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Williston Basin Symposium

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ABSTRACT: Assessment of Reservoir Heterogeneity Using Production Type-Curves: A Case Study of the Red River Formation in Harding County, South Dakota and Bowman County, North Dakota

Mark A. Sippel, James E. Junkin

ABSTRACT: Bakken and Bakken-Like Petroleum Source Rocks, Origin and Distribution, Northern Rocky Mountains - Williston Basin

J. A. Peterson

ABSTRACT: Definition of Williston Basin Basement Structural Trends, Features, and Plays Utilizing High Sensitivity Aeromagnetic Data

Richard B. Inden, Ed de Ridder, Penny Frush, David Lindsey, Bill Pearson

ABSTRACT: Mississippian Sequence Stratigraphy in the Williston Basin

Michael L. Hendricks

ABSTRACT: Oil Families and Their Sources in Williston Basin

K. G. Osadetz, L. R. Snowdon, M. E. Rygh

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Apatite Fission Track Data and Their Significance for the Phanerozoic Thermal History of the Precambrian Crystalline Basement Below and Marginal to Canadian Williston Basin

S. Feinstein, B. P. Kohn, K.G. Osadetz, R. K. Bezys

ABSTRACT: Regional Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Lower Paleozoic rocks in the Saskatchewan Portion of the Williston Basin

Fran M. Haidl, L. Kim Kreis

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Development, Structure, and Hydrodynamics of Salt Dissolution and Collapse Structures: Examples from the Saskatchewan Potash Mining Belt

Steve P. Halabura, Terry Danyluk, Scott A. Gerhardt

ABSTRACT: Seismic Assessment of Wrench-Style Deformation Affecting the Red River Formation in Harding County, South Dakota and Bowman County, North Dakota

Sally G. Zinke, Mark A. Sippel, Gregory L. Magruder

ABSTRACT: Sherwood Depositional Trends, Trap Configuration, and Reservoir Heterogeneity Along the Northeast Flank of the Williston Basin (U. S.)

Michael L. Hendricks, Robert W. Fisher, Jacob D. Eisel

ABSTRACT: Stratigraphy and Structure of An Early Mississippian Waulsortian Bioherm in the Lodgepole Formation, Dickinson Field, North Dakota

Ian R. Gordon

ABSTRACT: The Magic School Bus Inside Devonian Dolomites - South Alberta Shelf and Williston Basin

Don L. Kissling

ABSTRACT: The Wiley Field: A Mission Canyon Depositional Model with No Topographic Barrier

Mark R. Luther

Age of Meek and Hayden's Fort Union Group (Paleocene), Upper Missouri River, North Dakota-Montana

Joseph H. Hartman, Allen J. Kihm

Assessment of Undiscovered Resources in Petroleum Plays: U.S. Portion of Williston Basin and North-Central Montana

T. S. Dyman, J. A. Peterson, J. W. Schmoker, C. W. Spencer, D. D. Rice, K. W. Porter, D. A. Lopez, T. J. Heck, W. R. Beeman

Basement Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Production in the Williston Basin: An Interpretive Overview

Richard I. Gibson

A Case History of Exploratory Horizontal Drilling in the Bakken Formation; Ceylon Bakken Sand Pool, Southeast Saskatchewan

D. Campbell, D. Bryan, B. Hebner

A Compartmentalized Carbonate Reservoir in the Nesson Zone of the Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota: A Case Study from Glass Bluff Field

Jo Ann Locklin, Jeffrey N. Damp

Compressional and Shear Wave Seismic Studies in the Williston Basin of Central Saskatchewan

Bradley J. Carr, Zoltan Hajnal

Cretaceous System Stratigraphy and Shallow Gas Resources on the Fort Peck Reservation, Northeastern Montana

Lawrence M. Monson

Depositional Environment of the Dolostones in the Second Red Bed Member of the Devonian Dawson Bay Formation, Saskatchewan

Gu Chenggao, Robin W. Renaut

Depositional Environments and History of the Winnipeg Group (Ordovician), Williston Basin, North Dakota

Jonathan B. Ellingson, Richard D. LeFever

Depositional History of the Newcastle Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Williston Basin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Eastern Montana

