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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 13 (1929)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 441

Last Page: 458

Title: Pre-Mississippian Sediments in Central Kansas

Author(s): Fanny Carter Edson (2)


The following pre-Mississippian beds have been found in Kansas: (1) a dolomite of possible lower Silurian age, (2) Maquoketa(?) shale, (3) Maysville-Eden(?) (upper Galena)(?) dolomitic limestone, (4) beds possibly Trenton in age, (5) lower Decorah beds of upper Black River age, consisting of siliceous dolomite, light brown finely-crystalline limestone, grayish-white coarsely crystalline limestone, pale grayish-green shale, deep olive-green shale, or sand, (6) a light brown sucrose dolomite doubtfully referred to the Platteville, (7) true "Wilcox" sand, (8) Simpson olive-green shale and sand, (9) "Hominy" sand, (10) Arbuckle limestone, (11) basal Paleozoic sand, and (12) pre-Cambrian schists and granite.

The following beds seem to be absent: the "Hunton" limestone and the Fernvale ("Viola") limestone.

There is an angular unconformity in Kansas immediately above the Arbuckle limestone, another beneath beds of lower Decorah (upper Black River) age, and another beneath beds of Kinderhook age. There may be other unconformities in the section. In any given area any one or several of the pre-Mississippian sediments may be present.

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