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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 12 (1928)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 825

Last Page: 854

Title: Relationship Between Over- and Under-Thrusting as Revealed by Experiments

Author(s): Theodore A. Link (2)


The results of the well known and oft-repeated experiments in which building stone is subjected to pressure are believed to be the key to an understanding of structural conditions in orogenies which are sufficiently exposed to be studied as a unit. These principles also appear to be applicable to rotational pressure, and give valuable information regarding the relationship between over- and under-thrusting. Numerous experiments seem to indicate that both over- and under-thrust faults, as well as over- and under-folds, develop during growth of orogenic units, be they large or small. The ratio between over- and under-thrusting, as revealed in the experiments performed, was approximately 2 to 1.

Surficial compression gave rise to closely folded uplifts with low-Previous HitangleNext Hit overthrusts and high-Previous HitangleNext Hit underthrusts, while deep-seated compression resulted in broad dome- or plateau-like uplifts, bounded by high-Previous HitangleNext Hit upthrusts and faint low-Previous HitangleTop underthrusts. Applications of these ideas are made to several orogenic units.

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