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Utah Geological Association

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Abstract: Basement Tectonics of the Atlantic Coastal Plain as Seen from ERTS-1 Imagery

Charles F. Withington

Abstract: Evidence of Fracturing of the Deep Basement from Nimbus, X-15, Apollo, ERTS-1 and Skylab Images

Ira C. Bechtold

Abstract: Geologic Setting of Lesotho Kimberlites from an Orbital Perspective

D. T. Hodder

Abstract: Lineament Analysis of Satellite and High Altitude Imagery, Black Hills - Bighorn Region

R. A. Hoppin

Abstract: Lineament Trends in France

D. Robert

Abstract: Macro-Linear Elements in the Greater Mono Basin, California

R. J. P. Lyon, G. I. Ballew

Abstract: Shield Faults and Cordilleran Structural Units, Western Canada

Derek Wilson

Abstract: Tectonic Lineaments in Southern Poland

Stanislaw Ostaficzuk

Abstract: Tectonic Linears of the Ozarks Glades Region of Southwestern Missouri

Charles E. Robertson

Abstract: The Distribution of Oil and Natural Gas Deposits in the Earth’s Crust in Relation to Pt, Ni, and Cr Mineralization Along Great Circles

N. Thamm, Robert A. Hodgson

Abstract: The Fracture Pattern in Southern Israel and Sinai Peninsula in Sedimentary and Basement Areas

Yosef Bartov, Ze’ev Reches, David Scofield

Aeromagnetic Lineament Study of Covered Precambrian Basement, Southeastern Missouri

S. Parker Gay, Jr.

Aeromagnetic Lineament Study of the Highland Valley Area, British Columbia

David A. Smith

An Application of Optical Fourier Analysis to the Study of Geological Linear Features in ERTS-1 Imagery of California

Aderbal C. Corrêa, Ronald J. P. Lyon

Arcuate Structural Trends and Basin and Range Structures Based on a Study of ERTS-1 Imagery

Martha Ryder Smith

Carboniferous Structural Trends and Lineaments of Central Morocco

Martha M. Hamil

Chapter 1. Historical Data: Review of Significant Early Studies in Lineament Tectonics

Robert A. Hodgson

Chapter 10. Planetary Fracturing: Global and Regional Systems of Lineaments on the Earth, Mars and the Moon

G. N. Katterfeld

Chapter 11. Observation, Analysis, Terminology: Determination of Regional Fracture Patterns in Precambrian Rocks - A Comparison of Techniques

E. W. Spencer, S. J. Kozak

Chapter 12. Theory, Origin: a New Theory of Fracture

Raymond C. Wilson

Chapter 13. Curvilinears: Curvilinear Features Visible on Small Scale Imagery as Indicators of Geologic Structures

Rex M. Peterson

Chapter 14. Non-Serious: Linesmanship: Guidelines for a Thriving Geologic Artform

Donald U. Wise

Chapter 2. Western Canada and Alaska: Significance of Space Image Linears in Alaska

Ernest H. Lathram, Nairn R. Albert

Chapter 3. Western United States: Transverse Shear in Southwestern North America – A Tectonic Analysis

M. Abdel-Gawad, Linda Tubbesing

Chapter 4. Great Plains & Central United States: Bedrock Jointing on the Alberta Plains

Elkanah A. Babcock

Chapter 5. Eastern United States: Early Jointing and Cumulative Fracture Patterns

Richard P. Nickelsen

Chapter 6. Western and Central Europe: Major Fracture Patterns in the British Isles

Dennis A. Holmgren

Chapter 7. Africa and the Middle East: Airphoto Lineations of the Southern Part of the Gulf of Suez Region, Egypt

Hassan A. El-Etr, Mohamed A. Abdel Rahman

Chapter 8. U.S.S.R.: Planetary Fracturing: Its Manifestations in the Sections of the Sedimentary Cover and its Role in the Formation of Tectonic Structure and Relief - with Reference to South Turkmenia

V. P. Miroshnichenko

Chapter 9. Australia: Satellite Lineaments in Southeast Australia

K. L. Burns, J. Shepherd

The Crustal Fracture System of North America and its Possible Origin

Gilbert E. Thomas

Detection and Significance of Lineaments and Lineament Intersections in Parts of the Northern Cordillera

Jacques B. Wertz

The Discovery of the Caroline Arch, Alberta, by Lineament Analysis

Peter J. Haman, Koit Jurgens

ENE-Trending Lineaments of the African Rift System

P. A. Mohr

Energy Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah; Frontmatter, Reference Material, Selected Biography

Duane L. Whiting

Fracture Analysis of New York State Using Multi-Stage Remote Sensor Data and Ground Study; Possible Application to Plate Tectonic Modeling

