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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3D Digital Mineral Mechanical Modeling of Complex Reservoir Rocks for Investigation of Fracture Propagation at Microscale

Victor Nachev, Andrey Kazak, Sergey Turuntaev

A Geomechanical Analysis of Shale Hydraulic Fracturing Containment

Amirhossein Kamali, Ahmad Ghassemi

A Multi-Factor Approach to Optimize Horizontal Shale Wells Flowback and Production Operation

Y. Liu, R. M. Jones, H. Lu, K. Putri, S. Atmaca, N. J. R. Gonzalez

A New Pore Pressure Prediction Model for Naturally Fractured Shales and Stacked Plays: The Effect of Active Hydrocarbon Generation - A Powder River Basin Case Study

Daniel Orozco, Roberto Aguilera

A Novel Approach to Understanding Multi-Horizon Fluid Flow in Unconventional Wells Using Produced Water Time-Lapse Geochemistry: Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Peter Jones, Drew Dressler, Tyler Conner, Josh O’Brien, Trevor Klaassen, Sean Bingham

A Novel Method to Develop Chemostratigraphy Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectral Raw Data

M. Hussain, A. Amao, K. Al-Ramadan, L. Babalola, J. Humphrey

A Novel Probabilistic Approach for GOR Forecast in UnconventionalOil Reservoirs

Yuewei Pan, Guoxin Li, Jianhua Qin, Jing Zhang, Lichi Deng, Ran Bi

A Novel Workflow from StimPlan to EDFM for Complex Hydraulic Fracture Modeling and Production Simulation

Yukun Yan, Jiayao Deng, Dante Guerra, Wei Yu, Jijun Miao

A Physically Consistent Decline Analysis Method for Unconventional Wells

Jorge A. Acuña

A Physics-Guided Deep Learning Predictive Model for Robust Production Forecasting and Diagnostics in Unconventional Wells

Syamil Mohd Razak, Jodel Cornelio, Young Cho, Hui-Hai Liu, Ravimadhav Vaidya, Behnam Jafarpour

A Physics-informed Machine Learning Workflow to Forecast Production in a Fractured Marcellus Shale Reservoir

Michael R. Gross, Jeffrey D. Hyman, Shriram Srinivasan, Daniel O’Malley, Satish Karra, Maruti K. Mudunuru, Matthew Sweeney, Luke Frash, Bill Carey, George D. Guthrie, Tim Carr, Liwei Li, Dustin Crandall, Hari Viswanathan

A Principal Component Analysis Approach to Understanding Relationships Between Elemental Geochemistry Data and Deposition, Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, CO

Rana Elghonimy, Steve Sonnenberg

A Proposed Methodology to Assess Production Performance for Shale Oil and Gas Wells

E.L. Dougherty, T.A. Blasingame

A Reduced Physics Modeling Approach to Understand Multiphase Well Production Performance for Unconventional Reservoirs

Diego Molinari, Sathish Sankaran

A Retrospective Look at Completion Design Optimization Based on Market Conditions

Kasey L. Ferguson, Nicholas J. Johnson, Brad D. Rowley

A Simulation Study to Evaluate Operational Parameter Ranges for a Successful Cyclic Gas Injection in Different Areas of Eagle Ford

M. Gaddipati, B. Basbug, T. Firincioglu

A Streamlined Approach to Fault Stress Analysis and Natural Fracture Prediction

Seth Busetti

A Study of Graphite-Sand-Water Mixtures and Their Conductivity as a Function of Frequency and Petrophysical Properties

Dean Homan, John C. Rasmus, Gong Li Wang, Siddharth Misra, Yuteng Jin

A Systematic Interpretation of Subsurface Proppant Concentration from Drilling Mud Returns: Case Study from Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS-2) in Delaware Basin

Debotyam Maity, Jordan Ciezobka

Adsorption Capacity of Hydrocarbon and Kerogen: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Investigation

Zhe Cao, Zhiqiang Feng, Changwu Wu, Zhongmin Zhang, Jinrui Guo, Xueyan Lyu, Hang Jiang

An Analytical Rate-Transient Analysis Model in Unconventional Light Oil Reservoirs Exhibiting Reservoir Heterogeneity and Multiphase Flow

Jinchang Li, Bin Yuan, Christopher R. Clarkson, Xuan Zhu, Yue Li

An Experimental Investigation Demonstrating Enhanced Oil Recovery in Tight Rocks Using Mixtures of Gases and Nanoparticles

Zach Quintanilla, Williams Ozowe, Rod Russell, Mukul Sharma, Robin Watts,Frank Fitch, Yusra Khan Ahmad

An Integrated Analytics and Machine Learning Solution for Predicting the Anisotropic Static Geomechanical Properties of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale

Cristina Mariana Ruse, Jamal Ahmadov, Ning Liu, Mehdi Mokhtari

An Integrated View of Hydraulic Induced Fracture Geometry in Hydraulic Fracture Test Site 2

Gustavo A. Ugueto, Magdalena Wojtaszek, Paul T. Huckabee, Alexei A. Savitski, Artur Guzik, Ge Jin, J. Andres Chavarria, Kyle Haustveit

Analysis and Integration of the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site-2 (HFTS-2) Comprehensive Dataset

Venkateswaran Sriram Pudugramam, Yu Zhao, Fadila Bessa, Jake Li, Nancy Zakhour, Tim Brown, Jichao Han, Iwan Harmawan, Vinay Sahni

Analysis of Completion Design Impact on Cluster Efficiency and Pressure-Based Well Communication in HFTS-2 Delaware Basin

Andrea Vissotski, Amit Singh, Peggy Rijken, Richard Reverol

Analysis of Well Interference in Delaware Basin: A Physics-Based and Data-Driven Approach

Esmail Eltahan, Shayan Tavassoli, Brian Casey, Guinevere McDaid, Emery Goodman

Analytical Tracer Interpretation Model for Fracture Flow Characterization and Swept Volume Estimation in Unconventional Wells

Lokendra Jain, Shashvat Doorwar, Daniel Emery

Anisotropy in Fracture Networks: Scale-dependent Clustering and Flow Behavior

Ankur Roy, Ajay K. Sahu

Application of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Fault Imaging in an Unconventional Reservoir: A Case Study from the Permian Basin

