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Wyoming Geological Association

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Archeological Research in Yellowstone National Park

Gary A. Wright

Basin Creek Uplift and Heart Lake Conglomerate, Southern Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

J. D. Love, W. R. Keefer

Catastrophic Large-Scale Late Cenozoic Detachment Faulting of Eocene Volcanic Rocks, SE Absaroka Range

Thomas M. Bown

Cenozoic History of the Yellowstone Valley Between Yellowstone Park and Livingston, Montana

John Montagne, Robert A. Chadwick

The Cody Hydrothermal System

Henry P. Heasler

Continuous Monitoring of Thermal Activity in Yellowstone National Park

Irving Friedman, Daniel R. Norton

Crustal Structure and Evolution of an Explosive Silicic Volcanic System at Yellowstone National Park

Robert B. Smith, Lawrence W. Braile

Discovering Yellowstone

William L. Lang

General Geologic Setting and Mineralization of the Porphyry Copper Deposits, Absaroka Volcanic Plateau, Wyoming

W. Dan Hausel

Genesis of Early Tertiary Exotic Metaquartzite Conglomerates in the Absaroka-Bighorn Region, NW Wyoming

Mary J. Kraus

Geochemical Provenance of Anomalous Metal Concentrations in Stream Sediments in the Ashton 1:250,000 Quadrangle, Idaho/Montana/Wyoming

Spencer S. Shannon Jr.

The Geochemistry of Shoshone Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park

A. H. Truesdell, J. M. Thompson

Geological Investigations in Yellowstone National Park, 1976–1981

Wayne L. Hamilton

Geology of Pre-Tertiary Rocks in the Northern Part of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Edward T. Ruppel

Geology of the Lamar River Formation, Northeast Yellowstone National Park

William J. Fritz

Geology of the Slough Creek Tuff, Northern Absaroka Volcanic Field, Park County, Montana

John W. Hickenlooper Jr., James T. Gutmann

Geology of Yellowstone Park Area; 33rd Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Steven G. Reid, David J. Foote

Geomorphic Analysis of the Deep Creek Fault, Upper Yellowstone Valley, South-Central Montana

Stephen F. Personius

The Heart Mountain Detachment Fault, Northwest Wyoming: Involvement of Absaroka Volcanic Rock

Thomas A. Hauge

History and Dynamics of Glaciation in the Northern Yellowstone National Park Area

Kenneth L. Pierce

Hydrocarbons in Thermal Areas, Northwestern Wyoming

J. D. Love, John M. Good

Hydrothermal Alteration in Research Drill Hole Y-11 from a Vapor-Dominated Geothermal System at Mud Volcano, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Keith E. Bargar, L. J. Patrick Muffler

The Jackson Hole Coal Field

Richard W. Jones

The Madison Mylonite Zone: A Major Shear Zone in the Archean Basement of Southwestern Montana

Eric A. Erslev

Petroleum Geology of the Northern Part of Yellowstone National Park

John J. Tonnsen

Relation of Volcanic Rocks to the Heart Mountain Fault

William G. Pierce

Rocky Mountain Laramide-Tertiary Subsurface Solution vs. Paleozoic Karst in Mississippian Carbonates

L. W. Dan Bridges

Stratigraphic Relations Within the Southeastern Absaroka Volcanic Sequence, Northwestern Wyoming

Kent A. Sundell, Jeffrey G. Eaton

The Yankee Jim Canyon Landslide—Park County, Montana

John M. Good