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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 22 (1938)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1560

Last Page: 1578

Title: Jesse Pool, Pontotoc and Coal Counties, Oklahoma

Author(s): W. Baxter Boyd (2)


The development of the Jesse pool, located in the southeast part of the Franks graben, followed shortly after the discovery of the Fitts pool. Both the stratigraphy and the geological history of these pools are closely related. The Jesse pool lies on a large anticline, which is faulted on the south side. The faulting ordinarily occurs as a series of step faults, and is regarded as the controlling factor for trapping the oil. This anticline is almost as large as the Fitts anticline, but generally, the porosity and permeability of the reservoir rocks are not as good. Consequently, the productivity will be considerably less in the Jesse pool than in the Fitts pool. The major structural movements of the Arbuckle Mountains are reflected in the Jesse anticline; the first major tructural uplift occurred at the close of Atoka time (early Pennsylvanian), and the second major uplift occurred in the late Pennsylvanian time. Oil or gas is produced from rocks of Pennsylvanian, Siluro-Devonian, and Ordovician age, at depths ranging from 1,800 feet to 4,700 feet. The most prolific production is from the "Wilcox" sand at the crest of the anticline.

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