Yngvar W. Isachsen

Fracture Systems of Mars

E. L. Harp

The Importance of Lineaments in the Tectonic Evolution of the Earth’s Crust and in the Occurrence of Ore Deposits in Middle Europe

A. Pilger

Joint and Fracture Patterns in Basement and Sedimentary Rocks in the Sudetes Mountains

Tomasz Jerzykiewicz, Michal Mierzejewski, Andrzej Zelazniewicz

The Kings Canyon Lineament: A Cross-Grain ERTS-1 Lineament in Central California

Gary J. Anttonen, Edward A. Danehy, J. A. Tony Fallin

Lineament Analysis: An Exploration Method for the Delineation of Structural and Stratigraphic Anomalies

Alvin C. Johnson, Jr.

Lineament Patterns from Radar Imagery in Alaska, Arizona, California, and Montana

Ron Gelnett

Lineament Patterns on the Moon, Mars and Mercury

G. Fielder, R. J. Fryer, P. J. S. Gash, J. L. Whitford-Stark, L. Wilson

Lineaments in Basement Terrane of the Peninsular Ranges, Southern California

P. M. Merifield, D. L. Lamar

Lineaments of Northern Alabama and Possible Regional Implications

James A. Drahovzal

Lineament Studies in New England and Their Tectonic Implications

Patrick J. Barosh

Linears in Southeastern Alaska

James R. Reeves

Major Structural Lineaments in the Precambrian of Central Wisconsin

Gene L. LaBerge

Observations on Joint Zones in Moravia, Czechoslovakia

Miroslav Plicka

Ortho-Polygonal Tectonic Patterns in the Exposed and Buried Precambrian Basement of Southeast Missouri

Geza Kisvarsanyi, Eva B. Kisvarsanyi

Planetary Equidistant Rupture (Per) Systems in Moravia, Czechoslovakia

Radan Kvet

Planetary Equidistant Rupture Systems–A New Concept Based on the Study of Joint Zones

Radan Kvet

Possible Relationships Between Lineament Tectonics and the Dynamics of the Milky Way Galaxy

Peter J. Haman

Precambrian Granulite Facies Belts, Lineaments and Plate Tectonics

Michael B. Katz

Proceedings of the First International Conference on The New Basement Tectonics; Frontmatter

Robert A. Hodgson, S. Parker Gay, Jr., Janet Y. Benjamins

Proposed Terminology for Natural Linear Features

Hassan A. El-Etr

Relations Between ERTS Lineaments, Aeromagnetic Anomalies and Geological Structures in North-Central Nevada

Don W. Levandowski, Ted V. Jennings, W. Terry Lehman

Relationship Between the Distribution of Big Endogenic Ore Deposits and the Basement Fracture Pattern - Examples from Four Continents

Jan Kutina

The Remote Sensing Study of the Largest Lineaments and Their Systems - with Reference to Some Regions of Eurasia

A. V. Dolivo-Dobrovol’sky, S. I. Strel’nikov

Road Logs: Trip No. 1, September 19, 1974, Salt Lake City — Duchesne — Vernal

Duane L. Whiting

Short Note: Standardization of Azimuthal Presentations

S. Parker Gay, Jr.

Some Geologic Distinctions Among Lineaments for the Mineral Explorationist

R. W. Hodder, V. F. Hollister

Spatial Analysis of Basement and Cover Linears by Optical Diffraction - Methods, Results, and Interpretation

Howard J. Pincus, Thomas W. Doe

A Statistical Analysis of Photolineaments and Joints, Terrain Parameters and Lineament Density Near Lethbridge, Alberta

Elkanah A. Babcock

Structural and Photographic Lineaments, Gravity, Magnetics and Seismicity of Central USA

James Wm. Smith, Charles S. Kuntz, Anita L. Williams, Richard J. Scheper

Sub-Continental Sized Fracture Systems Etched into the Topography of New England

Donald U. Wise

Tectonic Implications of Oriented Lakes and Lineaments in Northeastern Bolivia

George Plafker

Tectonic Lineaments and Plate Tectonics in South-Central Alaska

Larry Gedney, James VanWormer, Lewis Shapiro

Theory of Lateral Propagation (Infliction, Imposition) of Major Shears

E. Scheibner

Towanta Lineament, Northern Utah

Howard R. Ritzma

Trip No. 2, September 20, 1974, Vernal — Bonanza — Vernal

Duane L. Whiting

Trip No. 3, September 21, 1974, Vernal — Sunnyside — Salt Lake City

Duane L. Whiting

The Uinta - Gold Hill Trend: An Economically Important Lineament

A. J. Erickson, Jr.

The Use of LANDSAT-1 Imagery in Mapping Lineaments in Pennsylvania

W. S. Kowalik, D. P. Gold