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Wyoming Geological Association

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2010 Field Trip Road Logs: A Geological Tour of a Portion of the Laramie Foreland of Natrona and Converse Counties, Wyoming

Wyoming Geological Association

2010 Field Trip Road Logs: Casper (Teapot FM.) To Alcova (Precambrian Granite) Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wyoming Geological Association

Abstract: An Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Production Trends in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin: A Tool for Resource Management

Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, Keith Clarey, Rodney H. De Bruin, Ramsey Bentley, Jim Stafford, Allory Deiss, Meg Ewald

Abstract: An Integrated Strategy for Carbon Management Combining Geological CO2 Sequestration, Displaced Fluid Production, and Water Treatment

Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, Philip Stauffer, Terry Miller

Abstract: Clean Coal Technology, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin

Ramsey Bentley, Ashley Lusk

Abstract: Evaluation of Seismic Attributes for Petroleum System Mapping, 3-D Seismic Study, Cow Creek Field, Wyoming

Yuriy Ganshin, Ronald C. Surdam

Abstract: Mapping an Almond Bar Wedge at Stagecoach Draw Field, Southwestern Wyoming: Application of Spectral Decomposition Technique

Yuriy Ganshin

Abstract: Origin of Thermogenic and Biogenic Natural Gas in the Tongue River Member Coals of the Fort Union Formation, Northeastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, Henry P. Heasler

Abstract: Reconstruction of Burial and Thermal-Maturation Histories at the Cow Creek Area, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

Zunsheng Jiao, Ronald C. Surdam

Abstract: Shale Gas Potential of the Mowry Shale in Wyoming Laramide Basins

Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, Yuriy Ganshin, Rodney H. De Bruin, Ramsey D. Bentley

Abstract: The Rock Springs Uplift: An Outstanding Geological CO2 Sequestration Site in Southwest Wyoming

Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao

Abstract: Wyoming Energy Development in the Context of the Global Energy Economy

Ronald C. Surdam

Age and Uranium Content of Detrital Zircon in the Cretaceous to Eocene Strata of the Powder River Basin, Buffalo, Wyoming

Joseph Speas Wold

Discovery and Development of Savageton Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

David M. Wheeler

Extended Abstract: Estimating Resources and Reserves in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Creties Jenkins

Extended Abstract: The Geologic and Hydrologic Setting of NPR-3 (Teapot Dome) Wyoming and its EGS Geothermal Potential

Tom C. Anderson

Extended Abstract: Three-D Visualization and Data Management for Improved CBM Reserves Estimation in the Powder River Basin

Patrick H. Lowry

Fracture Development in the Bakken Petroleum System, Antelope Field, Williston Basin

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Fracture Variability within the Tensleep Formation, Southeastern Wyoming

Scott P. Cooper, John C. Lorenz

Frontmatter: Wyoming Geological Association Sixty-First Field Conference Guidebook and 2010 Unconventional Energy Resources

Laurie Fletcher

Silo Oil Field, Laramie County, Wyoming a Case for Further Development

Ronald G. Brown

Thick Coal Deposits and Their Unique Angular Relationships, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Nick R. Jones