H. Garcia, L. Plant

Application of Bayesian Optimized Deep Bi-LSTM Neural Networks for Production Forecasting of Gas Wells in Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoirs

Y. Kocoglu, S. Gorell, P. McElroy

Application of Electro-oxidation Technology for Water Treatment and Rock Wettability

Yanze Zhang, Lin Yuan, Sanjeev Jakhete, Mohtada Sadrzadeh, Hassan Dehghanpour

Application of Geochemistry to Assessing Refrac Jobs in the Bakken/Three Forks Hybrid Play

Hui Long, Eric Michael, Yongshe Liu, Nathan McMahan, Alisdair Farthing

Applications of Machine Learning for Estimating the Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV)

Ali Rezaei, Fred Aminzadeh, Eric VonLunen

Applications of Time-Lapse Geochemistry (TLG) to Delaware Basin Field Development

Ye Wang, Frances Esson, Eric Michael, Isaac Perez, Bairta Biurchieva, Phuong Hoang, Kristie McLin

Applying State-of-the-Art Completion Techniques in Vaca Muerta Formation

Pablo A. Crespo, Marcelo Pellicer, Henry Jacot

Are Unconventional Well Performance Gains Exhausted? Investigating the Drivers of Year-over-Year Production Improvements Across the Major US Unconventional Plays Using Machine Learning

T. Cross, J. Chaplin, K. Sathaye, A. Cui

Automated Reconstruction of Fracture Networks

Javier O. Guerrero, Bernard Chang, Dany Hachem, Maša Prodanović, D. Nicolas Espinoza

Autoregressive and Machine Learning Driven Production Forecasting - Midland Basin Case Study

I. Gupta, O. Samandarli, A. Burks, V. Jayaram, D. McMaster, D. Niederhut, T. Cross

Bakken Unconventional Well Gas-Oil Ratio (GOR) Behavior Characterization

Yongshe Liu, Brian Coffman, Nathan McMahan, Alisdair Farthing

Brittleness and Geomechanical Properties Estimation Using Wireline and Seismic Data in the Duvernay Shale Basin, Canada

Carmen C. Dumitrescu

Carbon Neutral Fuel from Light Tight Oil - A Value Proposition

Christine A. Ehlig-Economides

Case Study of a Wireline Deployable Spearhead Acid in the Denver-Julesburg Basin

K. Yocham, D. Allison, M. Schwartz

Case Study: Boosting Friction Reduction with Surfactant Solutions

Brian Seymour, Alhad Phatak, Vinita Gupta, Vinny Gupta

Characterization and Remediation of Scale in Three Horizontal Wells in the Point Pleasant Formation, Appalachia, PA

Amanda Roberts, Ernesto Fonseca, Thomas Tekavec

Characterization of Hydraulic Fracture Properties in Eagle Ford Shale Oil Reservoir Using EDFM-AI with Two Fracture Design Scenarios

Chuxi Liu, Anuj Gupta, Wei Yu, Ravimadhav N. Vaidya, Ning Li, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Child Well Fracture Sequencing for Improved Production

Roberto Suarez-Rivera, Barry Clark, Doug Sassen, Christopher Quinn

CO2-Soluble Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery from Shale

Lauren C. Burrows, Foad Haeri, Deepak Tapriyal, Peter Lemaire, Parth G. Shah, Adel Alenzi, Robert M. Enick, Dustin M. Crandall, Angela Goodman

Comparison of CO2 and Lean Gas Cyclic Injection (‘Huff-n-Puff’) in Artificially-Fractured Shale Core Samples

C. Song, C.R. Clarkson, H. Hamdi, A. Ghanizadeh

Completion Design Evolution for Saltwater Disposal Injection Wells in the Bakken Play

Darren D. Schmidt, Jeffrey W. Bader, Ashleigh Day, Mark Bohrer

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing for Screening Completion Fluids to Maximize Productivity of Hydraulically Fractured Reservoirs

Evan Kias, Rahul Kumar, Bradley Abell, Ashish Mathur, Colton Barnes, Brian Chin, Chad Belanger, Safdar Ali

Connecting Geomechanical Properties with Potential for Proppant Embedment and Production Decline for the Emerging Caney Shale, Oklahoma

Margaret Benge, Yunxing Lu, Allan Katende, Jonny Rutqvist, Dustin Crandall, Adam Haecker, George King, Joseph B. Renk, Mileva Radonjic, Andrew Bunger

Constant Concentration Proppant Schedules for Slickwater Frac Design in Unconventional Resources

Amit Singh, Sahil Malhotra, Dean Wehunt, Seung Han, Christopher Lannen, Xinghui Liu, James Cooper, Amos Kim

Continuous Lookback, Calibration, and Adjustment Reduces Biases and Improves Reliability of Production Forecasts

Malik Alarfaj, Duane A. McVay

Controlling Strontium Scaling in the Permian Basin through Manipulation of Base Fluid Chemistry and Additives

Eleanor Spielman-Sun, Adam D. Jew, Jennifer L. Druhan, John R. Bargar

Core-flood Effluent and Shale Surface Chemistries in Predicting Interaction between Shale, Brine, and Reactive Fluid

Asli S. Gundogar, Jennifer L. Druhan, Cynthia M. Ross, Adam D. Jew, John R. Bargar, Anthony R. Kovscek

Coupling Physics-Based Full Field Hydraulic Model With Advanced Data Analytics: Evolution of Surface Pipeline Operations

L. Donnelly, M. Albers, J. Cameron, K. Frame, K. Zhang, H. Lu, S. Atmaca, N. Rodriguez

Credible Inventory Characterizations: Earning Back Trust in an Abandoned Investment Sector

David P. B. Allen

DAS Recorded Body and Tube Wave Generated by Perforation Shots: Analysis and Numerical Modeling for Completion Monitoring and Reservoir Characterization

Shuang Zhang, Aleksei Titov, Vikram Jayaram, Hector Bello, Robert Hurt, Ge Jin

Data to Decision: A Unified and Rapid Workflow for Unconventional Reservoirs Blending Data Analytics, Physics-Based Completion Optimization, and Investor-Oriented Economics

