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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 22 (1938)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1579

Last Page: 1587

Title: Olympic Pool, Hughes and Okfuskee Counties, Oklahoma

Author(s): Allen W. Tillotson (2)


The Olympic pool is located in the Seminole district of south-central Oklahoma. The discovery well was completed in July, 1934. The principal producing horizon is a Senora sand of Pennsylvanian age. Minor production has been and is obtained from a Calvin sand and Cromwell sand both of Pennsylvanian age, and Hunton limestone of Siluro-Devonian age.

Production from the Senora formation is from a typical shore-line bar which extends 6½ miles northeasterly, and has a maximum width of 1¼ miles. This lenticular sand member is named "Olympic sand." The average total depth of Olympic sand wells is 1,800 feet.

The total production of oil to January 2, 1938 is 7,530,575 barrels, which came from 326 wells. The average daily production for the week that ended, January 2, 1938, was 6,975 barrels. The gravity of the oil is 36° Be.

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