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Wyoming Geological Association

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Annotated Bibliography of Oil and Gas Fields in the Powder River Basin

Whitney A. Bradley, Charles W. Heppe

Ash Creek and Ash Creek South Fields

Frank P. Morgando

The Brooks Ranch Oil Field

Marvin A. Buskala

Burke Ranch Field, Natrona County, Wyoming

Richard P. Swirczynski

Cambrian of the Powder River Basin

Melville R. McCoy

Cambro-Mississippian Correlations in the Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

M. A. Jenkins, M. R. McCoy

Catalog of Formation Names for Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Arthur G. Randall

Characteristics of Petroleum in the Powder River Basin

W. J. Wenger, B. W. Reid

Coal in the Powder River Basin

William J. Mapel

Dead Horse Creek Field

J. E. Lawton

Donkey Creek Area, Crook County, Wyoming

C. J. Barkley, R. F. Gosman

Drainage Analysis—Donkey Creek Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

D. H. Elliott

Early Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

John D. Haun

East Salt Creek Field, Natrona County Field, Wyoming

Tommie C. Hillis

The East Teapot Field, Natrona County, Wyoming

Eugene C. Eaton

Economic Geology of the Old Woman Anticline

John C. Bollenbacher

Evaporite Deposits in the Minnelusa Formation in the Sundance-Beulah Area, Crook County, Wyoming

F. Howard Brady

Fort Union Formation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Roland W. Brown

General Bibliography

Gene Del Mauro

Geologic and Ecologic Significance of the Upper Paleozoic Foraminifera in the Hartville Area, Wyoming

Lloyd G. Henbest

Geomorphic Anomalies, Dead Horse Creek Area, Wyoming

Curtis L. Buttorff

Habitat of Oil in the Powder River Basin

John W. Strickland

Late Cretaceous Fossil Zones of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

W. A. Cobban

The Lewis, Fox Hills and Lance Formations of Upper Cretaceous Age in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

C. M. Dunlap

Log Interpretation Techniques, Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Bob Jones

Middle Mesozoic Non-Marine Ostracodes of the Black Hills

I. G. Sohn

North Casper Creek Field

V. E. Katherman

North Fork Field

Bayard D. Rea

Occurrence of Ground Water in the Eastern Powder River Basin and Western Black Hills, Northeastern Wyoming

Harold A. Whitcomb, Donald A. Morris, Ellis D. Gordon, Charles J. Robinove

Oil in Mesaverde, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

J. B. Headley Jr.

Ordovician Rocks of the Northern Powder River Basin and Black Hills Uplift Areas, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota

Melville R. McCoy

Ore Deposits of the Black Hills

John Paul Gries

Paleotectonic Control of Marine Jurassic Sedimentation in the Powder River Basin

James A. Peterson

The Powder River Basin of Wyoming, Land of the Last Frontier

Edness Kimball Wilkins

Powder River Basin of Wyoming; 13th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

John Strickland, Frank Byrne, James Barlow

Preliminary Report on the Goose Egg and Chugwater Formations in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

N. C. Privrasky, J. R. Strecker, C. E. Grieshaber, Frank Byrne

Regional Aspects of Inyan Kara Stratigraphy

Karl M. Waage

The Sage Spring Creek Unit

M. S. Johnson

Sand Shooting

David Q. Loepp

Sherwood Field

Donald W. Paape

Significance of Karst Terrane and Residuum in Upper Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian Rocks, Rocky Mountain Region

Lloyd G. Henbest

Stratigraphic Relations of Non-Marine Jurassic and Pre-Thermopolis Lower Cretaceous Strata of North-Central and Northeastern Wyoming

John M. Wilson

Stratigraphy and Fossils of Marine Jurassic Rocks Along the Southern Margin of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

J. D. Love

Stratigraphy of the Shannon Member of the Eagle Formation and its Relationship to Other Units in the Montana Group in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

John M. Parker

Summary of the Stratigraphy of the Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Donald I. Foster

Sussex-Meadow Creek Area

Michael Padden

The Thermopolis Shale in Eastern Wyoming

Don L. Eicher

Tisdale Anticline

D. J. Eckelberg

Uranium Deposits in the Tertiary Sediments of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Vernon A. Mrak

Uranium Deposits of the Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming

C. S. Robinson, G. B. Gott

West Moorcroft Field

Robert M. Wakefield