor Thetford, Mojtaba Shahri

Statistical Controls on Induced Seismicity

Saurabh Sinha, Yunjie Wen, Rafael Pires De Lima, Kurt Marfurt

Steps for Improving the Utility of Land Seismic Data for Unconventional Reservoirs

Christof Stork

Stimulation Mechanisms in Unconventional Reservoirs

Zhi Ye, Ahmad Ghassemi, Spencer Riley

Straightforward Representative Fluid Flow Models for Complex Fracture Networks in Unconventional Reservoirs

Jorge A. Acuña

Strategies for Improving the Performance of Child Wells in the Permian Basin

Ripudaman Manchanda, Jongsoo Hwang, Prateek Bhardwaj, Mukul M. Sharma, Matt Maguire, Jason Greenwald

Surface Seismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS) in the Midland Basin, Texas

Abhash Kumar, Kevin Chao, Richard W. Hammack, William Harbert

Surfactant Based EOR for Tight Oil Unconventional Reservoirs Through Wettability Alteration: Novel Surfactant Formulations and Their Efficacy to Induce Spontaneous Imbibition

Pramod D. Patil, Neeraj Rohilla, Amit Katiyar, Wanglin Yu, Christopher Nelson, Susan Falcone, Peter Rozowski

Synthetic Well Log Generation Using Machine Learning Techniques

Oyewande Akinnikawe, Stacey Lyne, Jon Roberts

Systematic approach for developing a “fit-for-purpose” treatment for produced water reuse in hydraulic fracturing

Ramesh R. Sharma, Kevin Bjornen

Tailoring Treated Brines for Reuse Scenarios

Madison Wenzlick, Nicholas Siefert, Alexandra Hakala

Tank Development in the Midland Basin, Texas: A Case Study of Super-charging a Reservoir to Optimize Production and Increase Horizontal Well Densities

Jill Thompson, Nick Franciose, Marc Schutt, Kate Hartig, Jon McKenna

The Effect of Initial Conditions and Fluid PVT Properties on Unconventional Oil and Gas Recoveries in the Wolfcamp Formation in the Midland Basin

James Forrest, Tiejun Zhu, Hongjie Xiong, Yogashri Pradhan

The Effect of Mineral Composition on Shale Oil Recovery

Andrew Fakhry, Todd Hoffman

The Elastic Moduli Change After Carbon Dioxide Flooding Into Limestone: An Experimental Study

Yihuai Zhang, Maxim Lebedev, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Hongyan Yu, Stefan Iglauer

The Impact of Natural Fracture Thickness on Hydraulic Fracture Interaction Mechanics

Weiwei Wang, Jon Olson, Maša Prodanović, Richard A. Schultz

The Impact of the Fracturing Additives on the Near Fracture Face Matrix Permeability for Shale and Low Permeability Sand Formations

Aymen A. Al-Ameri, Talal D. Gamadi, Lloyd Heinze, Ion Ispas, Sheldon Gorell

The Importance of Overburden and Pore Pressure on Horizontal Stress Magnitude Determination; an Example from the Delaware Basin

Kristen Kozlowski, Melia Da Silva, David Brown, Jack Taylor, Heather Willems, Tim Watson, Don Burch, Trevor Hutton, Chris Christensen, Mohan Manohar

The Influence of Organics on Supercritical CO2 Migration in Organic-Rich Shales

Bethany A. Kurz, James A. Sorensen, Steven B. Hawthorne, Steven Smith, Hamed Sanei, Omid Ardakani, Joel D. Walls, Lu Jin, Shane Butler, Christopher Beddoe, Blaise Mibeck

The Niobrara Formation in the Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming: An Emerging Giant Continuous Petroleum Accumulation

Steve Sonnenberg

The Use of the Bimodal Production Decline Curve for the Analysis of Hydraulically Fractured Shale/Tight Gas Reservoirs

Christine Doughty, George J. Moridis

The Value of Building a Multiscale, Regional Geomodel for Reserves Assessment of the Midland Basin

Robin Dommisse, Livia Sivila, Frank Male, H. Scott Hamlin

The Water Challenge Program – Permian Basin Pilot Results

Andra Wilcox

Theoretical Investigation of Water Blocking in Unconventional Reservoirs Due to Spontaneous Imbibition and Water Adsorption

Lichi Deng, Michael J. King

Time-Lapse Petro-Elastic and Seismic Modeling to Evaluate Fracturing Efficiency in Low-Permeability Reservoirs

Masoud Alfi, Zhi Chai, Anshuman Pradhan, Travis Ramsay, Maria Barrufet, John Killough

