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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 24 (1940)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1548

Last Page: 1610

Title: Paleogene of Barbados and Its Bearing on History and Structure of Antillean-Caribbean Region

Author(s): Alfred Senn (2)


The writer discusses in detail the stratigraphic sequence of Barbados.
Scotland formation (lower and middle Eocene)
Joes River formation (mudflow of upper Eocene age)
Oceanic formation (upper Eocene and lower Oligocene)
Bissex Hill marl (uppermost Oligocene or lower Miocene)
Coral rock (Pliocene-Pleistocene)

Evidence is given for the ages assigned to these formations and correlation with other parts of the Caribbean region is discussed. The importance of upper Eocene orogeny in the Caribbean region is stressed. A resume is given of the geological history of the Antillean-Caribbean region in which it is concluded that during the Upper Cretaceous and Eocene a land or shallow-water connection existed between the Caribbean and European Mediterranean regions but that this connection was broken during the upper Eocene orogeny. A comprehensive correlation chart for the Caribbean region is presented.

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