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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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ABSTRACT: Aeromagnetic Definition of Basement Linears and Their Influence on Depositional Patterns and Hydrocarbon Entrapment in the Greater Green River Basin

John C. Horne, Richard F. Inden, William C. Pearson

ABSTRACT: An Integrated Analysis of the Madison Formation: Madden Field, Fremont County, Wyoming

Hutch Jobe, Sid Bjorlie, Mark Petrichuk

ABSTRACT: Deepwater Technologies for Wyoming Deep Gas

Michael Hauck

ABSTRACT: Depositional Framework of the Mesaverde Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

R. A. J. Robinson, A. R. Prave, M. J. Herrero Fernandez, C. R. Bates, S. L. Parks

ABSTRACT: Gas Component Origins and Predominant Secondary Alteration Mechanisms - Wind River Basin, Wyoming

David A. Wavrek

ABSTRACT: Improved Sequence Stratigraphic and Reservoir Characterization Models: Mesaverde Group, Southwestern Wyoming

Randi S. Martinsen, Ronald J. Steel, Ole J. Martinsen, Lee F. Krystinik

ABSTRACT: Jonah and Pinedale Fields, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming - Current Status and Future Developments

John W. Robinson

ABSTRACT: Lessons Learned, Lessons Lost: Review of Selected Coalbed Methane Pilots

John P. Seidle

ABSTRACT: Madden Deep Unit - Madison Drilling

Robert Soza

ABSTRACT: Market Dynamics of Natural Gas in the West

Mark Magliery

ABSTRACT: Net Effective Pay Determinations Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Borehole Imagery

Roger R. Reinmiller

ABSTRACT: Pre-Stack Depth Migration and the Imaging of Complex Structures in the Wyoming Thrust Belt

Richard Postma

ABSTRACT: Pushing Back the Frontier... Geologic Characterization of a Tight Gas Reservoir Near the Economic Limit of Production, West Flank Moxa Arch

Robert A. Basse, Connie Knight

ABSTRACT: Revitalization of West Hiawatha Field

Roger G. Dickinson

ABSTRACT: Scales of Facies Architecture in Top-Truncated Lowstand Delta Lobes, Upper-Cretaceous Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Charles (Chuck) D. Howell Jr., Janok P. Bhattacharya, Adam B. Robinson

ABSTRACT: Structural Geology of the Owl Creek Mountains and the Northern Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Daniel D. Schelling

ABSTRACT: The Aeromagnetic Definition of Wrench Faults and Their Influence on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Production Fairways

Richard F. Inden, William C. Pearson, John C. Horne

ABSTRACT: The Greybull Sandstone (Sykes Mountain Formation): A Potential Stratigraphic Play in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

David E. Schmude, Arthur W. Cleaves

ABSTRACT: Upper Fort Union (Paleocene) Deposition on the North Flank of Madden Anticline, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Stephen H. Hollis

ABSTRACT: Wyoming Oil and Gas Resource Assessment

Melody Holm

The Benefits of Cost-Effective Environmental Baseline Sampling and Monitoring Practices in Advance of Coalbed Methane Production

Anthony W. Gorody

Determination and Delineation of Anomalously Pressured Gas Accumulations in the Siberia Area, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Surdam, Zun Sheng Jiao, Yuri Ganshin, Nicholas G. K. Boyd III

The Effect That Stimulation Methodologies Have on Production in the Jonah Field

Mike Eberhard, Mike Mullen

An Estimate of Recoverable Coal Gas Resources in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Fred Crockett, Margaret Ellis, Gary Stricker, Greg Gunther, Allan Ochs, Romeo Flores

Evoluation of Gas Exploitation in the Eastern Green River Basin, Carbon and Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming, 1990-1998

Randal L. Billingsley

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Overpressure Determination from Sonic and Resistivity Log Anomalies, Jonah Field, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming

Robert M. Cluff, Suzanne G. Cluff

Field Analysis Continues to Reinforce the Role of Bit Technology in Improving Overall Drilling Performance/Economics

Wayne D. Peterson

The Long Season of Point Bar Deposition in the Lance Formation, Dinosaurs Dying and the Beginning of a New Order

Al Allen

Marketing and Delivery of Wyoming Natural Gas

Brian Jeffries

The Origin of Dissolved Gas in Shallow Aquifers Overlying the San Juan Basin's Ignacio Blanco Gas Field Near Bayfield, La Plata County, Colorado

Anthony W. Gorody

Probabilistic Approach to Development Drilling Decisions in Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs

Robert S. Thompson, Clark Huffman

Sequence Stratigraphy, Petrophysical Variation, and Sealing Capacity in Deepwater Shales, Upper Cretaceous Lewis Shale, South-Central Wyoming

William R. Almon, William C. Dawson, Sally J. Sutton, Frank G. Ethridge, Bellatrix Castelblanco

Some Considerations in the Valuation of Gas Wells

John D. Wright

Sr Isotopic Identification of Coal and Sandstone Aquifers and Monitoring of Aquifer Interactions in an Area of Active Coalbed-Methane Production, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

C. D. Frost, J. E. Viergets, B. N. Pearson, E. L. Heffern, R. M. Lyman, K. M. Ogle

Stratigraphic Controls on Reservoir Strata: A Comparison of Fluvial and Tidal Reservoirs in the Almond Formation, Coal Gulch, Wamsutter, Echo Springs and Table Rock Fields, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

B. W. Horn, T. A. Cross, J. A. Hornbeck, M. Vielma, M. Zavala

Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Muddy Formation Using the Manderson Field 3D Seismic Survey, Big Horn County, Wyoming

J. Chris Besler, Mark T. Kramer

Use of the Sodium Absorption Ratio to Evaluate Potential Environmental Impacts from the Discharge of Ground Water Generated While Producing Coal-Bed Methane

Scott L. Miller

Wyoming's Natural Gas Resources: Past, Present, and Future

Rodney H. DeBruin

Wyoming Gas Resources and Technology; 52nd Field Conference Guidebook

Fred Crockett, Dean P. Stilwell