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Utah Geological Association

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Analysis of Fremont River Strath Terraces in the Area of Capitol Reef National Park, Utah – Implications for Fluvial Landscape Evolution and the Role of Climate Forcing

James L. Eddleman, Samual C. Sorber, Thomas H. Morris, Scott D. Grimshaw, Emily Dastrup, William F. Christensen, Scott L. Morris

Baseline Water-Quality Data for the Sugarville Area of Millard County, Utah, with Emphasis on Nitrate Concentrations in the Shallow Unconfined Aquifer

Mike Lowe, Janae Wallace, J. Scott Horn

Biostratigraphy of the North Horn Formation at North Horn Mountain, Emery County, Utah

Rose Difley

Cenozoic Soldiers Pass Volcanic Field, Central Utah—Implications for the Transition to Extension-Related Magmatism in the Basin and Range Province

Eric H. Christiansen, Nichelle Baxter, Thomas P. Ward, Elizabeth Zobell, Matthew R. Chandler, Michael J. Dorais, Bart J. Kowallis, Donald L. Clark

Central Utah—Diverse Geology of a Dynamic Landscape; Frontmatter

Grant C. Willis, Michael D. Hylland, Donald L. Clark, Thomas C. Chidsey Jr.

Classic Geology and Reservoir Characterization Studies of Central Utah; Road Logs

Thomas H. Morris, Craig D. Morgan, Marc T. Eckels, Scott M. Ritter, Renee Mauche Faatz

The Cretaceous Canyon Range Conglomerate, Central Utah–Stratigraphy, Structure, and Significance

Timothy F. Lawton, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Gerald L. Waanders

Exhumed Paleochannels in Central Utah—Analogs for Raised Curvilinear Features on Mars

Rebecca M.E. Williams, Thomas C. Chidsey Jr., David E. Eby

Facies Analysis and Reservoir Characterization of Outcrop Analogs to the Navajo Sandstone in the Central Utah Thrust Belt Exploration Play

Ashley Dalrymple, Thomas H. Morris

Fault-Related Ground-Water Compartmentalization in the East Tintic Mining District, Utah

Sandra Hamaker, Ron Harris

Geologic Evolution and Mineral Resources of the Marysvale Volcanic Field, West-Central Utah

Charles G. Cunningham, Peter D. Rowley, Thomas A. Steven, Robert O. Rye

Geologic Overview of the Fish Lake Plateau, Utah

Christopher M. Bailey, M. Scott Harris, David W. Marchetti

Geomorphic Differences Between the Tununk and Blue Gate Members of the Mancos Shale Near Caineville, Wayne County, Utah

Andrew E. Godfrey, Richard I. Grauch, Michele L. Tuttle

Ground-Water Flow, Water-Level Trends, and the Connection Between Fairfield Spring and the Basin-Fill Aquifer in Cedar Valley, Utah County, North-Central Utah

J. Lucy Jordan, Walid Sabbah

History of Uranium Production, Marysvale District, Piute County, Utah

William L. Chenoweth

Impact of the Big Hole Fault on Fluid Flow in the Navajo Sandstone, Northern San Rafael Swell, Utah

Thomas E. Lachmar, William M. Schieb

Nature of the Cenozoic-Mesozoic Contact in Sevier Valley and Tectonic Implications

Eric J. Cline, John M. Bartley

New U-Pb Zircon Ages from an Ash Bed in the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation Near Hanksville, Utah

Bart J. Kowallis, Brooks B. Britt, Brent W. Greenhalgh, Douglas A. Sprinkel

An Overview of Historical and Contemporary Seismicity in Central Utah

Walter J. Arabasz, Relu Burlacu, Kristine L. Pankow

Paleontological Discoveries of James A. “Dinosaur Jim” Jensen in Central Utah

Rodney D. Scheetz, Brooks B. Britt

Petrogenesis of the Oligocene East Tintic Volcanic Field, Utah

Daniel K. Moore, Jeffrey D. Keith, Eric H. Christiansen, Choon-Sik Kim, David G. Tingey, Stephen T. Nelson, Douglas S. Flamm

Petroleum Geology of Covenant Oil Field, Central Utah Thrust Belt

Thomas C. Chidsey Jr., Jacob S. DeHamer, Emily E. Hartwick, Keith R. Johnson, Daniel D. Schelling, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Douglas K. Strickland, John P. Vrona, David A. Wavrek

Pleistocene Glaciations in Central Utah – A Review

David W. Marchetti

Production, History, Geology, and Mineralogy of Selected Mining Districts of the Marysvale Volcanic Field

Carl Ege

A Review of the Cretaceous Floras of East-Central Utah and Western Colorado

William D. Tidwell, Brooks B. Britt, Leith S. Tidwell

Science-Based Land-Use Planning Tools to Help Protect Ground-Water Quality, Sanpete Valley, Sanpete County, Utah

Janae Wallace, Mike Lowe, Charles E. Bishop

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Bridal Veil Limestone Member of the Oquirrh Formation (Lower Pennsylvanian) in the Central Wasatch Range, Utah — Towards a Bashkirian Cyclostratigraphy for the Oquirrh Basin

David J. Shoore, Scott M. Ritter

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Surface Faulting on the Levan and Fayette Segments of the Wasatch Fault Zone, Central Utah, From Surficial Geologic Mapping and Scarp-Profile Data

Michael D. Hylland

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Morrison–Cedar Mountain Formation Boundary, East-Central Utah

Brent W. Greenhalgh, Brooks B. Britt

Structural Geology of the Central Utah Thrust Belt

Daniel D. Schelling, Douglas K. Strickland, Keith R. Johnson, John P. Vrona

Structural Geology of the Central Utah Thrust Belt: A Geological Field Trip Road Log

Daniel D. Schelling, John P. Vrona

Structure, Reservoir Characterization, and Carbon Dioxide Resources of Farnham Dome Field, Carbon County, Utah

Craig D. Morgan