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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Clinoform Slope Geometry of a Wall Creek Sandstone, Salt Creek Oil Field, Wyoming

William H. Curry III

Flaxton Field, Burke County, North Dakota

Nels E. Voldseth

Gooseneck Field, Northern Williston Basin

Andrew C. Weinzapfel, Douglas G. Neese

High Road Field, Campbell County, Wyoming

David L. Tyler, Allen C. Modroo

Interlake Production at Charlson Field, McKenzie County, North Dakota

Edmond E. Bates Jr.

Madden Anticline: Growing Giant

Jeffrey M. Dunleavy, Roger L. Gilbertson

Mickelson Creek Field Extension: A Mesaverde Unconformity Trap

Peggy Williams

New Interpretation of Clark's Fork Field, Northern Bighorn Basin, Montana

Jeffrey S. Johnson, Nancy Lindsley-Griffen

North Fork and Cellars Ranch Fields, Johnson Co., Wyoming: Examples of Late Permian Tectonism and Resultant Differential Sedimentation - Reply

W. Richard Moore

North Fork and Cellers Ranch Fields: "Differential Sedimentation" or Thrust-Folding?

Donald S. Stone

Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Fields Symposium

John H. Noll, Kevin Doyle

A Seismic-Stratigraphic Analysis of North Hollingsworth Field, Fall River County, South Dakota

John A. Morel, Phillip H. Bursk, J. William Finch

Slattery Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: A Multidisciplinary Interpretation of a Complex Minnelusa (Permian) Field

Richard J. Sheppy

South Coteau Field: Integration of Geology, Petrophysics, and Engineering Yields Mission Canyon Oil

Jacob D. (Jake) Eisel, Michael L. Hendricks

Tectonic History of the Sweetgrass Arch, a Key to Finding New Hydrocarbons, Montana and Alberta

Warren Shepard, Betsy Bartow