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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 14 (1930)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1187

Last Page: 1190

Title: Magnetic Susceptibility and Magnetite Content of Sands and Shales

Author(s): D. M. Collingwood (2)


During a study of the relation between small magnetic anomalies of a local survey and the magnetic susceptibility of the rocks, chiefly sands and shales, comprising the surface outcrop and shallow section, several susceptibility determinations of core samples were made. These were made in a field laboratory by means of an apparatus consisting of a laboratory magnetometer and energized solenoids in which the core specimens were placed. The core samples were classified according to lithology, and the percentage of magnetic minerals (chiefly magnetite) in them was determined. The susceptibility determinations were made in a field of approximately 18 gauss. For this and other possible reasons, they are not considered true in an absolute sense for rocks in place in the earth's field. However, the results, which are true in a relative sense, show a definite increase of susceptibility with increase of magnetic mineral content, and indicate that the susceptibility increases from shales through sandy shales and shaly sands to sands.

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