George Voneiff, Peter Bastian

Deconvolution of Time-Varying Bottomhole Pressure Improves Rate-Time Models History Matches and Forecasts of Tight-Oil Wells Production

Leopoldo M. Ruiz Maraggi, Larry W. Lake, Mark P. Walsh

Deep Learning for Quantitative Hydraulic Fracture Profiling from Fiber Optic Measurements

Weichang Li, Han Lu, Yuchen Jin, Frode Hveding

Delaware Basin Wolfcamp Fm. Maturation and Post-Permian Basin Evolution based on 2D Restorations and Basin Modeling

Rachel Hoar, Mauro Becker, Alan Yu

Determination of Pore Fluid Salinity in Tight Rocks Without Fluid Extraction

Judah Odiachi, Ali Tinni, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Determining Organic Kerogen Maturity, Wettability, and Producibility from Induction Dielectric, Resistivity, and Spectroscopy Measurements

John C. Rasmus, Dean Homan, Gong Li Wang

Determining the Proportions of Producible Oil, Non-Producible Sorbed Petroleum, and Immobile Bitumen in Upper Wolfcamp Core Samples, Delaware Sub-Basin

Alan S. Kornacki

Direct Measurement of Permeability and its Evolution with Stress

Deepak Gokaraju, Obren Djordjevic, Abhijit Mitra, Lori Hathon, Andreina Guedez, Robert Patterson, Alessandra Simone, Munir Aldin, Samuel Aldin, Akshay Thombare, Sudarshan Govindarajan

Discovery Science of Hydraulic Fracturing and Shale Fundamentals

Mohamed Mehana, Javier E. Santos, Chelsea Neil, Matthew R. Sweeney, Jeffery Hyman, Satish Karra, Hongwu Xu, Qinjun Kang, James William Carey, George Guthrie, Hari Viswanathan

Do We Really Need Deep Learning? A Study on Play Identification using SEM Images

Hanyan Zhang, Max T. Kasumov, Deepak Devegowda, Mark E. Curtis

Drawdown Management Strategies - Midland Basin Case Studies

Y. Pradhan, E. Gildin, T. A. Blasingame

Eagle Ford and Bakken Productivity Prediction Using Soil Microbial Fingerprinting and Machine Learning

M.H.A.A. Zijp, T. Mallinson, J. Zwaan, A.G. Chitu, P. David

Earth Model Building in Real-Time with an Automated Machine Learning Framework - A Midland Basin Example

Altay Sansal, Muhlis Unaldi, Edward Tian, Gareth Taylor

Effect of Pore Geometry and Heterogeneous Surface Wettability on the Nanoconfined Phase Behavior in Nanopore Networks of Shale Rocks

Sidian Chen, Jiamin Jiang, Bo Guo

Effects of Molecular Level Forces on the Diffusivity Characteristics of Hydrocarbons in Shale Reservoirs

Yakup Coskuner, Xiaolong Yin, Erdal Ozkan

Efficient Modeling of Enhanced Geothermal System with 3D Complex Hydraulic and Natural Fractures

Hongbing Xie, He Sun, Wei Yu, Joseph Leines-Artieda, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Efficient Prediction of Proppant Placement Along a Horizontal Fracturing Stage for Perforation Design Optimization

Jiehao Wang, Amit Singh, Xinghui Liu, Peggy Rijken, Yunhui Tan, Sarvesh Naik

ESG Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry - A Permian Basin Water Management Perspective

Robert Bruant, Kelly Bennett, Samantha Fox, Sarah Willard, Abigail Michel

Establishing the Basis for Multi-Segment Arps Decline Models

John Lee

Evaluating the Effect of Formation Properties and Completion Design parameters on Cluster Efficiency Using Advanced Modeling

Varahanaresh Sesetty, Ahmad Ghassemi

Evaluating The Liquids Potential And Distribution Of West Virginia’s Marcellus Liquids Fairway

Christopher Smith, Susan Pool, Philip Dinterman, Jessica Moore, Timothy Vance, Timothy Smith, Patrick Gordon, Michael Smith

Evaluating the STACK and SCOOP Rock and Petroleum System History: Combined Rock Volatiles and Petrophysics Data of Cored Wells Across the Anadarko

M. P. Smith, A. Leavitt, O. Djordjevic, J. Sinclair, R. Brito, C. M. Smith, P. S. Gordon, T. M. Smith, J. Hustedt

Evaluation and Insights from Instantaneous Shut-in Pressures

Nicolas Roussel, Herbert Swan, Jon Snyder, Dung Nguyen, David Cramer, Annie Ouk

Evaluation of Electron Tomography Reconstruction Methods for a Barnett Shale

Laura Frouté, Emeric Boigné, Matthias Ihme, Anthony R. Kovscek

Evaluation of Formation Integrity After Flooding Hydrocarbon Reservoirs with Thermochemical and Chelating Agent Solutions

Amjed Hassan, Ayman Al-Nakhli, Abdulaziz Al-Majed, Mohamed Mahmoud

Evaluation of Parent Well Production Changes Caused by Child Well Frac Hits Using A Pressure Integration Approach

Yifei Guo, Pradeepkumar Ashok, Eric van Oort, Matthew Isbell, Erin Butler, Austin Riopelle

Evaluation of “Tight Oil” Well Performance and Completion Practices in the Powder River Basin - “Time Slice” Analysis

Brett Murray, Richard Ness, George Koperna, Steven Carpenter

Evolution of Gas Transport Mechanisms in Micro/mesopores of Organic-Rich Shales During Hydrocarbon Recovery

Zhengru Yang, Christopher R. Clarkson, Amin Ghanizadeh

Examining the origins and yield impact of a stratified oil column in the Montney Formation, NE BC

Dallin Laycock, Elizabeth Watt, Rick Tobin, Shaina Kelly, Michelle Johnston, Eric Michael

Experimental Controls on the Transition Between Planar and Branched Hydraulic Fractures

Wenfeng Li, Luke P. Frash, J. William Carey, Meng Meng, Nathan J. Welch, Hari Viswanathan

