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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Advancements in Exploration Technique Using Log Derived Data Factors

Bob Jones

Baxter Basin Gas Fields, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

M. M. Fidlar

The Big Piney-Labarge Frontier Gas Field, Sublette and Lincoln Counties, Wyoming

B. G. Shipp, J. B. Dunnewald

Biostratigraphy of the Thermopolis, Muddy, and Shell Creek Formations

Don L. Eicher

Church Buttes Gas Field, Sweetwater and Uinta Counties, Wyoming

M. M. Fidlar

Cloverly-Lakota and Fall River Paleocurrents in the Wyoming Rockies

Frederick T. MacKenzie, J. Donald Ryan

Coyote Creek Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

John F. Trotter

The Crude Oils of Wyoming—Product of Depositional Environment and Alteration

Richard D. McIver

Depositional Environments in Central Wyoming During the Early Cretaceous

William H. Curry III

Depositional History of the Muddy Sandstone, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Richard A. Paull

The Effect of Hydrodynamics on Production in the Miller Creek Oil Field, Crook County, Wyoming

Roger L. Hoeger

Frontier Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Franklyn B. Van Houten

Frontier Formation—Coalville, Utah and Nearby Areas of Wyoming and Nearby Areas of Wyoming and Colorado

Lyle A. Hale

Geology of the Grieve Field, Natrona County, Wyoming

Don E. Lawson

Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous Correlations, South-Central Wyoming and Northwestern Colorado

Robert J. Weimer

Lower Cretaceous History of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Ralph Moberly Jr.

Lower Cretaceous Nonmarine Ostracods and Charophytes of Wyoming and Adjacent Areas

Raymond E. Peck, William W. Craig

Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy of South Dakota and the Eastern Edge of the Powder River Basin

John Paul Gries

Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Casper Arch, Wyoming

W. Franklin Hooper

Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy of Wyoming

John D. Haun, James A. Barlow Jr.

The Newcastle Formation in Weston County, Wyoming: A Nonmarine (Alluvial) Plain Deposit

Donald R. Baker

Patterns of Barrier Bar Sedimentation and Its Similarity to Lower Cretaceous Fall River Stratigraphy

D. N. Miller Jr.

Petrography of Lakota Conglomerate, Casper Arch Area, Wyoming

W. Franklin Hooper

Pre-Niobrara Cretaceous Megafaunal Zones

Philip J. Katich Jr.

Provenance of Dakota Group Sandstones of the Western Interior

David B. MacKenzie, David M. Poole

Rozet Field, Campbell County, Wyoming

H. D. Waterman

Some Cretaceous Waters of Wyoming

J. G. Crawford, C. Edward Davis

Some Problems of the Earlier Cretaceous Rocks of Wyoming

Horace D. Thomas

The Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Frontier Formation of Wyoming

H. G. Goodell

Symposium on Early Cretaceous Rocks of Wyoming and Adjacent Areas; 17th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Richard L. Enyert, William H. Curry III