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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 23 (1939)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 871

Last Page: 888

Title: Review of Developments in 1938, Gulf Coast of Southeast Texas and Louisiana

Author(s): O. L. Brace (2)


A progressive change in the outstanding structural type, from major piercement domes with very shallow salt cores, to deeper piercement domes, to deep-seated major closure domes, and finally to the important minor closure features of today, has characterized the history of field discovery on the Gulf Coast since Spindletop. Because of depositional influences that are fundamental to the local occurrence of oil, commercial deposits on the coast are related to geologic and geographic zones, the boundaries of which are arbitrarily recognized.

This change in discovery type partly explains the fact that despite a very active year throughout the coastal districts of Texas and Louisiana during 1938, newly discovered reserves that have resulted from recent exploration do not compare favorably with the totals of previous years. Most of the twenty new producing areas of Louisiana are characterized by production from sands at great depths, where gas-oil ratios are sufficiently high to be a troublesome factor. Of the nine Texas discoveries, three indicate that they may justify a major rating, while the remainder are of unproved potentiality or are of very questionable merit.

Additional discoveries in the Sparta-Wilcox sand zone along the Conroe trend, both in Texas and Louisiana, have assured this area an intensive period of activity for the immediate future. It is generally conceded that this is the most important new Coastal sand development since the discovery of production in the Frio.

Extensions to proved fields and development in deeper sands have added greatly to the reserves in established areas of production during 1938.

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