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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 13 (1929)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 945

Last Page: 956

Title: Correlation of Permian Outcrops on Eastern Side of the West Texas Basin

Author(s): A. M. Lloyd, W. C. Thompson (2)


This paper consists of a correlation and brief description of Permian outcrops of West Texas in an area extending from Cretaceous rocks in Taylor and Nolan counties northward to Red River. Outcrops in the different counties were traced in the field by the writers and secured from various company and independent geologists, and a map was compiled showing the correlation and trace of the principal beds in detail. Columnar sections across the outcrops are used to illustrate the vertical relation of beds in different parts of the area. Names have been suggested for certain members previously known by different names. A gradual southward thinning in the beds of the Clear Fork and Blaine is shown both by the areal distribution of the formations and a comparison of the measured ections. Aside from its use in areal geology the map will be helpful in subsurface correlations in that it will show the approximate position in the geologic section of the starting point of any wells or tests within its boundaries.

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