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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Carbon Dioxide and Its Role in Reversing Wyoming’s Oil Production Decline

Rodney H. De Bruin

Coal Bed Methane Development - Structure is Still Important

Richard W. Davis

A Detailed Surface Section of the Tensleep Formation at Fremont Canyon - From Erg (Reservoir) To Sabkha (Impermeable Barrier)

Al Allen

A History of Changing Concepts in Petroleum Exploration and Development, Cretaceous Dakota Group, Rocky Mountain Basins

Robert J. Weimer

Imaging Technology Offers Enhanced Interpretation of Teapot Dome Reservoirs

Mark Milliken, Randy Koepsell

The Importance of Completion Design

Leo A. Giangiacomo

Outcrop and Seismic Analysis of Natural Fractures, Faults and Structure at Teapot Dome, Wyoming

Scott P. Cooper, Bruce Hart, John C. Lorenz, Laurel B. Goodwin, Mark Milliken

Preliminary Assessment of Reservoir Quality Controls in Lewis Shale Sandstones, South-Central Wyoming

Geoffrey Thyne, Ira Pasternack, Donna S. Anderson

Reversing the Decline - What Contributes to Quality Assessment for Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects?

Eugene E. Wadleigh

The Role of the Hanna Basin in Revised Paleogeographic Reconstructions of the Western Interior Sea During the Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition

Anton F.-J. Wroblewski

Sheep Mountain: Backlimb Tightening and Sequential Deformation in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Heather I. Stanton, Eric A. Erslev

Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook - 2002 Field Conference “Wyoming Basins” and 2003 Field Conference Wyoming Oil: Resources & Technology “Reversing the Decline” - Frontmatter

Martha S. Horn

The “Great Dike of Wyoming” and Satellite Bodies: A Comparison to the Great Dyke of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

S. Parker Gay Jr.