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Volume: 22 (1938)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1504

Last Page: 1518

Title: Sugar Creek Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Author(s): C. C. Clark (2)


The Sugar Creek oil and gas field, discovered in March, 1930, is located in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. At present, it has a producing area of about 4,000 acres.

The structure controlling the accumulation of oil and gas in the field is an anticlinal dome about 5 miles long and 3 miles wide. The Upper Cretaceous structure conforms closely to that of the Comanche, but is much flatter. Dips on the beds of the structure steepen sharply toward the west, south, and southeast. The structure flattens toward the northeast, as it enters a synclinal saddle which forms the closure on that side. The dome is largely the result of deformation at the close of the Comanche and during the late Eocene period.

Gas is produced from two reservoirs in the Trinity group locally designated the Kilpatrick and the Darrett zones. Oil in commercial quantities is found only in the Darrett zone.

The Kilpatrick gas zone, which ordinarily is found immediately below the base of the "Massive anhydrite" of the Glen Rose group, consists of soft, porous, oolitic, gray limestone. The Darrett zone includes the transition beds between the lower Glen Rose formation above and the underlying Travis Peak, and also the upper 150 feet of the Travis Peak formation. It is composed chiefly of fossiliferous and oolitic limestones, red and gray sandstones, shales, and siltstones.

As of January 1, 1938, total cumulative gas production from the Sugar Creek field amounted to approximately 33 billion cubic feet. Production of oil to the same date totaled 86,000 barrels.

Present drilling activity in the field consists of two tests. One well, located near the top of the structure, is drilling at a depth of 9,800 feet, having already penetrated more than 2,000 feet of "lower Marine" Trinity black shales. The other well, located on the southwestern flank of the dome, is drilling in the lower Glen Rose.

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