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Utah Geological Association

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The Asteroidal Impact Theory and Some Geologic Evidence for Asteroidal Impacts on Earth: A discussion of Direct and Indirect Data of Extraterrestrial Bodies and Their Motions and How They May Have Affected Earth Structures

Robert E. Cohenour, Byron J. Sharp

Bibliography of Utah Cenozoic Geology: 1785 to June 1987

American Geological Institute

Cenozoic Geology of Western Utah: Sites for Precious Metal and Hydrocarbon Accumulations; Frontmatter

Richard S. Kopp, Robert E. Cohenour

Cenozoic Geology of Western Utah: Utah Geological Association Field Conference: First Day Field Trip Log, September 23, 1987

Hellmut H. Doelling, Fitzhugh D. Davis

Cenozoic Geology of Western Utah: Utah Geological Association Field Conference: Fourth Day Field Trip, September 26, 1987

Mark E. Jensen, Hellmut H. Doelling

Cenozoic Geology of Western Utah: Utah Geological Association Field Conference: Second Day Field Trip Log, September 24, 1987

Fitzhugh D. Davis, Hellmut H. Doelling, Grant C. Willis

Cenozoic Geology of Western Utah: Utah Geological Association Field Conference: Third Day Field Trip, September 25, 1987

Grant C. Willis, Hellmut H. Doelling

Drainage History of the Bonneville Basin

D. W. Taylor, R. C. Bright

Flora of Western Utah—Early Cenozoic to the Present

Leila McReynolds Shultz, John S. Shultz

Fluctuations of Water Level, Water Quality and Biota of Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1847–1986

Doyle Stephens, Ted Arnow

General Soils Distribution in Western Utah

A. R. Southard, T. H. Furst

Geological and Geochemical Character of Cenozoic-Age Gold and Silver Deposits in the Northeasternmost Great Basin: a Review

Laurence P. James

Geologic Hazards of the St. George Area, Washington County, Utah

Gary E. Christenson

Geologic Implications of Artifact Distribution on Early Man Sites on Pleistocene Shorelines Near Sevier Lake, Utah, and Massacre Lake, Nevada

Byron J. Sharp

Geology and Mineral Occurrences of Northern Keg Mountain, Juab County, Utah

Michael A. Shubat

Geology of a Quaternary Travertine Deposit, Central Utah

Michael E. Nelson, William E. Fuchs

Geology of the Eastern Great Basin—Past Successes and Future Problems

William Lee Stokes

The Geology of the Escalante Silver District, Iron County, Utah—A Possible Caldera Setting

J. William Biehl, S. K. Grant

Geology of the Lower Canyon of Beaver River, Southwestern Tushar Mountains, Utah

John C. Lanigan Jr., John J. Anderson

Geomorphology of Lower Clear Creek as it Affected Fremont Occupation

Andrew E. Godfrey

Geomorphology of the Lynndyl Dunes, West-Central Utah

Dorothy Sack

The Great Salt Lake - an Overview

Robert E. Cohenour

The Great Salt Lake Astrobleme

Robert E. Cohenour

Ground Water in the Great Basin Part of the Basin and Range Province, Western Utah

Joseph S. Gates

Lake Level Control Options for the Great Salt Lake

D. Larry Anderson, Paul C. Summers

Late Cenozoic Drainage History of the Northern Markagunt Plateau, Utah

John J. Anderson

Late Cenozoic High- and Low-Angle Normal Faulting and Related Igneous Events in Gold Hill, Northern Deep Creek Mountains, Western Utah

Jamie P. Robinson

Oil and Gas Possibilities of the Overthrust Belt of Western Utah

Floyd C. Moulton

Petrography and Lithology of the Lake Bonneville Sand and Gravel Deposits, Davis County, Utah

Richard S. Kopp

Physical, Chemical, and Economic Aspects of the Great Salt Lake, Utah

J. Wallace Gwynn

Physiography of Western Utah

Charles B. Hunt

Possible Relationships Between Mississippian Antler Mountain Fluvial Systems and Tertiary Disseminated Gold Deposits in the Eastern Great Basin

Alan K. Chamberlain, Cheryl Scott

Pre-Bonneville Quaternary Lakes in the Bonneville Basin, Utah

Charles G. Oviatt, Donald R. Currey

Pre-Pleistocene Fresh-Water Ostracodes in Nevada, Northwestern Utah, and Southern Idaho

Frederick M. Swain

The Prediction of the Future Water Levels of the Great Salt Lake

Hurd C. Willett, John T. Prohaska

Probable Late Cenozoic Capture of the Sevier River into the Sevier Desert Basin, Utah

Charles G. Oviatt

Quaternary Faults and Seismic Hazards Western Utah

Gary E. Christenson, Kimm M. Harty, Suzanne Hecker

A Review of Lake Bonneville Shoreline Faunas (Late Pleistocene) of Northern Utah

Michael E. Nelson, James H. Madsen Jr.

Review of the Petroleum Activity of the Utah Portion of the Great Basin

Raymond L. Kerns Jr.

Risk-Benefit Evaluation of Flood Mitigation Schemes for Great Salt Lake

David S. Bowles, L. Douglas James

Subsurface Tertiary Strata, Origin, Depositional Model and Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential of the Sevier Desert Basin, West Central Utah

Gary C. Mitchell, Robert E. McDonald

Surficial Geology of Hansel Valley, Box Elder County, Utah

Robert M. Robison, James P. McCalpin

Tertiary Rocks of the Sevier Desert Millard County, Utah

James L. Baer, Lehi F. Hintze

A Type Model for Future Oil and Gas Fields in the Cenozoic Basins of the Eastern Great Basin

Floyd C. Moulton

Volcanic Geology and Mineralization Western Bull Valley Mountains, Utah

Fred W. Limbach, Arthur J. Pansze

Western Utah Climatography

Dale J. Stevens, R. Clayton Brough