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Volume: 13 (1929)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 763

Last Page: 778

Title: Tables of Terrane Effects

Author(s): Donald C. Barton (2)


These tables of terrane effects have been devised for use in routine commercial surveys with the torsion balance in areas of moderate relief, and for that purpose, they are a slight refinement and improvement over the graphical methods of the calculation of the terrane effects, described by the writer, Haalck, and Heiland. The terrane is divided into (a) octants and zones of 5<rad>10n<rdx>3</rad> radius, and into (b) 22┬Ż┬░sectors and zones of 5<rad>10n<rdx>6</rad> radius. Each zone is divided vertically into prisms, and this series of prisms is projected by the law of similar bodies in projection of one another into the other zones of the same octant or sector. The gradient and differential curvature produ ed by each of the prisms is calculated by the formula for a vertical concentric curvilinear prism in cylindrical coordinates. The effects are tabulated for elevations of 0 to 2 in the 5 to 11 zone (5 to 7.3), and the corresponding elevations in the 11 to 23, and 23 to 50 zones (7.3 to 10.8, 10.8 to 15.9, 15.9 to 23.2, 23.2 to 34.1, and 34.1 to 50 zones). A similar table is given by octants for the zone 0 to 2.3. A somewhat similar table is given for the effects produced by an infinite straight ditch or embankment. These tables, or preferably tables valid to infinite depth, can be used to calculate the effects of anomalous masses in the subsurface.

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