Toward a Management Science for Unconventional Wells: A Methodological Approach

Richard R. Batsell, Sanjay Paranji, Jason S. Mintz

Transient Linear Flow Analysis of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells Considering Three-Phase Flow and Pressure-Dependent Rock Properties

H. Behmanesh, H. Hamdi, C. R. Clarkson, J. M. Thompson, D. M. Anderson, A. Chin

TST3D: Automated Structural Interpretation in Horizontal Wellbores

Tuanfeng Zhang, David McCormick, Allan Nandlal, Marie LeFranc

Unconventional Field Development Optimization – Fit for Strategy Designs to Realize Your Corporate Goals

R. Howrish, D. M. Anderson, J. M. Thompson, D. Lougheed, H. Behmanesh, J. Henke, S. Pennell, A. Szabo

Unconventional Play Fracture Characterization Through Orthorhombic Depth Model Building

Guy Hilburn, Amit Pendharkar, William Keller, René Mott, Jorge Peinado, Austin Jumper, Victor Kriechbaum

Unconventional Reservoir Development in Egypt’s Western Desert: Lessons Learned From the First Appraisal Wells

Mohamed Salah, Mazher Ibrahim

Understand the Early Indicators for Long-term Performance of Unconventional Wells

Richard Cao, Chunlei Liu, Coleman Brennan

Understanding Production Drivers in the Vaca Muerta Shale Using an Integrated Reservoir Simulation Approach

Raphael Altman, Dario Pederiva, Reza Mehranfar, Marcelo Frydman

Understanding the Mechanism of Interwell Fracturing Interference Based on Reservoir-Geomechanics-Fracturing Modeling in Eagle Ford Shale

Xuyang Guo, Kan Wu, John Killough, Jizhou Tang

Unlocking Reservoir Potential With a Multilayer Inversion Technique From a Directional Resistivity Tool

Tim Rathmann, Joe Gremillion, Philip Lemay, Mike Flowers, Allan Nandlal

Upscaled DFN models to understand the effects of natural fracture properties on fluid flow in the Hunton Group tight Limestone

Benmadi Milad, Sayantan Ghosh, Mohamed Suliman, Roger M. Slatt

Use of Chemical Gas Tracers Reveals Details of the Cleanup of an Unconventional Gas Well in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Joaquín Ramirez, Daniel Garcia, Daniela Ceccon, Carlos Ferlaza

Use of Rate-Transient Analysis Techniques for Evaluating Experimental Core Permeability Tests for Unconventional Reservoirs

Atena Vahedian, Chris R. Clarkson, Amin Ghanizadeh, Behnam Zanganeh, Chengyao Song, Hamidreza Hamdi

Using Data Analytics to Maximize Value Within the Denver Julesburg Basin

Kristina Repchuk, Aaron P. Reimchen, Dane Gregoris

Using Drone Magnetic and LiDAR Surveys to Locate Unmarked, Abandoned Wells Prior to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development

Richard W. Hammack, Garret Veloski, James Sams

Using Stage Level Microseismic Analysis to Correlate and Ground Truth Cored Hydraulic Fractures

Joe Wicker, James Courtier, Tammy Campbell, Shawn Lee, Ryan Fairfield, Stacy Trowbridge

Using Stage Level Microseismic Analysis to Gain Insight Into Fracture Efficiency and Completion Effectiveness

Iris Haihong Wang, Ryan Fairfield, James Courtier, Danny Gray, Shawn Lee

Using Traditional Methods to Predict Pore Pressure in Devonian Black Shale Basins of North East British Columbia

Sam Green, Joel Loeffler, Shona Clarke, David Thurston

Variable Exponential Decline - Modified Arps to Characterize Unconventional Shale Production Performance

Ishank Gupta, Chandra Rai, Carl Sondergeld, Deepak Devegowda

Variation of Hyperbolic-b-parameter for Unconventional Reservoirs, and 3-Segment Hyperbolic Decline Curve Model

Saroj Varma, Hamed Tabatabaie, James R. Ewert, Louis Mattar

Water Saturation Interpretation Model for Organic-Rich Shale Reservoir: A Case Study of North Sumatra Basin

Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar, Junita Trivianty Musu, Benmadi Milad

Well Interference Diagnosis through Integrated Analysis of Tracer and Pressure Interference Tests

Ashish Kumar, Puneet Seth, Kaustubh Shrivastava, Ripudaman Manchanda, Mukul M. Sharma

Wolfcamp Geologic Reservoir Modeling Challenges

Brian Casey, Benjamin Richards, Connor Moore, Matthew Wehner