Experimental Investigation of Foam Rheology in Rough Fractures

Anuradha Radhakrishnan, Keith Johnston, David DiCarlo, Maša Prodanović

Experimental Investigation of Proppant Placement in Multiple Perforation Clusters for Horizontal Fracturing Applications

Faraj Ahmad, Jennifer Miskimins, Xinghui Liu, Amit Singh, Jiehao Wang

Experimental Study of Hydrocarbon Vaporization for EOR Applications in Shales

Judah Odiachi, Felipe Cruz, Ali Tinni

Experimental study on expansion law of micro-fractures induced by shale hydration

Liang Tao, Zhijun Li, Kun Shi, Junping Lv, Yi Liu, Yuhang Zhao, Zhihong Zhao, Mirinuer Halifu

Extending the Effective Fracture Lengths through Mitigation of Water Trapping to Improve Eagle Ford Gas Production

Luchao Jin, Blaine Spies, Shashidhar Rajagopalan

Fast Probabilistic Forecasting of Oil Production using Monte Carlo Simulations on Data Driven Acquisition of Decline-Curve Parameter Distributions

V.B.K. Chavali, W. J. Lee

Flowback Strategy Optimization for Permian Unconventional Bone Spring Sands and Wolfcamp Wells

Xueying Xie, Samuel U. Amadi, Courtney S.W. Leiker, Shunhua Liu, Erik A. Kinzler, Mei Han, Maria G. Melendez Castillo, Santiago P. Rivera

Fluid Characterization and Volumetric Assessment in the Montney…One Tricky Fluid System

Aaron J. White, Wesley Feick, Nina Prefontaine, F. Brent Thomas, Juan Marin, Jared Ponto, Ronnel Apil, Carter Clarkson

Fracture Description of the HFTS-2 Slant Core, Delaware Basin, West Texas

J. F. W. Gale, S. J. Elliott, B. G. Rysak, C. L. Ginn, N. Zhang, R. D. Myers, S. E. Laubach

Fracturing Fluid Loss in Unconventional Reservoirs: Evaluating the Impact of Osmotic Pressure and Surfactant and Methods to Upscale Results

Bin Pan, Christopher R. Clarkson, Adnan Younis, Chengyao Song, Chris Debuhr, Amin Ghanizadeh, Viola I. Birss

Geostatistical Simulation of Facies and Petrophysical Properties for Heterogeneity Modeling in A Tidal Depositional Environment: A Case Study From Upper Shale Member in A Southern Iraqi Oil Field

Watheq J. Al-Mudhafar

Heavy Oil Polymer EOR in the Challenging Alaskan Arctic - It Works!

A. Dandekar, B. Bai, J. Barnes, D. Cercone, J. Ciferno, R. Edwards, S. Ning, W. Schulpen, R. Seright, B. Sheets, D. Wang, Y. Zhang

HFTS-2 Completions Design and State-of-the-Art Diagnostics Results

Nancy Zakhour, Matt Jones, Yu Zhao, Kate Orsini, Vinay Sahni

High Resolution Acoustic Imaging for Geometric Quantification of Eroded Perforations in Hydraulically Fractured Wells

T. Littleford, K. Wardynski, A. Battistel, G. Simpson

High Viscosity Friction Reducer Testing, Trialing, and Application Workflow: A Permian Basin Case Study

Nancy Zakhour, Soodabeh Esmaili, Jonathan Ortiz, Jack Deng

High-Resolution Reservoir Characterization of the Lewis Shale, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming

Ligia Carolina Mayorga-Gonzalez, Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Horizontal Well Evaluation to Determine Geological Facies, Mechanical Properties, and Natural Fracture Changes Using Slim Through-the-Bit Dipole Sonic and Oil-Based Microimaging Tools

Edgar Velez, Elia Haddad, Firas Al Shaikh, Ghada Barbour, Kyle Barrie

Hydraulic fracture characterization by integrating multidisciplinary data from the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 (HFTS-2)

Zhishuai Zhang, James DiSiena, Dimitri Bevc, Ivan Lim Chen Ning, Yunhui Tan, Laura Swafford, Mike Craven, Kelly Hughes, Andrea Vissotski

Hydraulic Fracturing Geochemical Impact on Fluid Chemistry: Comparing Wolfcamp Shale and Marcellus Shale

Wei Xiong, Johnathan Moore, Dustin Crandall, Christina Lopano, Alexandra Hakala

Hydrocarbon Drainage Index Optimizes Lateral Placement

Rick Schrynemeeckers

Identifying the Origin of Large Variations in Gas-Oil Ratios at Horizontal Wells Landed in Upper Wolfcamp Reservoirs in the Delaware Sub-Basin Using Gas Isotope, SARA, and HRGC Data

Jennifer J. Adams, Alan S. Kornacki

Illuminating Fine Scale Geology and Creating Robust Seismic Attributes Using High Trace Density Seismic Data in the Midland Basin

Andrew Lewis, Bruce Karr, Ron Bianco, Stonnie Pollock

Impact of Completion Design on Various Infill Scenarios: A Data Driven Permian Case Study

Chad Darneal, Kyle Friehauf, Kristie McLin, Bharath Rajappa, Hui Zhou, Phuong Hoang, Justin Hammond, Herbert Swan

Impact of EOR Huff-n-Puff on Rock Microstructure

Sidi Mamoudou, Ali Tinni, Mark Curtis, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Impact of Fracture Conductivity on Production: How much Proppant do we really need in Unconventional Reservoirs?

Sarvesh Naik, Amit Singh

Impact of Kerogen Geochemistry on Methane and Water Adsorption Using Molecular Simulations

Archana Jagadisan, Isa Silveira de Araujo, Zoya Heidari

Implementing the K-Means Clustering Algorithm for the Type Well Generation Workflow in the Eagle Ford Shale

Serhii Kryvenko, Mikhail Gorditsa, Gabriel Siegel

Improved Nanoscale Image-based Reservoir Characterization using Supervised Machine Learning

Shannon L. Eichmann, Poorna Srinivasan, Kevin Kenga, Mohammed Khan, Fabian Duque, Felix Oyarzabal, James Howard, Shawn Zhang

Improving Microseismic Denoising Using 4D (Temporal) Tensors and High-Order Singular Value Decomposition

Keyla Gonzalez, Eduardo Gildin, Richard L. Gibson Jr.

