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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Commercial Development of Big Horn Basin, Bentonite Reserves

Thomas A. Thorson

Deformation Styles Along the Tensleep Fault, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

M. Lee Allison

Geology Of the Bighorn Basin; 34th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

W. W. Boberg

Gravity Anomalies Along the Beartooth Front, Montana: Evidence for a Low-Angle Thrust

William E. Bonini, Randy E. Kinard

Heart Mountain Faulting: Timing and Mechanism

Willis H. Nelson, William G. Pierce

Heart Mountain — Blocks in a Giant Volcanic Rock Glacier

John K. Sales

Horizontal Compression and a Mechanical Interpretation of Rocky Mountain Foreland Deformation

J. R. Scheevel

Mechanisms for Deformation of Sedimentary Strata at Sheep Mountain Anticline, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Jeff Hennier, John H. Spang

Overprinting of Laramide Structural Grains in the Clarks Fork Canyon Area and Eastern Beartooth Mountains of Wyoming

Donald U. Wise

Paleocene-Eocene Faunal Zones and a Preliminary Analysis of Laramide Structural Deformation in the Clark's Fork Basin, Wyoming

Philip D. Gingerich

Possible Upper Mantle Convection Current System in the U.S. Cordillera

William H. Curry III

Proposed Structural Interpretation of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming-Montana

William H. Curry III

Quaternary Geology of the Western Five Springs Area, Big Horn County, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Richard U. Birdseye

Reconnaissance and Economic Geology of the Copper Mountain Metamorphic Complex, Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming

W. Dan Hausel, Paul J. Graff

Shallow Cretaceous Oil and Gas Potential South Byron Area, Big Horn County, Wyoming

Curtis L. Talbot

Summary of Eocene Stratigraphy at the Base of Jim Mountain, North Fork of the Shoshone River, Northwestern Wyoming

Victor Torres, Philip D. Gingerich

Terrace Chronologies in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Robert Palmquist

Terrace Development in the Shoshone River Valley Near Powell, Wyoming and Speculations Concerning the Sub-Powell Terrace

Dale F. Ritter, Marvin E. Kauffman

Uranium and Thorium in the Bighorn Basin

Ray E. Harris