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Utah Geological Association

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The Anomalous Transverse Canyons of the Wasatch Range

Charles B. Hunt

An Approach for Avoiding Damage to Springs from Shock Waves Generated During Seismic Exploration

Jerome V. DeGraff

The Central Utah Structural Style as Compared with Other Compressed Areas Along the Cordilleran Orogenic Belt from Canada to Mexico: ABSTRACT

Floyd C. Moulton

Chart Showing Preliminary Correlation of Major Albian to Middle Eocene Rock Units From the Sanpete Valley in Central Utah to the Book Cliffs in Eastern Utah

T. D. Fouch, T. F. Lawton, D. J. Nichols, W. B. Cashion, W. A. Cobban

Conodont Biostratigraphy of Lower Triassic Rocks, Terrace Mountains, Northwestern Utah

Rachel K. Paull

Depositional History of the Paleocene-Eocene Colton Formation, North-Central Utah

John Zawiskie, Deana Chapman, Richard Alley

Discarded Theories are Essential to Progress — Examples from Western Geology: ABSTRACT

William Lee Stokes

Geological Characterization of the Nugget Sandstone, Anschutz Ranch East

Jerry L. Bergosh, Jack R. Good, Jack T. Hillman, Stan Kolodzie

Geologic Comparisons and Contrasts, Paradox and Arapien Basins

Wm. Lee Stokes

History of Oil and Gas Exploration Along Central Utah Hingeline: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Ritzma

Hydrogeology of the Gunnison-Fairview-Nephi Area, Central Utah

Joseph S. Gates

Hydrothermal Systems of Central Utah - a Regional Perspective: ABSTRACT

Duncan Foley

Lithofacies Correlations Within the Upper Cretaceous Indianola Group, Central Utah

Timothy F. Lawton

Lithofacies Correlations within the Upper Cretaceous Indianola Group, Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Timothy F. Lawton

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Structural History of Central Utah with Emphasis on the Sanpete Valley Area: ABSTRACT

James W. Collinson

Microearthquake Studies Across the Basin and Range-Colorado Plateau Transition in Central Utah

Mary E. McKee, Walter J. Arabasz

Middle Devonian to Late Mississippian Geologic History of the Utah Hingeline and Overthrust Belt Region, Western United States: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg

Middle Devonian to Late Mississippian Geologic History of the Utah Hingeline and Overthrust Belt Region, Western United States—A Summary

Charles A. Sandberg, Raymond C. Gutschick, J. G. Johnson, Forrest G. Poole, William J. Sando

Mixed Terrigenous-Carbonate Rocks in Jurassic Arapien Shale of Central Utah

M. Dane Picard, Kadir Uygur

Occurrence and Origin of Silver-Lead-Zinc-Copper Sulfide Ores within Thrust Fault Zones in Northern Utah: ABSTRACT

Laurence P. James

The Overthrust Belt in Central Utah: Road Logs

Douglas A. Sprinkel, Irving J. Witkind, James L. Baer

Overthrust Belt of Utah; Frontmatter

Dennis L. Nielson

Overthrust Belt—Need for a Definition1

Charles B. Hunt

Paleozoic Source Rocks in the Overthrust Belt from Central Utah to Southern Nevada: ABSTRACT

John E. Welsh

Post-Pennsylvanian Structural Evolution of Southwestern Utah

R. LaRell Nielson

Preliminary Interpretation of a 30 km Long Seismic Relection Profile in the Hingeline-Overthrust Region Near Nephi, Utah: ABSTRACT

Mary Lou Zoback

Program and Abstracts for the Utah Geological Association 1982 Symposium on the Overthrust Belt of Utah; Frontmatter

Terence L. Britt

A Regional Gravity Survey of the Sanpete-Sevier Valleys and Adjacent Areas in Utah

Robert P. Brown, Kenneth L. Cook

Relation of the Crazy Hollow Formation to the Green River Formation, Central Utah

Malcolm P. Weiss

Salt Diapirism in Central Utah

Irving J. Witkind

Salt Diapirism in Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Irving J. Witkind

Seismic Data Acquisition and Interpretation in Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Dale Gray, Margaret L. Turner

Stratigraphic Chart Showing Named Units in the Basin and Range, Middle Rocky Mountains, and Colorado Plateaus Provinces, in the Field Trip Area, Central Utah

M. E. Mac Lachlan

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology, Lower Part of the Butterfield Peaks Formation (Middle Pennsylvanian), Oquirrh Group, at Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

Edith Hoffman Konopka, Robert H. Dott Jr.

Structural and Stratigraphic Relations of Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary Orogenic Sediments in the Cedar Hills, Utah

William S. Jefferson

Structural Variety on East Front of the Gunnison Plateau, Central Utah

Malcolm P. Weiss

Structure and Stratigraphy of the Pavant Mountains, Millard County, Utah: ABSTRACT

James L. Baer

Structure and Stratigraphy of the Pavant Range, Central Utah

James L. Baer, Robert L. Davis, Steven E. George

Sulfide Ore Deposits Related to Thrust Faults in Northern Utah

Laurence P. James

Twin Creek Limestone - Arapien Shale Relationships in Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Douglas A. Sprinkel

Twin Creek Limestone-Arapien Shale Relations in Central Utah

Douglas A. Sprinkel