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Volume: 11 (1927)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 308

Last Page: 309

Title: Notes on the Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Formations of Texas and Arkansas: ERRATUM

Author(s): L. W. Stephenson



On page 12 of my paper entitled, "Notes on the Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Formations of Texas and Arkansas," published in the January, 1927, number of the Bulletin, I made the following statement:

"A chalk exposed in the vicinity of Okolona, Clark County, Arkansas, is correlated by Miss Ellisor with the Pecan Gap chalk, that is, upper Annona. This chalk contains a fauna of echinoids and mollusks that proves conclusively its Saratoga age."

The quoted statement refers to a paper by Miss Alva C. Ellisor, entitled, "The Age and Correlation of the Chalk at White Cliffs, Arkansas, with Notes on the Subsurface Correlations of Northeast Texas," published in the November, 1925, number of the Bulletin, in which on page 1158 she says:

"This same fossiliferous sand occurs north of Okolona, Arkansas, in Sec. 27, T. 8 S., R. 22 W., just below the Pecan Gap formation which is represented by a sandy chalk."

At the time my paper was prepared it was assumed that the sandy chalk to which reference is made in the preceding quotation, was the Saratoga chalk which outcrops in Okolona and at several localities within a few miles of that town. This assumption seemed justified because this chalk had been mapped by A. C. Veatch as Annona, and neither Mr. C. H. Dane, who was then engaged in a study of the Cretaceous formations of

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southwestern Arkansas, nor I, knew of any other chalk in that vicinity. However, in a letter dated January 29, 1927, Miss Ellisor states that she did not refer to the chalk mapped by Veatch, as I had supposed, but to a sandy chalk which she observed in a freshly dug grave north of Okolona, presumably in Sec. 27, T. 8. S, R. 22 W. This sandy chalk evidently occupies a lower stratigraphic position than the Saratoga chalk, and is probably included within the upper part of Dane's Ozan formation; as the Ozan corresponds in age to part of the Annona chalk at Clarksville, Texas, the sandy chalk might well carry a Pecan Gap micro-fauna.

I am glad to take this opportunity to correct my erroneous assumption.

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