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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 5 (1921)

Issue: 3. (May-June)

First Page: 437

Last Page: 437



P.216 The first line below the cut, "ner's Creek, a small tributary of the Brazos river, cuts across the" should be dropped to the bottom of the page.

P.218 Third paragraph, second line, for "9500", read "4500".

P.220 Fig.3 On the left scale, for "feet", read "inches".

P.225 First paragraph 22d to 24th lines, should read "The mound represents a deformation of the plain here which is of Pleistocene and probably late Pleistocene or recent age. The base of the Lafayette, etc."

P.229 First line, for "less", read "lesser".

P.231 Third paragraph in place of "Big Oil Co.," read "Big Belt Oil Co."

P.231 Fourth paragraph in place of "Big Belt Oil Company" read "The Texas Company".

P.240 Fig. 11 relates only to the T. T. Co's Abrams 1.

P.242 Table 1, the localities after and including Port Arthur-Jefferson Co. are in Texas and not in Mississippi.

P.244 First line last paragraph, in place of "oil field" read "old field."

P.248 Fifth line in place of "4 wells", read "24 wells".

P.297 First line should be first line on P. 295.

P.328 The first line on this page is omitted. Read "James H. Gardner--I think we should not overlook the matter of local metamorphism because."

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