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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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A Brief History of Drilling Operations

George H. Hansen

Clear Creek Gas Field, Central Utah

D. James Edson Jr., Milton R. Scholl Jr., Walter E. Zabriskie

Cretaeous and Early Tertiary Stratigraphy of Central and South-Central Utah with Emphasis on the Wasatch Plateau Area

Philip J. Katich Jr.

Drilling of the Johns Valley, Upper Valley and Muley Creek Structures

R. G. Alexander Jr., E. W. Clark

Gas and Oil Developments on the Last Chance and the Caineville Anticlines: Sevier, Emery, and Wayne Counties, Utah

Dorsey Hager

Geology and Uranium Deposits of the Thompson Area, Grand County, Utah1

WM. Lee Stokes, C. M. Mobley

Geology of Circle Cliffs Anticline

Robert H. Steed

Geology of Portions of the High Plateaus and Adjacent Canyon Lands Central and South-Central Utah; Frontmatter and Introduction

Geology of the Capitol Reef Area, Wayne and Garfield Counties, Utah

Robert G. Luedke

Geomorphology of South-Central Utah

Wm. Lee Stokes

History of Radium-Uranium Mining in the Plateau Province

R. Clare Coffin

Huntington Anticline: Emery County, Utah

H. A. Kuehnert

Itinerary and Road Logs

Jurassic Rocks of South-Central Utah

Wm. Lee Stokes, Clifford N. Holmes

The Kaiparowits Region

Harold J. Bissell

The Mounds and Farnham Area of the Northern San Rafael Swell: Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah

V. E. Peterson

Ore Deposits of the Big Indian Wash-Lisbon Valley Area

Y. William Isachsen

Paunsaugunt Plateau Region, Garfield and Kane Counties, Utah

Norman C. Williams

Permian Stratigraphy Between Price and Escalante, Utah

Edwin D. McKee

Road Logs

D. James Edson Jr., Milton R. Scholl Jr., Walker E. Zabriskie, Keith M. Hebertson, Lewis F. Wells, Robert G. Alexander Jr., J. W. Reid, Spencer J. Reber, Milton Zeni

Side Trip to Arches National Monument (From descriptive folder issued by the U. S. Park Service)

Stratigraphic Correlations of Central and South-Central Utah

Lewis F. Wells

Stratigraphy of the Ferron Sandstone

Leland J. Davis

Stratigraphy of the Southeastern Utah Uranium Region

William Lee Stokes

The Structural and Stratigraphic History of the Carboniferous (Mississippian and Pennsylvanian) of the Wasatch Plateau and Environs

J. W. Reid

Structural Features of Southeastern Utah and Adjacent Parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona1

Eugene M. Shoemaker

Structural History

Edmund M. Spieker

Summary of Events in the Colorado Plateau since 1924


Teasdale Anticline: Wayne County, Utah

Paul T. Walton

Triassic Rocks in the San Rafael Swell, Capitol Reef, and Adjoining Parts of Southeastern Utah

John H. Stewart, J. Fred Smith Jr.

Uranium Deposits and General Geology of Southeastern Utah; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 9; Frontmatter

R. Clare Coffin, John W. Gruner, Y. William Isachsen, C. M. Mobley, Eugene M. Shoemaker, Wm. Lee Stokes

Uranium Deposits of Temple Mountain

Raymond C. Robeck

The Uranium Mineralogy of the Colorado Plateau and Adjacent Regions

John W. Gruner

Wasatch Plateau Gas Fields, Utah

Paul T. Walton