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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 24 (1940)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1699

Last Page: 1699

Title: Section Encountered in the Krupp Wells, Hudspeth County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): R. L. Cannon

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The two wells being drilled by Haymon Krupp Oil and Land Company in Hudspeth County are the Briggs No. 1, located in the northeast quarter of Sec. 24, Block 73, Township 7, T & P Ry. Co. Survey, and the Thaxton No. 1, located in Sec. 34, Block 74, Township 6, T & P Ry. Co. Survey. The Briggs is now drilling below 6,206 feet. It is a projected Ordovician test. The Thaxton is temporarily shut down at a total depth of 6,402 feet.

The surface structure of the area is accounted for by thrust folding and faulting. The Malone Mountains, adjacent to which the Briggs is now drilling, clearly exhibit this structure.

The Briggs well encountered Permian rocks overthrust and resting on Upper Cretaceous shales underneath which there is a normal sequence, including a full section of Comanche (Lower Cretaceous) and Permian strata.

The Thaxton penetrated the Campagrande formation (lower Comanche) overthrust on the Buda formation. Below the fault plane there is a normal sequence including from top down, Comanche, some possible Jurassic and Permian strata.

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