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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Utah Geological Association

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The 1985 Slug Test of Pah Tempe Springs Washington County, Utah

Ben Everitt, Martin Einert

Cenozoic Fault Patterns in Southwestern Utah and Their Relationships to Structures of the Sevier Orogeny

S.K. Grant, Lynne W. Fielding, M. Atef Noweir

Cenozoic Geology and Geothermal Systems of Southwestern Utah; Frontmatter

Robert E. Blackett, Joseph N. Moore

Evolution of Cenozoic Structures, Western Markagunt Plateau, Southwestern Utah

Florian Maldonado, Edward G. Sable, L. David Nealey

Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Late Cenozoic Basalts in the Basin and Range - Colorado Plateau Transition Zone, Utah

Stephen R. Mattox

Geological and Chemical Conditions of Formation of Red Beryl, Wah Wah Mountains, Utah

Jeffrey D. Keith, Eric H. Christiansen, David G. Tingey

Geophysical Investigations of the Cove Fort-Sulphurdale Geothermal System, Utah

Howard P. Ross, Joseph N. Moore

Geothermal Development at Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal Area Beaver County, Utah 1972 - 1993

Ronald J. Forrest

Geothermal Exploration at Cove Fort-Sulphurdale, Utah1 1972-1992

Gerald W. Huttrer

Geothermal Resources Council & Utah Geological Association: 1994 Field Symposium Road Log, Cenozoic Geology & Geothermal Systems of Southwestern Utah

William F. Case, Robert E. Blackett

Geothermal Resources of Southwestern Utah

Don R. Mabey, Karin E. Budding

Low-Temperature Thermal Water in the Santa Clara and Virgin River Valleys, Washington County, Utah

Steven N. Sommer, Karin E. Budding

A Model for Sustainable Development-The Newcastle, Utah Geothermal Resource

Howard P. Ross, Robert E. Blackett, Craig B. Forster, Stephen Snelgrove

An Overview of the Geology and Geochemistry of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal System, Utah

Joseph N. Moore, Dennis L. Nielson

Review of the Quaternary Geology of the Sevier and Black Rock Deserts

Charles G. Oviatt

The Springdale Landslide, Washington County, Utah

Bill D. Black

Tectonic Implications of Quaternary Volcanism in the Western Markagunt Plateau and Red Hills Area, Southwestern Utah: Geochemical and Geochronological Evidence

L. David Nealey, Florian Maldonado, Daniel M. Unruh, James R. Budahn

Zeolite Occurrences of Southwest Utah

Bea H. Mayes, Bryce T. Tripp