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Utah Geological Association

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Air Pollution Problems of the Phosphate Industry

Ralph I. Smith

Anatomy of the Western Phosphate Field: A Guide to the Geologic Occurrence Exploration Methods, Mining Engineering, Recovery Technology. Fifteenth Annual Field Conference; Frontmatter

Lyle A. Hale

Application of Geophysical Methods in Phosphate Exploration Southeastern Idaho

James W. Cooksley Jr.

Beneficiation Techniques for Western Phosphate Rock

Jay B. Clitheroe, Sam Mele

Composite Bibliography: Western Mineral Resources

Lyle A. Hale

Computerized Volume Determinations from Aerial Surveys

Maurice X. Pia

El-Paso Natural Gas Products Company EPCO Agri Chemical Complex, Conda, Idaho

Elk Valley Area Caribou County, Idaho

J. J. Newcomb

Evaluation of the Phosphate Reserves in Southeastern Idaho

A. L. Service

Exit-Entrance Road Log—Salt Lake City to Moab

J. Keith Rigby, Lehi F. Hintze

Extraction of Vanadium from Phosphorus Slags at Vitro Minerals & Chemical Company

Robert B. Coleman, Galen W. Clevenger

Field Trip Road Log

H. H. Doelling, R. E. Cohenour

Forest Service Regulations for Exploration and Development of Phosphate Reserves

Craig W. Rupp

The Gay Mine, Fort Hall, Idaho

William O. Schmitt

Geology of Southeastern Idaho Central Phosphate Region

George A. Williams, H. J. Holstein

Geology of the Caribou Range Phosphate Deposits Bonneville County Idaho

D. A. Jobin

Geology of the Standard of California Dry Valley Unit Well No. 1 Caribou County, Idaho

R. J. Hite

History and Development of the Phosphate Industry in Southeastern Idaho

A. L. Service

History of the Conda Operation—Underground to Strip Mining

David M. Schwarze

History of Uranium and Development of Colorado Plateau Ores with Notes on Uranium Production in Utah

R. E. Cohenour

Hydrogeology of the Soda Springs-Conda Area, Idaho

Keith E. Anderson, Jack E. Kelley

Idaho-Wyoming Fold and Thrust Belt: Its Divisions and an Analysis of Its Origin

A. J. Eardley

Impact of Uranium on the Economy of the State and the Southeastern Utah Area

Elroy Nelson

Manufacture of Phosphatic Fertilizers

Natural Resources Map

Outlook for the Phosphate Industry—a National and International View

Travis P. Hignett

Petrology and Origin of Phosphorites

G. Donald Emigh

Phosphate Exploration Using Gamma—Radiation Logs, Dry Valley, Idaho

Lyle A. Hale

Phosphate Operations in the United States

Phosphate Sample Localities

Harry McAndrews

The Phosphoria, Park City, and Shedhorn Formations in Western Phosphate Field

V. E. McKelvey, James Steele Williams, R. P. Sheldon, E. R. Cressman, T. M. Cheney, R. W. Swanson

Rare Earths in Phosphorites—Geochemistry and Potential Recovery

Z. S. Altschuler, Sol Berman, Frank Cuttitta

Regulations and Policies Pertaining to Federal Phosphate Deposits in the Western Field

Alvan B. Brunelle

Rotary Air-Drilling of Phosphate Deposits in Southeastern Idaho

H. D. Harris

San Francisco Chemical Co. Crawford Mountain—Leefe Area, Utah and Wyoming

Duncan L. King Sr.

Sedimentation of Rocks of Leonard (Permian) Age in Wyoming and Adjacent States

R. P. Sheldon, E. K. Maughan, E. R. Cressman

Selected References and Papers Pertinent to Uranium Exploration

R. E. Cohenour

Some Compositional Features of Phosphorites of the Phosphoria Formation

Robert A. Gulbrandsen

Stable Isotopes and the Origin of Uranium Deposits of Utah

M. L. Jensen

Stratigraphy and Primary Sedimentary Features of Uranium Occurrences of Southeastern Utah

William Lee Stokes

Structural Features of Southeastern Utah and Their Relations to Uranium Deposits

Kenneth C. Thomson

Sulphur Deposits Near Soda Springs, Idaho

R. W. Richards, J. H. Bridges

A Summary of Isotopic Ages of Colorado Plateau, Utah, Mineral Deposits

Richard L. Mauger

A Survey of Southeastern Utah Uranium Districts

William Lee Stokes

U. S. Geological Survey Branch of Mining Operations

Ernest Blessing

Uranium Deposits of Northeastern and Western Utah*

May D. Dasch

Uranium Districts of Southeastern Utah; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 21; Frontmatter

Lehi F. Hintze, J. Keith Rigby, Byron J. Sharp

Uranium in the Phosphoria Formation

Vincent E. McKelvey, Louis D. Carswell

Uranium Ore Rolls - Occurrence, Genesis and Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Hans H. Adler, Byron J. Sharp

Vanadium and Associated Elements in the Phosphoria Formation in the Afton Area, Western Wyoming

J. D. Love

Water Resources of the Soda Springs Area, Idaho

Jack A. Barnett

World Tectonic Distribution of Economic Sedimentary Phosphate Deposits (Abstract)

Richard P. Sheldon