Improving Understanding of Depletion Around Fractures Using Drilling Data and Formation Image Logs

Kevin Wutherich, William Katon, Brian Sinosic, Jason Glascock

Inference of Induced Fracture Geometries Using Fiber-Optic Distributed Strain Sensing in Hydraulic Fracture Test Site 2

Stephen Bourne, Kees Hindriks, Alexei A. Savitski, Gustavo A. Ugueto, Magdalena Wojtaszek

Innovative Cationic Viscoelastic Friction Reducer for Hydraulic Fracturing Application

Fatee Malekahmadi, Nicole Carrejo Moringo, Lance Adams, Brian Price, Yifan Li, Sarkis Kakadjian, Jarrett Kitchen, Keith Trego

Innovative Modeling to Quantify the Impact of Natural Fractures, Optimize Well Spacing and Increase Productivity in the Marcellus Shale

Farid Mohamed, Dolapo Otulana, Ivan Salazar, Han Xue, Li Fan, Dan Shan, Jim Bennett, Kabiru Abubakar, Kyle Barrie, Bryce Yeager, Marcia Simpson, Creties Jenkins

Integration of Gas-to-Oil Ratio into Production Decline Analysis to Predict Flow Regime Transition

S. G. Lapierre

Integration of Geology, Geomechanics, and Completion Data in Modeling for Future Well and Completion Optimization: An Unconventional Diyab Case Study

H. Pourpak, W. Newby, S.Taubert, H. Al Marzooqi, M. Z. Baig, A. Lefebvre-Prudencio, Y. Wu, C. Pointer, F. Cafardi, V. De Gennaro , M. L. Nistor

Investigating Effects of Adding Surfactant to Cement Spacer on Mud Removal Performance and Cement Bond with Formation – An Experimental Study

Ahmed GH Mansour, Talal Gamadi, Hossein Emadibaladehi, Otman Algadi, Sarkis Kakadjian

Investigation into the Fabric and Textural Controls over Effective Grain Stiffness for Accurate Biot Coefficient and Pore Compressibility Prediction

Laurent Louis, Gregory Boitnott, Erek Hutto, Gustavo Carpio, Michael Foster

Investigation of Diffusion and Sorption in Shale Under Variable Net Stress

Ye Lyu, Devang Dasani, Theodore Tsotsis, Kristian Jessen

Key Learnings from Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site - 2 (HFTS-2), Delaware Basin

Yu Zhao, Fadila Bessa, Vinay Sahni, Sriram Pudugramam, Shunhua Liu

Laboratory Study Shows How Real Perforations Affect Unconventional Fracture Initiation

Fokko Doornbosch, Quan Guo, Carlos E. Guedes, Carlos E. Baumann

Left Behind: A Thrilling Post-Expulsion Adventure of Producible Hydrocarbons Remaining in Source Rocks

Shawn Wright, Nicholas J. Hogancamp, John Guthrie, Jennifer Wolters

Linking Depositional Environment Interpretations and Stratal Architecture to Source Rock Richness and Mechanical Property Distribution in the Delaware Basin

Buddy Price, Robin Dommisse, Xavier Janson

Live Oil and Methane Production from Fractured Shale Cores

Nathan J. Welch, Luke P. Frash, Meng Meng, Wenfeng Li, Anne Menefee, Marcus Wigand, J. William Carey

Log and Core NMR T1-T2 and T2-D Mapping of the Bakken Reservoir Complex

Dick Merkel, Michelle Stephans, Cameron Thompson, Kim McLean

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Provides Wolfcamp Completion Design Insight

R. Shelley, H. Melcher, O. Oduba

Machine Learning Applications for a Qualitative Evaluation of the Fracture Network in the Wolfcamp Shale Using Tracer and Completion Data

Abhash Kumar, Chung Yan Shih, Guoxiang Liu, Paul Holcomb, Song Zhao, Richard Hammack, Jeffery Ilconich, Grant Bromhal

Machine Learning Approach to Improve Calculated Bottom-hole Pressure

Esmail Eltahan, Reza Ganjdanesh, Wei Yu, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Ryan Williams, Jack Nohavitsa

Machine Learning Methods in the Williston: A Case Study in Productivity Decay and the Implications for Inventory Exhaustion

B. L. Myers, B. Davis, R. Duman, T. Cross

Machine-Learning Assisted Production Allocation Using a 3-D Full Field Geochemical Model of Produced Oils in the Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk of South Texas

Jason Jweda, Hui Long, Eric Michael

Managing Climate Related Risk through Continuous Methane Monitoring

Khalid Soofi, Amanda Morris, David Camille

Managing Induced Seismicity: A System for Mapping the Geospatial Intersection of Saltwater Disposal Formations, Active Injection Intervals, Injection Pressures, and Volumes, Geologic Fault Lines and Seismic Events in the Permian Basin

Casee Lemons, Jose Cortina, Joshua Adler

Maximizing Project Value in Vaca Muerta Shale Formation, Part 2: Simultaneous Optimization of Well Spacing and Completion Design - Case of Study

Alejandro Lerza, Sergio Cuervo, Sahil Malhotra

Measurement Environment’s Effect on DTS Surveys: A Case Study on Fiber Cable-Wellbore Coupling

Kagan Kutun, Ge Jin, Jennifer L. Miskimins

Measurement of Effective Tortuosity in Unconventional Tight Rock using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Son Dang, Sanchay Mukherjee, Carl Sondergeld, Chandra Rai

Mechanical Stratigraphy Modeling, the Foundation of Unconventional Geomechanical Analysis

Roda Bradley, Vahid Mostafavi

Mechanism of Microseismic Generation During Hydraulic Fracturing - With Evidence From HFTS 2 Observations

Yunhui Tan, Jiehao Wang, Peggy Rijken, Zhishuai Zhang, Zijun Fang, Ruiting Wu, Ivan Lim Chen Ning, Xinghui Liu

