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Volume: 13 (1929)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 811

Last Page: 822

Title: Oil and Water Content of Oil Sands, Grozny, Russia

Author(s): Norbert T. Lindtrop (2), V. M. Nikolaeff (3)


The writers conclude from their laboratory study of the displacement of oil by water, in sands of different size of grain, that it is very important to consider the relatively large amount of water retained in the reservoir sand after ordinary production of the wells ceases. It may be that more oil is produced by present methods than is generally estimated, and that estimations of unrecovered oil are too large if water is retained in the pore space of the sand in such important quantities.

The recovery from the Grozny district flowing sands is 12½ per cent of the sand (strata) volume. After the encroachment of water, this depleted sand does not give any commercial production. The laboratory tests show that 72.5 per cent of the oil is obtainable from the Grozny oil-saturated sand, by flooding. But a considerable quantity of Grozny connate saturated water remains, when the water sand is saturated with oil, that is, at restored natural conditions. Actual production in the field, by flooding, yields 54 per cent of the oil from such a sand, that is, less than in the oil-sand tests.

The data presented are only preliminary, but if the tests prove that a considerable quantity of connate water is present in the sands, then it is necessary to conclude that our pools contain less unrecovered oil than previously estimated.

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