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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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Basin and Range Geology West of the St. George Basin, Utah

Chester R. Longwell

Bloomington Dome, Washington County, Utah, Summary Article

Graham S. Campbell

Cedar City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 7; Frontmatter

Harold J. Bissell, James R. Boshard, Graham S. Campbell, Earl F. Cook, A. J. Eardley, Louis S. Gardner, Charles A. Hauptman Jr., Chester R. Longwell, Edwin D. McKee, Andrew H. McNair, Frank Neighbor, Paul Dean Proctor, Spencer J. Reber, Charles T. Snyder, H. E. Thomas, Norman C. Williams, Howard W. Thune

Colorado Plateau

A. J. Eardley

Geology of the Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 8; Frontmatter

Gordon L. Bell, Frank C. Calkins, Max D. Crittenden, Armand J. Eardley, Arthur E. Granger, Hubert Lambert, Byron J. Sharp, Ray E. Marsell

Geology of the Cretaceous and Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks of the Utah-Arizona-Nevada Corner

Harold J. Bissell

Geology of the Northern Farmington Mountains

Gordon L. Bell

Geology of the Pine Valley Mountains: A Preliminary Note

Earl F. Cook

Geology of the Pintura Structure Washington County, Utah

Frank Neighbor

Geology of the Wasatch Mountains East of Salt Lake City1

A. E. Granger, B. J. Sharp, M. D. Crittenden, B. J. Sharp, F. C. Calkins

The Hurricane Fault1

Louis S. Gardner

Jurassic Stratigraphy of Southwestern Utah

Norman C. Williams

Pre-Cambrian Exposures in Southwest Utah, Southeast Nevada, and Northwest Arizona

Spencer J. Reber

Road Logs Conducted Tours

Road Logs Utah Geological Society Two-Day Field Conference 1952

Hubert Lambert

Silver Reef Area, Washington County, Utah1

Paul Dean Proctor

Stratigraphy and Structure of the South-Central and Northern Beaver Dam Mountains, Utah

Spencer J. Reber

Structure of the Muddy Mountains, Nevada

Chester R. Longwell

Summary of the History of Exploratory Drilling of Virgin Anticline Washington County, Utah

James R. Boshard

Summary of the Pre-Coconino Stratigraphy of Southwestern Utah, Northwestern Arizona, and Southeastern Nevada

Andrew H. McNair

Summary of the Stratigraphy from Cedar City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada1

Charles T. Snyder

Triassic Stratigraphy of Southwestern Utah1

H. E. Thomas

Uppermost Paleozoic Strata of Northwestern Arizona and Southwestern Utah

Edwin D. McKee

Virgin Oil Field Washington County, Utah

C. M. Hauptman

Wasatch Hinterland

A. J. Eardley