Merging Physics and Data-Driven Methods for Field-Wide Bottomhole Pressure Estimation in Unconventional Wells

Diego Molinari, Sathish Sankaran

Mesoscopic Characterization of the Heterogeneity within Tight Carbonate Gas Reservoir, Outcrop Study, Saudi Arabia

Mutasim Osman, Osman Abdullatif

Microseismic at HFTS2: A Story of Three Stimulated Wells

Vladimir Grechka, Bo Howell, Zhao Li, Denise Furtado, Collin Straus

Mitigating the Effect of Ash Layers on Hydraulic Fracture Connectivity

Bradley Abell, Roberto Suarez-Rivera, J.T. Mayo

Modeling and Optimization of Proppant Distributions in Multi-Cluster Hydraulic Fracture-Natural Fracture (HF-NF) Networks

Yidi Wu, George J. Moridis, Thomas A. Blasingame

Modeling of Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Incorporating Hydraulic and Natural Fractures Interaction

Kildare George Ramos Gurjao, Eduardo Gildin, Richard Gibson, Mark Everett

Modeling the Effect of a Natural Fracture Network and its Properties on Multi-Stage Stimulation

Branko Damjanac, Maurilio Torres, Christine Detournay

Molecular Simulation of Multi-scale Multi-Component Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior in Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs

Fangxuan Chen, Ran Bi, Hadi Nasrabadi

Monitoring Leaks at Oil and Gas Facilities Using the Same Sensor on Aircraft and Satellite Platforms

Ángel E. Esparza, Jean-François Gauthier

Multi-Disciplinary Fracture and Spacing Study in the DJ Basin

Jason Brand, Jessica Barhaug, Roger Reinmiller, Ronald Parker, Bilu Cherian

Multi-well Modeling in the Eagle Ford: An Investigation of Redevelopment, Infill and Refrac Opportunities

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New Approach to Reveal Compartmentalization in Montney Horizontal Wells for Completion Design Optimization

Jean-Yves Chatellier, Tristan Euzen

New Fracture Diagnostic Tool for Unconventionals: High-Resolution Distributed Strain Sensing via Rayleigh Frequency Shift during Production in Hydraulic Fracture Test 2

Gustavo A. Ugueto, Magdalena Wojtaszek, Somnath Mondal, Artur Guzik, Dana Jurick, Ge Jin

New Insights into Hydraulic Fracture Dynamics: Learnings from a Pressure Monitoring Well in the Permian Basin

Vivek Muralidharan, Soodabeh Esmaili

New Insights on Near-Wellbore Fracture Characteristics from High-Resolution Distributed Strain Sensing Measurements

Yongzan Liu, Ge Jin, Kan Wu

New Technology Closes Micro-Annular Flow Paths in the Wellbore, Stopping Downhole Gas from Escaping to the Surface

C. Green, R. Evans, B. Fry, W. S. Wruck

Newest State of the Art Neutrally Buoyant Proppant Facilitates Placement Throughout Created Vertical Fractures to Provide Substantial Production Uplift in Unconventional Wells

Harold D. Brannon, Nicole Hoffman

NMR Quantification of Wettability and Water Uptake in Unconventionals

M.J. Dick, D. Veselinovic, R. J. M. Bonnie, S. Kelly

Not All Shales Play the Same Game: Comparative Analysis of US Shale Oil Formations by Reverse Engineering and Petroleum Systems

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Novel Geochemistry Determined from High Pressure, High Temperature Simulation Experiments of Hydraulic Fracture Test Site 2

Djuna Gulliver, Preom Sarkar, Kara Tinker, Nicholas Means, James Fazio, Wei Xiong, Alexandra Hakala, Christina Lopano, Scott Leleika, Amanda Harmon, Jordan Ciezobka

Numerical Simulation of Proppant Transport and Deposition in Complex Hydraulic-Natural Fracture Networks

Dharmendra Kumar, Baohua Liu, Ahmad Ghassemi

Observations and Modeling of Fiber-Optics Strain on Hydraulic Fracture Height Growth in HFTS-2

Jiehao Wang, Yunhui Tan, Peggy Rijken, Xinghui Liu, Amit Singh, Yan Li

Optimizing Completion Designs for the East Texas Haynesville Utilizing Production Flow Allocations From Lower-Cost Fiber Optic Sensing DAS/DTS Systems

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Optimizing the Selection and Application of Chemical Additives in Shale Reservoirs

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Ordovician Source Rock Potential on the Broome Platform of the onshore Canning Basin in the far north of Western Australia

Jop van Hattum, Aaron Bond, Ryan Taylor-Walshe

Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 in the Permian Delaware Basin (HFTS-2)

Jordan Ciezobka

Paleoredox Conditions of Early Carboniferous Upper Bakken Shale, Williston Basin

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Permeability from NMR in the Unconventional Point-Pleasant Formation

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Physics-Assisted Transfer Learning for Production Prediction in Unconventional Reservoirs

J. Cornelio, S. Mohd Razak, A. Jahandideh, Y. Cho, H-H. Liu, R. Vaidya, B. Jafarpour

Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models to Predict Production Drivers in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Leonardo Cruz, Jesus Ochoa

Porosity Measurement of Shale Core Plugs without Chemical Cleaning

Jin-Hong Chen, Stacey Althaus, Mohammed Boudjatit

Predicting Estimated Ultimate Recovery from Flowing Material Balance Analysis Considering Rock and Connate Water Expansion for Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Aykut Atadeger, Mustafa Onur, Leslie G. Thompson, Barry A. Ruddick

Predicting Oil Recovery Under Uncertainty for Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection: A Field Case Study in Permian

Esmail Eltahan, Reza Ganjdanesh, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Mathew D. Thuesen, Jack C. Nohavitza

Predictive Analysis of Well Interference in Tight Oil Reservoirs

Shayan Tavassoli, Esmail Eltahan, Katie Smye, Guin McDaid, Emery Goodman

Produced Gas and Condensate Geochemistry of the Marcellus Formation: Insights into Petroleum Maturity, Migration, and Alteration in an Unconventional Shale Reservoir

