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Volume: 22 (1938)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1473

Last Page: 1503

Title: Carterville-Sarepta and Shongaloo Fields, Bossier and Webster Parishes, Louisiana

Author(s): G. D. Thomas (2)


The Shongaloo and Carterville-Sarepta oil and gas fields are located in the north part of Bossier and Webster parishes, Louisiana, just south of the Arkansas-Louisiana state line. The Shongaloo field was discovered in March, 1921, and the Carterville-Sarepta gas was discovered in January, 1922, although oil was not discovered at Sarepta until 1924, and at Carterville until September, 1929.

The Shongaloo field is a dome-like structure, elongate east and west. The Carterville-Sarepta anticline lies immediately west of Shongaloo and consists of six small local closures along the main northwest-southeast axis of this anticline.

The Buckrange sand at 2,650 feet and two sands in the uppermost Tokio at 3,050 and 3,150 feet produce gas and oil at Carterville although only the Buckrange sand is productive at Shongaloo. The amount and extent of oil and gas is governed as much by variations in porosity and thickness of these three sands as by structure.

The disappointing recoveries of gas and oil per acre were due in a small degree to lack of great structural relief but in a large degree to lack of continuity and sufficient thickness of these three oil and gas horizons. Faulting can not be recognized from present data on these structures. The structures are generally believed to be the result of a local small amount of flowage of salt beds which underlie sediments of early Comanche or older age in north Louisiana and part of south Arkansas. Beds older than middle Glen Rose have not been tested in either field.

The results of the deep test now drilling at Shongaloo will have an important bearing on possible deeper drilling at Carterville-Sarepta.

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