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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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The Bear Creek Uranium Project

F. J. Buturla, M. E. Schwenk

Bentonite in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Claudia A. Wolfbauer

Bentonite Mining Near Kaycee, Wyoming

Thomas Thorson

Coal in the Wasatch Formation, Northwest Part of the Powder River Basin Near Sheridan, Sheridan County, Wyoming

W. C. Culbertson, W. J. Mapel

Deadman Creek Field

Eric Arro

An Environmental Interpretation of the Upper Cretaceous Shannon Sandstone Heldt Draw Field, Wyoming

M. J. Todd Davis

Evaluation of Uranium Resources in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Donald L. Curry

Exploration for Ground Water in the Madison Limestone, Niobrara County, Wyoming

Keith E. Anderson, Jack E. Kelly

Fall River ("Dakota") Oil Entrapment, Powder River Basin

Sherod A. Harris

Genesis and Characteristics of the Southern Powder River Basin Uranium Deposits, Wyoming

A. R. Dahl, J. L. Hagmaier

Geochemical Discrimination of Sandstones of the Basal Wasatch and Uppermost Fort Union Formations, Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

Jon J. Connor, Norman M. Denson, John C. Hamilton

Geologic Map of Paleozoic and Mesozoic Rocks, East Flank of the Bighorn Mountains from Lat. 44° 37' 30" N. to Lat. 44° 52' 30" N., Sheridan County, Wyoming

R. L. Langenheim Jr., M. L. Reinbold, J. S. Tissue

Geology and Energy Resources of the Powder River; 28th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Richard B. Laudon, William H. Curry III, John S. Runge

Hydrologic Factors Related to Coal Development in the Eastern Powder River Basin

Richard W. Davis

Kiehl Field

Eric Arro

Large-Scale Compaction Structures in the Coal-Bearing Fort Union and Wasatch Formations, Northeast Powder River Basin, Wyoming

B. E. Law

Late Cretaceous Teapot Delta of Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

William H. Curry III

Madison Limestone (Devonian and Mississippian), East Flank of Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

William J. Sando

Permeability and Ground Water Circulation in the Madison Aquifer Along the Eastern Flank of the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming

Peter W. Huntoon

Petroleum Geology of the Well Draw Field, Converse County, Wyoming

E. Burke Isbell, Charles W. Spencer, Tommie Seitz

Pollen Changes Near the Fort Union-Wasatch Boundary, Powder River Basin

Robert H. Tschudy

Powell-Ross Field Converse County, Wyoming

Ronald E. Hando

Regional Distribution of Environments of the Muddy Sandstone, Southeastern Montana

Juliana Waring

Regional Geochemical Baselines in Soils of the Powder River Basin, Montana-Wyoming

Ronald R. Tidball, Richard J. Ebens

Relationships Between Early Tertiary Sedimentation Patterns and Uranium Mineralization in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

David A. Seeland

Spearhead Ranch Field, T38-39N R74-75W, Converse County, Wyoming

Alan U. Lange

Statistical Summaries of Muddy and Minnelusa Reservoirs in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Donald Basko, E. E. Mulholland

Steinle Ranch Field

Steven G. Reid

Sussex Sandstone Production, Triangle U Field Campbell County, Wyoming

George G. Anderman

Trabing Field

Alan U. Lange

Trapping Mechanisms for Oil in Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone at Recluse Field, Wyoming

Robert R. Berg

Type Section of the Teapot Sandstone

William H. Curry III

Update on the Powder River Coal Basin

Gary B. Glass

The Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation in the Kaycee-Tisdale Mountain Area, Johnson County, Wyoming

E. A. Merewether, W. A. Cobban, C. W. Spencer

Upper Cretaceous Gammon, Shannon, and Sussex Sandstones, Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming

George C. Crews, James A. Barlow Jr., John D. Haun

Upper Cretaceous Shannon Sandstone: An Offshore, Shallow-Marine Sand Body

Darwin R. Spearing