Christopher D. Laughrey

Produced Water Chemistry Surveillance and Application in the Permian Basin

Wei Wang, Wei Wei, Mehrnoosh Saneifar, Baosheng Liang, Jason Parizek, Hanh Nguyen, Mauro Menconi, Fei Yang, Cameron Khalili

Production Diagnostics with Time Lapse Geochemistry

Yishu Song, Eric Michael

Propagating of Hydraulic Fractures from Horizontal Wellbores: Effects of In-situ Stress and Near Wellbore Stress Redistribution

Qian Gao, Desheng Zhou, Ahmad Ghassemi, Xiong Liu, Yafei Liu, Minhao Guo

Proppant Delivered Scale Inhibition - Unconventional Case Histories

Terry Palisch, Josh Leasure

Quantification of Thermal Effects on Cross-Well Low-Frequency Distributed Acoustic Sensing Measurements

Yongzan Liu, Kan Wu, Ge Jin, George Moridis

Quantifying Crack Properties of Source Rocks from Elastic Stress Sensitivity

Jihui Ding, Anthony C. Clark, Tiziana Vanorio, Adam D. Jew, John R. Bargar

Quantifying the Diminishing Impact of Completions Over Time Across the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Wolfcamp Using a Multi-Target Machine Learning Model and SHAP Values

T. Cross, D. Niederhut, A. Cui, K. Sathaye, J. Chaplin

Quantitative Assessment of Induced Seismicity from Hydrocarbon Production and Produced Water Disposal in Azle Area, North Texas

Jaeyoung Park, Rongqiang Chen, Akhil Datta-Gupta, Suvrat Lele, Timothy Tyrrell

Quartz Fabric in Shales: Quantification and Assessing its Influence on Geomechanical Properties

M. Rebecca Stokes, Andrew P. Rathbun, Paul C. Montgomery, Michael C. Cheshire, E. Russ Peacher

Quasi-Static Fracture Height Growth in Laminated Reservoirs: Impacts of Stress and Toughness Barriers, Horizontal Well Landing Depth, and Fracturing Fluid Density

Mehran Mehrabi, Yanli Pei, Mahdi Haddad, Farzam Javadpour, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Raman Microscopy Analysis of Wyoming CarbonSAFE Pilot Well Thin Sections for Mineralogy and Organic Matter Characterization

Grant A. Myers, Trevor Brown, Shavinka Fernando, Erin Phillips, Fred McLaughlin

Rate-Transient Analysis of Communicating Wells Using the Dynamic Drainage Area (DDA) Concept

Hossein Ahmadi, Hamidreza Hamdi, Christopher R. Clarkson

Real-Time Analysis of Rig-site Drilling Data Using Automated System to Assist Geosteering and Completion Decision Making

Michael Ghazizadeh, Arman Khodabakhshnejad, Daniel Lowrie

Regional Comparison of the First Depositional Cycle of the Vaca Muerta in the Northern and Central Portions of the Neuquén Basin.

Jacob M. Proctor, Diego Acebal, Gabriela Davalos, Sebastian Olmos, Josefina d’Hiriart

Relating Microseismicity to Geomechanical Strain

Adam M. Baig, Ben Witten, Aaron Booterbaugh

Rethinking Mineral Scaling: What, Where, and Why is it occurring in the stimulated rock volume

Adam D. Jew, John R. Bargar, Joshua W. Brownlow, Matthew M. Laughland

Seismic investigation of lithological controls on effective stress

Bill Goodway, Evan Mutual, David Cho, David McHarg, David Miller, Lindsay Miller

Semiautomated Lateral Landing Advisor for On-Time Decisions Utilizing Digital Borehole Sonic Services and Next-Generation Cloud-Based Fracturing Design

Edgar Velez, Juan David Estrada, Adam Donald, Romain Prioul, Ting Lei, Erik Wielemaker, Violeta Lujan

Shale Gas Development Potentials of the Jurassic Weald and Wessex Basins, South-East England: A Techno-Economic Evaluation

Bassey Okon Bassey, Ekpenyong Anakiri Ana

Simple Yet Practical Production Data Characteristics of Cluster Spacing and Stage Length Configurations: A Permian Case Study

S. Esmaili, N. Zakhour, J. Deng

Simul-frac Journey in the Permian Basin

Amos S. Kim, Seung Han, Andrew Ruhl, Kristen Belcourt, Ross Cazenave

Spacing Classification System Delivers Enhanced Confidence in Modeling Unconventional Resource Plays

Stan Valdez, Rob Quigley, Tori Najvar, Austin Beckendorf, Adam Taberner, Louis Skrobarczyk, Grant Olsen, John Lee

Stacked Completion and Production of Lacustrine Shale Oil Deposit Lateral Wells in the Kongdian Formation, China

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Statistical Analysis of Fractures from the Hydraulic Fracture Test Site 1

Frank Male, Bethany Rysak, Robin Dommisse

Strategy Optimization and Technology Evaluation for Oil and Gas Methane Emission Detection

R. Kou, A. Lazarus, S. Sridharan, V. Jayaram

Stratigraphic Distributions of Volatile Compounds in Samples of the Cretaceous Mowry Shale, Wind River and Bighorn Basins, Determined by Vacuum Extraction and Cryotrap-Mass Spectrometry

Christopher M. Smith, Michael P. Smith, Justin E. Birdwell

Subsurface Characterization of Hydraulic Fracture Test Site-2 (HFTS-2), Delaware Basin

Fadila Bessa, Kanay Jerath, Chris Ginn, Patrick Johnston, Yu Zhao, Tim Brown, Ruben Lopez, James Kessler, Brian Nicklen, Vinay Sahni

Subsurface Technology Sharing from Oil and Gas to Geothermal Resources

Silviu Livescu, Birol Dindoruk

Systematic Comparison of Proppant Placement in SRV Along Two Fractured Wells at the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site: A Case Study from Midland Basin.

