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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 16 (1932)

Issue: 12. (December)

First Page: 1260

Last Page: 1336

Title: Advances in Technique and Application of Resistivity and Potential-Drop-Ratio Previous HitMethodsNext Hit in Oil Prospecting

Author(s): C. A. Heiland (2)


The successes which have been obtained with Previous HitelectricalNext Hit Previous HitmethodsNext Hit of prospecting in detecting metallic ore bodies have led to repeated attempts to use them also in oil prospecting, both in structural work and in locating the oil itself. These attempts have not met with as much success as the application of Previous HitelectricalNext Hit Previous HitmethodsNext Hit to the location of ore bodies; however, the interest in the possibilities of Previous HitelectricalNext Hit prospecting as applied in oil work has been aroused again of late, due to the perfection of the resistivity and potential-drop-ratio method in regard to the determination of the depth to geologic bodies.

The object of the writer is to give a summary of the whole field of the resistivity Previous HitmethodsNext Hit, with particular reference to the recent developments. The factors affecting the resistivity of rocks, and Previous HitmethodsNext Hit for the determination of resistivities of rocks and formations are described. Then follows a description of the various surface-potential Previous HitmethodsNext Hit. First, the resistivity Previous HitmethodsNext Hit proper are discussed, with reference to electrode arrangement, apparatus, and Previous HitmethodsNext Hit of interpretation used. Second, the potential-drop-ratio Previous HitmethodsNext Hit are treated, also with regard to the electrode arrangements, apparatus, and Previous HitmethodsNext Hit of interpretation. The opinions of various authors are discussed who have expressed their views about the possibilities of locating oil directly by Previous HitelectricalNext Hit Previous HitmethodsNext Hit, and exa ples are presented of results which have been obtained thus far with resistivity Previous HitmethodsTop, both in structural prospecting and in attempting to locate the oil directly.

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