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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Allochthons Along the Northeast Margin of the Snake River Plain, Idaho

Betty Skipp, M. H. Hait Jr.

Assessment of Oil and Gas Resources in the Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

Richard B. Powers

Auburn Hot Springs, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Bern S. Hinckley, Roy M. Breckenridge

Causes and Consequences of Curvature in the Sevier Orogenic Belt, Utah to Montana

Edward C. Beutner

The Cenozoic of the Snake River Plain of Idaho

Mont M. Warner

Collapsed Diapiric Structures and Their Potential Economic Significance, Indianola, Utah

David M. Runyon

Comparison of the Peterson and Draney Limestones, Idaho and Wyoming, and the Calcareous Members of the Kootenai Formation, Western Montana

Melody R. Holm, W. Calvin James, Lee J. Suttner

The Craven Creek Field, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Stephen B. Evans, William J. Barrett

Deformation in Ramp Regions of Overthrust Faults: Experiments with Small-Scale Rock Models

James Morse

Development Geology of Pineview Field, Summit County, Utah

D. C. Conner, R. J. Covlin

Diagenesis of the Nugget Sandstone: Western Wyoming and North-Central Utah

J. A. Pacht

Dinosaur Canyon Member of the Triassic Moenave Formation of Southwest Utah

John Daniel Davis

Geologic History of the Devonian Northern Alberta to Southwest Arizona

Gerald G. Loucks

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Co-Op Creek Quadrangle, Wasatch County, Utah

Gary K. Astin

Geology of the Hoback Peak Area in the Overthrust Belt, Lincoln and Sublette Counties, Wyoming

Claude Max Froidevaux

Geology of the Skull Point Mine Area, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Robert T. Bozzuto

Geothermal Investigations in Idaho — Part 6

John C. Mitchell

Gold Content of the Pass Peak Formation and Other Rocks in the Rocky Mountain Overthrust Belt, Northwestern Wyoming

J. C. Antweiler, J. D. Love, W. L. Campbell

Gravity Modeling of the Wyoming Thrust Belt at 45° N. Latitude

John A. Morel

Interpretations of the Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma

John Wickman

The Kemmerer Coal Field Update

Louis A. Engstrom

Mississippian Carbonate Shelf Margins, Western United States

Peter R. Rose

The Moxa Arch, an Overthrust Model?

Phillip H. Wach

The Overthrust Belt Salient of the Cordilleran Fold Belt, Western Wyoming-Southeastern Idaho-Northeastern Utah

D. L. Blackstone Jr.

Paleozoic Shelf-Margins and Marginal Basins, Western Rocky Mountains-Great Basin, United States

James A. Peterson

Petrography and Stratigraphy of Productive Beds in the Morgan Formation, Church Buttes Unit No. 19, Southwest Wyoming

M. Dane Picard

The Petrology and Reservoir Capabilities of the Cretaceous Tygee Member of the Bear River Formation in Southeastern Idaho

James Edward Kamis

The Petrology and Reservoir Capabilities of the Jurassic Nugget Sandstone in Southeastern Idaho

James Edward Kamis

Petrology of the Jurassic Nugget Sandstone, Northeast Utah and Southwest Wyoming

M. Dane Picard

Photoelastic Model Studies of Thrust Fault Initiation

J. J. Gallagher Jr., W. D. Rizer

Post Pennsylvanian Potential Source Rocks and Reservoir Rocks of Central Utah

George E. Young

Preliminary Bedrock Geologic Map of Part of the Northern Disturbed Belt, Lewis and Clark, Teton, Pondera, Glacier, Flathead, and Powell Counties, Montana

Melville R. Mudge, Robert L. Earhart, Dudley D. Rice

Rocky Mountain Thrust Belt Geology and Resources; 29th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

E. L. (Roy) Heisey, Don E. Lawson, Earl R. Norwood, Phillip H. Wach, Lyle A. Hale

Ryckman Creek Field, Uinta County, Wyoming

John M. Kelly, Frank O. Hine

Seismicity and the Possibility of Earthquake Related Landslides in the Teton-Gros Ventre-Jackson Hole Area, Wyoming

R. B. Smith, J. R. Pelton, J. D. Love

Significance of Surface Structure in Tertiary Strata for Part of the Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

J. F. Conrad

Some New Perspectives on the Old Nugget Oil Fields of the LaBarge Platform

Suzanne Webel

Stratigraphic-Tectonic Implications of a New, Earliest Eocene, Mammalian Faunule from Central Western Wyoming

John A. Dorr Jr., James R. Steidtmann

Stratigraphy of the Frontier Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Kemmerer Area, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Robert Craig Myers

Stratigraphy of the Madison Group (Mississippian) in the Northern Part of the Wyoming-Idaho Overthrust Belt and Adjacent Areas

William J. Sando

Structural Development of the Round Mountain Area, Uinta County, Wyoming

Dan M. Worral

Structural Geology in the Eastern Margin of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Clinton D. A. Dahlstrom

The Structural Geology of the Aspen Tunnel Area, Uinta County, Wyoming

William R. Cook III

Structural Geology of the Ryckman Creek Anticline Area, Lincoln and Uinta Counties, Wyoming

John S. Vietti

Structural Pattern of the Centennial Mountains, Montana-Idaho

Irving J. Witkind

Styles of Deformation in the Ramp Regions of Overthrust Faults

Sandro Serra

Summary of Middle Ordovician Stratigraphy and Tectonics, Northern Utah, Southern and Central Idaho

Robert Q. Oaks Jr., W. Calvin James, G. Gregory Francis, Warren J. Schulingkamp II

Summary of Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic Stratigraphy, and of Tectonic and Glacial Events in Jackson Hole, Northwestern Wyoming

J. D. Love

Surface Expression of Concentric Folds and Apparent Detachment Zone (Decollement) Near Cokeville, Wyoming

J. F. Conrad

The Tectonic and Synorogenic Depositional History of the Hoback Basin and Adjacent Areas

J. A. Dorr Jr., D. R. Spearing, J. R. Steidtmann

Underthrusting Origin for Thrust-Fold Belts with Application to the Idaho-Wyoming Belt

James D. Lowell

Update on the Hams Fork Coal Region

Gary B. Glass