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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 11 (1927)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 237

Last Page: 260

Title: The Stratigraphy and Oil Prospects of Alberta, Canada

Author(s): F. H. McLearn, G. S. Hume (2)


The Paleozoic formations range in age from Cambrian to Permian. The Triassic is known only in the Banff region and on west Peace River. All the Jurassic, approximately Middle and Upper, is embraced in the Fernie formation which outcrops along the foothills in western Alberta. Cretaceous strata cover most of Alberta and are variable in lithology and origin, but correlation is possible from the studies of floras and faunas. Within the foothills several areas are being tested for oil and gas and intensive development is taking place in Turner Valley. Turner Valley is a sharp fold with a deep syncline in the center of the anticlinal structure. The Vulcan well has found production in the syncline more than 1,400 feet deeper than Royalite No. 4 well, which is producing about 50 barrels a day of 73° Be naphtha from a horizon tentatively considered as late Paleozoic. A transverse normal fault cuts off the northern end of Turner Valley, and north of the fault the structure is a westward-dipping fault block. One well is being drilled on this fault block, and since there are many similar structures in the foothills, this well is of special importance in oil developments. Other structures are being drilled in the foothills and conditions appear favorable for oil production. On the plains east of the foothills several folds are producing gas and oil, and tests are now being made of prospective productive horizons on favorable structures.

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