Debotyam Maity, Jordan Ciezobka

T1-T2 NMR on Shale Cuttings

M.J. Dick, D. Veselinovic, Taylor Kenney, Derrick Green, Adam Haecker, Matthew Boyce

Technical Resource Potential Estimation Using Machine Learning and Optimization for the Delaware Basin

Hardikkumar Zalavadia, Yuxing Ben, Raquel Gordillo, Steven Lauver

The Effect of Capillary Condensation on the Geomechanical and Acoustic Properties of Tight Formations: An Experimental Investigation

Aamer Albannay, Binh Bui, Daisuke Katsuki

The Effect of Chemical Partition Behavior on Oil Recovery by Wettability Alteration in Fractured Tight Reservoirs

Tesleem Lawal, Mingyuan Wang, Gayan A. Abeykoon, Francisco J. Argüelles-Vivas, Ryosuke Okuno

The Gas Huff-n-Puff PVT Experiment

S. Mydland, M.L. Carlsen, C.H. Whitson

The Giant, Continuous Three Forks Play, Williston Basin

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

The Utilization of the "Rate-Integral" to Assist with Decline Curve Analysis of Poor-Quality Unconventional Time-Rate Data

E. W. Bryan, D. Symmons, D. Ilk, T. A. Blasingame

Total Organic Carbon Content Estimation of Bakken Formation, Kevin-Sunburst Dome, Montana using Post-Stack Inversion, Passey (DLogR) Method and Multi-Attribute Analysis

Silas Adeoluwa Samuel, Rui Zhang

Transfer Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks for Long-term Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs

Syamil Mohd Razak, Jodel Cornelio, Young Cho, Hui-Hai Liu, Ravimadhav Vaidya, Behnam Jafarpour

Triaxial Direct-shear Reveals the True Magnitude of Shear Fracture Roughness Effects on Flow

Meng Meng, Luke P. Frash, J. William Carey, Nathan J. Welch, Wenfeng Li, Samantha K. Peterson

Type Wells - A Physics-Blind Statistical Myth? Our RTA Driven Construction Methodology Proves Otherwise!

Sriniketh Sukumar, W. John Lee,

Unconventional Regulations: How the Development of Unconventional Resources Has Impacted Oil & Gas Regulations in the US

Deb Ryan, John Benton, Evan Halpern

Unconventional Reservoir Development Performance Reviews - the Northern Midland Basin Case Study

Hongjie Xiong, Andrea Thompson, John Tackett, Maryam Schellstede

Underpressure Distribution and Origin of the Tight Gas Reservoirs in Middle Jurassic J2sh Formation of the Central Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China

Qiaochu Wang, Dongxia Chen, Xianzhi Gao, Yi Zou

Understanding the effect of nanopores on flow behavior and production performance of liquid-rich shale reservoirs

A. Khanal, M. Khoshghadam, H.S. Jha, W. J. Lee

Understanding the Interaction between Parent and Child Using Analytical and Numerical Approaches in Permian Basin – An Operator Perspective

S. Esmaili, J. Deng, E. Wolfram, V. Muralidharan, I. Harmawan, J. Cassanelli

Understanding Well Performance of Unconventional Extended Laterals in New Mexico, Delaware Basin

Mei Han, Spencer McKone, Michael Harty, Xueying Xie

Universal Behavior of Polyacrylamide-Based Friction Reducers: Achieving Quantitative Lab Evaluation to Analytical Scale-up Model Development for Field Performance Prediction

Nabijan Nizamidin, Gojko Matovic, Do Hoon Kim, Timothy Theriot, Harold Linnemeyer, Seung Han, Taimur Malik

Unlocking the Human Factor: Geosteering Decision Making as a Component of Drilling Operational Efficacy

Amine Tadjer, Sergey Alyaev, Dylan Miner, Igor Kuvaev, Reidar Brumer Bratvold

Use of Hydrocarbon Gas to Replace CO2 for Shale Oil Huff-n-Puff EOR

Tongzhou Zeng, Yujia Guo, Kishore K. Mohanty

Use of Machine Learning Production Driver Cross-Sections for Regional Geologic Insights in the Bakken-Three Forks Play

T. Cross, K. Sathaye, J. Chaplin

Using Bayesian Leave-One-Out and Leave-Future-Out Cross- Validation to Evaluate the Performance of Rate-Time Models to Forecast Production of Tight-Oil Wells

Leopoldo M. Ruiz Maraggi, Larry W. Lake, Mark P. Walsh

Using NMR and Steady State Permeability Measurements to Study Drilling Fluid Invasion Into the Tight Mississippian Ratcliffe Carbonate and Its Impact on Oil Production

A. Mathur, S. Ali, C. Woodland, K. Hudson, C. Barnes, William D. Von Gonten Jr., C. Belanger

Using the Adaptive Variable Structure Regression Approach in Data Selection and Data Preparation for Improving Machine Learning-Based Performance Prediction in Unconventional Plays

Cyrus Ashayeri, Mehdi Korjani, Iraj Ershaghi

Vision-based Sedimentary Structure Identification of Core Images using Transfer Learning and Convolutional Neural Network Approach

Baosen Zhang, Shiwang Chen, Yitian Xiao, Laiming Zhang, Chengshan Wang

Water-Oil Displacement in Shale: New Insights from a Comparative Study Integrating Imbibition Tests and Multiscale Imaging

Sheng Peng, Priyanka Periwal, Robert M. Reed

Well development, production, and challenges in the Lewis Shale in the Wamsutter field, Wyoming

Ligia Carolina Mayorga-Gonzalez, Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Well Interference Testing using Fiber Optics Production Analysis

Marcel A. Grubert, Xinyang Li, Todd Bown, J. Andres Chavarria

Well Performance and Completion Efficiency Assessment in the Delaware Basin using the Diffusive Time of Flight

Jaeyoung Park, Yuxing Ben, Vivek Muralidharan

Well Performance Management: Case study for Montney

Vishal Bang, Kc Yeboa, Rashad Javadli, Clayton Robinson

Wettability Alteration and Improved Oil Recovery in Unconventional Resources

Fabio Bordeaux Rego, Esmail Eltahan, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Workflow for Determining Relative Permeability Behavior in Low Permeability Media Using MICP Drainage-Imbibition Measurements

James Greene, Kent Newsham, Mitch Pavlovic, Kanay Jerath, Coralee Cox, Matthew McAllen