Richard D. LeFever, Jerry G. McCloskey

Effect of Cross-Basinal Hydrodynamic Flow on Oil Accumulations and Oil Migration History of the Bakken-Madison Petroleum System; Williston Basin, North America

William D. DeMis

Evaluating Mineral Resource Potential on the Fort Peck Reservation Using CIS Analysis

Lawrence M. Monson

Fault Control on Late Stage Diagenetic Creation and Enhancement of Reservoirs

Richard A. Inden, Randolph B. Burke

Fort Peck Reservation Oil Summary, Part I: Reservoirs, Production, and Reserves

Lawrence M. Monson

Fort Peck Reservation Oil Summary, Part II: Exploration Opportunities

Lawrence M. Monson, Wayne Ewert, Robert Zeier

Fracture-enhanced Porosity and Permeability Trends in the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Western North Dakota

Wayne B. Freisatz

FRONTMATTER: Montana Geological Society: Seventh International Williston Basin Symposium, 1995

Geochemical Microseep Survey of the Plaza and Wabek Productive Trends, Mountrail and Ward Counties, North Dakota

Mark Webster, Thomas Van Arsdale

Geological Features Observed at the Cominco Fertilizers Limited Potash Operations, Saskatchewan, Canada

A. Dave Mackintosh

Hydrocarbon Resources of the North Dakota Williston Basin

Richard D. LeFever, Thomas J. Heck

Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Formation Waters Using Ionic Ratios, South-Central Saskatchewan

David C. Toop, Jozsef Tóth

Hydrogeologic Framework and Ground-Water Resources of East-Central Montana

Larry N. Smith, John I. LaFave

Hydrogeology and the Distribution of Oil Pools, South-Central Saskatchewan

David C. Toop, J. Tóth

Lithofacies and Petroleum Potential of the Birdbear Formation (Upper Devonian), Southwestern Manitoba and North-Central North Dakota

C.D. Martiniuk, H.R. Young, J.A. LeFever

The Newporte Structure: a Petroliferous, Subsurface Impact Crater, Renville County, North Dakota

Timothy R. Gerlach, Neil L. Anderson, Nels F. Forsman

An Overview of the Lower Watrous Manor Pool in Southeast Saskatchewan

Rick Musial

Paleogeographic Reconstruction of an Arid Mississippian Coastline, Sherwood Beds, Mission Canyon Formation, Southeast Saskatchewan and North Dakota

Dean Potter

A Preliminary Comparison of Waulsortian Mound Facies in the Williston and Illinois Basins

Randolph B. Burke, Zakaria Lasemi

Relationship of Salt Patterns to Hydrocarbon Accumulations, North Dakota Williston Basin

Julie A. LeFever, Richard D. LeFever

Resolution of Williston Basin Oil System Paradoxes Through Basin Modelling

Jean Burrus, Kirk Osadetz, Sylvie Wolf, Brigitte Doligez, Kees Visser, David Dearborn

Sedimentology of the Late Devonian and Early Mississippian Bakken Formation, Williston Basin

Mark G. Smith, R. Marc Bustin

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Bakken and Exshaw Formations: A Continuum of Black Shale Formations in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

M. G. Smith, R. M. Bustin, M. L. Caplan

Tectonic Controls On the Lodgepole Play in Northern Stark County, North Dakota — Perspectives from Surface And Subsurface Studies

George W. Shurr, Allan C. Ashworth, Randolph B. Burke, Paul E. Diehl

Tectonic Setting and Paleotectonic History of Fort Peck Reservation in Northeastern Montana

George W. Shurr, Lawrence M. Monson

Tectonic Setting of Horizontal Bakken Production in Southwestern North Dakota

George W. Shurr

Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Williston Basin — A Regional Seismic Stratigraphic Study

Pál Redly, Zoltán Hajnal

Three-Dimensional Depth Imaging of Seismic Data to Help Delineate Petroleum Reservoirs in the Williston Basin

Alvin K. Benson

Western Cold Turkey Creek Field Anomaly: A Meteorite Impact Crater — Not!

Lee Gerhard, Sidney Anderson, Ricardo Olea, Lindon Roberson