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Wyoming Geological Association

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Coal in the Deep Subsurface of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana

Ronald C. Johnson

Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana; 49th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

William R. Keefer, Jimmy E. Goolsby

Detailed Outcrop Studies of the Upper Part of the Upper Cretaceous Cody Shale and the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde, Meeteetse, and Lance Formations, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

R. C. Johnson, W. R. Keefer, C. W. Keighin, T. M. Finn

Fourteen Mile - A Cretaceous Study in Progress

Curtis L. Talbot

Is There a Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation in Upper Cretaceous Rocks in the Bighorn Basin?

Ronald C. Johnson, Thomas M. Finn

Late Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Early Eocene Paleogeography of the Bighorn Basin and Northwestern Wyoming

David Seeland

Origins of Natural Gases from Upper Cretaceous Reservoirs, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana, and Comparison with Gases from the Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Johnson, C. William Keighin

Outcrop-Sections of the Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation, Southeastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

E. A. Merewether, Roderick W. Tillman, W. A. Cobban, J. D. Obradovich

An Overview of the Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Characteristics of the Paleocene Fort Union Formation, Southern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Stephen B. Roberts

Palynological Age Determinations of Selected Outcrop Samples from the Lance and Fort Union Formations in the Bighorn Basin, Montana and Wyoming

D. J. Nichols

Petrography of Selected Upper Cretaceous Sandstones, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

C. W. Keighin

Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

David J. Taylor

Regional Stratigraphy and Correlation of Cretaceous and Paleocene Rocks, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana

W. R. Keefer, T. M. Finn, R. C. Johnson, C. W. Keighin

A Revised Summary of Lancian (Latest Cretaceous) Mammal Localities with Introduction to a New Lancian Locality (Lance Formation) in the Southwestern Bighorn Basin

Michael W. Webb

Silver Tip South and Elk Basin South Fields - Examples of Stratigraphic Traps in the Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation, Northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

William R. Keefer

Stratigraphy of a Marine Sandstone in the Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation, Johnson and Natrona Counties, Wyoming

E. A. Merewether, M. C. Huff, W. A. Cobban, G. L. Skipp

Structure Contour Map on the Top of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana

R. C. Johnson, T. M. Finn

Tectonothermal History of Basement-Cored Mountain Ranges Flanking the Bighorn Basin: Surrogate Evidence of Laramide and Post-Laramide Uplift and Erosion

Robert Giegengack, Gomaa I. Omar, Larsen R. Inman

Thermal Maturity and Petroleum Generation History of Cretaceous and Tertiary Source Rocks, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana

Vito F. Nuccio, Thomas M. Finn